Chavez Sock-Puppet Announces Imminent Reaction to Pulpit & Pen’s Exposé

A suspected sock-puppet account of Joshua Chavez called Sierra who commented all over Pulpit & Pen’s Chavez exposé articles when they were posted—offering rather suspect insider knowledge about Chavez’s marriage that ‘she’ claimed she got from speaking to both Mr Chavez and Mrs Chavez—before going oddly silent for a week (as Mr Chavez himself has been) has suddenly re-emerged with even more information about Chavez, stating his reply is coming soon (insider information), that Chavez has engaged in legal wrangling (insider information), that she, Sierra, had info on Mrs Chavez (insider information):

Last week she posted a bunch of similar stuff on the Pulpit & Pen Facebook feed. It is all very interesting and I thought I’d post it before Chavez posts his official reaction to the exposé to see if it follows Sierra’s defence outline she posted last week here:

So if Sierra is Chavez’s sock-puppet, or is an online friend of his who really exists and Chavez has apparently spilled the beans to her, one can presume Chavez’s upcoming defence of his “ministry” is going to

1) drop very soon,

2) be largely geared around paying only lipservice to most the allegations and focussing primarily on the charge of human trafficking,

3) will attempt to present the ex-wife as mentally unsound,

4) will then attempt to blame JD Hall for any/all mental anguish the ex-wife experiences (as an obvious attempt to shift responsibility),

5) and in doing so will attempt to offload his own blame onto JD’s shoulders

6) and in doing so will then claim JD is, in the words of Sierra, “disqualified from ministry”,

7) Chavez will, in the words of Sierra, “throw [the ex-wife] under the bus”,

8) will use screenshots as evidence,

9) will use Sierra’s “evidence” of communication with the ex-wife (which may have been Chavez directly communicating to the ex in one of his female disguises),

10) will attempt to tie Justin Peters into it all and will also say he’s “disqualified” from ministry.

If you have any theories then please post them below in the comments.

35 thoughts on “Chavez Sock-Puppet Announces Imminent Reaction to Pulpit & Pen’s Exposé

  1. Look at Sierra’s Facebook account. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that its a fake. Plus it sounds a lot like Josh but all Prasch Davidians sound the same repeating the same narrative. I bet its Chavez in drag once again. Que the Marx Brothers to singing Lydia.

  2. Interesting that Sierra replies in the first person person suggesting I had been nasty to them. The only person I had criticised was Joshua. So, does that indicate that Sierra is really Lydia/Joshua and that s/he has taken on another female persona and is attacking those who don’t support Joshua’s position? Just a thought

      1. Fame at last to even have a miniscule part in your enormous and impressive effort in exposing these people. Thanks so much by the way. I used to follow Moriel and have led the music at some events Prasch has spoken at

      2. Well I’ve really only compiled the evidence many others like yourself have made available, and given my overviews of their evidence.
        Although bear in mind a huge amount of material used to expose Prasch as a lunatic cult leader has come entirely accidentally from the two left hands of Prasch’s Irish idiot Amos Farrell

      3. Gotta make Prasch belly button an outie. He changed his shirt in front of me and Donna before filming in Columbus at Haller’s church. The rest is pretty darn accurate. Thanks, I will have nightmares tonight now.

  3. “Under the bus”

    Anyone who dares attack the “anointed” will be thrown under the bus. No grace and no love – that’s the only thing you can be sure of. Truly tragic that these people have such a broad outreach.

  4. Man this Chavez guy is seriously messed up! It doesn’t matter how mentally ill she is, he still took advantage of her. Chavez is a narcacisstic sociopathic liar. I don’t know how anyone can consider him a brother in Christ. If you notice; Jp and Chavez do not ever take responsibility for their sins. They are totally unrepentant in so many aspects. I seriously believe they are false converts!

  5. I think Prasch has been accused of sending women to the brink of suicide with his continual torture of them, so they may be about ready to take her to the mats by first washing their hands of responsibility.
    Sierra is very preoccupied with Chavez for having never met him. I will stand up for certain pastors in their forums, but I don’t search the internet to silence all critics of them. They’re big boys and can handle it. Apparently Sierra is Chavez’ only sword and shield. lol Hiding behind that woman’s skirts after lifting off the other one’s. How manly.

    1. Lydia and Moriel are in quite a pickle here. So we have Josh’s wife who is now in South Africa and still loves her husband Josh. You have Prasch putting out a new video not addressing any of this but focused on the antichrist who he thinks maybe here. Josh will either have to deny all and or lie or do the manly thing and say he messed up and is sorry and seeks to restore things with his wife and marriage. The bottom line with Josh is he has not put out any statement and he never claimed to be married or ever let on that he was married. Some of the people who follow Josh will believe anything Josh tells them either way. He has lost some subscribers but he can always buy more so this will not really affect his so-called ministry anyway. The victim here, in my opinion, is the young lady who simply loves her husband and wants the marriage restored asap. Very sad and sick state of affairs but then again that is the fruit of Moriel and James Prasch.

