The Jacob Prasch Files No.10: Inglorious Praschtards And The Handbook For Decapitators of Gay Nazis

In 2019 I uncovered 8 startling articles about Jacob Prasch and the formation of his cult in Australia from the late 1990s and early 2000s.  Now, nearly a year later I’ve found a couple more, one from the late 1990s, and today’s tenth one that is pure lunatic.

The 9th article revolved around Prasch’s involvement in Hectorville Christian Community Church in a suburb of Adelaide, Australia in the second half of the 1990s, where he took already hurting people and medicated them with his idiotic half-baked half-Jewish teachings of extreme separationism and Midrash, poisoning them fatally with his own concoction of Hebrew Roots.  The once 200 member church was reduced the way any community gets reduced in number when it gets widely poisoned.  The 9th file gave an overview of the apparent result of the longterm exposure to an idiot like Prasch, and with the near collapse of the church I’m pretty certain Prasch would have explained it to not be the result of his poisonous teaching but, with his Midrash-tinted glasses on, he’d have interpreted it as evidence they were merely Jesus’s “remnant” and the smaller it got then the more evidence that was of their chosen remnant nature, such is Prasch’s ability to interpret literally anything to his advantage.  In other words, as a quack physician, Prasch would present the malady as the cure, and the greater power of the malady was evidence the cure was ‘working’.

With the near collapse of Hectorville Christian Community Church in the early 2000s, I thought I’d research what happened to it in the years following Prasch’s fool involvement, and lo and behold, according to old issues of Prasch’s magazine Moriel Quarterly, Prasch and his mates still frequented the remnants of Hectorville Christian Community Church in 2008, 2010, and 2017:

Bickle outside Court in 2011 facing contempt of court proceedings

The pastor now of Hectorville is Kevin Bickle, with the group now called a ‘Fellowship’ rather than a ‘Church’, probably due to small numbers.  What is certain, unfortunately, is this ‘remnant’ are basically the people who couldn’t be driven away or killed off by Prasch’s poison and have become hardened in their askew worldview, imbued with an indestructible ignorance as seen in all Prasch’s Ultra cult members.  How do I conclude this?  Well……that’s because Hectorville’s current pastor and long-term associate of Prasch, Kevin Bickle, has, like Prasch, become infamous in Australia.  He gads around as The Adelaide Street Preacher, and produces deliberately incendiary ‘Christian’ tracts.  On 21st July 2017 it was reported by BuzzFeed News that Kevin Bickle had the week earlier commissioned postal service The Australia Post to deliver 60,000 flyers equating homosexuals to….Nazis:

Australia post unknowingly handed out anti-gay flyers with nazi imagery

By LAne Sainty, BuzzfEEd news reporter, Australia

Australia Post unwittingly delivered anti-gay flyers with Nazi imagery to homes in Victoria, before realising what was inside the envelopes and urgently pulling the delivery.

The flyer, titled The Death Of Reason…and the rainbow walk to insanity!, shows a digitally-altered image of rainbow flags in Sydney’s Taylor Square merged with a building displaying Nazi swastika flags.

It was distributed in white envelopes titled “The Rainbow of Reason” to houses in Melbourne’s St Kilda, and the regional Victorian town Shepparton – both home to a substantive and vocal LGBTI community.

The lengthy text on the flyer makes several comparisons between Nazi propaganda and the LGBTI community, rails against consumerism and invasions of privacy, and ends with a call to God.

“So Hitler’s invasion of the personal privacy of children in the 1930’s [sic] is the same totalitarian invasive influence of today,” the flyer reads.

“He used the same means, only now the pornography of power that is state propaganda has morphed from Nazi political perversion into perverted gay activism for abnormal ‘marriage’ equality.”

An Australia Post spokesperson told BuzzFeed News: “As soon as we became aware of the contents of this flyer, we immediately withdrew it from distribution from our delivery network because it is against our terms and conditions.”

The flyer directs readers to a website that claims to be a “handbook for Christian radicals”. It contains several downloadable flyers and posters on various topics, including LGBTI rights, the internet, Israel, Charles Darwin and atheism.

The man behind the flyer is Adelaide street preacher Kevin Bickle, who runs the website along with other street preachers. He told BuzzFeed News the flyers were a “personal effort” rather than the work of an organisation.

“We weren’t trying to be controversial, but we knew it wouldn’t be popular,” he said.

Bickle said he originally commissioned Australia Post to deliver 60,000 of the flyers last week, but was contacted earlier this week saying they wouldn’t be delivered anymore. He declined to comment on how much he had spent on the flyers.

