Pulpit & Pen’s exposé on Servus Christi has marriage allegation confirmed!

Chris Rosebrough just posted this comment on his Facebook feed (thanks to Alf for sending it to me):

It appears to confirm the Pulpit & Pen exposé on Servus Christi (Joshua Chavez) nearly a fortnight ago that alleged Chavez had gotten married. Besides a few comments Chavez has made to followers alleging Pulpit & Pen’s reporter “fabricated” the story, he hasn’t properly responded, which is a bit peculiar since it surely isn’t difficult to officially confirm or deny the allegations. However, as commenters have realised, Chavez is in a predicament whether he confirms or denies:

And Wade posting on Chris’ Facebook page put the predicament in a nutshell:

Also tied up in the scandal is Jacob Prasch who was Chavez’s boss during the time of his allegedly faked marriage, and he has also been strangely silent on it. I’ve looked at the difficulties Prasch and Chavez have in responding to the Pulpit & Pen allegations in 3 posts published in the days leading up to the exposé hitting:

One of the hypotheses I reasoned through in the 3 articles was the thought that it could have been possible a home church ‘blessing’ could have been deliberately/accidentally misconstrued by the ‘wife’ to conclude a wedding had taken place. The new photographic evidence discounts that one theory.

How much did Prasch know about the relationship, and if he knew about the separation between the two, why did he continue to boast of collaborating with Chavez in December 2019 and then actually collaborate in Spring 2020? The picture raises even more questions, and the silence from the Chavez and Prasch Cult camps is deafening.

The elephant in the room (or the vampire out the tomb)

A proliferation of elephants

The Chavez marriage/faked marriage issue, due to it not being resolved, only creates an elephant in the room situation for the Cult where in the midst of one apparent sin the Cult are naturally aware of other issues it causes. The elephant in the room in Chavez’s wedding is Prasch’s involvement and sustained “collaboration” with Chavez post “divorce” despite Prasch railing against others for engaging in divorce and building his ministry around such attacks. Surely this present situation causes that tension to arise where it’s not commentators who are causing cognitive dissonance in the Prasch disciples, but their own recognition of two obviously mutually exclusive views needing to be maintained in order for Prasch’s Cult to continue as is. It’s a rather difficult proposition to keep that tension, because it’s both inconsistent and requires deliberate blindness/stupidity to reduce the psychological pain of the dissonance.

However, rather sadly, the Prasch Cult are perfectly capable of dealing with it in a stupid way as their Cult’s echo chamber has been teeming with elephants for quite a while, with the elephant in the room of Prasch building his ministry around attacking anybody who has made a false prophecy when he himself uttered a false prophecy from the early 1980s which Chris Rosebrough exposed last week; or the elephant in the room that Prasch’s Cult is partly founded on him being half-Jewish, when the evidence is he is not and he committed identity fraud in trying to prove he was with clearly faked paperwork; or the elephant in the room of the disciples knowing what Galatians 5’s Fruit of the Spirit are yet all the while knowing Prasch has never exhibited any, and is thus rendered a non-Christian by his own 22+ years of consistently godless behaviour:

4 thoughts on “Pulpit & Pen’s exposé on Servus Christi has marriage allegation confirmed!

  1. It has been stated that Prasch witnessed the wedding via a computer app. If this can be proven or indeed happened that explains Prasch’s and Lydia’s silence. If it comes out they are taking legal action against anyone it still does not excuse what was done to this young lady.

  2. That is one great big room to house so many elephants. All it took was 1 lie and I was out. I rationalized the rantings and how he would go after others as him being passionate about Jesus. I didn’t quite understand the David Nathan / Menelaws issue because I had only heard Nathan once so I took Prasch’s side. Then Prasch and servus himself attacked Pastor Rosebrough. I had listened to hours and hours and hours of his sermons, not just discernment work, and I knew they lied. Lots of their cultists commented in Pastor Rosebrough’s YouTube channel demanding that I tell them the gospel because he never teaches it. He teaches the gospel all the time! I was done. I have no clue why these people allow Prasch and his henchmen to lie to them and allow themselves to suck it up like manna from heaven. Pastors only get to lie to me once and they’re gone.

    1. “I have no clue why these people allow Prasch and his henchmen to lie to them and allow themselves to suck it up like manna from heaven. ”

      It’s how the cult of personality works. When I was young I was in Herbert W Armstrong’s cult. It turned out he was a drunk, a despot who borrowed theology form several sources (mainly Adventist), loved money, and even committed incest. He surrounded himself with bodyguards who dealt with dissenters. The media exposed him but his followers put it down to satanic attack. The truth eventually came out and it hurt a lot of people. Yet some still don’t see the truth.

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