“A Love Song for Yakov”—John Haller, FBC & Their Shameful Continued Association with Jacob The Liar

Recently one of the ministers at Ohio’s Fellowship Bible Chapel caught Covid-19 and was hospitalised.  John Flubber Haller, the fatboy who repackages TV addiction as “prophecy update” at FBC posted on Facebook asking for prayer for the other guy.  Enter stage right Jacob Prasch on a large padded chair pulled Cleopatra-style by his worshippers Amos Farrell, David Lister and Sandy Simpson, with Prasch wielding his overused keyboard ready to reply to Haller, because Prasch clearly wants to remain ‘in with’ FBC since they are pretty much the only well-known ministry besides the Albuquerquian Farcical Sex Comedy “ministry” Servus Christi who seem to want to remain associated with the bloated Jack Daniels sponge since his series of meltdowns from Fall 2018.  FBC have stuck with Prasch through thick and thin—emphasis on ‘thick’—inviting him to take their ministerial platform for a whole weekend in 2019 in spite of Prasch being then outed as a lunatic lying railer.  Prasch took that opportunity on the FBC stage—in his giant padded chair—to scream red-faced illogically about Dr. James White, since 3 years prior James White had exposed Prasch as a screaming person who uses illogical reasoning. I looked at the wretched appearance of the old soak Prasch in this critique video from 2019:

It was my opinion at the time and even more so now with additional information, that Prasch was likely under the influence of Jack Daniels at FBC because he ticked half the Oregon Liquor Commission’s 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication checklist when he lolled side to side, giggled then screamed, gurgled and pretended to cry; a performance that added credence to the claims made by former Moriel staff to spiritual abuse counsellor Graham Baldwin that Prasch would run up large Jack Daniels bills whilst at hotels during his speaking engagements.

Prasch’s FBC 2019 speaking engagement was a truly farcical performance, but what is more farcical is FBC have apparently supported him in it all, although during 2020’s Covid-19 scare, Prasch hasn’t had his yearly invite to FBC, so I think it’s reasonable to assume he may be concerned he won’t be invited back due to what has come out about him in the intervening year: Prasch has been widely exposed as a violent, threatening, bullying, malevolent thug and a cult leader who has lied and misused ministry funds to enrich himself, cybersquatted the South African Government, produced a fake Police report, and created farcical fake paperwork to present himself as a Jew named Yakov when his own family in New Jersey ridicule his Jewish facade:

So when John Flubber Haller recently asked for prayer for his stricken FBC chum, Prasch launched himself into action by bashing his keyboard, immediately rewording and reposting the request, presumably to gain favour from the only half-legitimate ministry that would still have anything to do with him anymore, and in doing so he made sure to add in the important thing to tell the world, that FBC was a “Moriel affiliated church”. 

I’m not sure a hospitalised pastor would appreciate that type of shock, to know Prasch was saying he is Moriel affiliated.

Almost immediately, due to the family of the stricken pastor being inundated by tinfoil hat wearing “prophecy watchers” (and conceivably DUE to Prasch claiming affiliation) John Flubber Haller had to quickly delete the prayer request and ask the tinfoil people to also delete mention of his mate with Covid-19.

And do you think Prasch abided by the reasonable request?  Of course not!  If he did that would immediately cut off his means of publicly associating himself with the only half legitimate ministry left in the world who’d want anything to do with him!  Prasch posted the rogue message on the 9th of September, and Flubber asked for such messages to be deleted on the same day. 

As of the 16th (a week later) Prasch has kept it up, quite probably puffing from his narcissism inhaler every time he reads his own declared association with a legitimate church.

It sheds light on a highly troubling reality, that apparently Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, as of mid September 2020, STILL recommend Jacob Prasch to their tens of thousands of followers.  Their videos of him ticking half the Oregon Liquor Commission’s 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication are still up (in one of those 2019 videos Prasch even talks about the topic “when someone is inebriated” despite describing himself), and as of today Prasch’s Moriel Ministries is still the second on the list of linked ministries on FBC’s website (second after their own).

Makes you wonder how John Flubber Haller can keep up his facade of being a person who [thinks he] understands Bible prophecy so intricately, as he clearly cannot identify a chuffing blatantly godless, obviously railing, clearly unstable lunatic in Prasch.  Something doesn’t add up.  Haller has been apparently so blinded by Prasch’s mystique (or haze from evaporating alcohol) that he was willing in late 2019—after the drunken episode—to travel to a Prasch conference in Canada and there outright fake one of his prophecy updates in order to excuse Prasch’s godless behaviour, and explain it away:

Prasch and Flubber Haller are apparently as thick as thieves—or just thick, period—and have been outed for engaging in a plot to sue much more successful and popular Bible prophecy teacher Jan Markell, a deed which abandoned the Biblical standard of not suing fellow believers (albeit I wouldn’t class Prasch as a believer as besides ticking the Intoxication checklist, he ticks none of Galatians 5’s checklist of Fruit of the Spirit whilst ticking most the checklist in the same chapter for ‘Deeds of the Flesh’).  Flubber Haller was involved in discussing suing Jan Markell with Prasch, because he’s an attorney, so you’d think of all people he’d be more capable than most in fact-checking the information that’s widely available that exposes Prasch as not only a railing thug, but also a serial Walter Mitty, a fake Jew involved in continued identity fraud, a false teacher with his Metatron = Christ teaching, and a false prophet with his nuts 1980s Russian Jews prophecy that was exposed recently. But then attorneys aren’t necessarily people who fact check, they can also be people who are either pathetically gullible and believe the person they are defending, or are wily enough to present that person they know to be guilty as entirely innocent.

With Haller and FBC’s continued brazen support of The Most Evil Minister of the 21st Century in the face of the veritable mountain of evidence showing him to be a notorious liar and charlatan with no fruit of the Spirit, the question must be asked, how many more Christians have to be slandered by Prasch until FBC stops supporting him, how many more innocent Christians must be witch-hunted by him and his Doomsday Cult until FBC stops promoting him, and how many more evidences of charlatanism must be exposed about him until FBC stop enabling him? And a more pertinent question is, because FBC are the only legitimate ministry still associated with Prasch for the past year, how culpable are they in his spiritual abuse of Christians as they have allowed him to maintain his platform to attack them? Or will professional speed eater attorney John Flubber Haller argue to God that His biblical standards shouldn’t apply to his cult-leading mates.

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  1. Dear Brother – I wrote you a loooong email a few days ago, my phone kind of ‘burped’ and it disappeared.It’s like one long spiritual battle with tech when it’s anything to do with that toxic creatureNot had time to rewrite but would appreciate the password to read your post.Not long back from our church weekend away and got loads to catch up on with you including details of a visit from the police.Love and blessings in Christ Jesus,Deborah.***************************************Deborah MenelawsBethel CommunicationsSound the Alarm : Communicate Truthwww.bethelcommunications.tvGlobal Vision TV http://www.gv247.tv::sent from my device::

  2. Oh my goodness, that last picture! Hahaha!
    I hope Pastor Steve is doing well. What a series of tragic events; he has that health issue, pneumonia AND CovID-19. That’s a life-threatening trio.
    They can’t tell people to stay away from false teachers while hosting a big one. That’s hypocritical.

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