EXPOSED! The Servus Christi Faked Marriage & SEX Scandal!

JD Hall, a reporter from Christian news agency Pulpit & Pen has sensationally exposed a story of extreme godlessness and sexual corruption at the heart of the Jacob Prasch Cult, alleging how Prasch’s collaborator Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez (aka “Lydia“—the moniker Chavez selected when masquerading as a woman on YouTube to advance Prasch’s propaganda), during the 18 months Chavez worked as Prasch’s head propagandist at Moriel TV, Chavez imported a bride from South Africa to the USA, FAKED a marriage to her, then sent her back to Africa AFTER consummating the “marriage“!

Click the image below to go to the potentially career-ending exposé by JD!


Click here for my now-updated study of Joshua Chavez’s joke “ministry” Servus Christi and catch up to where Pulpit & Pen has chased the godless, malevolent, demonically-charged gurning tomfool, and search this blog right here for dozens of articles I’ve posted about the idiot.


update 23rd April 2021

This whole event eventually spawned a documentary released on 23rd April 2021. You can watch it here in HD. Here is the poster:

58 thoughts on “EXPOSED! The Servus Christi Faked Marriage & SEX Scandal!

  1. I figured, understanding what a fraud Chavez is, that it would’ve been Josh being married to his dog, cat, or maybe porn videos of Chavez in midget scenes?
    Nothing guys like Chavez or Prasch do would surprise me, sad to say but true.

  2. Let Josh produce a marriage license which is required here in the states. And Prasch priming up to blame the woman of course. What utter cads Notice how the longer versions of Moriel propaganda is just featured on the Retarded TV Network and you cant download it. Also, something to note why was Josh not invited to be part of that network?

  3. I never liked Chavez, there was just something about him and his way of doing things and attacking people.

    I doubt Prasch knew about it, he would have fired Chavez, but I wonder what his response will be.

    1. Prasch had to know about it common sense states that. Josh and Moriel parted company a while back and Josh’s workload was no different then. Also, Josh is not part of the new channel RTN. Plus Prasch has already come out with new teaching hinged on blaming women so this will set up their defence. HMM, didn’t Adam point the finger at Eve in the Garden?

  4. The Prasch Davidians and Moriel Ultras and their fake ID’s are out in full of course claiming the young woman is crazy. And the detractors are all female. Shades of Lydia Batman. Typical Moriel move. Disgusting

  5. As a friend of mine stated it all boils down to this. The question is did Chavez live with this girl, perform a fake wedding ceremony, go on a honeymoon with her, consummate the marriage and then send her back to South Africa and then ghost her?”

  6. And again it does not matter because the point is did Chavez live with this girl, perform a fake wedding ceremony, go on a honeymoon with her, consummate the marriage and then send her back to South Africa and then ghost her?” God held Adam accountable in the Garden of Eden. It’s not called the sin of Eve. God questioned Adam first (Genesis 3:9). This was because of the leadership role God ordained for husbands in marriage. Adam, as the leader of the family, was held responsible, not only for his own sin of eating from the tree but also because he did not provide adequate protection for his wife, allowing her to sin. Moriel really preaches this hard so now they are trying to have it both ways.

  7. PS could you hear the cattiness of Claudia’s comments on this young ladies appearance? Meow. Claudia states ” she knew exactly what she was doing”. So Claudia can now read minds? Shades of Professor X. It does not matter about this young woman’s appearance or me digging deeper. This matters did Chavez live with this girl, perform a fake wedding ceremony, go on a honeymoon with her, consummate the marriage and then send her back to South Africa and then ghost her?” God punished both Adam and Eve but Adam was held accountable first. And Adam should have protected his wife from sin.

    1. True! I I posted Claudia’s comment because she’s 100% not a sockpuppet, and I fully believe Claudia knows Chavez’s wife, but yes, I concur, Claudia can’t read minds. But I’m very thankful to Claudia for adding her very worthwhile viewpoint.

      1. I agree she is not a fake. She is friends with some of my friends. The point always goes back to Josh though no matter if the young lady was off or not. And of course, she may be off if she was a fan of Josh’s and listened to his nonsense. That would make anyone off.

  8. I think Joshua Chavez is bad news and it is sad that he is drawing in so many followers, some of his viewing figures dwarf those of Prasch. I think Pulpit and Pen ought to have done more digging before bringing this into the light. Something in me said that there is more to this when listening to JD Hall. If Joshua has fornicated then he needs to confess and repent or admit he is still married, but at the minute silence.
    If we make things personal in ministry we can soon get into the flesh and that will do more harm than good.
    There is more than sufficient evidence out there that these two are wolves. I have tried to just stay away from them over last month’s as they are not worthy of attention.