It is understood the flyers were delivered as part of the Unaddressed Mail Service (UMS) through which people and organisations pay to have unaddressed material delivered to homes in a certain area.

The UMS terms of services require all text and images in the items delivered to meet “acceptable community standards of reasonableness, honesty and decency”.

Australia Post reserves the right to refuse to deliver anything which doesn’t meet those standards or that is defamatory or offensive.

Bickle told BuzzFeed News: “We’re talking against homosexuality, but not against the homosexuals.”

“The tract is not a simile between LGBT people and Naziism. I would never do that. It’s just a look at the means by which consumerism promotes things through mass media that extrapolates the effects in our day and age.”

“You actually have to read it. You have to spend 15 minutes reading it and soaking it up. It’s not by any means a quick look at and say ‘this is unsuitable’. You have to actually read it and let it sink in.”

“To be honest with you, I could not see any other way of making it simplified.”

Bickle said St Kilda and Shepparton were not targeted for their LGBTI presence, and the flyer is also slated for distribution in “at least four other areas”. He declined to name the suburbs or towns.

Chair of the Jewish civil rights group the Anti-Defamation Commission, Dvir Abramovich, told BuzzFeed News he had been contacted by Australia Post with an apology on Friday after he spoke out publicly against the flyers.

In an email to Abramovich seen by BuzzFeed News, an Australia Post staff member wrote that that the content of the flyers had initially gone unnoticed as they were inside envelopes.

“It shocks the conscience that such virulently anti-gay rhetoric has invaded the homes of residents in Melbourne, promoting its message of hate and exploiting the Holocaust to demonise the LGBTQI community and those supporting marriage equality,” Abramovich said.

“Imagine the fear and intimidation a young person will feel after being confronted with such repulsive slurs.”

Damien Stevens, a Shepparton resident and publicity officer for local LGBTI group Goulburn Valley Pride, told BuzzFeed News he received one of the “appalling” flyers in his letterbox earlier this week.

“The content is shocking, the content is appalling, it’s disgusting, it’s hateful, it’s inaccurate,” he said. “The very small amount of people who will take the time to read it will hopefully see the information for the rubbish that it is.”

Stevens said he’d spoken to people in Shepparton who had also received the mail directly from the postman, or in with their normal mail – as opposed to a regular “junk mail” drop.

“The feel is that it was an Australia Post delivery, not junk mail,” he said.

Stevens added that such flyers only served to invigorate Shepparton’s vibrant LGBTI community.

“Shepparton has worked so hard for 20 years to ensure we have an inclusive, supporting, caring community. We’re very proud of what’s happening here and this kind of material only continues to inspire our efforts.”

Lane Sainty is the editor of BuzzFeed News in Australia and is based in Sydney.

The Prasch connection

Apparently Kevin Bickle had arranged the mass propaganda flyer drop to coincide with the aforementioned Prasch visit, because in Prasch’s Moriel Quarterly second quarter issue from 2017, Prasch had stated he’d be in Australia from “mid-July”:

Moreover, on an archive of Prasch’s formerly cluttered website, Prasch had given the exact timing of his visit to Bickle’s Hectorville Christian Fellowship as 24th July:

What is flat out insane about Kevin Bickle’s deliberately inflammatory tracts is their inflammatory content can be sourced directly back to Bickle’s visiting minister and associate Jacob Prasch.  Here is the website of Bickle’s referenced in the BuzzFeed News article:


You can bring sinners to Christ with the Gospel, that’s not a problem, but you have to cut off the head of the ‘Beast’ with its own sword to defeat the ‘system’ that enslaves them.”

And after a long gallery of the the ‘Christian’ tracts on offer, it reiterates the brutality of its Islam-like belief system that requires “Christians” engage in “dismembering”:

That language is directly from Prasch’s teaching on David & Goliath, a particularly notorious segment I’ve referenced multiple times as evidence of Prasch’s fool ability to interpret himself into anything in the Bible via looking at the Bible through his Midrash-tinted glasses.  Below is the segment snippet from Prasch’s idiot teaching on David & Goliath from what appears to be the 1990s and was produced for Moriel Australia:

Kevin Bickle has built his ministry and therefore life upon Prasch’s utterly idiotic interpretation of David & Goliath that one must use the enemy’s sword (books, etc) to “dismember” and “defeat the system that enslaves them”, an interpretation that is itself internally contradictory since if someone comes to Christ they are no longer ‘enslaved’ to a ‘system’ so have no need to “decapitate” that system.  However the fool belief perfectly sums up where Prasch has gone wrong: he isn’t satisfied with the Gospel, he wants bloodletting and revenge and power.  The very notion that Prasch and his followers are to go around ‘decapitating’ things, and grandstand over the corpses is pure Hammer Horror, yet being aware that Prasch takes in those who have been hurt by false Christian movements—the thing Hectorville was founded upon—it makes perfect sense that he’d put into those people’s mind the notion that Christianity is about revenge and bloodletting and destroying people, because hurting people are primed to want to hear that.

