The Day Jacob Prasch Called in South African “Police” to Silence a Critic

Inside the hierarchy of cult members in the Jacob Prasch doomsday cult are a peculiar number of people who are or claim to be or once were Police officers. Prasch has promoted two of these to administrators for his cult, Michael Keaney and Mike Benade in their respective countries of New Zealand and South Africa. Additionally in the UK Prasch has made the unwise decision of promoting perhaps his most obsessive lover and ex Police officer Amos Farrell to the position of his chief propagandist after Servus Christi left the position in December 2019. Also in the UK is ex Police officer Colin who, though not on the Moriel staff, is one of the most vocal of the cult members, often appearing in all manner of blog and video comments sections and frequently revealing a quite frightening inability to let go of his absolute central belief that his “lord Jacob” is flawless in doctrine. It is Colin who introduced to the cult the term “lord Jacob” after calling Prasch that, and then trying to explain it away and making it worse, as chronicled in Episode 10 of the series.

With Colin not quite in the upper echelon of the cult, there still remains 3 people who claim to presently be or had been Police officers [update 2/Sept/2020: there are now 4, or 5 including Colin]: Amos Farrell, Mike Benade and Michael Keaney (the latter of which may be a fake Police officer as researcher Treena Gisborn was in 2019 in touch with the Police in New Zealand to enquire whether they had a Michael Keaney in their force, and they said they didn’t, with Treena reporting “I have received information from the New Zealand Police Infringements Bureau that they have no record of Michael Keaney on their staff. They have informed me that this matter has been sent to the appropriate team for investigation.”)

When observing the way the Prasch cult operates it becomes pretty obvious why cult leader Prasch has ensured he has Police and Fake Police in his ranks, and that’s because he can use them to threaten naysayers into silence.  This was most clear in Spring 2019 when the Prasch cult was shaken to its foundation by spiritual abuse and hard liquor-drinking allegations presented against Colin’s ‘lord Jacob’ by High Court expert, and spiritual abuse counsellor Graham Baldwin.  Prasch utilised his 2 ex Police officers and his possibly Fake Police officer to pen the miraculously as-of today still online piece of crap document purporting to be a joint effort by 3 National Police Forces (British, South African, & Kiwi) working together to investigate the claims presented by Graham Baldwin, and their 3 Interpolesque detectives Amos Farrell, Mike Benade, and Mike Keaney all concluded via the best of their investigative experience that all allegations made against the person who leads the cult they are all high up in, were not true, and the finger instead should have been pointed at the people who questioned Prasch!

It was such a ludicrous move by Prasch to present that faked Police report, because it was so obviously corrupt, as the research exposed, yet, the document wasn’t issued to the wider world, it was issued to the cult itself, and the Facebook stats show the cult largely believed it. Noe whilst Prasch forbids debate and shuts down any questioning of his views in Moriel TV’s social media and turns off the ability to comment or see like/dislike stats on all his Moriel TV YouTube videos (because cult leaders don’t like to be questioned), the smiley stats are still visible in the Facebook fake Police report post showing 66 people responded, and of those 60 LIKED the report, 3 were shocked, 1 loved it (Petia Iotova, Prasch’s single blonde Russian translator, who seems to love everything Prasch does), and only 2 people laughed, but whether they laughed at it or at the people it tried to point the finger at is unknown.


But 64 replies of the 66 were in a form of agreement/acceptance of a document that a rational person would say is the prime evidence that Jacob Prasch runs a cult that is so shot in its thinking that members run the risk of being jailed for faking Police reports on its leader’s behalf.

