Prasch Prepped to Declare Chavez’s ‘Wife’ a Jezebel in Defence of Chavez’s Alleged Sins [UPDATE: Prasch Responds 28/11/20]

This past Monday 24th August 2020, Christian news outlet Pulpit & Pen released its account of how Jacob Prasch’s pet monkey Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez aka Lydia had allegedly got a young South African woman to travel to his grotto in Albuquerque, subsequently marrying her in a sham ceremony, consummated the marriage, then sent her packing back to South Africa once he’d satisfied his carnal desires.  As a timeline, the news agency announced that exposé on Thursday 20th with a countdown clock to the release as a method to beat the weeds to bring out more “victims” of Chavez before the story broke:

This timeframe assumes by the 20th the account about the Sham Marriage of Chavez was already complete and primed to be released, and as the video Pulpit & Pen reporter JD Hall released about the exposé the same hour on Monday 24th described how Chavez’s wife’s father had allegedly received threats from Chavez about trying to have her committed to a lunatic asylum prior to the breaking of the story, it can be reasonably assumed Chavez had some idea of what was coming and was engaging in the thing the other members of the Jacob Prasch Doomsday Cult have historically done when facing negative reality that has the capacity to destroy their cult/ministry: he resorted to ad hominem so as to discredit the exposing voice.

Now, clearly that type of defence tells you Chavez must have weighed up the options of a) facing down the exposé with truth, and b) ad hominem, and found the latter was the best strategy, meaning using truth wasn’t going to be as successful an option—which itself adds to my view that the woman’s friends’ claims in the Pulpit & Pen article are likely largely true, as I explained in a long comment here.

So in the week prior to the exposé being released, Chavez was allegedly utilising a strategy that, to a logical thinker, only accidentally added strength to the exposé’s allegations, and I had assumed that week prior to the release, when the exposé was merely announced, that Chavez would be running to his collaborator and fellow idiot and cult leader Jacob Prasch for assistance:

Prasch has been labelled by apologist Dr. James White as an “expert” in ad hominem (you can watch Dr. White laughing at Prasch’s sheer idiocy and various forms of failed argumentation in this video I compiled).  My belief in Chavez running off to get help from fake Jew and ad hominem “expert” Prasch was supported by Prasch releasing a highly suspiciously worded introduction to an apparently random minor blog article on the 17th of August 2020 (during which time it is reasonable to assume Pulpit & Pen were researching and making enquiries for their article that would be released just a week later.  The minor blog article Prasch posted to his disciples in his personality cult was about Jezebels and the farcical belief in a Jezebel “spirit” (a belief various self-appointed prophets have written books about, like John Paul Jackson).

Now as a background, Prasch has frequently tried to discredit women by calling them Jezebel.  Prasch has used the slur against Deborah Menelaws for 2 years, and for about 18 months has called Bible teacher Jan Markell that in various screaming rant attack videos.  Its Prasch the misogynist’s method for discrediting any female Christians whose bringing of truth has the potential to cause damage to Prasch’s demonised “ministry” of attacking people for the dividend of $147,000 a year salary for doing nothing more than what a drunk person does in a pub when intoxicated: sharing unbalanced opinions to a bunch of other stupid people with reduced social awareness.

What points to Prasch posting the ‘Jezebel’ article to his setting the groundwork for attacking collaborator Joshua Chavez’s wife, is the wording of his introduction, which, as mentioned before, is highly suspiciously worded.  This is it:

So Prasch calls the John Paul Jackson-esque ramble about a non existent Jezebel spirit as “timely and necessary” [he also in typical Prasch lack of awareness commended the accuracy of the article whilst spelling the word accuracy wrong] but Prasch’s total giveaway of the reason he reposted it is the next phrase: “[the article] was not in any way commissioned by Moriel, RTN, or any adjuncts of such”.

Think about that!  Exactly why on earth would Prasch feel the need to say it hasn’t been commissioned by his squad of idiots in his cult unless something was coming that would cause people to speculate that it was?  And don’t we know a week later his ministry would be called into question for the 134th time in 21 months for his support of Chavez in his life of sin of allegedly performing a fake marriage so he could fulfil his carnal desires—an exposé that has the capacity to destroy both Prasch’s lunatic cult, and Chavez’s own cult of idiocy?

