Will the Moriel Goon Squad shoot their way out of Catch-22?

With photographic evidence of Joshua Chavez’s apparently botched wedding to a South African hitting social media, he’s effectively caught in a compound Catch-22 situation, since a Catch-22 situation usually has only 2 options both offering no good result, and Chavez has about 8 options, all of which consign his ministry to the Bog of Eternal Stench, as well as his ministerial aspirations.

Due to this photographic evidence it appears Chavez now cannot lie about the wedding (be it faked as alleged, or legitimate), as if he lies he forfeits his ministry; if in defence he attacks his wife he forfeits his ministry; if he denies marriage but was sexually immoral he forfeits his ministry; if he admits marriage and the associated split being his fault he forfeits his ministry; if he tries to claim his wife was mentally ill he forfeits his ministry (as aid during illness is a marriage vow); if he admits the marriage was faked he forfeits his ministry; if he shoots the messenger he tacitly admits guilt and forfeits his ministry; if he remains silent he, through silence, admits guilt and forfeits his ministry; and so it goes on. Every possible move—other than the couple reuiniting—results in defeat, and even if they got back together, Chavez forfeits his ministry for allegedly ghosting his wife during the split and then allegedly attacking her by saying he was going to have her committed to an asylum, which is all spiritual abuse. Heck, Chavez could claim she cheated on him so was therefore the blameless party, yet if this were true why the alleged utilisation of lesser strategies to cease their contact (ghosting and asylums) first? And if that was the case, then why did he not merely issue divorce papers based on that adultery? If he did not then it adds credence to the claim he didn’t legally validate the marriage, which itself adds weight to the belief he faked the marriage, which, if he did, causes him to forfeit his ministry.

In facing this veritable compound Catch-22 situation with no way out, I suspect he may simply do what his leader Jacob Prasch did when in the same situation when he was exposed for having spiritually abused and bullied Christians, specifically many women (a ministry-terminating allegation that has been proven true): he merely called in his goon squad to shoot the messenger and attack all his targets of said abuse and lie publicly about them whilst he launched a campaign of social media witch-hunts on them all, resolutely refusing to relent or to acknowledge the observable irrefutable reality that he is a godless abuser and slanderer of Christians with a rap sheet of at least 133 sins.

In attacking the people whose evidence would cause him to forfeit his ministry, and in his implementing a scorched earth policy to wipe out naysayers, Prasch’s attack was expanded to other unrelated people, partly, it seems, as a strategy of redirecting people’s attention (the equivalent of throwing a smoke bomb and running away).

Now, with Prasch’s indestructible faux Christian “ministry” Moriel caught up in the tangle of Chavez’s, with it likely to be rendered largely culpable due to Prasch’s involvement with Chavez during the wedding and the split, it is most likely Prasch and Chavez will not simply admit defeat and step down from ministry due to their disqualifying sins, they are likely to follow the Prasch pattern of attacking everybody, lying, slandering and throwing smoke bombs in a desperate bid to keep the source of narcissistic supply available and keep the money flowing through a witch-hunt war of attrition, killing off any legitimate Christian ministries which get in their way. If this be the route Chavez takes, then what a pathetic existence. He’ll basically become Jacob Prasch Mk.2, always on the run from reality, a fugitive, living a life of sustained idiocy which will only make his eternity in Hell all the more tormented.