The Jacob Prasch Files No.9: Half-Jewish Poison Comes To Hectorville

In 2019 I uncovered 8 startling articles about Jacob Prasch and the formation of his cult in Australia from the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Now, nearly a year later I’ve found a couple more, one from the late 1990s, and a tenth one that is pure lunatic.  The 10th one is a sight to behold, but this 9th article first is the build up to the shameful madness of the 10th.

Sooo, I had thought I’d exhausted the seam of Moriel gold I found using the truly fabulous Australian website archival service Trove, so I thought I’d try a final search of the worldwide equivalent service for anything I’d missed, and one apparently insignificant find was the 1998 website for the South African branch of Moriel.  It predated Prasch’s launching of in 1999 which amalgamated all the branches from the USA to Australia, Britain to Japan.  The South African website contains links to all the other Moriel branches, and wonderfully lists as the Moriel Australia staff member one Henry Sheppard who in true reporter style later carefully documented his experiences with Prasch in around 1999-2001 which have proven priceless in my recording how lunatic Jacob Prasch is, and can be seen in the previous 8 files.

But my interest doesn’t so much lay in verifying Henry’s official association with Moriel which Prasch last year was trying to cover up by claiming Henry was merely a creator of a counterfeit Moriel, no, I’m more interested in the second highlighted area, the Moriel Affiliated Fellowship:

So by 1998 Jacob Prasch was associated with Hectorville Christian Community Church and its pastor Bruce Armstrong.  As a bit of background, Hectorville is a few blocks of Campbelltown, a suburb of Adelaide, Australia.  Campbelltown is the PO Box address of 1998’s Moriel Australia team (see above snapshot), and Campbelltown is where Henry Sheppard, acting as Prasch’s book editor (who offered transcription services on the above snapshot), transcribed Prasch’s sermons which he preached there, two specifically being Judge Not?, and Why three years of Toronto and still no revival? as these resulting pamphlets recorded in the National Library of Australia show:

The second pamphlet (from “Campbelltown”, a sermon “preached at Adelaide”) dates itself as being 3 years “after” Toronto, and was published in 1996, 3 years after January 1994’s Toronto Blessing beginning.  Judge Not? was preached in 1998.  The audio of both sermons are available on Youtube here and here.  This meant Prasch frequented Hectorville Christian Community Church in the second half of the 1990s, and appears to be where his staff Henry and Rainee Sheppard, and Greg Sowerby attended.  Lastly in this extended build up, bear in mind Henry, Greg, and Greg’s wife were all outcasts from Australia’s Assemblies of God church circa 1993.  You can read about their split from AOG here, or listen to Prasch lie about it in my recording of his lies from December 2019 when he went nuts about me releasing Henry’s documents and totally strawmanned them.  Suffice it to say they themselves were hurt by Assemblies of God, meaning they had been easy pickings for the Predatory Prasch, and the hurt explained their involvement with Hectorville Christian Community Church.

Thus far I know all this sounds like of zero interest to you, I bet, but that’s until you hear the background of Hectorville Christian Community Church as recorded by a former member of it!  In the 9th Prasch file, the former member states she attended from mid-1998 to December 1999, the time Jacob Prasch had been going nuts according to Adelaide-based Henry Sheppard’s records, and the author of the article/record clearly describes Prasch’s idiotic split from his own Australian branch of Moriel in the fallout of him going nuts and being outed as a “malevolent and breathtakingly ungrateful thug” by Henry!  The record also ably demonstrates what type of people are hooked by Prasch’s mystic Jewish teaching—them being those hurt by other churches or church movements, stating “You cannot found [a church] on any ‘anti’ sentiment towards others and their strange beliefs and practices, no matter how wrong they are,” a viewpoint which undermines Prasch’s raison d’être. Moreover it shows the unfortunate effects Prasch’s type of hyper Jewish mystecism teaching ultimately has on unfortunate churches who allow him to enter and allow his poison to take hold of their minds.

Half-Jewish Poison comes to Hectorville

OK. When I went there to live in early 1998, I became involved in a very small fellowship of people who had separated themselves from places like the paradise AOG. They were a part of a larger group that called itself ‘Hectorville Christian Fellowship’ but had left that group too, claiming excesses and a form of spiritual abuse from the leaders. I didn’t know any of those folks at Hectorville at the time I first arrived, but met up with them some months later, and eventually left the small group in Salisbury, believing that the man who ran it did so based on unhealed hurts, and not because the Lord had called him into ministry.

There was certainly some angst over this at the time, but I did meet up with one couple later on, and they explained to me that although they felt a bit used up at the time (I had stayed with them for a while before getting my own place,) eventually they could see through the hurts and begin to understand why I had left. The group had disbanded since then, and even the former leader admitted to me in a phone call that my assessment had been right, and that there were no hard feelings. God is our vindicator.


