10 Questions For Joshua Chavez a.k.a. Servus Christi

Joshua Chavez aka Servus Christi, there are 10 questions I’d like to ask you…

  1. How is Joelle your South African Christian wife you abandoned and “broke” doing?
  2. What did the South African asylums say when you contacted them recently to try to have Joelle committed to shut her up from ruining your “Christian ministry”?
  3. What does the Bible say about the legitimacy of a ministry headed by a spiritual abuser who has faked a marriage to commit sexual immorality with a young blonde follower?
  4. How much money has your Servus Christi Ministries raked in since you registered it as a Limited Liability Company in May 2020, and how much do you hope to make each year from it?
  5. When and how will you begin asking your followers for their money and start squeezing the sponge?
  6. Are you actively looking for another sugar momma to financially support your ministry since you were unable to coerce Joelle into being your breadwinner and provider last time around?
  7. Besides deleting comments referencing your abandoned wife, what other strategies will you engage in longterm in hiding from this ministry-terminating reality?
  8. When you hired an attorney to threaten reporter JD Hall into deleting his exposé on your faked marriage and sexual immorality with the threat of immediate legal action if he didn’t comply, did you feel as ridiculous and impotent as you looked when he laughed and said no and you clearly couldn’t follow through with your hollow threat to pursue that legal action?
  9. How many female sock puppet accounts have you created besides the infamous ‘Lydia’ one you were busted with?
  10. How do you respond to the hilarious observation that you are such a poor communicator that “it takes you an hour to give 5 minutes of information”?

20 thoughts on “10 Questions For Joshua Chavez a.k.a. Servus Christi

  1. Number 11 – And what does Josh think about a Christian using marijuana even though it is legal in some areas?

      1. Famous Beavis Holmes line To Beavis Holmes she is always the woman.
        To Beavis Holmes, she is always the woman. Lydia. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name unless its Sierra. In his eyes, she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex. Because he looks in the mirror and see’s himself It was not that he felt any emotion akin to self-love for Lydia because he preaches against it. All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably un-balanced mind. He was, I take it, the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen Dr Prasch. And yet there was but one woman to him, and that woman was the Lydia of dubious and questionable memory. From Fractured Fairy Tales of the great Beavis Homes.

  2. ‘…you are such a poor communicator that “it takes you an hour to give 5 minutes of information”?’

    I’ve noticed. If I ever listen I tend to go for 1.5 or more speed on the YouTube videos.

  3. Cult follower: Lord Joshua, what’s our stance on Mary Jane?

    Joshua aka “Lydia”: don’t hog the weed, dude, pass that bong!

  4. Everybody needs to copy and paste this list on his next hit piece on Doreen Virtue. All are very good questions.
    I hope Joelle is doing well.

  5. I bet this clown had a lawyer contact Joelle to try and threaten Joelle from talking to anyone. I would highly suspect that servus would of been a degrading verbally abusive husband to Joelle. She would of been miserable. I seriously could see this clown hiring someone in her country to go to her house and threaten her with physical violence. These behaviors all fit in with being a psychopathic narcacisst! This guy is in love with himself.

    1. If he’d hire a crap lawyer try to threaten JD Hall thinking it would work against a man who has been threatened by various idiot lawyers representing the various idiots he has exposed over the years, then it is pretty much 100% likely Beavis would try the same on Joelle. And if his ‘lord’ Prasch was exposed as having tried to coerce his ex Police Captain Moriel admin Mike Benade in South Africa to attempt to rally a Police squad to go shake down Deborah Du Rand for merely disagreeing with him online, then I’m sure that drunk old fake Jew sponge would be giving Beavis his Africa bully contacts in order to silence the threat to Moriel’s existence and Beavis’s.

    1. The point is that Josh takes so long to make his point because he is immature and instead of scripture he has to reply with his own jealous ambition that’s an immature, childish rant. Like his friend driving the pink submarine Davis Lister aka Flister only knows how to use scripture to beat people over the head with it to solicit grief and anger. I have known many people who know just enough scripture to beat you over the head with it while showing zero love of fruits of the Spirit. They are all just petty punks and bullies followed by people who embrace gluttony because they seek the spotlight. Not understanding they dishonor their bodies the way they dishonor the Body of Christ.

      1. Josh can’t make a good point because he’s spiritual lacking understanding of the Scriptures. I highly doubt he has the spirit living in him but the Lord knows.. He doesn’t even believe in eternal security. Well I guess, then he lost his salvation when he used Joelle and now he has to work really hard to re-earn his salvation and hope that his good efforts or good behavior will outweigh his evil. That logic is all subjective based on his own interpretation. (The Bible isn’t open for private interpretation)The Bible doesn’t talk about being re-saved. If you can lose it then you have to earn it. Jesus said “it is finished”
        Eternal security is a core belief that is foundational to Christianity. These
        things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life( 1john 5:13).

      2. Amen and if there is not eternal security many of Moriel and the unrepentant gluttons they have as workers and affiliates are cooked

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