    1. Keep in mind you can buy subscribers its cheap and not hard to do to monetize your channel

  9. Justin Peters posted a link to the Pulpit & Pen exposé, and I see Amos the Village Idiot has posted in the comments:

    How is it Prasch cultists cannot sense their hypocrisy: Amos accuses Justin of reposting 3rd hand info, and says such an action requires repentance and removal of the article, yet for the past 2 months Amos has been posting 3rd hand information on Chris’ Rosebrough’s son Joshua? The weights and measures they present are never applied to themselves.

    1. Amos is a dirty fighter, a nasty nasty piece of work! I think that after so much expose Tbckawaii it’s best to leave them, they are blind leaders of the blind. They will always twist and distort, there is no humility or love in them!
      But as I said I think that Pulpit and Pen should have got more facts at his finger tips first and Justin Peters should have held back. Whilst listening to what JD Hall was saying about the girl my thoughts were she is either very very naive, very simple or not been completely honest. And that does not excuse in anyway any transgressions by Joshua Chavez. There were not even any dates or time frames given. Maybe other things will surface, but when you are dealing with cult mindsets you need your facts right.
      I was around Prasch and those who follow him for years and have had to let go of those who refuse to see the truth of what he is.
      Cults go on despite all the evidence and facts, just look at the JW’s. Prasch, Chavez and co have produced disciples in there own image and likeness, look at comments in threads, venomous, hate filled, on the same par I get from unbelievers when preaching the gospel!

      You have done some great work Tbckawaii and the Lord has used it, but I doubt you will bring them down, but some of there followers may be delivered through your labour.

      1. I checked back in on Justin Peters’ post, and just 2 minutes prior Joshua Rosebrough had responded, and all that remained of Amos was the 2 beams of wood, his blinded eyeballs, and a scrap of tinfoil. Totally Mercedes A-Class quality response:

      2. It’s an interesting article to try to reason through. To start with, although much of the information comes from “friends” of the woman, much of the apparently corroborating information comes from the woman herself indirectly through her comments on Facebook groups, as seen in the screencaps of hers in the article which broached the topic of human trafficking, being ghosted by Chavez, and her being a “hindrance” to his ministry in his opinion albeit stated by her.

        This means the friends weren’t entirely necessary in breaking the story, if the picture in the article can be confirmed as being of the same woman as who posted the comments, albeit the story would have been much shorter and would have relied entirely upon speculation in its conclusion-making. Because of the “friends” the amount of speculation was transformed into not quite fact, but ‘possible’ fact, or in this case, a series of partially-substantiated allegations.

        The fact that the woman didn’t apparently involve herself directly in the article gives credence to her hope that she’ll somehow be reunited with Beavis, but in itself doesn’t help us understand if she is normal, crazy, or crafty, as a normal, crazy or crafty person may choose not to help with an article and maintain hope she’ll be in a lasting relationship with Beavis. But what gives greater insight into what she’s like is the fact that she posted from Summer 2019 to this month on various Facebook groups about marriage issues whilst not directly drawing attention for much of that time to who her ‘husband’ is/was. A crazy person is highly unlikely to invest that time doing that and would be more likely to invest immediately in attention-seeking behavior in public (such as helping with an article). A cunning person, however, may certainly play a long game, but then a cunning person who has invested in careful planning for a year in laying a groundwork for somehow snaring Beavis isn’t then going to be likely to rely on “friends” to present the evidence apparently without her involvement, as the craft of a year may be undone via Chinese whispers that “friends” utter, and erroneous conclusions they may speak.

        It could be the “friends” of the woman are in fact the woman herself, which would be crafty behavior, and would enable her to present her views directly and absolve her from blame if it doesn’t all conclude the way she wishes.
        Claudia Ludwig knows the woman in question and says she is to some degree crafty, yet ultimately is it crafty to do all this to win the attention of Beavis Christi or bring him down when it pretty obviously isn’t going to work in the former case, and what’s the motivation for her bringing Beavis down?

