The Getaway (A Jacob Prasch Private Education Crime Caper)

“Google republicofsouthafrica .com .org and .net and find out who owns it. I do.”

“I have domain names that are worth formidable amounts of money that generate income. That’s my secular business. That’s how I put my children through private school, through law school, etc. I could not do it on a preacher’s salary.”

Jacob Prasch, 26 March 2020.

Jacob Prasch’s biggest downfall has been his prideful boasting.  It was from his railing, venom-spewing mouth with his expensive veneers that he stupidly claimed earlier this year to his avid Ultra cult member Amos Farrell that he had a wildly successful secular career that had paid for his children’s private education and law schooling.  Prasch’s secular business that was worth “formidable amounts of money” according to him, was owning 3 websites ( and its .com and .net iterations).  His claim was these 3 websites had produced enough money to privately educate his children, daughter Beth and his son Eli

My investigation utilising internet archival website exposed how these 3 websites merely changed back and forth between being mirrors to Prasch’s ‘charity’ website, and blatant cybersquatting websites demanding potential owners pay close to half a million US dollars per website to claim ownership—and the only likely candidate for wanting ownership of websites called Republic of South Africa Dot Com/Net/Org would be…the Government of The Republic of South Africa which Prasch’s websites all linked to in order to act as cybersquatting gateways. 

Since the websites were still in Prasch’s possession as of January 2020 (roughly when Prasch made the claims on video to Amos Farrell—it was released months later in March—about their wildly successful source of income which enabled him to privately educate the kids AND still have sufficient left over to donate 60% of its moneys to Moriel) yet the first website had been launched as a cybersquatting website way back in 1999 before the next two in 2004, before switching back and forth between mirroring the website, I concluded the only way Prasch could have produced any money from the websites was when they were mirroring his charity website with its links to DONATE to his ministry and all its branches/tentacles, thus by his own words and explanation of those 3 websites covering the cost of their private education left the only viable conclusion that Prasch had engaged in quite blatant charity fraud by sponging off the donations given for ‘the work of God’ in order to cover the cost of privately educating his children.

You can watch the full exposing video here:

Prasch found himself unable to handle the information I presented and he had to involuntarily concede the information was correct via his reaction of strawmanning the claims in my video.  I ridiculed Prasch’s efforts at strawmanning the information in this follow up video:

I had claimed in the first video the cost for Prasch privately educating his children was potentially a “couple of hundred thousand dollars” as Prasch lived during his children’s educational years in England.  As a background Prasch is recorded as having moved from NYC to Israel in 1979 where his two children were born in the 1980s, before relocating to England in 1988:

Helpfully, Eli’s date of birth was recorded by the Police in Iowa when they arrested him in 2018, it being 23rd September 1986.

I don’t know Beth’s birthdate, but it had to be before the Prasches moved to England in 1988, and both Beth and Eli seem around the same age in this picture in a copy of an issue of Prasch’s publication Moriel Quarterly from 1999:

Now it must be remembered that Jacob Prasch is, if anything, a complete liar and fraud who makes up Walter Mitty claims all the time, such as his farcical claim to be half Jewish, and claiming the “formidable amounts of money” associated with his 3 cybersquatting websites when my research found them to be worth a combined $2,212, not the potentially hundreds of thousands it would take to privately educate two children, so it’s possible Prasch just sent them to cheap state school and merely lied about private education to make him appear successful when he’s not.  Well, that, it seemed, couldn’t be proven one way or the other, but, as stated earlier, Prasch’s downfall has been his prideful boasting, and today I happened to stumble upon one such boast inside an old attack article by Prasch aimed at a stupid idiot British politician named George Galloway who is infamous for being an anti-Semite.  I’ve highlighted the passages of interest from the article that had helpfully been reposted on this website:

Prasch, in his boast, states his 2 children were both privately educated at Fulneck School in Bradford (Eli’s Facebook profile verified it) where at least Beth remained to the final year of High School where she completed her qualifications to get into University (known here as A Levels). Helpfully via this boast I now have a way of calculating his children’s potential private education costs.

To start with Prasch claims when he moved to the UK he attended Cambridge University and London School of Theology (from the 2nd minute of this video), both nearby the place the UK electoral rolls record him as living, in Aldershot, Berkshire, and closer still to his 1999 Moriel mailing address of Hampshire (the neighbouring country to Berkshire):

So whilst living in the South of England and studying there, Prasch claims to have sent his children to Fulneck School in Bradford.  If you’re unfamiliar with the UK, well Bradford is closer to Scotland than it is to Prasch’s address in the South of England.  Bradford is towards the North of England:

That’s 223 miles apart. Prasch taught around then in Wolverhampton, so may have lived near there for a time, which is still 122 miles apart.  It is reasonable then to suppose the Prasch children didn’t commute by bus or train daily to school, and since Fulneck school is a boarding school (where students live full-time—think Hogwarts) it makes sense the Prasch children lived there during term time.  This means the costs can now be calculated.  According to the 2020 prospectus, the cost per year is £24,405-£28,860, and taking into account inflation and the comparative prospectus from 2009 11 years prior, where the cost per term was £5,270-£5,790 (with 3 terms per year, totalling £15,810-£17,370 per year), and by then using the Bank of England’s inflation calculator, the estimated cost per term between 1992-1998 of attending the less expensive Junior School and then the more expensive High School between 1999-2004 for Eli and Beth would be:

Junior Years 1-7 Cost (per term)
1992: £2,851
1993: £2,897
1994: £2,967
1995: £3,070
1996: £3,144
1997: £3,242
1998: £3,354

Senior Years 1-6 Cost (per term)
1999: £4,079
2000: £4,199
2001: £4,274
2002: £4,345
2003: £4,471
2004: £4,604

Total for 42 terms of Junior Years 1-7: £129,150
Total for 36 terms of Senior Years 1-6: £155,832
Combined Potential Total: £284,982 ($374,540 USD)

£284,982 is the estimated total cost of privately educating his children had they attended the school their entire childhood, and £155,832 had they only attended Fulneck’s 6 High School years (or approximately £171,000 and £94,000 respectively if they didn’t lodge there as the full-time non residential rates are about 40% less), and that doesn’t include the cost of their law schooling afterwards similarly paid for, according to Prasch, by his 3 (cybersquatting) websites (Beth is now a practising associate lawyer, and Eli has learned how to be a lawyer yet is presently paying a lawyer—or Daddy Prasch is paying—due to his domestic assault in Iowa earlier this year which leaves him facing two years in prison), the true cost when including their university education could potentially take the cost up to half a million dollars, and the big question this produces is how can Jacob Prasch claim he financed his children’s private education entirely through his worthless cybersquatting websites if not via the times he merely used those websites as mirrors for his charity website

This is why Jacob Prasch and his “charity” Moriel Ministries needs to be investigated in the UK by the British Government’s Charity Commision.

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