Prasch’s Remnant Truth Network TV advert…improved upon…

Jacob Prasch’s head propagandist Amos Farrell has been trying to produce various short adverts to promote his new TV channel he’s involved with alongside Jacob Prasch, Charles Jardine, and John “Flubber” Haller. Today Prasch posted one sample advert on his Moriel TV YouTube channel to compliment his recent social media instruction for all cultists to head there to continue his narcissistic supply if his YouTube channel gets pulled due to breaking various laws. Well, Prasch didn’t say all that, but that’s the more realistic reason for the new self-hosted channel coming into being, as I described earlier this week.

Amos’s efforts at making adverts are quite feeble as he clearly goes to those Instant Advert websites where you upload your logo, some audio, and the website churns out some cheapo result. This is it:

Amos Farrell’s el cheapo advert

Not quite sure what to make of the statement in the short clip claiming that the new channel will be “bringing light out of the darkness“. Bit of a God-like claim since God spoke light to appear in the darkness in Genesis 1. I think Amos meant “bringing light to shine IN the darkness“, although with RTNtv hosting Prasch and his mystical Kabbalah beliefs, it is indeed darkness Prasch is bringing his false light out of.

Because Amos’s advert is guilty of false advertising due to its very title making the claim of ‘Truth’ when the channel so far has been used to promote lies, slander, false narratives, and fake DNA results, I thought I’d remake the 8-second video to more accurately present what the channel is really about…so click the image below to watch the new 6-second Remnant Truth Network TV advert, which Moriel TV are more than welcome to use to promote their channel:

One thought on “Prasch’s Remnant Truth Network TV advert…improved upon…

  1. As of 16th October 2020 the RTN TV channel seems down. Likely the utter crap interface designed by cultist Charles Jardine (the man village idiot Amos Farrell described in the most recent Moriel Quarterly as a “genius”) is getting a redux by him. As the Prasch Ultra cult member squad didn’t take my advice in the article above of making more truthful adverts, I thought I’d make them a more truthful poster for their relaunch:

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