Claudia Blows Chavez’s Ministry Façade AWAY!

When the Pulpit & Pen story broke 15 days ago exposing Servus Christi (aka Joshua Chavez) and his allegedly faked marriage, a commentator from South Africa named Claudia L. (who I’ve known of but not personally since 2018, but I’m aware she’s a really good and honest person) spoke up against Chavez, as she knew Chavez’s rejected wife personally. Well just now, in reaction to Chavez’s 15 days of near silence about the potentially ministry-terminating allegations levelled against him and then his brazenly posting a new video pretending to be “ministry” (his videos now start with the logo ‘Servus Christi Ministries‘ in line with the Limited Liability Company he set up of that name in Albuquerque in May 2020), Claudia posted this message in the comments which single-handedly blows away the fool façade of Christianity Chavez has propped up to hide his grotto of iniquity:

Claudia writes to Beavis Christi:

“Your wife Joelle was here 2 days ago. She is broken. We warned her not to get involved with you, but to block her and not acknowledge what you did to her. I am not saying there are not 2 sides to a story but you should NOT be teaching. You are not fit to teach anymore unless you repent and confess that you got secretly married and just blocked her afterwards. I know she went to you willingly but you have treated her in such a un-Christlike way that I hope many people that read this will think twice supporting you in your YouTube ministry. You should disappear and seek the Lord and make right with the Lord and Joelle. There are many today that preach the truth and live and behave like wicked and heartless people, even worse than the world. You talk about fruit and I don’t understand how you can just compartmentalize like this.”

An imbecile was triggered by Claudia’s comment, so Claudia replied to the imbecile this way:

Her reply is:

hi there. I am often in agreement with what Josh teaches. He is a very intelligent young man! And I am not attacking that right now, what I am trying to tell everyone on his channel is that you can not teach others if your life does not reflect any fruit. He got married and then just pretended it never happened. Now his wife is sitting in SA and completely broken. He should not be teaching anyone anything right now until he has made this right!! Can you not see this?? Have we become complete brainless followers? Is there no discerning anymore?

Good on you, Claudia. Bravely telling it like it is.

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  1. Chavez is a pathetic man who destroyed a woman’s self esteem. This guy has no shame! What a nut case.
    He’s probably just hoping things will get better with time. I hope this clowns youtube “ministry” fails so that he has to go find a real job like every other person instead of mooching off others. What a total fraud! He is seriously a joke. He stalks every other minster and hammers them and critiques them but yet her is living a double life acting like he is a righteous guy. What a total disgrace. Yet the deceived cult members will still listen to him and excuse his human trafficking psychopathic narcissistic behavior. Barf! Just amazing. This guy needs serious mental health counseling.

  2. Looks like he is trying to ride it out! Probably thinks the only way to have any chance of surviving is to pretend it isn’t happening. As soon as he acknowledges the situation he is toast. His mentor taught him well!

  3. Consider [name redacted, fake name ‘Marshmallow Boy’ allocated]’s reasonable question on Beavis’s Facebook page posting of the above video, and look at the reply he gets from a Beavis fan:

    And look at a chump’s view on the YouTube page. It’s unbelievable what he states! Cultic!

    Bob pretty much says that Beavis is his thinker/protector and as such he must personally spark a witch-hunt on Chavez’s enemies! Insane!

  4. Why do people think that Josh doesn’t owe a statement to his subscribers? These are scary times!
    The kind of mindset that these people hold!
    Scenario ” I know you caught him in bed with your wife, but he is a great bible teacher, he preaches the truth you know”.

    1. I actually can’t believe what I’m witnessing! Even Prasch’s disciples aren’t as stupid to state so explicitly that they believe he’s above criticism, they just deflect or ignore it, but here are Chavez’s disciples straight up saying he’s beyond criticism. I can understand it if they aren’t Christians, but they are all misusing Scripture to explain it.
      I can see why Beavis feels he doesn’t need to answer to the allegations if he knows how mentally retarded his disciples are.
      That Bob guy is the Colin Higgs of the Servus Christi cult.

