The Prasch Cult’s Sounds of Silence

It has been 7 days since Christian news website Pulpit & Pen released its exposé on Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez and put much of the blame on his collaborator Jacob Prasch’s Moriel Ministries for allowing the Albuquerqian gurning thug to involve himself in a “life of sin” of alleged faked marriage, trafficking, and spiritual abuse whilst on their staff.

It has been 7 days of silence from Beavis Christi and Butthead Prasch, the two thug cult leaders who are so quick to point the finger at others.  I ask why it has taken so long for Beavis to make a response beyond a couple of allegations in the comments sections of his Facebook feed and most recent inept video on YouTube:

From Prasch’s perspective, it’s pretty certain that he’s plotting in his cult’s bunker with his squad of idiots working out strategies for attack, but is holding back until Beavis piddles out his reaction so as to tailor his own attack to fit what Beavis says.  Not quite sure why, really, since Prasch only has one form of replying to allegations anyway and that is to straw man and use ad hominem slurs to attempt to discredit anyone who speaks against him, or in his own words “neutralize” them.  The prolonged sounds of silence coming from the 2 camps raises the concern that all contained in the exposé is true, thus it is taking them longer to work out some way of discrediting the sources, because if none of it is true as Beavis seemed to claim in his smattering of comments to acolytes, then surely the truth doesn’t require a week to set forth, as one of those acolytes noticed earlier today, and others:

I for one am open to the allegations being wrong or biased, as explained in my long comment about it where I attempted to reason through the exposés’ information, but as I concluded that reasoning by being weighted toward the exposé being largely true, the now week of silence from Beavis Christi and Butthead Prasch makes me all the more weighted to that conclusion.

When Prasch finally breaks wind silence, much will be ascertained about the veracity of the allegations made against his pet donkey Chavez via the mode of attack/defence he (Prasch) makes.  Clearly if he performs his usual lazy schtick of slandering and utilising ad hominem, then almost certainly the allegations have merit, but on the flip-side if Prasch and Chavez attempt to present the ‘truth’, various things already count against them: firstly the timeframe of them taking so long to present ‘truth’, as ‘truth’—if truly ‘true’—doesn’t require any time, planning or cunning to present, but lies take time to present since a lie usually requires the liar consider what other issues that lie may cause—but then again Prasch is an absolute master at not exhibiting any consideration to where the presentation of one lie may lead, hence he utterly killed his credibility stone dead last month when he made the astronomically idiotic move of presenting loads of faked paperwork he said proved he was Jewish when all it proved was he was committing identity fraud publicly, that opened the door to the thought he had done the same in the 1980s in Israel, which may have ultimately caused him to be a criminal who’ll be arrested upon his return to Israel.  But Prasch’s track record of knee-jerk replying to allegations with astoundingly feeble, half-baked lies makes his 7 days of silence regarding the allegations made against Chavez all the more peculiar.

The second major hindrance Chavez and Prasch face if they attempt to present a different narrative to the fake marriage allegations is both men have an exceedingly dire record of handing/presenting reality.  I looked in Episode 48 at Prasch’s deliberate mishandling of “evidence” that he presented during the past 2 years, all of which has had major implications, and cemented him as a habitual liar—something that places him clearly outside the Kingdom of God by the Bible’s own standard—and he is not only a liar and slanderer, he’s apparently an incorrigible drunk and a false prophet and a false teacher.  And Chavez too, whenever he presents information on others like Justin Peters, his targets have carefully debunked him as Peters did last month.  This means even if they go on to present the actual truth in the coming days, they are handicapped by their appalling records of twisting information about others and will therefore naturally be perceived as being more likely to twist information about themselves.

From the perspective of the Courts, a jury is informed about the power of a person’s testimony not merely by listening to their account, but that account is to be viewed through the lens of how they have handled ‘truth’ in the past.  A person testifying in Court can have their account entirely undermined by being proven to be a false witness or liar in the past, and no matter what they say, they are justifiably labelled unreliable witnesses by the jurors and everything they utter will be deeply mired in a bog of suspicion.  Oddly enough both Prasch and Chavez are well aware of this as both attempt in their presenting of false or twisted information on their ‘attack video’ channels to erode the credibility of the people they gun for by desperately inventing evidence to show they slipped up once, and therefore they must never be trusted and must be driven from the ministry (it is for this reason neither Chavez and especially not Prasch like to be cross-examined).  Bit of an ironic system considering Chavez and most especially Prasch, are rendered guilty of the thing they charge.  The true irony is that in their commonly slanderous efforts to find a flaw in others by which to tarnish and disqualify them from ministry, Chavez and Prasch tarnish and disqualify themselves from ministry, and because Prasch has operated this system for decades and has therefore created a huge amount of false information about a huge list of others, I don’t actually know of anybody other than Satan who is now more disqualified from ministry than Prasch.

