Goatherd Servus Christi’s 50 Days of Hypocritical, Disqualified Bleating

On August 24th 2020 Joshua Chavez aka Servus Christi was exposed as having engaged in a faked marriage that resulted in him engaging in sexual immorality, sins which implicated his then boss Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries who gave Chavez his blessing in the “marriage” and then continued collaborating with Chavez after the faked marriage dissolved into Chavez sending his ghosted “wife” back to South Africa, with Chavez fervently contacting lunatic asylums in South Africa in a desperate effort to have his “wife” committed in order to shut her up as her truth and her story have the power to utterly destroy Chavez’s recently-registered Servus Christi LLC (Limited Liability Company).

When the faked marriage story broke, Chavez immediately began posting comments on his YouTube and Facebook channels stating he would respond soon and blow his accusers away, however, before he managed to spin some fool yarn in defence, a photograph of Mr and Mrs Chavez in their wedding togs after the ceremony hit the internet undermining his ability to lie his way out of the situation, placing the idiot in a Compound Catch-22 Situation where no move for him was ultimately winnable, other than by taking the Jacob Prasch method of dealing with accusations, which is going on the run and refusing to deal with exposed sins, and refusing to step down, all in order to continue milking from the counterfeit ministry potential money (why else would Chavez register his ministry as a business?) and the source of narcissistic supply having thousands of gormless followers seems to provide him with.

Today marks 50 days since JD Hall exposed the sins of Chavez and Prasch, and both false teachers have been unable to respond, presumably because they cannot because the claims made against them are all true.

However the simple fact is both Servus Christi and Jacob Prasch have made their moronic careers out of pointing fingers at the sins (real or faked) of others and screaming for their targets to be driven from the Christian world, meaning their refusal to deal with own exposed reality, and their refusal to practice what they preach in their not stepping down, renders them a couple of quite extreme hypocrites with planks in their eyes.  The whole situation also exposes their followers as blind idiots driven by bloodlust for the targets Chavez and Prasch witch-hunt rather than Christians with a standard to keep considering the Bible describes raging hypocrites and false teachers and those like Chavez and Prasch who exhibit zero Fruit of the Spirit yet most the contrary Deeds of the Flesh.

Today, on the 50th day of being exposed as a quite hilariously inept false minister, Chavez has posted another witch-hunt video against his main target of aggression John MacArthur and Californian minister Jack Hibbs.  In the video’s Facebook comments one of Chavez’s fanboys quickly encouraged the large chinned/small foreheaded Chavez to start witch-hunting Doreen Virtue again, and Chavez had this to say:

Ahhh, so Chavez is engaging in “prioritization” in witch-hunting godly people John MacArthur, Jack Hibbs and Doreen Virtue 50 days into running away from his sexual sins being exposed. You’d think a legitimate Christian minister would “prioritize” either defending himself against alleged disqualifying sins, or follow the Bible’s outlines for ministry and step down from ministry if the allegations are true (which they appear to be).  But Chavez isn’t a legitimate minister, nor is Jacob Prasch.  Both are merely idiots who have captured the minds of tens of thousands of fellow unchristian idiots with promises of causing damage to the Body of Christ to satiate their bloodlust, and in the pairs’ continued refusal to deal with reality and allegations of their sin it plainly exposes how they take their followers as the easily-played morons they are.

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  1. I have a paranoid schizophrenic stalking me on this blog and on Servus Christie’s comment section on his latest video 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Her name ( has to be a woman) is “The whole council of God”. She’s starting to come unhinged 😂😜

    1. The majority of Beavis Christi’s followers are morons, so with a flock of morons you’re gonna find a statistically large number of mad/insane people bleating and attacking people with their horns.

  2. The Whole Council of God, Grace Being Saved, Luny Linda Mac,Shanny Gibson,Seirra Mahina, just some of the lunatics in the asylum. With Prasch down Josh is setting himself up. Numbers equal money and that’s what counts for Moriel. You will also notice these loonies on Hallers YouTube account as well.
    Josh will not address his marriage and sexual sins but will allow pot to be promoted on his page. Take screenshots because Josh or his unholy acolytes watch this site. Here is the Reefer Madness exchange.