  5. Yes, amazing to see Josh ignore or delete the questions and his followers continue to praise Josh’s name. Having worked with Moriel for years I can tell you that Prasch and Lister are in the pink submarine together testing the waters to see what their next move is. That’s why you always send in the rooks first. The posts of Josh’s followers really showed me how undiscerning and ignorant many so-called Christians are. And what happens when real deception hits? Lord help open their eyes.

  6. Plus a lot of people are accusing people like Doreen Virtue coming in under false ID’s. Shades of Linda MacIntyre. I heard that Linda will be teaching a class at Haller’s church on how to be a troll and not get caught by Billy Goats Gruff. Lol, what a bunch of imbeciles.

      1. Manny Prego was in this nut bunch as well. He is Linda’s sidekick. Both Haller groupies. Was Haller in the group photo or was he on a pizza run?

  7. abc123 sounds like Linda MacIntyre with all the reporting to You Tube nonsense and all that but who knows? Scary how many people are just letting Josh have a pass on the situation.

    1. That’s my concern, Tim. I’d mentioned to John earlier that although Prasch’s disciples give him a pass on everything, they don’t just state it, they present lame/illogical reasons like “Where has lord Jacob said anything doctrinally wrong?” or “Lord Jacob has Jesus’s righteous anger” (or phrases to that effect), all of which is debunkable immediately, but at least demonstrates cognitive effort in trying to mask their cult leader and mask their fool Popeish allegiance to him. With Beavis’s disciples they just cut out the lame reasoning and outright state he gets a pass, or present an even lamer and more obvious reason than a Praschite would, like that Bob guy saying Beavis is accountable to no man(!!). If a Praschite said that I’m pretty sure they’d be corrected by another Praschite and try again with a less lame reason, not because they don’t actually believe that (because it appears they do), but there is a level of awareness in Praschites of the need to conceal to some level their allegiance to Pope Jacob.

      1. Well, bro at least they are watching this channel now. Warning people, you are taking screenshots. O no cringe, cringe phone call coming from that guy who is a confirmed bachelor. A call is deep from the pink submarine war room. You had better not ghost the Politicians phone call. Remember when I spoke about the lame looking lower third that even I had used when I first started with Moriel TV. Very basic Final Cut stuff. They used it on the first run of Praschs video. James probably screaming, get it out get it out get that video out now. Well, they just changed the title of Praschs new prophecy on 8 signs of the antichrist. Looks a lot snazzier now with some cool old English lettering. Just have to say it’s good they are watching. SMH. What a bunch of crazies. Glad I saved every phone call and Skype recording I ever did with Moriel on an external hard drive using Time Machine. Call recorder on Skype is a beautiful thing. Plus it’s the best way to record video through Skype

      2. So the Prasch Cult pay attention to criticism yet ignore everything presented documenting their fraud, sin, bullying, spiritual abuse, fake Police report, cybersquatting, straw-manning, slander and farcical beliefs, and merely only modify superficial things to make themselves look more professional. They are a cult of imbeciles. I have no pity for them left.

    2. I just looked at the Josh string again with abc123 throwing threats and saying she would report this string etc.. She was very pro Joshua. Now many of the comments were deleted. That is Linda MacIntyre’s MO. She goes in says a bunch of stupid things and outright lies and then perhaps gets a small wave of mental coherency and goes back and deletes the comments so it looks like people are talking to themselves. Linda MacIntyre if she made these comments is the social media person for FBC Church in Columbus Ohio. They are Moriel affiliates starring John Haller.

  8. I posted [name redacted, fake name ‘Marshmallow Boy allocated]’s question to Chavez yesterday. This one was today:

    Pretty much sums up Chavez.

