David Berkowitz & That Berk Prasch [Update May 2021]

The only time I ever contributed to the money-sponging outfit masquerading as a charity known as Moriel Ministries, I rather unwisely bought two of their books, Shadows of the Beast, and Harpazo. Both have zero citations, as Anton Bosch pointed out. Besides flicking through the books to prove Bosch’s claim, then using Harpazo to prove Prasch has taught the heresy of describing and naming the Trinity as the mystic Kabbalah figure of Metatron, and also using the back covers of both books to prove Prasch has tried to indirectly claim for years to be half Jewish by using carefully worded descriptions of his upbringing around a Jewish community centre (which became somewhat redundant as Prasch then went nuts in summer 2020 and idiotically played all his cards in pretending he was indeed of Jewish descent, to hilarious results), the books have had little extra interest, except for the back cover of Shadows of the Beast which has this interesting recommendation:

David Berkowitz is the .44 Caliber Killer, also known as Son of Sam, the serial killer from 1970s NYC. He believed a neighbourhood dog named Harvey was instructing him to kill people, and also believed a hole in his wall spoke to him, subsequently gunning down various innocents in cold blood. Prasch claims in various videos he “loves [Berkowitz] dearly as a friend and a brother”, and has visited him in the clink. Berkowitz is an interesting character, because he’s Jewish and converted to Christianity whilst incarcerated, and now calls himself ‘Son of Hope‘, conducting church services in prison for his fellow inmates. Due to prison Prasch has with Berkowitz a bit of a captive audience so to speak, and claims he has sent the killer his own books (you’ll also see the full Prasch collection of works on the shelf of Servus Christi’s ‘studio’), and some Dave Hunt books (books like Prasch’s which haven’t stood up to fact-checking as Phil Johnson recorded).

The key thing Prasch has said about Berkowitz as recently as August 2019 is Berkowitz “understood culpability and responsibility“. Grasping culpability and responsibility are necessary components in recognising one’s sins and the need of a Saviour. Largely it seems Berkowitz has consistently lived out a changed life in accord with his proclamation of Christ, well, aside from his decades of claiming insider knowledge in the “Satanic ritual” killing of Arlis Perry in Stanford Memorial Church in 1974 (a case which was solved and unhitched from Satanism in 2018 via DNA evidence that concluded the murderer was the church janitor rather than The Process Church of the Final Judgement), but that can maybe be explained away by either a morbid curiosity in the case, or a peculiar and somewhat effective method of keeping the then-unsolved slaying in the news.

Berkowitz’s very deed of “understanding culpability” in his NYC murders that Prasch himself touts, oddly enough is the same deed that marks Prasch out as Berkowitz’s spiritual opposite, for when Prasch has been presented evidence of his own manifold crimes ranging from identity fraud and charity fraud to quite severe and decades-long spiritual abuse of driving women close to suicide by slandering them publicly and publicly coercing a pastor to hang himself, Prasch has repeatedly denied the evidence, produced fake Police paperwork to clear himself, or committed quite blatant forgery multiple times to back up his lies.

Moreover, whilst Berkowitz was once notorious but subsequently to claiming Christ has apparently maintained a life far from notoriety in line with the Holy Spirit’s work in true disciples, Prasch, by contrast, has only increased in his notoriety since his apparently false claim of finding Christ, which is itself, alongside the complete dearth of Fruit of the Spirit exhibited over decades, all undeniably evidence the fact the Holy Spirit has engaged in zero sanctifying work in Prasch’s life.

The irony is Prasch today teaches repetitively about the characteristics of Satan and the Antichrist, and authors a book on the subject, getting someone in Berkowitz who was once manipulated by those evil forces to engage in demonised destruction of innocents to write the recommendation, yet Prasch the finger-pointer, in his lunatic life of spewing lies and venom, is himself the one most obviously and presently both under the onus and enveloped by the shadows of the Devil he seeks to describe.

Update May 2021: David Berkowitz Documentary

To get a grip on Prasch’s “best friend” David Berkowitz, watch Netflix’s new series The Sons Of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness, a series that draws on the research on Berkowitz by reporter Maury Terry.

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