This means it is likely to assume due to the timeframe, and the blatantly apparent wording of the clown himself in his blog post intro, that his strategy, like Chavez’s, was to attack the “wife” of Chavez with ad hominem and liken her to a Jezebel!

Consider how the article ends, and bear in mind as you read it how Prasch himself has gone on record in Fall 2019 stating that he has the Spirit of Elijah and is John the Baptist Mk.2 for the return of Christ:

It totally puts into words Prasch’s usual fool defence for whenever a woman discredits his ministry (as Chavez’s wife has discredited Chavez’s ministry) of attributing any backlash against his ministry as from the Enemy rather than from Reality, and then taking that attack from Reality as being evidence that the ministry is therefore godly like Elijah’s ministry!

The funny thing is that the article in its apparent use as a defence against what would come against Prasch and Chavez the following week, describes “Jezebel” but in doing so actually perfectly describes the central characteristics of “ministry” both Prasch and Chavez perform:

So with Prasch signposting his defence against the Pulpit & Pen article so clearly, and with Chavez allegedly working behind the scenes to have his wife committed to a lunatic asylum to shut her up to protect his potentially lucrative ministry career, it is reasonable to conclude that Beavis Chavez and Butthead Prasch will be engaging in this strategy of trying to destroy the credibility of Chavez’s wife in order to save their utterly godless ministries, hypocritically when what they accuse about “Jezebels” only describes perfectly their own Satanic deeds!

As a sidenote…

There have been some vociferous fangirls of Chavez across social media, and one ubiquitous one is Sierra Mahina who posted on 27th/28th August 2020 in the comments section of the exposé by Pulpit & Pen stating wannabe insider information that “there was no marriage”. There hasn’t been proof one way or the other as of the 29th, so I thought I’d make a record of one of Sierra’s many statements-expressed-as-fact, to see what the end result, whenever the truth comes out, is. This one is of-note because ‘she’ calls Chavez’s alleged wife “a Jezebel”. I italicised she because there is a reasonable chance Sierra is one of Chavez’s sock-puppets as he has a history of pretending to be women. Moreover the information ‘she’ gives requires, at this point, a rather close association to Chavez to know. We’ll see.

Update: November 28th 2020, PRASCH responds

Close to 100 days it has taken the cowardly Prasch to respond to the ministry-terminating sins of his colleague Joshua Chavez. It occurred in the comments section of a BTWN video and was triggered by Chris Rosebrough asking about Prasch’s claims his other colleague David Lister killed Elvis, and asking when Prasch will issue a statement condemning Chavez’s sin. This is it:

Far from Prasch condemning the sin, Prasch merely EXCUSED it by claiming the marriage never happened.

Joelle, the abandoned wife, immediately blows Prasch away:

Joelle, Chavez’s wife, however, quickly issued this statement on Facebook making it clear she and Chavez were married in front of witnesses on 15th January 2019, she in a wedding dress, they exchanged rings, and had a honeymoon:

Clearly the photographic record backs up Joelle’s claims and debunks Prasch’s claims:

Joelle continued…

Whilst Prasch hasn’t yet labelled Joelle a Jezebel as my article anticipated, he has BLAMED her for the relationship ending, and with his view the wedding didn’t happen being already debunked before he issued such a crap statement, it won’t be long until he shifts gears and goes on the attack like the godless old drunk always ends up doing.

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  1. Still waiting for Josh to fess up. And wondering if he will at all. Prasch is a pig having to change his shirt when we were in a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio before filming a “This Week In Prophecy” did so without going to the bathroom and changed and tucked in his shirt in front of my wife. The one time I was glad Donna is legally blind during that time but my eyes were burned at the site of his huge belly and outie belly button. Yuk. Who does that? The false prophet and false teacher James A Prasch’s last video “The New Old Lie” also tears into a young girl with Praschs usual well I’m not going to slander or revile someone and then goes on to slander and revile the young lady. These guys are punks and pigs and they need to repent on the way they treat women. Josh’s treatment of women online is equally as bad in my opinion.

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