Moriel’s Sour Hypocrisy (plus Moriel’s UK Revenue drops 25%!)

When Chris Rosebrough recently got a copy of ‘Jacob’ Prasch’s birth certificate and showed it online, ‘Jacob’ Prasch was caught in a massive lie which he’d foolishly doubled down in this past summer when he went on record on camera stating he was born ‘Jacob’, which itself was all a ruse to continue pretending he is Jewish to give him credibility in teaching Jewish Midrash, when the reality is he is named after his full Irish father and a Roman Catholic saint “James Aloysius Prasch Jr.

Prasch rather hilariously couldn’t defend himself against the bombshell birth certificate report seen in Chris’ video, so his reaction was to utilise his typical AD HOMINEM attack strategy by ignoring the birth certificate and trying instead to shoot the messenger, and in doing so conceded Chris’ information was correct!

What’s interesting about Prasch’s argument-conceding ad hominem attack was that in apparent desperation he merely reissued a debunked package of lies from this past summer in the below Facebook post (and then again 54 minutes into his stupid post-US Election video on November 7th), the information being/referencing a video of himself trying to attack Chris Rosebrough via attacking his son Joshua by making outrageous claims against him which Joshua and Chris both debunked over a year ago:

Read Joshua Rosebrough’s debunking here, and Chris’ debunking here. Note the way both accounts were released in February 2019, over a year BEFORE Prasch first tried to attack them [5th August 2020] using the same claims they had already debunked. But the strategy revealed the desperation of Prasch, and his persistence now in November 2020 in reissuing of the same complete crap only aids in revealing how frantic Prasch is today at avoiding the issue of the birth certificate as his doubled down lies surrounding his faked identity only prove he is a hardened charlatan whose been sponging off idiot disciples who’ve believed his Jewish façade for DECADES culminating in his most recent IRS return revealing he absorbed a massive $147,000 from his fraudulent “charity” Moriel as a salary (and this doesn’t take into account how much he took from his UK branch of Moriel, or his Australian branch, or his New Zealand branch, or his South African branch).

Amos Farrell the hardened and Ultra disciple of Prasch and head propagandist of the Prasch personality cult, has also reissued the video via RTN TV attacking the Rosebrough’s, largely because when Jacob Prasch is hurt then the idiot Amos Farrell is also hurt by the influx of psychologically painful cognitive dissonance that bombards him when Prasch’s lies are exposed, because Amos has bound himself very tightly to Prasch and is now his well-known fake Police officer and henchman, and if Prasch is exposed then Amos is ultimately exposed as a quite unparalleled idiot in getting into bed with a lifelong and career Walter Mitty fraudster.

In recent months Amos tried his own system of attacking the source of the painful cognitive dissonance, and that was to snapshot Joshua Rosebrough’s Facebook feed’s reposted pictures/comments that included people’s swearwords, and Joshua using the widely used description of “shitposting”, with Amos then trying to present Joshua as coarse, and then claim this was evidence his pastor father Chris was undermined in his ministry:

“Shitposting” is a “modern form of provocation“; the action of posting “aggressively, ironically, and trollishly poor quality” pictures to enflame easily triggered people. In a nutshell shitposting is making content like this:

Amos Farrell gathered together Joshua’s shitposting, reposts and scatalogical humour, and he highlighted the reposting of swear words as a means of discrediting Chris. Aaaaand the problem with this effort to point out content with swearing in it is Amos Farrell himself posts content with swearing in it:

This reveals Amos to be what is known biblically as a hypocrite. He’s also an idiot, and a cult member, and a propagandist, and Irish, meaning he too is therefore qualified like his fully Irish fake Jew cult leader James Aloysius Prasch Jr. is to not only promote their special brand of Sour Hypocrisy, but also promote the all-Irish Lucky Charms!

Also keep in mind Prasch’s frequent attacks on Chris Rosebrough’s son Joshua, and his flat out refusal to cease from doing so, despite it causing to bring to light Prasch’s OWN son Eli who is presently facing trial and 2 years in prison in Iowa for domestic abuse and the use of a homemade weapon on his wife, which I exposed in this video a couple of months ago when Prasch initiated his attack on Chris’ son:

Bonus content:

I mentioned above how Prasch’s 2018 salary of $147,000 came through the US branch of Moriel, yet Prasch also has financial arms of Moriel in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (maybe more!), and he is likely to sponge off of them also. Case in point is the Moriel UK branch had its 2019 finances published yesterday at The Charity Commision’s website. It shows in 2019 at least in the UK, Prasch’s scam outfit lost 25% of its income compared to 2018 (revealing the effort to out Prasch as a cult leader during 2019 had a marked effect):

The scanned paperwork reveals that Prasch also sponges tens of thousands of GBP off the UK branch of Moriel for his galavanting travel, and rent, and expenses, and postage, despite doing the same from the USA branch:

5 thoughts on “Moriel’s Sour Hypocrisy (plus Moriel’s UK Revenue drops 25%!)

  1. That Amos guy makes for good entertainment, and your posts of him in his tinfoil hat give me a hearty chuckle. These guys just don’t know when to cry uncle.

    1. Amos is very similar to Vivian Savile, the nephew of Jimmy Savile. Vivian hero-worshipped his uncle Jimmy, and when the abuse allegations came out against Jimmy, Vivian was unable to accept them, and then died “of a broken heart” not that long after.
      The state of perpetual denial Amos lives in is hilarious. The fact that Amos contributed massively to Prasch being exposed makes him even more cartoonish!

  2. So today Prasch has been trying to claim his audience is dwindling because of a Big Tech conspiracy against him RATHER THAN people tuning out after he has been exposed as a liar who commits forgery to try to present himself as a half Jew when he’s 100% Irish!:

    Prasch will soon be teaching on how the NT, when seen through the lens of Midrash, predicts this very thing:

    and Amos the Baboon will be transfixed at the glory of “Lord Jacob’s” pronouncements:

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