CMFI and the Laminator of God

Yesterday Joelle, the abandoned wife of faux Christian teacher Joshua Chavez (aka Servus Christi) whom Chavez has been actively trying to have locked up in a lunatic asylum in South Africa in order to silence her from catastrophically undermining his “ministry”, was on Facebook pointing out the glaring hypocrisy and idiocy of her husband’s disciples by outlining how they’d all up and leave a teacher if that teacher aborted a baby, yet they all overlook the gurning Albuquerqian retard Chavez “aborting” his marriage to her.

Later she took a look at the idiotic people who surround and enable Jacob Prasch, the cult leader who hired and promoted Chavez for 2 years—during which time Chavez faked his marriage to Joelle, apparently with Prasch’s blessing—the enabling group being a British ministerial outfit called CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International).  Joelle wrote:

“You can’t pay for ordination as a minister online and if that organisation has elders who call themselves elders but are not elders of a congregation they are fraudulent.  This is apostasy right under your noses.  These “YouTube teachers” who are not pastors of a congregation like to get these false ordinations.  Beware of online cults.”

Joelle rightly points out how “YouTube Teachers” get fake ordinations, and CMFI are certainly in the business of peddling plastic ordination cards for money.  Jacob Prasch, when hilariously trying to prove he was Jewish this past summer, showed his laminated CMFI card that laughably/outrageously declares him an “Accredited Minister”.  Where a legitimate Christian denomination properly ordains ministers, CMFI ordains “YouTube teachers” for a price and a continued “annual subscription fee”:

As CMFI are the squad who “ordained” Prasch, they, like a denomination, logically must be in authority over Prasch, and so it was them David Nathan contacted in order to have them call out their charge Prasch for lying about him, and it was CMFI who were contacted by spiritual abuse counsellor Graham Baldwin in order to have them discipline Prasch for his outrageous lies, deception and spiritual abuse of many Christians.  However CMFI only worked to protect Prasch and enable him to continue his brutal assault on Christians and denominations, with the fake Jewish Golem flashing his plastic CMFI card in the aforementioned video—a video which represented the peak of his 20+ years of deception and thuggery.

Prasch presents a worthless piece of laminated crap

On CMFI’s list of members and associates you soon find most of them are themselves found on Jacob Prasch’s list of places he visits on revealing the whole thing is just an Old Boy’s Club sham; another front to cover for Prasch’s absolute void of legitimacy. The more I’ve researched Prasch the more facades I’ve seen, and the more they are pointed out the more he and his squad of idiots attempt to reinforce them: His Jewish identity is a sham, his charity is a sham, his ability as a debator is a sham, his Midrash teaching is a sham, his son’s years in an IDF tank combat brigade is a sham, and his supposed accreditation is a total sham. Once all the facades surrounding Prasch are toppled, all that’s left is a pathetic Irish-American Jack Daniels sponge who has had to fake it because he couldn’t make it. And CMFI, with their peddling their laminated accreditation cards are merely enabling him and are enabling a host of other clowns who similarly need to BUY accreditation since they can’t achieve it otherwise.

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  1. But, I thought Yacov was “The Special”?!

    I thought “Metatron chose Prasch”?!

    I thought Lydia must’ve been a man of God, I mean come on, the Special chose him.

    I’m very confused so I think I’ll throw out some meaningless insults, build a few straw-mans and go back to living my silly little faux- spiritual life and pretend all is well.

    Hail Jacob, hail Lydia!

    1. In the urine-stained Temple Of The Jack Daniels Libations deep in Cloud Cuckoo Land, ‘lord’ Jacob is ‘The Special’, and Beavis Christi is his most randy goat.

  2. We really need to pray for this young lady to have the strength to take on these bullies. Her personal testimony would bring much to bear and would further show how these hypocrites treat women. The expose’s on Josh have done so much but now her personal testimony and facts are needed. Pray for God to guide Joelle. On a side note, Praschs new Fourth Reich film was made to verify that his prophecy was in fact true. The prophecy Chris Rosebrough called him out on. Anyone listening to the Fourth Reich video is willingly choosing to ignore the facts and see that Prasch just proof texts history to fulfil his prophecy. Prasch used to be good at BS-ing his way through people and now they just take what he says as gospel. Nodding their Moriel Ultra Bobble Heads.

    1. 4th Reich? Seriously? I generally don’t want to give them views, but my curiousity is piqued.