Prasch stifles all debate inside his cult and merely posts authoritarian views, and occasionally engages in the brief shedding of power for his own benefit in getting his lackeys to produce propagandist garbage that maintains his power. But one thing Prasch has no control over is the reams of dissonant information that surrounds his embattled cult on the internet. So when there is a major outbreak of dissonant information that has the power to destroy the cult by destroying the credibility of its ‘lord Jacob’, Prasch performs the same action of presenting garbage to his cult to attempt to erode the credibility of the naysaying dissonance-maker, via lying, slandering, word-twisting and mocking—the 4 things Costi Hinn explains are the system for false discernment ministers to build an audience and make money. Hence Dr. James White plays Prasch clips, lets Prasch speak for himself, and then White carefully points out every logical fallacy Prasch committed, resulting in exposing Prasch as a quite astonishing blowhard deceiver with nothing accurate to say, whose defence isn’t reason but the unreason of ad hominem. Thus in reaction to the cult-destroying reality, Prasch engages in his system of issuing attacks against Dr. James White, lying about him, slandering him twisting his words, and mocking him. Rinse and repeat the same reaction from Prasch in the face of Chris Rosebrough’s videos he released debunking and exposing Prasch in June and July 2020.

The 2012 Incident

In 2012 Prasch fought a similar outbreak of dissonance that troubled his cult and questioned his Popish attribute of being infallible, and that dissonance came from South Africa from the website of Deborah Du Rand ( She had the audacity to question Jacob Prasch! Du Rand looked at Prasch’s citation-free book Shadows of the Beast; his wannabe authoritative look at the Antichrist. She took a couple of pages and pointed out the errors and logical conclusions Prasch’s work pointed towards. It crippled the cult’s tightly held-onto insane belief of Prasch being a great thinker, a genius like none other, and exposed him to be a shoddy writer, and unbalanced thinker. The review Du Rand posted on her website resulted in a famed explosive reaction from Prasch, famed because the reaction was a comment tirade from Prasch which demonstrated how Prasch is both insane and unfit for the ministry, a reaction that should have caused his disciples to conclude he exhibited zero fruit of the Spirit, and was overwhelmed by the fire of the flesh. This is his stunning knee-jerk response in full (brace yourself):

Prasch’s Rant in Full

Jacob Prasch

27 Nov, 2012 12:55 am

In the book “Shadows of The Beast” i go to great lenths in the oreface to pay due tribute to my pre trib brethren , endrsing by name the ministries of several of them.

The invented out abd out lie by “Deborah” that I call such brethren heretics in the book or elsewhere is a vicious and demonstrable lie obviolly embraced by her lunatic followers such as “Redeemed” etc. Sherry B. rather statss vicious things. One of these religious fruitcakes calls those not in agreeement with pre trib, “Ministers of Satan”. The point is that it is fully documented that Deborah is lied and spread slander. We are warned such people would come in the last days by Paul in 2 Tim. 3:3 where the term for such liars as Deborah is “diaboloi” or demonic people. Plainly, anyone who tells such obvious lies aimed to misrepresent the truth to others with an intent to defame is demonic. The Word of God, not Jacob Prasch , calls Deborah ‘demonic’.

Redeemed and the Mawany etc. who believe her on face value without examining the facts themselves which prove she lied are in violation of

The Word of God themselves (John 7:51). I will not comment on William Saunders because I know him to be a deceiver who secretly tape records conversations with an aim to distortion abd entrapment and such a low life is not worth the time of day.

Deborah however delights in lying. Another lof her lies is that I am anti KJV. The article and recording I did in the public domain entitled “the Plastic Bible” only has me expressing hatred fir ‘The Message’, inclusivist translations, and the 2012 gender inclusive edition of the NIV. The KJV however is endorsed in that transcript and on that recording as a valid translation. In the book I authored on Laodicea, William Tyndale ( upon whose earlier work the majority of the KJV was based by Coverdale etc.) is extolled as a great hero for Christ and Erasmus of Rotterdam, who fused together the four earlier Byzantian manuscripts into the Textus Receptus which forms most of the Greek basis for the KJV New Testament is lauded as a great scholar who did more to engender Reformation than Luther.

Please read fir yourselves, Deborah is. Proven liar abd be prima faci documented as a liar in any court of law by the rules of Juris Prudence although I do not sue other Christians despite the fact that I must question if this slandering witch and daughter of Jezabel is one. No liar shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven . I hope this pathological liar repents for her own sake.