    So Jack Daniels, pot, etc.. is all good as well as sexual sins.
    And these folks want to call out others?

    ‘Lit for the Lord’ are you kidding me?

  3. Can’t see Haller and Prasch getting the munchie’s that would not be good for them. Maybe Prasch will come out with a video saying pot is ok? Who knows.

  4. I’m really tired of this guy. Also tired of Moriel’s antics. All this proves that there’s a market for this drivel and the consumers love it. It works both ways.

    Sadly I have friends who love Moriel. I’ve been asked about the org in the past and have tried to be diplomatic. But it is is a cult. It only engages in “discernment” as an excuse to virtue signal. Those who don’t get this need to have a good think.

    1. Prasch would never allow what happened to Joelle happen to his own daughter Beth. James should be ashamed of himself. But of course, he is not. And there is the problem with James, Josh and all their affiliates

      1. Wellll, he has been known to have a hatred of women in general according to his editor Henry Sheppard back in 1999:

        And he hasn’t openly spoken out against his son Eli attacking a woman in Iowa despite the police report being circulated and reported on in the press (facing years in jail), so he apparently has rules he expects everybody else to keep, but he, like Chavez, get to flaunt the rules. Couple of psychopaths.

  5. I believe someone has mentioned this in the past – Moriel and Chavez go after “names.” They engage in clickbait which appeals to those who love scandal and gossip. This relates to clicks on their respective websites, and thus more money.

  6. Over the past 23 months I’ve read probably thousands of comments made by Prasch Cult members, but this one posted today on Beavis Christi’s Facebook feed is the single most tragic one:

    I can’t express the level of spiritual tragedy that comment reveals. It is sickening.

      1. Joshua Chavez The Coward first hid then deleted all the references to his sordid behaviour about 12 hours after the comments were posted. The silly fool is going to remain on the run from reality.
        The comments I posted above were reduced to this illogical thread below by Chavez the retard:

        Here are the last comments before he broke out his Tipp-Ex again:

      2. You have to be part of the church aka the Body of Christ in order to be removed from it. Josh and Prasch are just the Lone Ranger and Tonto

  7. tbckawaii you wrote “Large chin small forehead Chavez “.

  8. Josh will never repent or address the public outcry for information that he already stated he would reply on. Josh’s fan base is what makes him money and they have already declared Josh “NOT GUILTY”. Of course, this has nothing to do with God or scripture because that’s not what Josh follows. He is just a punk who probably did not get to do what he wanted to in a church so he stomped out and made it so he is accountable to no one. That’s essentially what Prasch and Moriel, as well as their affiliates, do. Even though Josh and Moriel will speak out against the left-wing party here in the states they have no clue they are just like them. A bunch of elites that know better than us stupid people. Prasch and Haller have ego’s the size of their bellies and I have seen it in play. Don’t be deceived!

  9. When your interest in the truth is not the whole truth you are not living scripturally period!

  10. Don’t shot the messenger everyone has different approaches when looking at things. Andy has met Josh and does not think of him in any flattering ways. We are mates as well. That being said I found this really interesting from my friend Mike Oppenheomers latest newsletter. The correlation of those
    who say do not judge a teacher on their teaching. Touch not my anointed is applied as immunity.
    In other words do not look or test if someone’s words are the truth. If you find them to be false
    (by the Word of God) keep your mouth shut under penalty of harassment from their loyal
    followers. This infringes on free speech and the Bibles command to test teaching and teachers.” end quote. Mike is a friend of Sandy Simpson’s as well.
    Mikes quote goes both ways and includes Moriel and Sandy. Sandy refused to look at evidence of Praschs wrong doing. And before Sandy broke fellowship with me many times when I bought up things about Prasch Sandy would say “Thats not good”. Well if thats not good why stick with Moriel? I was reading 2 Thess this am and for further study went to Got Questions where they stated All of these deceptions are instigated by the devil. However, 2 Thessalonians 2:11 also speaks of the deception as God’s punishment on people who refuse to believe the truth. The context seems to be similar to that of the gospel passages above and speaks of one to come who will be especially deceptive: “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (2 Thessalonians 2:9–12, ESV).

