Joshua Chavez and the Tipp-Exing of his Ex

It has been 20 days since Pulpit & Pen exposed Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez (aka “Lydia” Chavez) as allegedly having engaged in a secret marriage and a secreter split, and a secreter-still attempt to have his wife locked up in a lunatic asylum to attempt to stop her and reality and Biblical standards imploding his newly registered business in Albuquerque of Servus Christi Ministries LLC. Twenty days of near silence from Chavez, but twenty days of requests from his fans to respond to the allegations. However, these requests, posted on Servus Christi’s Facebook feed and YouTube channel seem to only last a brief time (like his marriage), before being erased (also like his marriage); a repetitive deed which unfortunately paints him into a corner with his Tipp-Ex brush.

So as an historical record as a means of showing how many of his followers asked him for answers, here are some of the comments Chavez has decided to splash the Tipp-Ex over and remove during the past couple of days from his social media:

Since Chavez has been deleting so many comments merely asking for clarification it gives the distinct impression he’s trying to hide from the allegation of being married—and now effectively divorced (meaning effectively disqualified from ministry as it is alleged by Pulpit & Pen the split was his fault, not the wife’s). Granted, should he respond, he has a rather tough job explaining away the allegations when a picture apparently from the couple’s wedding day appeared on social media, meaning Chavez is stuck with the option of shooting his way out the Catch-22 situation as his cult leader Jacob Prasch commonly performs when cornered with career-terminating information, or attempting to run and hide with his Tipp-Ex in hand in the hopes he can use Stalin’s Spittle to silence people long enough for the marriage/divorce/disqualification storm to pass, then prop up his Christian façade and start mooching Praschlike from his supporters to finance an easy living gurning at a webcam to their delight.

My advice is that you keep asking him to answer the allegations, and not let him hide, because if they are true, he is disqualified from ministry, and consider pressing him on the other points of disqualification such as his being a lone wolf not connected to a church, being a serial liar and distorter of the truth, and being associated with the old Jack Daniels sponge Jacob Prasch who is also disqualified for 133 reasons.

Update 18th October 2020

Chavez has been breaking out his Tipp-Ex again to silence any mention of his sin. Here is an example of the 20+ comments I saw on his Facebook feed today, and how the same comments thread looked after Chavez first hid them and then deleted them:

Free speech, and then free speech after Chavez encountered it

Clearly Chavez is desiring to keep his grotto open for customers long after he has been exposed as a supremely disqualified clown in the likeness of his mentor, the lunatic cult leader Jacob Prasch, by engaging in the same flight from reality Prasch has spent at least 22 years on.

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