Pulpit & Pen News will “EXPOSE” Servus Christi’s “LIFE OF SIN” on Monday!

This was the freakin’ exciting page the Christians News website Pulpit & Pen just posted, complete with a timer counting down to the day they will expose the “life of sin” of Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez:

Here is the link. Keep the date and time of 6PM ‘Mountain Time’ in your diary. Here is the Pulpit & Pen Facebook page posting, which has the ominous phrase from the book of Daniel in reference to the end of a sinful king’s reign: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.

Wow, and I just noticed in reading the post, Pulpit & Pen are holding Jacob Prasch and Moriel Ministries to account for enabling Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez!


Servus Christi himself has also been called an enabler of the wickedness of Jacob Prasch the most evil ‘Christian’ minister of the 21st Century (head of the spiritually abusive Doomsday Cult built around his personality) alongside a bunch of other shady characters.

Regarding what Chavez’s sin is, Chris Rosebrough has come forward and said he knows what it is and verifies the veracity of Pulpit & Pen’s forthcoming report. He speaks about the desire to protect future “victims” of Chavez’s ministry, meaning there has been a victim of it. Highly interesting development.

Chris’s Facebook post 21/8/20

In the meantime, until Monday comes, consider looking through my overview of the Servus Christi Cult that contains various videos, and will of course be updated when the news breaks on Monday.