1 Day to Terminus of Servus Christi

As the Pulpit & Pen Terminus of Servus Christi Clock ticks down to Monday 6pm when the online Christian news channel releases its exposé on Joshua Chavez, there is a peculiar silence from the Jacob Prasch Cult—a cult which didn’t quite create Chavez but emboldened him in his idiocy in adopting the same imbecile damnation system, and promoted him in his drive for witch-hunts on Christians. With just a day to go before Chavez is exposed, and the Prasch Cult named as the key enablers of his “life of sin“, the only activity that is making noise is the beating of the weeds Pulpit & Pen reporter JD Hall is doing by having signalled the timing of the exposé via the Terminus of Servus Christi Clock, an action which is affording the time for more “victims” of Joshua Chavez to come forward and add to what is to be exposed:

The idea of “victims” plural who are coming forward cannot seem to mean people who Chavez has witch-hunted alongside Prasch across social media, as the witch-hunted are all very public anyway, so quite what type of “victim” Chavez has created will only be known in 24 hours time. Certainly, however, the public knowledge that there are more victims coming forward informs me of the reason there is the continued sound of silence coming from the Prasch Cult. That’s because the more the victims of Chavez, the greater the condemnation to be heaped upon Prasch’s idiot Moriel Ministries that promotes and collaborates with Chavez. Chavez was Moriel’s head propagandist from Summer 2018 to December 2019, and Prasch stated in December 2019 that Chavez, though moving on from Moriel, would continue to “collaborate” and would “work in tandem” with Moriel going forward, as was provably the case as recently as April 8th 2020 when the pair made a conspiracy theory film together titled (in Praschian caps-lock) ‘IS THE 1ST SEAL ABOUT TO BE BROKEN? WITH J PRASCH’.

Due to Prasch’s stated and provable continued collaboration with Chavez, once news breaks tomorrow on Chavez’s godlessness and “life of sin” whilst working for Prasch, Prasch cannot weasel his way out of association with Chavez or attempt to say they split in 2019 because of Chavez’s sin. Prasch, in attempting to pave his way of escape from Monday’s scandal, may begin deleting the video evidence of the continued collaboration statement, but I critiqued his December 2019 praise of Chavez and expectation of that continued collaboration in season 3 episode Bulletproof Cuckoo

…so the evidence will remain that they parted ways merely because, according to Prasch, the work involved in Chavez’s own ‘ministry’ Servus Christi, was becoming full-time so he had to stop working for Moriel. These statements utterly bind Prasch and Chavez together, and so, you can imagine behind the outward silence of the Prasch Cult there is a TONNE of plotting and scheming going on in the Prasch Cult War Room where his general David Lister (the flamboyant fatboy in the rainbow-coloured shirt who is salaried handsomely out of Moriel’s charity funds), and head propagandist Amos Farrell (Chavez’s replacement) will be working out how to get out of being tied to sinful Chavez so tightly. If Chavez isn’t thrown under the bus by Moriel, Moriel will go down in flames with Chavez, and if Chavez is thrown under the bus, will he meekly accept that violent social media death or will be retaliate out of knee-jerk spite? So the question becomes: Which of the 2 cult leaders will throw their first stool at the other?

Prasch is fiercely protective of his Cult as it funds his lavish lifestyle, and gives him a continual source of narcissistic supply, and he is utterly unrepentant of his life of crimes and frauds and severely demonised behaviour. Maybe he would be happy enough to continue to support Chavez and just add Chavez’s life of sin and his supporting of him in it as his 134th recorded sin scandal, and continue on his merry way in his indestructible form of 23 years, but with his cult bombarded with reality via multiple exposés of late that the cult’s echo chamber will resemble Berlin toward the end of WW2, with Prasch and his squad hunkered down in his bunker praying to the Metatron for success in a not-winnable war, he may cut his losses and try to morally grandstand by separating from Chavez, motivated also in part by seeing the 50k+ followers Chavez has on YouTube; wanting to grab them for himself as he did with Jan Markell’s followers earlier this Summer, and with Amir Tsarfati’s supporters last Summer. Should the two cult leaders remain bound together in their unholy matrimony and turn their attention to casting their stool at those who expose them, then they are more likely to sink all the faster into the Bog of Eternal Stench.

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