2 Years of Crushing Fools in a Mortar with a Pestle

On the evening of November 8th 2018 I watched a video of Jacob Prasch where he witch-hunted South African minister David Nathan, and documentary filmmakers Stewart & Deborah Menelaws. The fire Prasch attempted to start to engulf his “enemy’s” ministries consequently only ended up being the spark that set his own ministry and life on fire, resulting in him becoming possibly the most exposed charlatan ever to be seen in the Christian world over the course of the next two years:

The funny thing is in those two years the more Prasch has been exposed as a fake Jew, a million dollar cybersquatter, a drunk, a charlatan, a Walter Mitty, a serial fraudster, a spiritual abuser, a lunatic, a notorious liar and violent thug cult leader, with a violent criminal son, the more his disciples have stuck their heads in the Prasch Doomsday Cult’s vice and willingly tightened it themselves to maintain their unwavering belief in their ‘lord’ Prasch, resulting in them committing themselves fervently to the personality and teaching of a grotesque railing drunk slob:

The reality behind the façade

It just goes to prove the Bible proverb that though you crush a fool in a mortar with a pestle you cannot grind the idiocy out of him.

The two supreme idiots of the Prasch Cult deserve a special mention on this anniversary: Joshua Chavez (Servus Christi) and Amos Farrell. They have been ground in a mortar these two years, and they have only become even more stupid and apparently proud of their indestructible ignorance:

13 thoughts on “2 Years of Crushing Fools in a Mortar with a Pestle

  1. Clown Servus put out his latest slander video on Franklin Graham about 2 weeks ago. I think he tries to soothe his guilty conscience by stalking his victims and then trying to ruin them. This guy has proven he hates real Christians. He holds legalistic standards over other leaders heads but he is guilty of way worse. Talk about double-minded duplicit hypocrisy! Birds of a feather flock together. Servus and Prasch are made for eachother and they think they are serving the Lord but in reality the enemy is using them against true Christians. A match made in hell but hopefully they will see the light one day.

    1. True. Beavis is angry and blind and does himself eternal harm by attacking the Grahams. He’s like Prasch, he goes after everybody he’s jealous of.
      Prasch and Beavis Christi are tied together by a Satanic bloodlust.

  2. Franklin may not be perfect but I have yet to hear Moriel or its affiliates share the true gospel of Jesus Christ the amount Franklin has. SMH. Now with Haller actively promoting the Retarded Television Network and crying about losing their platform. Moriel has not been able to realize no one wants to hear them. Haller says he gets a letter from people wanting to commit suicide. The ironic thing is Haller and Moriel are part of this. Haller does use a bit of scripture but all he reports is all the bad stuff going on in the world. And he wonders why people are talking suicide. Yes, Haller does say to read scripture but his reports are based on conspiracy theories and bad things instead of telling people to keep their eyes on Jesus. Funny I never saw Paul the apostle doing Nero Prophesy updates. Haller and Prasch don’t realizer they are a big part of the problem.

    1. Prasch’s “Gospel” is to say Metatron is the Trinity. Prasch is a raving lunatic and heretic.

      Spiritual ‘growth’, for the Prasch Cult, is to increasingly feel they are part of the ‘remnant’, then feel special (proud) because of it, and that ‘growth’ is tied directly to their cult leader shrinking the ‘remnant’ ever smaller by cutting out everybody who disagrees with himself. They don’t realise that the cutting off is them being cut off from the river if life to become an ox-bow lake, and their ‘growth’ is merely the increase in poison and toxicity in their stagnant little fetid pool.

  3. What do you mean about Haller crying about losing their platform?
    Time to copy Tbckawaii’s top 10 list and paste it onto servus himself’s YouTube comments.

    1. Haller spoke about why they are going to RTNTV Moriels channel is because of censorship on You Tube etc.. Same thing happening to Moriel. They are losing listeners and blaming it on censorship rather than blaming it on the fact they are connected at the hip to false teachers. I listened to Haller a bit yesterday and he says he gets calls about people getting suicidal. Well the moron just post everything bad happening worldwide. Hallers focus is not on keeping peoples eyes of Jesus but to listen to his doomsday news channel. I do not remember the apostle Paul doing a Prophecy Update on Nero. In my opinion, Haller and others are complicit of people feeling despair because all they focus on is the bad things going on. Haller even suggested reading the Psalms 50 times. And then 50 times more. Not that reading the psalms is a bad idea but how about focusing on the words of Jesus in the New Testament on the end times. Its pretty apparent how Haller drowns out his own despair. People need to turn off the prophecy updates and get their eyes back on Jesus. The early Christians had Nero. Hardly a comparison to Joe Biden (at least in this point of time).

      1. With his prophecy updates, Flubber Haller the attorney has worked out a way of causing a popular trial to continue on indefinitely as he weekly submits more TV News-based evidence. However, as he engages in that system to maintain his lucrative career and trip on the elation of faux importance, he ultimately involves himself in putting Christ’s words on trial that “no man knows the day or hour [of My return]”.

  4. That update really is lucrative. I went to their church a few times back when they rented space in a community building. Now they have a pretty big church building on 5 acres of land – completely paid in full. The prophecy update is their cash cow.
    I had to stop listening to it because it was making my stomach hurt. It’s just constant dwelling on the rotten stuff, but Paul wrote in Phillippians 4:8
    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”
    Have they declared any seals opened?

    1. Concerning the seals being opened. The only seals being opened is on Haller’s clothing.

      1. In Flubber’s most recent performance he hoicked up his elasticated slacks 11 times in the first 11 minutes of being on screen.

        His stomach is grossly disproportionate to his hips, so his effort to keep his slacks up is a losing fight against gravity. He should just wear braces as it’s very off-putting.

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