    1. And as an update on that second post of [name redacted, fake name ‘Marshmallow Boy’ allocated]’s, it was ALSO deleted by Beavis. Beavis Christi appears to be on the run from reality; a fugitive in the style of his mentor Jacob Prasch. Pathetic life, pathetic existence.

      Beavis would have done a whole let better focussing his aggression in a more beneficial way by joining the military (Marine corps) because his gung ho attitude could have been harnessed for good.

      1. Josh would have never made it in the military. Bullies and cowards hide behind their keyboards. Both Prasch and Lydia treat women with an amazing lack of respect. They would never be able to talk to a man face to face the way they do on camera.

  9. How can this be that Chavez sins against God, is completely unrepentant and unaccountable, and his listeners ask God’s blessings over him? Seeing that nearly made me vomit. I am not pure as the driven snow, but I acknowledged my sins and have been forgiven. I also don’t teach on an international platform.
    I feel like Habakkuk.
    “O Lord, how long shall I cry for help,
    and you will not hear?
    Or cry to you “Violence!”
    and you will not save?
    Why do you make me see iniquity,
    and why do you idly look at wrong?
    Destruction and violence are before me;
    strife and contention arise.
    So the law is paralyzed,
    and justice never goes forth.
    For the wicked surround the righteous;
    so justice goes forth perverted.”

    But I remind myself God sees, and He watches. We’re not to mistake patience and long suffering for Joshua’s sake as God’s complacency.

    1. By observing who those disciples cling to, and listening to the tomfoolery they utter, it makes perfect sense why they’ll largely be churchless, because how could such chumps with such Scripture-twisted beliefs ever fit into a church?

      In a nutshell they are people who have found a teacher who their itching ears want to hear.

      But if they are happy rejecting God’s method of teaching them, and they wish to listen to an angry imbecile in a grotto in Albuquerque who’ll teach them the ways of Satan, declaring it to be Christ’s way, then there is no stopping them.

      1. The problem is people trying to find the perfect church they remain churchless and unaccountable to other believers. Not hard to ignore the rebuke of some faceless person (or fake ID). People who do not want to be accountable seek out others who do not want to be accountable. We are over-informed these days on the internet and have stopped using critical thinking and thinking for ourselves. And the best way to warn others is to be in a church with a body of believers. satan will always use divide and conquer. We tend to want to micromanage all churches and then we lose the opportunity to be able to warn others face to face. Look at the current virus how it has literally separated us all. The internet church and just watching a sermon from your favourite preacher is sheer laziness. It’s all about we think we are so smart these days when we can’t see the forest through the trees, what is the purpose of the church? Paul gave an excellent illustration to the believers in Corinth. The church is God’s hands, mouth, and feet in this world—the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). We are to be doing the things that Jesus Christ would do if He were here physically on the earth. The church is to be “Christian,” “Christ-like,” and Christ-following.

      2. You are right. If the abuse of his own wife isn’t enough to make them look at him in disgust, then nothing I say will make a difference. I almost left several comments on his channel, but I didn’t because of exactly what you wrote so well. Nothing will stop them.
        “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
        1 Timothy 5:8

  10. My guess is he tested the waters to see if he was still bankable to his followers. And I guess he thinks he is. As this wears on I hope people will hold Moriel accountable in this as well. This shows the cult fruit of Moriel and James Aloysius Prasch. Patron saint of the plague. That’s about right. SMH

    1. It’s a horror to watch. Chavez deletes every comment that calls out to his conscience, and wallows around in the compliments and coddling like a pig in filth.
      When he resumes his slanderous garbage on God’s true workers I think they should ignore him, or their only reply should be his wedding picture. He has NO business accusing anyone else of even the slightest infraction. His finger pointing hysterics are now laughable. “You fake! You fraud! You hypocrite!”
      Anyone who wants Chavez’s spiritual poison obviously is not there to hear God.