Not only is she a liar however, she is a fraud and a charlatan. What makes her an ignoramus is not that she did not know that midrash was actually in the scriptures, nor that she associated my belief in what is scriptural with the later writings of the rabbis they too called midrash which I in the book openly warn against ( she loves to identify me with what I have actively opposed). These things just add further credence to the fact that she is nothing more than a contemptable demonised liar.

What makes her an ignoramus is that she misrepresents herself chronically as knowing things she plainly does not be ause of her narcissistic arrogance.

Anyone wanting a bibliography of conservative Evangelical scholars who affirm the use of scriptural midrash by the New Testament authors which accounts for the way the manner in which the New Testament handles the Old Testament, or woshes to know the difference between the use of midrash in scripture and the later corruptions of the term by the rabbis is invited to visit the Moriel website and other websites examining these issues,

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John whom we can the Evangelists authored four gospels in the First century. Hundreds if years later in the fourth and fifth centuries Gnostic herestic authored other fraudulent accounts of Jesus they also called gospels ( eg. The Gopel of Thomas accepted by Islam). Anyone who rejects Matthew , Mark, Luke, and John because centuries later gnostics wrote other so called gospels would have to be an idiot.

Likewise, while I do not believe we need extra biblical sources to understand God’s Word ( and never have contrary to the filthy lies of a filthy demon inspired liar named Deborah) , to reject a perfectly scriptural hermeneutic like Midrash because rabbis came along centuries and wrote rubbish they called midrash would be the same brand if idiocy. Deborah is just such an idiot.

Not knowing who the late Dallas Semi ary President John Walvoord is in regard to pre trib is like not knowing who Luther is regarding the Reformation. Shre stupidly writes that if read from the begining 2 Thessalonians 2 is not about the rapture when Paul states absolutely in the first verse that it is about the ‘episunagoge’ our gathering to Jesus at His coming (at which point The Day of The Lord’ is inaugerated). This is a very stupid woman indeed. Proverbs warns us that even a know nothing appears wise if they have the common sense to keep their mouth shut when they do not know what they are talking about.

Why would anyone other than an undiscerning simpleton pay any attention to a slandering witch motivated by demons? Why would people like Redeemed etc. disregard the Wordif The Word and swallow open lies while claiming to have discernment.

John Chingford apologised for his attempts to associate me with Laussane which I left in protest over 15 years ago and have warned against and even signed a petition against. True, his efforts to link me via Chuck Smith to Lonnie Frisbee and Kathryn Kuhlman, two figures I never even met but have in print warned against. Wereinfuriating. It did result in my calling him a crackpot and a thus etc.

But your bloggers overlook the established fact that what he wrote against me is proven wrong and he himself now apologetically admits was wrong.

If anyone has real discernment, they will avoid this disgusting liar . She is inspired by demons , she us ignorant of the matters she asserts herself about, and above all she is proven to be acompulsive patholigical liar.

Those on this website are fellowshipping not in truth or in the Spirit of Jesus, but in ignorance, stupidity, and lies.

These are the facts.

I only rise to my defense for the sake of any young believers being miled by this wicked daughter of darkness and the demons from whom she unknowingly takes her orders.

I warn you from The Word of God on the basis of the documented facts that Deborah is a servant of demons. Examine the facts, examine the scriptures and stand accountable before God for your own decisions.

In Christ,

Jacob Prasch


Summing up Prasch’s 1146 word knee-jerk attack rant was this comment:


…and this graphic:


Prasch’s invective-filled rant that in itself proved he was unstable of mind, and unfit for the ministry (and possibly abusing alcohol) came in November 2012, and it is important to note that date, because it helps you realise how long Prasch bears grudges and refuses to repent, and then explodes, for there was a follow up nearly 4 YEARS later, with this email Prasch sent to his missionary in Chiangmai, Thailand (I’ve highlighted the segments of interest):

Prasch’s Email Rant in Full

Jacob Prasch <> 

Fri 8/19/2016 9:24 PM 

Blessings in Him who Saved us. 