      1. Yes, Prasch back-peddled on Chris calling him out on his false prophecy. Since he can’t take on Chris man to man without looking like a fool he decided to take the back door. It is really a pathetic effort for all those looking to Prasch like he has any brain cells left.

    1. Yep, when Prasch was apparently heavily drunk at FBC last year, he mocked James White saying his doctorate was the equivalent of a kid sending cereal box coupons to some club to become a ‘Junior Astronaut’, and his teaching was like that kid going to the NASA base and “talking shop”.
      Prasch’s accreditation by contrast to his cereal box analogy came by sending money to a group of idiots for a cheap laminated card saying he was officially part of a club.
      And the difference between Prasch joining CMFI and a small girl joining The Peppa Pig Club is zero.

    1. It was confirmed RTN had to cancel their launch of In Focus because of Prasch:

      Note the way the Ultra Cultists at ‘Be Alert!’ are suggesting he’ll get better if he takes his meds, but all medication generally interacts negatively with weak alcohol let alone the 40% stuff the gnarled old soak Prasch has been reduced to being a strainer of.
      I can well imagine Prasch got sloshed on Jack Daniels and the RTN team stepped in to cancel him before he screamed and fell off his large padded chair in the throes of intoxication.

      1. Prasch does take a lot of meds and I always cautioned him about drinking and taking the meds. Who knows though.

  3. Whether Jacob was drunk or under the influence of medication the diatribe against White was inexcusable. And it isn’t great form when you slur and can’t pronounce words.

  4. The narcissistic psychopath servus who doesn’t have a conscience is at it again attacking Jack Hibbs and John MacArthur. This clown knows that only his hatred slandering Christian videos is what gets him the views that soothes his narcacisstic appetite and he is all about views because he’s all about money. So he can sit home and make attack videos and make a living instead earning a living like every other person does. This clown is more crooked and mentally ill than I ever thought he was. So its been a couple months of him being exposed of his evil wrecking a woman life and its business as usual, no repentance, no accountability and no remorse, no nothing. All sign of an unregenerate false convert. What a loon!!! The guy is seriously delusional and spiritual blind to his true spiritual condition.

    1 Tim 4:1-2
    1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

    1. And Josh the spiritual son of James Prasch is the fruit of Prasch and Moriel. If Prasch becomes too ill to operate watch what happens. If they let Josh back into Moriel they will have to agree to the wickedness of Josh with his wife. At this point as a father, I would not trust Josh to make amends and if he does you have to question the true motives.

    1. I wonder if Prasch has sent Jack some menacing emails like he did to Justin Peters.
      Jack (like Amir, like McArthur, like Justin Peters, like Jan Markell, like JD Farag) is everything Prasch wished he was but never will be. I wonder if that fact alone triggers him into his attacks.

      1. Moriel and Calvary Chapel (most of all CC in Hawaii) have a lot of bad blood. When Prasch starting hitting the pre-trib stuff really hard Jack and many others started removing all Moriel materials from their sites. Prasch doesn’t have the stones to mess with Hibbs. And I do not agree with all Hibbs sanctions but they still teach scripture verse by verse. After Chuck Smith died Prasch made things even worse going after CC. Haller supports a CC pastor in Lima Ohio but I’m sure he gets a pass because Haller is one of the few friends Prasch and Moriel have left.

      2. I bet Prasch has been manoeuvring to appear on ‘Real Life With Jack Hibbs’ for years, and recently finally realised he’ll never be invited so decided to witch-hunt Jack instead. That’s the type of person he is.

      3. Prasch’s own temper ruined his friendships with Calvary Chapel even though he likes to let people think he was BFF’s with Chuck Smith and he really was not. And again John Haller promotes Mike Slaughter who is pastor of Calvary Chapel Lima so it still is weird how people get a pass things that go against the Moriel narrative.

  5. Well Jimmy Prasch emerged from his basement and saw his shadow so there will be at least 4 more weeks of reruns with jazzy music and cute cartoons

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    1. Wow, an actual threat. TBCKawaii is not Deborah and Stewart Menelaws. I heard you figured this out and your wrong. Being in Salem Oregon you’re a long way from Scotland. But for sure we can turn this threat over to the officials

      1. My husband is my hero, he never wanted me to read Harpozo, but I can see why now. Harpozo has the demon Metatron referenced in it and he was protecting me from getting confused! Thank you Mr. Hawaai.

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