        If “the simplest explanation is most likely the right one”, as Occam’s Razor states, then is it simple to believe someone would go to all this trouble of posting for a year, pretending to be “friends”, shipping a story, all to get someone’s attention which will never succeed? The simplest solution seems to be that Beavis Christi was in some sort of relationship with this woman, and she engaged in what was presented as a form of marriage to him, and when the relationship ended a year ago, she pined for her partner, and wished to be reunited with him, and so posted about it for a year on various Facebook groups, as the article pretty much says, minus the article’s sordid details.

        There is also the element of embellishment, for she, through the “friends” may have presented herself as rather saintly when reality may have been that she wasn’t saintly, and has added various religious fronts to the various deeds she and Beavis committed to present a general truth only with some bells and whistles. For instance maybe she and Beavis had some type of home church blessing with his family, and in hindsight, to escape a feeling of sexual sin, states to “friends” a year+ later she believed it was a wedding ceremony, or was led to believe it was, etc.

        With embellishment you then have to run a battery of tests on the possibilities and work out what is most likely/simple. If she isn’t crazy, which the year of commenting indirectly about it all on Facebook suggests is likely, then it would be verging on crazy to believe a blessing or something to be a marriage, and it would be even crazier to persist in the self-deception by adding various other layers of beliefs/misunderstandings about the ghosting, the being sent home etc. And when you embellish a story about a quasi public figure with a YouTube channel, you are likely to be embarrassed by the YouTube response if all it will be dismantled, so persisting in too much embellishment would be crazy, thus it is more likely the claims by the woman are to a large degree truth albeit with a probable spin to present herself as more saintly than she is.

      3. The few things I know for sure is that Marco Quintana of Devore Church and head Moriel Stooge did the initial introductions. So why turn Josh on to someone who was not all there? Josh kept his marriage a secret as well as they are not together now and Josh continues to make videos. Moriel if they considered Josh divorced (in some weird way) may have kept Josh around to use him when it fits their evil purposes but still officially distanced themselves from Josh. That’s a cover up on the part of Moriel which should not be ignored as well. I have been to Joelle’s Facebook page and even though she hardly seems to be a crazy person how many women has Moriel and their ilk sent to the brink of suicide and illness? This is the fruit of James A Prasch.

  10. I can tell you now that I was approached by someone with info several days before the P & P announcement. I declined the offer of any further info. I felt this was a private matter between them and God. The person who offered this left an internet track which suggests to me that it’s not Josh’s lady in question. Either way, his behavior cannot be excused.

    1. I appreciate this comment. All the mulling over does is distract people from the issue. He is an internationally known influential Christian teacher who made his own choices to commit sexual sin, and possible abuse. No matter who she is or what she’s done, he is an adult who made his own choices. The argument that she deceived him doesn’t amount to a hill of beans because he met her and had sex with her. His duty before God is to love her like Christ loves the Church.
      For years I’ve had to endure “male leadership” sermons and teachings from every single pastor I listen to because of Beth Moore and the like. Well now it’s time to turn that teaching back to yourselves and publically hold accountable men who abuse and deceive. That’s not Biblical male leadership. Address it properly, please. Don’t make it about her.

      1. I think of David when he was confronted by Nathan about his sin with Bathsheba, how he immediately confessed and was broken in repentance.
        This has come out but there has been no confession from Joshua Chavez, because maybe he isn’t saved and he is more interested in his ministry than his sin against God?. If guilty and he truly loves the Lord he should confess and not try and blame the woman for his lust. If he is guilty and he is not going to own up then you have to produce hard evidence.
        Can a statement be produced by the woman. Can her father who Chavez is allegedly emailing, telling him to sign his daughter away produce some evidence. Has she more photos of them together, in the modern age of cell phones and such you might hope she took a few more snaps of their time together.
        Some time and dates, because it would appear those who could possibly confirm this accusation are closing ranks.
        I remember when I used to go to listen to Prasch how one of his mantras was if anyone sins sexually they are disqualified from ministry. Maybe Chavez has too much inside information on Moriel and that is why he is silent. If it was John MacArthur he would be trumpeting it from the roof tops.
        How can you stop a guy producing YouTube videos independently even if he is guilty?

  11. There are several sock puppets out there who were and are doing a lot of damage control. Funny its all women and one is a woman named Sierra. Her FB page for sure seems fake. I asked her one question if she was a doctor or not and she made my comment try to look like I was creepy for asking what her profession is even though she seemed to make a lot of psychological analysis. I really thought she could have been a victims advocate or doctor. Nope. Now, who is comfortable with going around acting like a woman? Que Shania Twain’s “Feel Like a Woman song”.

