Magnum Farce! The Prasch Cult’s FIVE Police Officers

Just over a week ago I wrote an article that exposed how cult leader Jacob Prasch used several Police Officers (active, retired and allegedly fake) when outsourcing to them his dirty work of bullying his victims into silence, specifically looking at Prasch’s email that explained how he tried to get his South African Moriel associate Mike Benade (a former SA Police Captain) to get his active Police mates to turn up at the door of one of Prasch’s online critics to shake her down for committing his Cult’s Cardinal sin of…disagreeing with him. No, I’m not making that up! Read about it all here.

Well since that article was published Prasch has recruited ANOTHER Police Officer into his squad of Moriel Police who work to silence critics of their “lord Prasch”, that person being Sergio Mariani. Here is Prasch’s announcement to his cult:

That post doesn’t itself reveal Moriel’s new channel head for their Spanish division to be a former cop, but another message from Prasch in Fall 2019 outlined who the future recruit is:

The above message was Sergio going berserk at his former pastor Bill Randles and appeared just when Prasch was witch-hunting Bill for...the crime of disagreeing with him online. Yeah. Notice a trend.

Sergio’s stupid rant at Bill was just like a Prasch rant as it has unsubstantiated allegations, ‘poisoning the well’ statements, attacking Bill for judging whilst judging, a CAPSLOCKED scream, and a Parthian Shot at the end to forbid Bill from replying. In other words it is a stupid rant from an idiot. However what is moronic and CAPSLOCKED is music to the ears of Prasch, hence he capitalised on it by reposting it, with the introduction stating the statement was “issued independently” from Moriel “without any input” from the cult. Hmmmm, sounds just like the wording Prasch used when reposting a Jezebel article in August as a means to prepare to attack Joshua Chavez’s ex-wife, and also the same language Prasch used in Spring 2019 when Chavez (who then worked for Moriel TV) released an idiot video attacking all Prasch’s critics and was reposted by Prasch and then mirrored by his cult member Charles Jardine:

With ex-Police Officer Sergio headhunted by Prasch doubtlessly due to his CAPSLOCKED failed assassination attempt on Bill Randles, it means Prasch now has FIVE Police Officers in the Moriel fold. They are:

  1. ex-Police Captain Mike Benade (Moriel’s South Africa Administrator)
  2. Active Sr. Sergeant* Michael Keaney (Moriel’s New Zealand Administrator)
  3. ex-Police “Sergeant” Amos Farrell (Moriel TV’s social media head)
  4. ex-Police Officer Sergio Mariani (Moriel TV’s Spanish division head)
  5. ex-Police Officer Colin Higgs (Prasch Ultra fanboy and coiner of the term ‘lord Jacob‘)

The top 3 all put their names to the infamous Moriel Fake Police Document Scandal of 2019 when they colluded to get their ‘lord Jacob’ off the hook from spiritual abuse allegations:

As Prasch has used his Moriel Police Squad to bully and silence critics, with him recently recieving a lot more attention from a wider audience it explains why he is increasing the size of his squad.


Researcher Treena Gisborn actually contacted the Metropolitan Police to complain about Amos inflating his position in the fake Police report, stating he’s a ‘Sergeant’ and ‘Sr. Detective’:

Regarding this brazen claim, Treena wrote

“Earlier this year Farrell claimed to be “Sergeant Amos Farrell Sr. Detective (retired) Scotland Yard Metropolitan Police, London (UK)”. I contacted the Metropolitan Police and complained about Farrell’s gross inflation of his former position. Here in the UK, the rank of Sergeant is a junior position, only one rank above that of Police Constable, the lowest ranking police officer. There are no less than nine ranks above Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police! Farrell’s title would have been Detective Sergeant and certainly not Senior Detective! Unsurprisingly, apart from sending me a brief acknowledgement, the Metropolitan Police have done absolutely nothing to address this matter as far as I am aware. Apparently publicly misrepresenting oneself as a retired “Senior Detective” is not an issue for them!”

-Treena Gisborn (blog)

Amos The Exaggerator who inflates and falsifies his former position (potentially to make himself sound smarter when he’s actually an idiot) now has a reputation for exaggerating in other areas of his life too, with his entirely unsubstantiated claims that he was a successful drummer who’d performed to huge audiences around the world, to VVIPS and to heads of nations. You can read about his wild and stupid claims at the bottom of this article.

Mike Keaney and Fraud

*Whilst researching this article I thought I’d try to find a picture of Michael Keaney, Prasch’s New Zealand admin, to add his face to the poster at the top of the page, considering he’s the only ‘active’ Police Officer according to Prasch’s idiot, fraudulent fake Police Report (that’s miraculously STILL online):

…and I couldn’t find anything, but researcher Treena Gisborn had actually contacted the New Zealand Police about Keaney to fact-check the fake Police report last year and was informed by the NZ Police they had no such name in their roster:

If it is true that Keaney is a fake Police Officer in New Zealand as the NZ Police Bureau have indicated to Treena, then there’s the possibility this is him:

click the image for the full pdf file

If it is the same man then it would be rather ironic that he’s going around doing seminars on suspicious insurance claims and fraud considering Jacob Prasch has been outed as a career fraudster with his committing various frauds most obviously and brazenly identity fraud on camera:

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    1. Prasch also said your film work was substandard, Tim, despite his present film work being done by Baboon Farrell whose ham-fisted work got this review in JD Hall’s exposé of Chavez:

      1. Thanks. I do have to say that Sergio is not a terrible musician he is just incredibly mediocre. I remember him playing me some of his music at the Randles house for me when I was in Iowa. And someone stated how anointed his music was. It was ok but not really that well produced. He does have a pretty nice voice. Sergio was desperate to be part of Moriel to make it to the big time. Kind of like how Sandy looks at Prasch. I never got that. Moriel was never really that well known and what they were known for most of all was Prasch being a jerk. A bunch of wannabes with the biggest wannabe of them all. Que Marlon Brand stating ” I could have been a contender”. Sad state. And hey they had to put something out while Prasch and Lydia try to figure out how they can make some money litigating against JD.

  1. Plus as far as my films go they use them on their new channel The Retarded Television Network so I guess they did not suck too bad. lol

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