Jacob Prasch: Jack Daniels Sponge

Hopefully my chronicling The Jacob Prasch Cult has helped/will help you see plainly what Prasch is and therefore help you grasp how impossibly stupid his wilfully blind disciples are (especially Amos Farrell).

After Episode 48 of the Prasch series was released the Cult have gone in circles by repeating their failed witch-hunt on Amir Tsarfati from last year. I’ve written a reaction to this earlier today, but ultimately my first blog post a year ago was about the Prasch Cult’s first attack on Amir. Now there are 111 posts exposing Prasch and latterly his Girl Friday Joshua Chavez in his fool behaviour surrounding his “ministry” and his “marriage” and subsequent running away from responsibility.

As alluded to previously I’m heading off on other adventures, specifically researching true crime cases. I’ll sometimes check in to see where things are heading with the Cult, but I’m only going to cover it if they reach Cult Zenith (as that would qualify as true crime). I have been releasing a glut of research on Prasch this past month in anticipation of changing focus, although sadly I didn’t find the time to present the year-by-year photos that reveal his magically regrowing hair. Wonder how much of Colin Higgs’ charitable giving to Moriel ended up financing the hair transplants and veneers of his “lord Jacob”.

Please continue to post information on Prasch in the appropriate blog post or page to keep attention on the Cult, and keep directing the cultists to information exposing their cult, and then sit back in wonder as they produce their 13 Deadly Poisons, fake Police reports, fake DNA reports, ad hominem, red herrings, and smoke bombs in knee-jerk, dissonance-reducing reaction to your undermining their fool world of financing and supporting and enabling an idiot hellbound Jack Daniels Sponge.

I’ve updated the page of research exposing Prasch’s criminal son Eli as his criminal trial is set to happen in November this year, so find the link there to get every new Court filing regarding the crime that expects to see Prasch’s son kept in the slammer for 2 years. Share the video about it, Prasch Snr. will love that! He was rendered fair game by Prasch the moment Prasch attacked Chris Rosebrough’s son—and doing so revealed him as astonishingly stupid in light of the reported crimes of Eli, especially in light of what isn’t yet reported.

No wonder Prasch is a Jack Daniels Sponge when he has spent his years hiding so much sin and fraud and is well aware how much more is hidden and yet doesn’t know what will come to light next.

3 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch: Jack Daniels Sponge

  1. You’re doing true crime? I am a true crime junkie! Not because I like hearing the gory details, but I like to see the police work and the psychology behind their interrogations and the predator’s responses. There’s a lot of technique and strategy in interrogations. I also like seeing justice administered.
    If I didn’t have such an adverse reaction to human ooze, I would’ve been a homicide detective.

  2. You have done first class work exposing these people.
    I appreciate the hard work you’ve put in and I have also learned a lot from your videos.

    Your presentations have been so clear showing Prasch for what he is, and yet people still follow him, I think with the remaining followers you have hit the proverbial brick wall, where no amount of evidence or exposed sin will cause them to leave the sanctuary of the echo chamber.

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