Jacob Prasch Rekindles 2019 Witch-hunt on Amir Tsarfati in 2020

In Summer 2019 Jacob Prasch and Servus Christi launched a quite imbecile witch-hunt on Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati.  The pair of clowns found a long-deleted clip of Amir on an Israel guided tour stating he believed the Archangel Michael was Jesus.  Prior to Prasch ever re-posting it, Amir had been informed it was wrong as a belief, and he said he’d merely repeated the belief of esteemed theologian Matthew Henry.  Amir had subsequently edited that part out his video.  Prasch and Servus Christi didn’t accept the perfectly rational explanation, likely because if they did they’d have no reason to witch-hunt a 10 times more popular rival and sponge subscribers off of him, so they presented the deleted clip as evidence Amir was influenced by Jehovah’s Witnesses, and….David Koresh’s Branch Davidian cult.  NO I’m NOT making that last part up!  Prasch actually went to such imbecile lengths to forge ahead in his Monty Pythonesque witch-hunt as using his patented 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon damnation system.

As the witch-hunt was utterly feeble and required various leaps from logic, Prasch reinforced it with LIES by insisting Matthew Henry never believed the Archangel Michael was Jesus, and neither did Charles Spurgeon, and neither did any of the Reformers.  So in response I filmed the pages of the books that proved all of them believed and wrote about how the Archangel Michael was Jesus in the second of my response videos to Prasch’s idiocy:

Now a year later Prasch is trying to rekindle that failed witch-hunt by reissuing the same absolute crap reasoning, adding in the additional ‘evidence’ that people have had their videos attacking Amir Tsarfati using the same failed argumentation removed by YouTube for violating terms and conditions:

Note the way Prasch in the above message to his cult members tries to work in a character assassination by claiming Amir is “*not* a trained theologian” and is “*not* someone who should be teaching [Christians]”. That’s the same Prasch who repeatedly points out how Jesus’s disciples weren’t formally educated, and even stated Jesus himself wasn’t accredited as a rabbi. But that’s typical Prasch: totally inconsistent and painfully idiotic. If Prasch wants to look at what disqualifies a person from ministry, he should perhaps look at the evidence he himself acts apparently drunk on stage.

Also Prasch’s “ministry” Moriel posted their views of Amir on their conspiracy theory Facebook feed ‘Be Alert‘ and stated Amir is involved in fraud:

A bit hypocritical Moriel stating Amir is involved in fraud when I’ve exposed Moriel and Prasch as being involved in various frauds, specifically identity fraud of various types. In response to the fraud allegations, all Prasch has managed in reply is the strawmanning of one claim about cybersquatting for $1.5m, and doctoring paperwork about another. Prasch’s head cultists also had this to say:

Ahh, so when someone uses YouTube rules to remove content that seeks to present a belief they long-since admitted was wrong yet that content attempts to lie and say they STILL believe it, then to a Prasch Ultra that is evidence that person is out to “destroy EVERYONE”, when reality shows the videos that were removed were the things that through lying were attempting to destroy Amir! Talk about hypocrisy! And it is Prasch who has been outed again and again as a person who is actually on a mission to destroy people who expose the truth about him being a godless lunatic who is out to destroy the Church:

Additionally the Jacob Prasch Doomsday Cult’s main propagandist Amos Farrell has this week also been posting anti-Amir material to aid his “lord Jacob” in the witch-hunt, claiming Amir is a “false teacher” and a “loose cannon” (the things the cult leader Prasch is in reality):

How Amir could utterly expose Prasch

If Amir Tsarfati were to consider looking at Prasch in response to the attempt to rekindle the 2019 witch-hunt, Amir could now rather easily utterly humiliate Prasch by widely exposing the details of Prasch’s career that have come out recently, most specifically Prasch teaching that the mystic Kabbalah figure of Metatron is Jesus and LYING about it all to try to shoehorn the word Metatron into the Bible, as Chris Rosebrough exposed 2 months ago.  Moreover, Amir could expose how Prasch has been exposed last month FAKING being of Jewish descent (the thing Amir is) by doctoring and LYING about a DNA report on himself as I exposed in episode 48 of the video series Prasch doesn’t want anybody watching:

In this attempted rekindling of the witch-hunt against Amir Tsarfati, Prasch is promoting a video that labels the mild-mannered, godly, and highly respected teacher and news analyst Amir as a “Cyber Bully”. *Forehead slap*

Isn’t it Prasch whose the single-most exposed “cyber-bully” known to the Christian world? But then Prasch is not only a master liar, and master in ad hominem, he’s also a master at ‘projection’ wherein he tries to call his victims all the things he himself he is (a conspiracy theorist, a cult leader, a bully, a false teacher, an idiot, a failure, a thug). Consider the way his cult member staff at his conspiracy theory and doom-mongering Facebook feed ‘Be Alert!’ described Chris Rosebrough this week for having fact-checked Prasch and exposed him:

“A viciously ungodly man” is the perfect description of Prasch! and not just since he started going on these Jack Daniels-fuelled rampages against people who he’s clearly jealous of like Amir, for historical records show Prasch has been acting the exact same way since at least 1998 as The Jacob Prasch Files recovered from Australia last year demonstrate.

Jacob Prasch is a severely demonised, corrupt fool who hates the Church. He has damaged more people (his enemies through his attacks, and his disciples for making them brain-dead to reason) than I can count. He is nothing but a tool of Satan; a Fake Jewish Golem hellbent on causing as much damage to the Church as possible, whilst mooching off stupid people to finance his Jack Daniels Bonanza lifestyle, and finance his deadbeat son who is facing two years in jail this winter for domestic assault:

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  1. Prasch is not a Christian and is as ungodly as a pagan can get. These pastors need to call him such and every single person he slandered needs to slap a lawsuit in him and bury him in legal fees. Stomp this monster out! He’s not a Christian so the lawsuit thing doesn’t apply! Stop treating him like a brother! He is not one of us!

  2. I find it insanely hypocritical that he says Amir has no credentials and shouldn’t be teaching, yet Prasch sponsored servus himself as a godly man and hasn’t walked it back!

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