      1. YouTube subscribers can be bought? How does that work?
        I do feel badly for her, and I pray for God’s protection of her. I hope she has a good support system.

      2. I would not and obviously do not and it’s a grey area even though not illegal.Recommended Sites Ratings Price for 1000 YouTube Subscribers
        #1. Follower Packages 4.9 –
        #2. Famups 4.7 $100.00
        #3. Venium 4.5 $109.00
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  6. That’s deceitful and I had no idea such a thing existed. Famups allows a person to buy 10,000 subscribers for $590. Comments can be purchased at $260 for 1,000. What are those comments like?
    “Oh Joshua, your videos are the highlight of my day!”
    Or can you pay them to act like attack dogs?

  7. Why pay for comments like attack dogs when Prasch Davidian cult followers groupies will gladly do it for free.

    1. I don’t think Josh can wiggle his way out of this one no matter what he tries. His silence is very troubling

    1. So now the bigger problem is did Prasch witness the wedding via computer app and was there a divorce if not why is Josh not with his wife?

  8. I called that one. I know women always want pictures of their wedding day, and our friends and families want pictures.

    1. I bet Beavis wishes now he had hired Amos Farrell to be the wedding photographer, since Amos would have shot the thing with the lens cap still on, or would have selected the 25 billion pixel option the camera couldn’t cope with and would have resulted in a complete unidentifiable blur from various 10-minute exposures, or he would have a photograph album totally obscured with Amos’s apelike fistful of thumbs.

  9. So I have blocked Sierra it would interesting to know if he/she is still around because of being exposed?

      1. Yes, please. And because of the current news here in the states and bear activity, I recommend you bring some chips or Doritos along. : )

  10. I asked if she saw their wedding picture and mentioned how Mrs. looks lovely. Let’s see what happens.

    1. Sierra’s reply was very Praschian, she was triggered by facts into trying to outline of system that made it unchristian to look at the facts. 😀 Then she explained Beavis’s 2 weeks of desperately figuring out a reply as the patience of the Fruit of the Spirit. The reality is there is patience, and then there is stunned silence from an idiot, and they are two opposites, and it’s the latter Beavis has exhibited.
      Then she plays the “judge not” card… 2 hours after having judged you! Typical Praschian lack of consistency.

      Again and again, with both the Beavis Christi and Butthead Prasch Cults, when their disciples are presented with information they 1) twist the Bible, 2) try to escape facts, 3) condemn others, 4) sound like imbeciles.

      1. Sierra had me at “the affairs of others”. The truth seems like the marriage was more like an affair that Josh had. Hmm. For sure need to pray for both Josh and his wife. Josh needs to man up and make things right with his wife no matter who was at fault. And is Malone Josh’s stepfathers name? Shades of David Fillister.

  11. Ok, so now the spin is that she left him. She asked if I saw Mr. put Mrs. on the plane; that interspersed with nastiness and character shredding me. I told her that doesn’t fit because Mrs. has been actively seeking reconciliation with Mr. and doesn’t talk badly of him. Instead of all this law suit stuff, why doesn’t he just go to marriage counselling with her?
    Oh, and I was asked if I was a judge. lol My goodness, that is funny considering Chavez makes himself judge, jury, and executioner of others.

  12. Yes, the Pulpit & Pen Facebook feed of JD’s video about his exposé on Beavis:
    I see Sierra works in there the patented Prasch system of presenting evidence, by claiming she has the evidence and then not showing it.

    Also she mishandles the Bible verse since the verse’s “pearls” is talking about Biblical truths, and she’s saying the “pearls” are Beavis’s “facts’.
    Additionally she works in there the Cult mindset by claiming the assumption that a person who doesn’t believe Beavis is outside the Kingdom (not from being a non Christian but by being anti-christian) and is therefore rendered “swine”.
    So in such a short reply she accidentally reveals a lot. It’s a pretty ridiculous comment from Sierra.

  13. She accused me of being a liberal and of believing all women. Well, that’s not true because I don’t believe her. She also brought up that she supposedly had been trafficked. Just in case that’s true I don’t want to make light of it, but she was using it as a way to discredit any inquiry into whether or not Mrs. had been trafficked because she’s the “expert.”
    It starts to make my stomach hurt talking to her. She sounds just like Chavez.

  14. Sierra stated that Josh’s wife stole her identity, stalked her, said she had to block the crazy person 3 times? Prove all of that. I have only had to block a person once. The ability to post screenshots have been disabled for Sierra. But look through the above comments. She told someone she would send screenshots and then she cant? She states that Josh’s wife thinks she is married to Josh. Are you kidding me? What did they get dressed up for prom? And then Sierra accuses everyone else of defamation etc.. and then proceeds to defame and commit libel toward others. That’s all very Praschian. I’m not going to insult this person but he is a poo
    poo head. That’s the stuff Prasch and Lydia does. SMH

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