  12. Beavis Christi was asked by [name redacted, fake name ‘Marshmallow Boy’ duly allocated] about the exposé in the comments section of his politics video the day the exposé was published, and Beavis replied:

    [‘Marshmallow Boy] asked several more questions, but no reply so far as of Thursday.

    1. He did not actually deny it merely avoided giving any facts. Moriel approach “If all else fails to deny all”. And what specific fabrications is Lydia denying? Clear as mud

    1. Yes, and he says fabrications plural. It puts the onus on him to prove they are “fabrications”. However he may just take the Butthead Prasch method of ‘debubunking’ info against him, that is by merely claiming it is all lies/slander without substantiating it, and then provoking fool emotion as a cover by saying any attack against his ‘ministry’ is an attack by Saaaayytaaan, and then remain in his grotto shooting out arrows as passersby.

  13. When Prasch wrote his rant on me on another decade-old website that I was supporting TBN and Hillsongs the imbecile forgot we made videos together against TBN and Hillsong. So Prasch lied and bore false witness against me. Moriel asked to be part of the very website that Prasch called me out on and I proved with Jimmy’s own response. The root problem is this. Look at older films of Prasch. Pretty confident and solid and well-spoken. As time went on James got even more hateful because so many ministers made it bigger and had a bigger voice than Moriel. Its plain jealousy which has made Prasch the irrational liar he is now. When I first met Prasch at John Higgins church over a decade ago what I saw was a slobbering wanna be groupie who was more interested in the bands I played in rather than talk about scripture. I wondered where is the mega intellect that Sandy Simpson told me about? Sandy is still drinking the cool-aid maybe thinking he will become a Moriel speaker. Sad. Even though the way Moriel advertises Sandys ministry is a flat out falsehood. Its all really tragic.

  14. Another point is when I was filming for Moriel I got quite a bit of request from the woman to ask Prasch to take it down a notch. They liked his teaching but came out of abusive relationships with husbands and their PTSD was triggered with his yelling. Prasch laughed at me. I will never forget that laugh. Jimmy is such a punk. I then pressed on for him to take it down a couple notches and he ignored me and changed the subject. I think these guys get some king of high off being domineering over women. Not loving them like Christ loves the church. It gives them a perverse sense of power. And I personally know woman Prasch has done this to. So whats not saying that Josh and the other little toadies of Moriel don’t draw these types of women or make them into a not so right person. Psychological damage can and does happen. I think Josh is holding off any response as he consults with his attorney now. I doubt if Josh is man enough to admit to his mistake. God knows Prasch does not

  15. Agree with you, Tim. I’ve heard all the excuses for the yelling and “discernment” finger pointing. Don’t buy it. I’d challenge them to read James, Peter and John and underline every text where love and grace is mentioned. I was involved in a cult many years ago. I see “cult” all over Moriel and in Josh’s behavior.

    1. It doesn’t matter what Josh has against the reformed camp, it doesn’t matter how JD and Lydia fight. What matter is he married and where is his wife now? And did they get married and can produce a license? If they did not get legally married they were just living together. Scripture plainly teaches you are to honour the law of the land. Notice Josh has never denied having a wife. And if he put her away so to speak that’s why Josh and Moriel parted company that’s one rule even Prasch does not break that I know of. He Prasch does hold grudges against people he knows are divorced.

      1. If Beavis Christi and Butthead Prasch parted ways because of Beavis exiling his wife to South Africa, why is Prasch on record for hoping to continue to “collaborate” and “work in tandem” with Beavis in December 2019, and then actually collaborate in April in their joint conspiracy theory video?
        I don’t think Prasch has room to escape by claiming that. That’s not to say he won’t try, considering he has launched the most idiot and easily debunkable theories previously and doubled down in them like a true idiot.
        Odd how Prasch hasn’t responded yet. But then he couldn’t manage to respond to Justin Peters when Justin read out Prasch’s threatening decapitation emails to him.

      2. SOP in the Moriel Manual page 1102 “If all else fails deny all”. If caught blame it on the pulsating Metatron. Refer all other questions aboard the pink submarine to David Lister aka “The Politician”.

  16. The word “Exposed” has taken on a whole new meaning with Moriel and its ilk. And all the Prasch Davidians are now in the bunkers with Prasch

  17. Beavis also had this to say the day after the exposé was released in the comments of his politics video, calling the exposé “desperate fabrications”:

  18. Two ministers, one I very much respect, say there’s documentation to support their allegations. I wonder if they’re waiting on servus himself’s response before they play their hand. See what deception he weaves before shining that light of truth? What are the chances there’s cell phone video or pics of the faked marriage? Every woman wants at least pictures of her wedding day.