    In this passage, after people have refused the truth for so long, God causes them to believe what is false—a “strong delusion.” This is not an instance where God actively deceives people; rather, God is simply giving those who reject the truth what they really want.

    We see a similar pattern in Romans 1:18–25 where people reject God’s truth for so long that He simply abandons them to their own sinfulness. They have, as it were, crossed the point of no return:” end quoate
    I understand the frustration with Josh . In watching his expose on Justin Peters it shows zero love or fruit of the spirit in his mocking childish tone.
    So why would people faollow him?
    I really dont know but it has nothing to do with what.
    All of what Moriel and Josh teaches is in direct contridiction of what Jesus Him self said was the greatest commandments.
    Matthew 22:36-40
    New American Standard Bible
    36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the great and oremost commandment. 39 The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”
    We need to be realy careful we do not become like those we expose.
    Josh and Moriel are already there.
    Lets not go there as well and be carefull.
    Blessings in Jesus

    1. I’m not getting the issue. How is demanding an answer wrong, considering Chavez promised an answer two months ago?

      I work with criminals and criminals are pursued until their crimes are answered for.

      1. Hey, bro, I get where you are going. And I don’t believe Andy is denying the issue and taking up for Josh. There are people who are trying to minister to Joelle now. And we can all agree that Joelle was hurt in this. I know some are trying to encourage Joelle to tell her side of the story. Thats where the real bottom line is because she was there. In my opinion we should pray for Joelle to have strength to come forward and tell her story.
        But Josh is a very intimidating oaf.
        Andy actually had dinner with Josh when Josh filmed at Hayes.
        That gave him a unique in because he has met Josh.
        Josh still will not repent.
        Andy has already asked the question so he really cant do much more
        There are a lot of people asking Josh and he is now banning them.
        So it really boils down to God bringing justice to this mess.
        We need to respect all those who have confronted Josh man to man

      2. Andy Harrison posted Facebook comments that were deleted within a few hours. Not exactly mano a mano. He then wanted evidence deleted. Not exactly worthy of respect.

  11. Another really ironic thing is while Haller and others preach about free speech being taken away in America they do not allow free speech on their YouTube channels. Josh, Haller RTN all limit the comments to those who agree with them. They are acting like the people they rail against. If that’s not calling the pot black nothing is. If they did not allow any comments that would be more understandable. But they love the praise of their groupie’s so they choose to limit and dissenting speech.

  12. I find myself torn in situations like this. I really feel for this girl. At the same time it makes me angry that predators often act with impunity. I can think of a few cases. It saddens me that the witness of the church is compromised when Christians ignore it yet the secular world takes note – especially in a recent infamous case which should have been addressed years ago.

  13. I have never replied on any of Josh’s videos because I do not watch them or have the time to watch them. I had a heads up from a friend that the mentally ill lunatic Linda MacIntyre was making comments claiming it was me. She doesn’t say my last name but she loves to bear false witness which is going to get her and her husband Peter sued one day. Here is the thread just to have it somewhere. My reply as well.

    Hey Servi


    Linda MacIntyre
    Linda MacIntyre
    1 week ago
    Tim…give it up already….sheesh!

    Servus Christi
    Servus Christi
    1 week ago
    You would do well to study this and understand what “accuser of the brethren” actually means. https://youtu.be/vNUM-7Sicss


    The Simply Agape Project
    The Simply Agape Project
    1 second ago
    @Linda MacIntyre Hey Linda if you’re referring to me please stop the lying. This is the first time I have replied on this thread and it only concerns you. I have this YouTube page and Tim in the Morning YouTube page. I never use fake ID’s. If you’re not referring to Tim Wirth I apologize. I’m only here because a friend saw this and gave me a heads up. I have never commented on any of Josh’s videos I’m too busy.
    end thread-
    Linda get some mental health before its too late
    The real Tim Wirth never ever uses false ID’s
    I stand behind what I say

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