3 Days to Terminus of Servus Christi

A full 24 hours have passed since Pulpit & Pen sensationally announced they have come into possession of evidence of Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez committing “most egregious, personally immoral, predatory, and debased behavior“, and so far response from his knee-jerk ad hominem master “discernment” mates at Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Ministries has been only crickets chirping. My suspicion is there will actually be frenzied communication going on behind the scenes between Chavez and Moriel considering Pulpit & Pen has named Prasch as a promoter of Chavez and an enabler in his sin, thus Prasch’s already teetering “ministry” could be blown away by whatever the revelations are about Chavez this coming Monday when Pulpit & Pen’s Terminus of Servus Christi Clock ticks down:

as it stands today

A problem Chavez and Moriel may have encountered is that the ominous pre-exposé article Pulpit & Pen have published advertising the end of Joshua Chavez’s ministry is vague. Yes it says he has committed “egregious, personally immoral, predatory, and debased behavior” but supposing the gurning Albuquerqian donkey has done a lot of “egregious, personally immoral, predatory, and debased behavior”? Chavez may be struggling to pinpoint what it is that will be exposed and is caught in the Scientology Clear mindgame wherein if he admits too much to achieve his goal then the Jacob Prasch Cult has ammunition it will later use against him if necessary to save their own skins (as Prasch has done—or tried to do with faked information—ever since Chavez started working for Prasch.

What kind of dire straits would Chavez be in if he admitted to Prasch something, some career-ending sin, and the Prasch Cult, activating its Damage Control settings tries to preempt the exposé by downplaying whatever sin Chavez admitted to by making some 3-hour song and dance pile of crap attack video like Prasch likes to do, and then on Monday at 6pm they find that admitted sin isn’t in the exposé! It would be doubly fatal for Chavez and Prasch’s fool careers.

Also important to bear in mind is Prasch is pretty much the most inept person at handling information as his faked DNA paperwork scandal last month proved (a scandal like his 132 other scandals that should have finished off his career, but he’s an indestructible Full Metal Headcase), and a Prasch ‘defence’ usually turns out to be 1% defence, 49% straw man, and 50% scorched earth while clothed with the mind of Don Quixote.

The trouble for Prasch is he is going to be widely exposed alongside Chavez, like last month when he was humiliated by having his outrageously evil emails to Justin Peters in defence of Joshua Chavez read out to 60,000+ people revealing his desire to decapitate the disabled Justin Peters and hang his body to a wall (another one of the 130+ scandals of Prasch). This means Chavez will do more damage to Prasch’s fool ministry than his replacement Amos Farrell has done!

This all means Prasch, already bricked up in his ivory tower deep in Cloud Cuckoo Land with the dwindling number of his bloodthirsty cult members whom he sponges a $147,000USD salary off of, will have a lot of thinking to do in how to fight off Monday’s bomb that has the capacity to blow up his long-running gravy train. But not to worry, Prasch claims ‘Moriel‘ (Hebrew for ‘God is my Teacher‘) and that ‘god’ who Prasch calls the Metatron from mystic Kabbalah, has helped him survive 133 other scandals (and oddly enough has aided him in committing them, and yet has never aided him in escaping the consequences of them [*cough*DEVIL!*cough*]) so I suppose Prasch will be fervently fasting from all food and water and living purely on his holy water of Jack Daniels so as to best hear the advice from his god in what move to make: