The Birth Certificate of James Aloysius Prasch Jr…

So finally the undeniable truth has been revealed about the notorious lunatic cult leader Jacob Prasch: he has LIED about his own name to his cult members who have long believed him to be named Jacob (or Yaacov) to reflect his half Jewishness. Prasch had gone on record to state categorically he was born Jacob Prasch and was named after his grandfather Jacob Brasch (the German Brasches switched the B to a P when coming to the USA).

I have found it shrewd to not believe a single word that comes out the mouth of Prasch ever since first fact-checking him 23 months ago and finding him to be a quite notorious serial and career liar and fraudster. Chris Rosebrough (whom Prasch has lied about) has also fact-checked him and exposed him as a heretic with a false Christology. Upon hearing a quite plainly drunk Prasch in his infamous 3 hour rant video from this past summer claiming the birth name Jacob Prasch, Chris ordered a copy of Prasch’s birth certificate from New Jersey, and this is what he got yesterday:

Prasch’s birth certificate refutes Prasch, stating he was born James Aloysius Prasch Jr. after his father James Aloysius Prasch Snr., not his grandfather Jacob Brasch. Prasch had pretended he had the name Jacob since it added to his mystique as an alleged Jew, especially when altered into Yaacov. In an act of quite unparalleled stupidity, Prasch also erroneously claimed his father was himself an actual half Jew, despite his father clearly having the middle name Aloysius after the famous Roman Catholic saint, as well as being buried in a Roman Catholic cemetery in NJ after a high Mass (all documented in Chris’ earlier video). What was also quite imbecile of Prasch was him thinking he could persist in his lies when his own biological brother Bob is quite active on Facebook and could be asked to verify “Jacob’s” claims, and when Chris did contact him, Bob only undermined “Jacob” more by confirming the Prasch family tree found on was not only accurate but also the result of a professional genealogist’s work the Prasch family in NJ had hired to document their origins, origins which showed “Jacob” Prasch had zero Jewish origin. “Jacob” had in his idiot 2 hour defence of his non existent Jewish origins claimed brazenly the family tree his own brother Bob had verified was NOT his family tree. Clearly “Jacob” was refusing to let go of the lie his career of teaching Jewish Midrash is founded upon (a career that has resulted in a $147,000USD salary).

Additionally Chris found a photograph from Prasch’s High School yearbook (a Roman Catholic one of course) which records the clown’s name as “James”:

Here is Chris Rosebrough’s video posted yesterday presenting the birth certificate that exposes Prasch (again) as a complete charlatan who openly engages in blatantly lying to his disciples as a means of attaining some kind of prominence and making a name (and money) for himself:

In the video Chris references my exposing of Prasch’s identity fraud. Here is my video:

“Jacob” Prasch is a career fraudster who has duped thousands of people out of their money. He is a quite grotesque railing drunk who has spiritually abused many Christians (specifically women) for decades during his godless campaign against Christ’s Church. At what point in his life he surrendered his life to the power and influence of Satan is unknown, but I have my theories…

Also of note is how Prasch’s seed has produced a criminal son named Eli who is presently awaiting trial in Iowa for domestic assault and is facing two years in prison for his crimes (his further unbelievably outrageous behaviour from his time at Bill Randles’ church in Iowa has thus far only been hinted at in this video). As Prasch’s evil son’s trial gets closer, keep up to date via the links in this blog post, and get an overview of Prasch’s criminal son and Prasch’s outrageous hypocrisy in this video, and please share it widely:

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    1. I can imagine in Jonestown, Guyana, Prasch’s fool pronouncements would be accepted without question, and his cult, in isolation, would become more frenzied. What’s amazing with the Prasch Cult is it’s not only in the internet age, but USES the internet as a means of extending its reach, meaning a lot of its recruits are more aware of reality than they would have been had the cult formed in the 1960s, which itself demonstrates Prasch’s cult members are likely much more stupid than the members of Manson’s cult or The People’s Temple.
      Amos Farrell is the supreme example of a cult member battling the tension of worshipping Prasch yet being all too aware of the undermining of his ‘lord Jacob’s’ desperate and pathetic claims on the internet. That deed is apparently a contributing factor to Amos coming across as quite unparalleled in his stupidity. No wonder he and the other main Prasch Cult propagandists have gone into hiding with their own magic version of the internet called where they can still use the internet but at the same time hide from the reality the wider internet troubles them with.

    2. I would have had respect for him if he had just came clean. (If indeed this birth certificate and other info is real).

  1. Seriously both Prasch and Chavez are criminals. When it comes to rules or morals then they don’t apply to them but at the same time if someone else did the evil these men do then they would be continually slandered and crucified at the stake publicly. You got Prasch that is living under a false identity and you got Chavez disqualified from ministry and it doesn’t even phase them. Like father , like son– narcissistic sociopaths.
    If they repented it would be a different story but these clowns just carry on like normal. As time goes on I will not be surprised if more immorality and unethical practices are revealed for both of them. It seems that they will do whatever is necessary (illegally or unethical) to get where they want to go. Its amazing that they still have followers.

      1. I also see the Prasch Cult is in denial about Prasch’s shrinking numbers:

        Moriel has created a ‘Big Tech’ conspiracy theory to explain his waning popularity, yet if they just engaged with documented reality they’d see people are walking away from the idiot cult because Prasch has lied to them and fleeced them for $147,000USD a year to live the life of Riley on his back drinking Jack Daniels. Silly fools.

      2. Yes, Prasch crawled out of his basement and saw his shadow so it means 4 more weeks of reruns with jazzy music and cartoons.

      3. Well, Prasch cant hang with the Dude and its lucky Chris Rosebrough doesn’t have problems with his numbers on FB and YouTube. Prasch’s followers state that people are not following him because he preaches the truth but scripture states about Prasch and his Metatron false teaching
        2 Timothy 4:3-4
        New American Standard Bible
        3 For the time will come when they will not tolerate sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires, 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth and will turn aside to myths.”.

  2. I think Chavez has picked up the “left” followers of Prasch and he’s more than happy to have anyone follow him to fuel his narcacissim

  3. I’ve been talking to some cultist. Their big argument now is “Why does it matter?” or “We all sin / have our faults.” and “Calvinism!”. It blows my mind.

    1. Faults?! A fault is what the Holy Spirit highlights and enables a Christian to deal with, even if it be an unchangeable hindrance (the “crook in the lot” Thomas Boston wrote about) that God allows us to keep in order to keep us humble amid the struggle with it. With Prasch, his faults (plural, and double-figured) are ALL the deeds God declares as abominations in Proverbs 6, and half the disqualifiers from Heaven in 1 Corinthians 6, and most the “Deeds of the Flesh” of Galatians 5. Not only does Prasch persist in all that grievous sin, his ministry is founded on lies, and his desire is filthy lucre through a simony of trading in his alleged association with God (‘Moriel’ meaning ‘God is my teacher’, as David Pawson noted in 1998), and living off his ill-gotten gains by living in a state of drunkenness. There are more of sins of Prasch’s recorded than there are of Satan’s.
      The outing of Prasch lying about his name by Chris Rosebrough has provided a platform for the cultists to utter their statements of faith in Prasch and in so doing reveal their total lack of fear of God, and their fool undermining of His Word to accommodate Colin Higgs’ “lord Jacob”. By their actions they merely reveal Prasch is their mystical tote, their ‘god’, their object of fascination and worship.
      A Christian leaves behind any teacher who engages in blatant sin for they seek purity. By contrast Prasch’s cult gun down the pure as a means of elevating and promoting their fake Jew idiot and Jack Daniels sponge Prasch. It is pathetic to behold.

  4. Prasch’s defence of Chris’ exposé? Well Prasch just posted a debunked video from a few months ago attacking Chris and his son:

    So in other words Prasch can’t handle the information Chris presented, and is resorting to ad hominem! By resorting to ad hominem he concedes the charges of faking his identity are true!! What a fool!!

      1. The fact that someone in Moriel other than Prasch probably uploaded the video shows their master Lord Jimmy is out of commission. I know Prasch pretty well and the fact that he has not addressed this head-on in a new video shows he is out of commission for whatever reason.

    1. So predictable and immature.

      Prasch refused to provide a copy of his Birth certificate because it contradicts his claims to Jewish ancestry. Plain and simple. This was a selling point of his ministry. His only response is to personally go after Roseborough and his son. Roseborough could have gone after Eli, but he didn’t. What does that tell us?

      Moriel’s post was liked by a person I’ve tried to reason with. That person may come to this blog and read this comment. I would tell them to wake up and engage in some critical thinking. But once you buy into a cult it becomes hard to pull away. I’ve been there.

      1. Amos The Intellectual Midget Farrell and his pageboy Charles Jardine have reposted the same debunked narrative on the RTN TV Facebook feed:

        So I suppose in the echo chamber their propaganda which was debunked and ridiculed in reality still works on cult members. What a bunch of embarrassing imbeciles.

  5. I agree with you regarding the sins outlined in scripture. One Prasch worshipper has even said the mountain of evidence is petty and lying. I told him for his statement to be true it means Prasch’s family has to be liars, the professional geneaologist has to be a liar, and the State of New Jersey has to be liars. It went in one ear and out the other.
    The only way Prasch knows how to deal with anything is through nastiness and brutality. After seeing how he acts, it’s not a wonder why his son is facing domestic abuse charges. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

    1. It’s amazing that they have not yet started it’s all Russian disinformation. Lol. They claim to be conservative but they are mirroring the fake media and left politicians here in America.

  6. Is this real? The spelling is different. Aloysius as previously reported vs Aloyaius on the picture?

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