I am certainly sorry, but frank hardly surprised to learn off this Brother Scot. Welcome to the club ! 

If litigation against other professing a regenerate saving faith in Christ were a scriptural option , I would have sued both Lying Lessing (and he does lie), and crazy Deborah Du Rand (and she its crazy) long ago. Not that I am saying definitively that such proven and demonstrable liars are necessarily Christian; I do not know if they are backsliders, or were never truly saved or otherwise. But the context of 1 Corinthians 6 appears to be to protect the reputation of the church, so it is better to suffer fraud and allow The Lord to vindicate us and exact retribution. Having said that, the specific context of that passage appears to be more concentrated on financial liability fraud than libel and I decided not to sue purely as a personal conviction. The 

1 Cor. 6 text is somewhat nebulous. 

To this day , there remains material on the web by Deborah Du Rand (whom everyone I know who actually knows her reports her to be a psycho) and Lessing the Liar. These lies ascribe to me things I never said literally putting my alleged words that I never even spoke in “quotation marks” as well as editing out of context other things I did say. She herself uses reviling terms like ‘moron’ etc. in her own rants and openly lied stating in quotation marks that i am suppose to have said “If you do not agree with me you are a liar …”. Lessing than copies her untrue remarks. Not only this, but Du Rand unbelievably states that I state things in my book ‘Shadows of The Beast’ that as anyone who read the book knows are nowhere stated in that book, These slanderous and defamatory remarks include the lie that I attacked Pre Trib figures as ‘heretics’, when in the preface of “Then Great Myth” in that book, I pay tribute to Pre Trib brethren making it clear that esteem most of them (or at least I did before publication of their hideous ‘Rapture Handbook’, and Jn. Mac Arthur’s mark ion the beast poison) and generally otherwise agree with most of them. The diametric opposite of what she and Lessing claim in the public domain is true. 

While I did not sue, we did have a retired Christian South African Police Captain who now leads a Moriel affiliated church try to send the Police to her door under a South African law that makes certain kinds of libel not only a civil, but a criminal offense, but police corruption in that country made it too difficult and we will not pay bribes. 

From my own lousy experience with Lessing and his Queen Jezebel to whom he pays subservient homage, I would share with you the following: 

1) Lessing wears a skirt, crazy Deborah wears trousers. If Lessing is slandering you like this, she may well be animating him or at least giving him a green light to do so. She is Pre Trib obsessed. As with Treena Gisborne, theirs is a little ‘cyber cult’ of several lunatic fringe women and pandering men with a daughter of Jezebel at the helm. 

2) You and I are far from the only victims of this hideous lying cyber cult. They even turn viciously on former members of their little group. 

3) The people I know who know Deborah personally all say she is rife to be psychiatrically sectioned as a clinically diagnosed nut and some suspect that she is demonized. She and Lessing have done this so often to so many believers moreover that very few people pay attention to them outside of their little own group of kooks. 

4) It is difficult to nail down Lessing’s location. Some indications are that he is in Britain and that may not be his real name. I am not sure. Litigation from the USA in at least one and possibly two foreign jurisdictions with a different legal system to the USA is expensive and legally complicated. 

5) We have actually received very little e mail concerning these liars and their slander, and my expectation is that you will not either. They are somewhat impotent and can’t do much real long term damage. A one time simple statement refuting their litany of defamations posted on the web many be adequate to neutralize them. The point is this Scot – these are small time players; “wannabes” in the stupidest sense of the term. They crave attention to feed their bogus sense of self importance. Posting a one time statement and then ignoring them and just allowing The Lord to deal with them in His way and time may be the best option rather than according them the attention they are seeking. Such slanderers over the years have included Barbara Aho, Victoria Dillen, Treena Gisborne, and Howard & Buester. They are all much the same in their motivations and modus operandi.. They are little blog or not much visited websites or Facebook or pages chasing wider attention. They are usually conspiracy theorists, not infrequently anti Semitic, and belligerent cyber narcissists who imagine themselves as commanding a major profile beyond the reality that they really have . They are basically a small , but noisy pack of deluded religious cyber hooligans who really do not matter too much to most Christians. 