    1. Beavis probably now longs for my style of exposé where all he gets is accurately called an idiot or a donkey, gets stick for pretending to be a woman, and gets pictured with flattering long hair and dresses.
      If the sodomy charge is verified, I doubt he and Prasch will ever live that down. It would be a killer.

      1. Whoa! I must’ve skipped over the sodomy stuff because of all the other details. If all this is true, next time put a snout on him because he’s a pig.

      2. You could write an entire book about Josh and Moriel on how they treat women as well of their lack of love for others outside of the cult
        .Colossians 3:19
        New American Standard Bible
        19 Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered against them.
        A couple hundred other verses that apply here as well. SMH

  19. Servus just posted another video on you tube entitled “self pity”. Thankfully he only has a couple thousand views compared to before he was exposed.. Its amazing that he has the audacity to make another video after destroying a women’s confidence and causing her depression most likely and taking her virginity. That guy has to be considered a wolf. I dont see how your saved without any repentance whatsoever. This guy is evil. What a sociopath! He has no conscience.
    At least his cult has shrunken and the ones who have unsubscribed from him have seen that he’s a flat out fraud. This guys has screws loose to be “teaching” on the topics he does after being exposed for his corrupt lifestyle. Give this guy til next year and I bet he’ll be back attacking God’s true sheep trying to get disciples after himself because he definitely comes across as hating true Christians. Its truly mind boggling how him and Prasch handle themselves after being exposed. It sheds light on their spiritual state. These frauds are truly evil and need to be saved!

    1. It is rather humorous watching Beavis persist and his obvious efforts trying to not witch-hunt anybody for a while, because it only illustrates his Catch-22 situation: If he persists in making these feeble motivational videos his core audience will go elsewhere and his newly-registered business will quietly implode, and if he appeases his deadbeat audience and witch-hunts anybody big then the big name will point out to perhaps half a million people Beavis’s sin and his fool “ministry” will implode in front of a wide audience. He’s totally stuck. Even if he was to vanish for 10 years and return he’d find the same Catch-22 situation upon his return.

      Yep, he seems to have a screw loose. There is something wrong with his mind. He is clearly mentally deficient, but there is something else underlying it. He cannot hide his anger. He’ll be on the spectrum of psychopathy, like Prasch.

      With what you know about Chavez, run his data through the Hare Psychopathy Checklist and see what his score is:
      I think he scores higher than Prasch.

  20. Watch Josh will continue to be called out and both Josh and Moriel will ignore the facts. If you take a look at Praschs’s latest video he is just hedging on yesterdays material which I know personally he hates to do. With Praschs inability to fly around the world and do face to face meetings with business people who in my opinion he cons. The Moriel pot of gold is running out. Josh will continue to get some hits because people are on the string calling him out.

  21. I think Josh must be deleting all negative post quickly. I did see the fake ID person Shandy call out Linda MacIntrye publically. Linda is the social media person oh Moriel affiliate and John Hallers personal church Fellowship Bible Chapel. And Linda is my opinion is both mentally and spiritually very ill with all her fake IDs and trolling

      1. Well, I think Josh really gets off on reading all the praise in his unholy name. Prasch seldom ever reads comments. Even when I was with Moriel TV I was the one that suggested no comments because I just did not have the time to monitor them. Josh on the other hand loves the praise and it seems like he thinks he is beyond repentance since his followers are still lauding his praises. Besides what else does that bum have to do? he sure does not take care of his wife.

      2. And look at these quite fool responses to another person pointing out reality:

        When spiritual abuse and faking a marriage don’t qualify in those fools minds as resulting in cancellation, then clearly the Bible had gone out the window.
        However I do appreciate Beavis’s attempt at gurning in the style of Frank Sidebottom:

      3. Well, of course, Linda retracted her other comments that Shanddy called her on. You can always depend on Linda to say something stupid and seek attention. This is Haller’s fruit as well because he allows contentious trolls to run the social media at FBC in Columbus , Ohio. Comparing it to something liberals do is just ignorant.

      4. I see Beavis changed his Facebook banner like 8 hours after I posted my parody version. This is his new rather uninteresting version which rather fittingly has his ministry cloaked in darkness:

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