      1. Now I need a fork and bleach. lol
        Who’s a lion? Servus himself does all these horrid things and what does Prasch and company say about it? Nothing. Not a word, just some collaborations and well wishing. Oh the hypocrisy of it all! He will torture innocents for decades, but allows the man who is truly worm-ridden to slide by with nary a word.

      2. Lol that a keeper. I wonder if anyone has contacted Prasch or Moriel in the public on Facebook Moriel TV or Be Alert Moriel? I wonder what their answer would be? They blocked me from commenting after I posted a link to my video showing that Prasch is a liar.

  11. Just thought this was a funny comment of Josh’s latest video’s

    1 day ago
    That was exactly the message I needed to hear today! Thank you, Joshua. I’m praying for you.

  12. Latest hypocrisy from Moriel, the video they shared on their site of a woman who’s channel was shut down for copyright violations allegedly by Amir Tsarfati’s ministry.

    After Moriel being behind shutting down your Vimeo channel and not allowing any dissenting voices on their facebook page, they have turned off all comments on the Moriel videos and even more recently hidden the like and unlike counts.

    1. There is something fascinating and otherworldly about Prasch’s absolute inability to recognise his own hypocrisy. It’s not just in this instance he’s a hypocrite, but with everything he does. He’s like Goldfinger only he turns everything he touches into hypocrisy. It’s so off the scale with Prasch it’s like a mental illness to him. In the 1890s he’d be kept in an asylum and studied by doctors.
      They’d call it ‘Indestructible Façadial Illusions’ or something.

      1. Dean is a major promoter of Moriel videos. Also, Josh is going to just lay low thinking this will eventually blow over. Since Prasch was present at the marriage he needs to be pressed on Facebook and email to David Lister at Moriel. All Praschs emails are screened because Moriel knows Prasch has such a fast trigger finger. Moriel will need to step up and state why they have allowed this to go on with one of their affiliates. Yes, Prasch and Josh officially parted company but in my opinion, this was done because Prasch knew what was going on and wanted to create some plausible deniability.

    2. That video was classic Prasch but with a “nicer” twist – compliment and then criticize. She says eschatology isn’t his strong point (presumably because she disagrees) but the ME reporting is OK. Where have I heard something like that before?

      1. “Passive aggressive.” That’s the term I was trying to remember. I briefly watched some of the other videos. The word “hubris” comes to mind as well. Praise God she left Islam, but perhaps she needs to work on humility before preaching to others.

  13. More comments were left in Beavis’s Facebook feed post of his newest video asking for him to address his “marriage” on Sept.10th. All were deleted on the 11th by Beavis.

    1. Eileen posted this today on the same comments thread:

      It was deleted by Beavis, as was the one above. At least the earlier one remained 11 hours and a handful of people were shocked by its contents:

      It will be interesting to observe the way the next person Beavis witch-hunts responds, considering Beavis apparently is on the run.

  14. I have a theory. Moriel has always used others along with Prasch going after their competition. Prasch has always been jealous of Amir’s looks, the professional look of his website and Amir’s popularity. Their doctrinal differences are minor so they need to find other ways. I personally do not care for JD Hall and thought he really got overzealous to get Lydia and bungled it up by too much speculation. That gave other’s a foothold to criticize Hall. Notice how this character abc123 is going after people who even mention JD Hall or even words like South Africa (we are not dealing with sane people here folks). So they dog pile YouTube with reports in order to try to get JD Hall’s channel shut down. Notice how Moriel and their affiliates will use others for a time to extend their agenda which of course is more money. This will end up blowing up in their faces and they will have to retire of in Josh’s case get a job and take care of his wife. Thoughts?

    1. Tim, I absolutely think Moriel is using proxies to attack. And likely the reasons you stated. Just personal observation. I share similar concerns re JD Hall, and to a much lesser extent Chris R. BTW, a blogger friend (at least I hope we are still friends) who has been loosely associated with Moriel, actually removed the Moriel reference in their recent article. I have to wonder why.