The only real danger is if a new believer or an undiscerning one is deceived by their lies, that while obviously lies to us, a new believer many be taken in by. The few people who pay heed to Lessing and Du Rand et al tend to be other crackpots who don’t much count anyway. 

This is about all I can tell you Scot. May The Lord Jesus guide you by His Spirit concerning how or if to respond to this aggravating idiocy. For the record however, co-miserations. I know the frustration of being lied about like this by them and a few others like them. In one of the Epistles, St. OPaul writes ion similar victimization from false brethren, so we are in good company. Moreover, such people as Lessing and Du Rand are so spiritually and mentally deranged and unprincipled, that even if you prove in solid documentation that their remarks are false, it will not matter to them (this of course raises the possible specter of a ‘spirit of error’). 

In conclusion, we know that one of Satan’s strategies against the faithful church in the last days is to try to wear us down according to the Book of Daniel , just as trying to shovel this kind of ridiculous muck away can do to us. We struggle not against flesh and blood as St. Paul tells us in Ephesians. Thus, Lessing and Du Rand are merely ignorant dupes and instruments of the devil being used by him to divert us from preparing the way for The Lord’s return by motivating these pathetic souls who actually think they are serving God, in order to wear us down and waste our time and energy. 

Unfortunately they pursue their demonic service under the mistaken guise of “Discernment”, falsely convincing themselves that they are ‘watchmen’ when in fact they are demonically manipulated into acting like mindless goons. Fortunately however, they are generally the proverbial “small potatoes” whose silly antics eventually become evident to anyone with real discernment. 

Please keep me posted on this matter however, and I will keep the matter in prayer. 

In Jesus, 

Your Friend & Brother, Jacob Prasch (Moriel)

Prasch’s Efforts to Use Corrupt Police

Prasch’s August 2016 email reveals a LOT.  In it Prasch firstly shows he has been simmering about being exposed for nearly 4 years.  He attributes any researcher’s motivations to speak against himself as coming directly from Satan.  He calls people who disagree with him mentally ill, conspiracy theorists and “deluded religious cyber hooligans” which is pure projection as it perfectly describes himself.  But most interestingly Prasch lets slip to Scot that he was quite willing to call in his Moriel Police contacts to shake down Deborah Du Rand as a means of silencing her—perfectly legitimate free speech right—of online criticism of himself:

While I did not sue, we did have a retired Christian South African Police Captain who now leads a Moriel affiliated church try to send the Police to her door under a South African law that makes certain kinds of libel not only a civil, but a criminal offense, but police corruption in that country made it too difficult and we will not pay bribes. 

The “retired Christian South African Police Captain who now leads a Moriel affiliated church” is almost certainly Mike Bendade since he is the retired South African Police Captain who would appear in the 2019 faked Police report issued by Moriel admins, and Bendade appears on the list of affiliates in South Africa:

Prasch the cult leader tried to get his goon in South Africa to gather his Police mates and turn up at an online critic’s door to put the scarers onto her, but found he was stymied by the need to pay a bribe, but because the effort reached that point it appears his goon Mike Bendade made enquiries to attempt to do lord Jacob’s bidding. Moriel is an utterly corrupt organisation that isn’t there to share Jesus, it is an organisation built to exalt and enrich its leader Jacob Prasch and insulate him from reality.

Prasch Produces an Attack Website

Deborah Ru Rand wrote on her website what happened next:

Jacob Prasch from ‘Moriel Ministiesthreatened me with a cyber war, he said,  “I could declare cyber war on you in retribution but I shall not. Our website and BE ALERT only contains things worth the while and you have no value except in the service of your father the devil.” (2012/11/28 at 8:56 am) .

