2 Days to Terminus of Servus Christi

As Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez’s career heads toward its last weekend before Monday comes and Pulpit & Pen post their evidence that Chavez has been involved in “the most egregious, personally immoral, predatory, and debased behavior that simply must be exposed” at the stroke of 6pm when their Terminus of Servus Christi Clock reaches zero, the question is: Will Chavez’s mentor and fellow godless fool Jacob Prasch be giving Chavez strategies for persisting with his ministry once it has effectively been ended in the eyes of all Bible believers through Chavez’s disqualifying sins? Prasch, after all, is a master at refusing to acknowledge the disqualification his 133 recorded sins/frauds/charlatanisms/scandals give whilst claiming ridiculously in the face of all the mountain of evidence of extreme and persistent godlessness that he has been called by “God” to his ministry. Yeeahhh, a ‘ministry’ of attacking and destroying the Church through lies and slander? Hmm, isn’t that exactly the plan and intention of that guy called Beelzebub? *Eyeroll*

Prasch’s repeated strategy to brazenly persist in his self-appointed ‘ministry’ in the face of Biblical reality is by avoiding the evidence of his disqualifying sins by launching witch-hunts and slander campaigns on those who presented the evidence against him—because in Cloud Cuckoo Land where Prasch and his cult live, Prasch’s illogical, argument-conceding attacks not only magically become legitimate means of defence, they are regarded as the ONLY means of defence. When Prasch takes on that defence he becomes and remains through his Teflon-coated ignorance, indestructible:

…hence since at least the late 1990s, Prasch has continued on unabated in his fake Jewish Golem crusade against Christ and Christ’s people.

For Prasch to be able to persist in his crusade against Christ he needed more than just witch-hunting cries and the shedding of blood for his pack of wolves to lap up; he used heavily cult-influenced Kabbalistic teaching that presented him as a quasi guru to thousands of slow-minded chumps around the world who were searching for a thinker to do their thinking for them. Prasch bolstered his guru status with his faking being Jewish, and whipping followers into states of religious mania about the Jews and the End Times. This meant his cult’s foundation had a triad of beliefs that propped it up, hence when one belief is undermined, the cult still stands albeit in an increasingly shoddy and teetering fashion.

Chavez, by contrast to Prasch, has a cult that only appears to have one pillar, and that is witch-hunting, which can’t exactly be undermined with the presentation of Biblical truth as it is a non-Christian thing to start with, and like Prasch’s cult, attracts disenfranchised churchless wanderers. The main effect therefore of having Chavez be exposed as a man “engaged in the most egregious, personally immoral, predatory, and debased behavior” is it will only cause the Bible believers’ in his cult to think twice and backpeddle away from him, leaving untouched the large swathe of churchless rebels, loons and conspiracy theorists who’ll doubtless see little problem in his sin, as they aren’t following him for righteousness, they are following him for the red meat and blood.

Now it is hypothetically a possibility Chavez will repent of his sins and step down from the ministry as he is disqualified, but because of his association with the single most evil minister of the 21st Century, he won’t have learned a correct Biblical response to being exposed, he’ll have learned how to don the bulletproof jacket of Prasch’s invincible ignorance and is unfortunately more likely to become more godless and church-hating due to his exposing, thus there will be a second unstoppable cult leader spending his time on earth stoking the flames of his eternal torment, but that is the consequence of adopting Jacob Prasch as your thinker/protector.