Whatever the pair of angry clowns release I’ll post in the comments below so you can weigh up their narrative that hopes to save their ‘ministries’ from sinking into the depths of The Bog of Eternal Stench, but bear in mind the reality that at worst the pair will sink, and their ‘best‘ is to stop sinking but remain paddling in the Bog due to their already long list of disqualifying deeds they have committed in the name of “God” but in the ministry and likeness of Lucifer.

Prasch and Chavez sinking in their Bog which they’ll never escape from, bar a miraculous repentance

19 thoughts on “The Prasch Cult’s Sounds of Silence

  1. I had just thought it’s been a week since the story broke and nary a peep has been uttered from the cult. He isn’t even accountable to his fans.

    1. Josh’s wife Joelle has stated that you can contact Moriel and they will verify that she and Josh are married. Praschs emails are all screened I suggest contacting David Lister because both he and Prasch run the ministry

      1. Who is Joelle? That is not the name that I heard…. Are there two different women now?

      2. It what has been suggested to others via PM through Facebook when she has been asked that question. I understand that you want to see it in black and white I could just copy and paste her reply to my friend who asked the question. Not trying to be evasive here or spread gossip. That’s what was suggested to me and I have seen the proof.

    2. Chavez has spent about $80 this past summer trying to make his studio look like Doreen Virtue’s, and a further $19.99 registering his ministry as a business, and now he’s been unmasked like a Scooby Doo villain, so he’s probably spent a week like this:

    3. I was once wrongly accused of doing something grave. It isn’t a nice feeling. So I can appreciate that the facts need to be looked at wherever possible before accusing. That said, I wasted no time in responding. The clock is still ticking for Josh.

  2. The bottom line is that Josh’s wife considers them married because of the exchange of vows. There was no marriage license issued that I am aware of so that’s pretty darn convenient because here in the states that do not even fall under common law marriage because of the shortage of time.
    So I would ask is Josh taking financial care of his wife and why don’t they live together?
    Josh has named himself as a Christian minister so what kind of example is this?

      1. Josh should take care of his wife at the very least. Even the world does that better than he is doing apparently.

      2. According to the exposé video JD did, it appeared it was Chavez who was wanting his wife to look after him! Real manly behaviour. Rightly did Chavez choose the name Lydia for his alter ego.

      3. He is commanded to take care of her and love her. This also trumps his “ministry.” Ephesians is very clear about this.
        Eph 5:28  So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. 
        Eph 5:29  For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church
        Eph 5:31  For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

  3. In the Beavis Christi Facebook page in the comments section of his politics video, a good question was asked, with a compelling answer given, and even more compelling conclusion:

    And then consider the reaction to the Pulpit & Pen story on the P&P website by “Sierra Mahina” (who is 95% likely to be a Beavis Christi sock-puppet account):

    1. Probably legal things involved and Prasch and Lydia figuring out how JD Hall can fund Lydia’s ministry and Prasch’s retirement. No car wrecks happening lately so…

  4. It’s funny the lady named “Sierra Mahina” says “we had a healthy conversation like a brother and sister in Christ would have”
    Why would she say brother and sister instead of sisters in christ? I find that an unusual.

    Josh is in a no win situation, whatever his answer is he will expose himself in some capacity, I think what he is currently trying to do is manipulate his wife, in the hope she may be willing to make a statement or video that will appear to exonerate him in the public eye.

    1. I looked at Sierra’s Facebook page. I believe she is a sock puppet by what I saw there. Check it out

  5. Chavez’s sock-puppetry, all-round loser status, and his drive for fame reminds me of Luka Magnotta. A sane person doesn’t resort to creating a host of invisible friends to speak on their behalf.

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