      1. There have been people like Trace Hayter who were loyal Moriel video promotors that have now left Moriel for a lot of reasons. I have been surprised that Prasch did not address his false prophecy. Lister must have had a extra heavy hold on James’s leach for that one. Or maybe they are waiting for the other false prophecies that have been found (and not sure what those are) are exposed.

  15. I LOVE this comment on Beavis’s video:

    It’s like the perfect opposite of genius. Apparently I’ve stumbled upon a system that has the capacity to abort any criminal trial, and that system is…to present and reason logically through the available evidence! XD

    1. What?? The trial would be aborted due to… evidence?? What travesty of a justice system is that guy under? The cultists can be pretty funny.
      Hey, points for the mention though! Maybe they’ll come here out of curiosity. Streisand Effect, right?

  16. So I have a theory. Speculation but I think some of JD Halls article involved speculation. Maybe quite a bit of it.
    What if James Prasch married Josh and his wife via the What’s App that he supposably was there via.
    James has the title of Rev bought by CMFI in the UK.
    So Prasch could have officiated.
    If this was true it would explain the silence from both camps
    What do you think?
    I doubt we will hear from either camp if that is true because it for sure would be a huge scandal even for Moriel.
    It would also explain why Moriel and Josh parted officially.
    The reason given was so Josh could focus more on his ministry but Lydia is really not doing more and actually less than he did when he was with Moriel.
    Plus it has already been shown that even after the separation between Moriel and Joshua they still worked together on some projects

    1. If Prasch did officiate he could then throw CMFI under the bus and say he recently “discovered” they are just a phoney baloney racket, so any marriages he conducted via their laminated plastic Reverend badge are null and void by no fault of his own, and that would pass all the blame to CMFI.
      But Beavis is still stuck in the compound Catch-22 situation no matter what happens.

    2. Are we actually going to hear anything about any of it from either of them, what has happened to the imminent response that was going to make us all look stupid?

  17. The only problem with that theory bro is Prasch will have to admit he was taken in by CMFI. His ego will never allow that one trust me on that. So the sounds of silence will go on.

  18. At this point, I’m convinced that Josh is not going to come clean for whatever reason. Not coming clean should damn his ministry because Josh, Prasch, Moriel are so self-deluded at this point they may be beyond repentance. I pray this is not the case.
    I checked the posts yesterday and there is all kind of fake ID’s defending Josh so let them play their games God will not be mocked. Prasch has still not defended his false prophecy allegation which is surprising but Prasch is also part of the problem in Josh’s situation so they must be strategizing in the pink submarine with David Lister to try to conceive a falsehood. I guess who knows.

    We are home from the hospital and Donna had blood clots in both lungs and in one leg as well. We think maybe some meds she is on may have caused this not sure but will get some answers this week from our family doctor. I got her up and walking about a mile slowly yesterday and she will be on blood thinners for around 6 months so I need to be extra careful about any potential slip, trips or falls because of the blood thinners it would be really bad. Prayers are coveted. Blessings in Jesus

    1. In the article JD says an attorney who doesn’t practice law in either Beavis’s New Mexico or his Montana sent various threats. I wonder if that is a certain morbidly obese attorney who practices law in Ohio!

      1. I would doubt that Haller sent the letter even though I do not know so that’s my opinion. JD is pretty straight forward and will strike at an opportunity. So if this would have been sent by Haller I believe JD would have made it public because Haller states he is a Christian. Chris Rosebrough may know for sure who the attorney was. Face it Josh and Prasch have not responded on marriage, Prasch being a false prophet, and many other things. I just think they will try to wait it out. And if Josh continues to try to put videos out there are a bunch of people who will continue to call him out. This is what happens when there is no accountability. Josh is accountable to no one and Moriel just has a dummy board since both Prasch and Lister run the ministry alone. And with Lister’s love for Prasch, he is not going to call him out on things for long. So Lister’s accountability does not count most of all since he is not with Prasch when the funds are collected around the world before the virus hit.

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