It appears he didn’t use his website to attack me, but opened a new website to do all his dirty business on. The website in question is called:

Jacob Prasch (and friends) posted 5 vicious attacks against my personal life, my health and insinuated that he claims he knows where my husband works.  A complaint was laid by someone other than me to WordPress to investigate the author of the blog.  WordPress did not hesitate to remove the blog from the internet.

Evidence the WordPress website Prasch ran existed and was indeed terminated by WordPress for “violation of our Terms of Service” can be seen here. However, that didn’t stop the hellbent Golem Prasch on his crusade of slander against Deborah Du Rand, as she soon found this happened:

After Jacob Prasch (and friend’s) website was closed down by WordPress they actually went and bought a domain to host the website on his own server. So he is now paying cash to defame me with lies.

The purchased domain in question that was clearly geared to slander Prasch’s critic attempted to sound anonymous but the author used the exact same turn of phrase as the idiot Prasch. Consider this fool quote from the fool website that sounds exactly like Prasch:

“Her maniacal assertions that she ears Jacob Prasch has hired a professional contract killer to murder her however lend further credence to the claims of so many of her former associates that her slanderous ramblings do appear to be the products of a deranged mind.”

“anonymous” aka Jacob Prasch, 2013,

Rather obviously the stupid railing website was focused entirely upon Deborah’s views of Jacob Prasch and Moriel, which was a dead giveaway.

Additionally, quite from Prasch talking about ignoring the online criticism nearly 4 years in his email to Scot, Prasch couldn’t even practice what he preached as 5 months later in January 2017, Prasch exploded again and issued an attack video against Deborah Du Rand entitled ‘JACOB THE RAILER?’ titled after Du Rand’s 2012 reaction blog post from all those years prior.

Now, turn the tables and consider how Prasch has himself been an online critic of many hundreds of Christian and faux Christian leaders.  Let’s take, for an example, his frequent target Todd Bentley.  Imagine if Todd Bentley in reaction to Prasch’s frequent online criticism got 3 mates from his “charity” Fresh Fire Ministries to write and issue a FAKE POLICE REPORT that said all the allegations made were false, and he was caught trying to get crooked connections in the British Police turn up at Prasch’s door to shake him down!  He’d be pilloried and driven from the ministry (again).  Todd Bentley is low, but he isn’t that low that he’d resort to the corrupt activity of cult leader Prasch.  Jacob Prasch is the single most wicked “minister” of the 21st Century, and he has no close rivals for his throne in his Bog of Eternal Stench.

Update July 2021: Prasch’s History of Attack-Website Creation

Research has subsequently found Prasch has numerous times engaged in this method of attacking his critics with slander, buying up domains named after those critics or their own websites. He had done so prior to his 2013 double attack on Deborah Du Rand, for in 1999 Prasch did the same against his former Moriel USA and Moriel Australia volunteers Annie Rogers and Henry Sheppard, a fool decision that ultimately led to me having an abundance of information on Prasch stretching back to his godless antics in 1998 and the infamous Arbitration Report he went ballistic about me re-releasing in 2019. Prasch has also around 2020/21 made multiple attack-websites against Deborah Menelaws, one against Tim Wirth, and even one against me! With Prasch buying up all the domains from which to launch his idiotic attacks (which all leave a cyber trail) it gives more insight into his 1999+ proclivity to buy up other domains from which to cybersquat the South African Government as a means of making $1,500,000USD! No joke! Watch the exposé!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Prasch shouldn’t call others names when his 100 page diatribes are rife with misspellings, gramatical errors, and tangents. Notice how he doesn’t just stray from the topic, he goes topic off roading. “Be back in 2 pages. I need to write a bunch of filler so I sound knowledgeable.” This habit was really pronounced in his “debate” with Dr. White.
    The rant was painful to slog through, not just because a communicator should become buddies with spell check, but the level of rancor directed at Deborah Du Rand was mind blowing. It would never cross my mind, even in my unrepentant life, to publically write those things about another person. This behavior is next level evil.

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