It is hard to know exactly what happened with the Hectorville folks before I arrived. Originally, they had been meeting together as a group of around 200 people in a small community hall in that suburb. As time went on, people came and went, but by the time I had arrived in mid-1998, there would have been only about 50 people on a good Sunday morning. There were no Sunday nights, and midweek prayer meetings and Bible studies were sporadic to say the least. The church membership was made up mainly of fake revival ‘refugees’ and many of those people, genuine and all as they were, suffered from deep hurts, as they were forced out of churches that some of them had attended for decades, not just years. Even Andrew Evan’s own sister went there for a time, in protest against the harsh treatment meted out to any detractors of the ‘revival’.

Don’t Trip Over These ‘Roots’!

Another hidden feature of Hectorville was the infiltration of the HRM – the Hebrew Roots Movement. For what it’s worth, I don’t have a problem with Jewish believers becoming Messianic Jews, but the HRM movement, while trying desperately to masquerade as Messianic, is actually heavily cultic and very legalistic. Saved Jewish brethren would understandably want to rediscover their rich heritage, contained within the Old Testament, and then find that expression within the New Testament setting. Whether there be cultural differences between brethren from ‘Western’ churches and those that differ markedly as Jewish or Coptic, or whatever, Romans chapter 14 deals with those cultural differences adequately, and I have no problems with the Messianics being what they are. I have huge problems with the HRM and its cultish, legalistic masquerade!

While there has always been a perceived divide between eastern and western expressions of the Church, Christ is still Lord of both. What I see, is that the New Testament teaches us that both Jew and Gentile believers, are actually neither – they are one new ‘man’ in Christ (   ) What I DON’T see, is a whole mob of Corinthian converts, running down the main street of Corinth towards the synagogue, seeking to reconnect with their Hebrew roots – because they didn’t have any! Crispus and his fellow proselytes left the synagogue, based on the ministry of the apostle Paul, never to return. If the HRM doctrine had any foundation within the Gospel, then they would have realised their mistake and either returned to ‘Christianise’ the synagogue, or would have taken significant and relevant parts of Judaistic teaching and practice with them, under Paul’s supervision, and added it to the daily life of their church. They never did!

Lessons Learned

The ‘pastor’ – Bruce Armstrong and his wife Carol were to turn out to be novices really, but at the time, they attempted to do their best to maintain regular fellowship. They were also found to be heavily influenced by the HRM, having been involved with a Messianic ministry that eventually disowned the Australian branch in Adelaide back then, and reestablished a new branch elsewhere. After some 2 years though, they finally realised that they lacked the graces and experience that was required of church leadership and resigned, moving to the Rostrevor Baptist Church, a charismatic church, while Bruce continued his Bible School studies and worked at a part time job. I trust that their experiences at Hectorville and the Rostrevor church would now stand them in good stead for any future venture.

The church was then depleted of its membership base as most of the original members also left around that time. The vision for Hectorville, as a safe haven from the excesses of the false revival in Adelaide had failed, but most of the people managed to move on to ‘greener pastures’. The remnants of the Hectorville church then fell into the hands of a man who had left the CRC movement some years before, and who had since aligned himself with an independent evangelical reformed group in the city. The Hectorville Church just wasn’t the same by the time I had left Adelaide in early December, 1999.

The lessons from Hectorville are both tragic and graphic. You can only found a church on the rock, Jesus Christ. You cannot found it on any ‘anti’ sentiment towards others and their strange beliefs and practices, no matter how wrong they are. Christ ordains the ministry team, not man, and also appoints the existence of each genuine ‘sheepfold’. In John 10, Jesus makes it clear that HE is our good shepherd, not a self-appointed pastor! If we accept the ministry of men who are not appointed by God, then we will unwittingly open the door of the sheepfold to the wolves, who will undoubtedly take the opportunity to feed off the flock, and devour any and all that they can. Those who fled there for refuge, suffering from rejection, will be worse off than they were before.

That is why the wolves wear the sheepskins – they are very cleverly disguised as both sheep and shepherds. Back in New Testament times, shepherds wore sheepskins as a sign of their trade. Everyone knows a blue collar worker when they seem one dressed in a boiler suit, don’t they? And so it was with shepherds back then. When the wolves show up and successfully isolate the sheep, off come the sheepskins, and out come the wolves. You can’t depend on the hirelings to protect the flock either, as they would have already fled down the road towards their next pay packet, leaving you to your fate. (Matthew 7:13 – 23)

If after reading this account you think you’ve seen the end result of The Prasch Poison, think again, because The Jacob Prasch File No.10 shows what happens when The Prasch Poison interacts in a mind-altering way with the brain… (click below)

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The Jacob Prasch Files

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