On Bickle’s website there are other references to Prasch, where he has taken Prasch’s audio and turned it into snippets to blast on unsuspecting civilians in public places as a means of attacking them:

So basically Kevin Bickle has an Ark of the Covenant ghetto blaster and inside it is Prasch’s pronouncements that, when unleashed, will destroy people:

Some of the tracts Bickle has produced in his echoing of the lunatic cult leader Prasch are so low quality that they could be taken as parody or “shitposting”, such as this Santa Claus one, the file of which reveals it is indeed authored by Bickle:

So to Kevin Bickle, not only are gays to be lumped in with Nazis, also jolly ol’ St. Nicholas is found quoting Satan in the Temptation of Christ!  Like, what good are these tracts meant to do?  Is a child meant to realise, ‘Oh, when I wrote that letter to Santa I was actually writing to Lucifer!  I’d better cancel that Christmas order!’, or ‘If I’m gay that means I’m actually a Nazi!  I’d better reform!”??  These tracts are only any good for the people handing them out as they are doing damage to people they are given to so the deliverer can experience some of that desired revenge/carnage involved in the fool belief he/they are decapitating Goliath’s head.  What type of a Christian witness is that?  Well that’s the Prasch Cult’s ‘Christian’ witness; it is the lying about and demeaning of various targets as a means to satiate the cult members’ desire for blood and revenge.

The header for is the claim the Prasch-sourced material available on it is “A Handbook for Christian Radicals” who are “Fighting For The Faith”:

A more appropriate description would be The Handbook For Decapitators of Gay Nazis, who are Fighting To Satiate Their Bloodlust.

Prasch himself has a history of declaring his opponents as Nazis, as the Diakrisis team in Australia found a few years ago, when those Christian authors made the dread mistake of….disagreeing with Prasch. He made a couple of efforts to kill them off over the years to satiate his bloodlust.

Due to Prasch’s thirst to spill Australian blood compared to Bickle’s, it’s no surprise to find that Prasch in 2008 had Kevin Bickle on the Moriel Australia council (alongside Peter Danzey whom Prasch years later attacked in one of his many witch-hunts on Bill Randles):

It’s not like now Prasch can attempt to distance himself from Kevin Bickle and Goliath’s Sword because 2 years after widespread reporting on Bickle’s tracts, Prasch was back to visiting Bickle, with Bickle arranging one of the stops on Prasch’s infamous Fall World Tour I made the 5 minute warning film about the days before it started in 2019:

As Bickle’s deliberately offensive and widely reported and ridiculed tracts are pretty much the end result of accepting wholesale the idiot theology and fool methodology of Jacob Prasch, I speculate it’s partly the reason why Prasch rages so intensely against apologists and evangelists who manage to deal with difficult topics like homosexuality and transgenderism in a graceful way, such as Dr. Michael Brown (who has authored books on the topics), and Dr. James White (who has debated on the topics), for whilst the doctors can sit in conversation with those who disagree with them as they freely debate and reason through things, Prasch’s system is to demean, ridicule and violently DECAPITATE those who disagree with him.  And it was likely because of these type of extremist beliefs spewed by Prasch from the mid 1990s to as recently as September 2019 in Adelaide, that led to Prasch, his Moriel group and his followers being added by Brisbane’s Cult Information Service to their list of “Extremist Groups — Destructive and Manipulative Sects — Cults — High Pressure Groups” from at least 2003.

To learn more about the lunatic cult Jacob Prasch has created, begin wading through the flood of information I have chronicled:


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The Jacob Prasch Files

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    1. The irony of the Prasch Cult claiming rivals are Nazis is they themselves have quite a few similarities, what with their dictatorial führer, the cultic fervour surrounding that führer, their propaganda, their assault against innocents, their Police hunting down rivals, their obsession with the Jews, their scapegoating of people to blame for calamity, their false Jesus, their mystecism, their refusal to surrender, their scorched earth policy, and their Ultra members who cannot see their sin as sin.

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      4. I was in a band that toured and opened for the Ramones (Marky was on the drums at that time). I have the pics to prove it. Prasch never mentioned that one to me. He supposedly was in the hospital room with George Harrison when he gave a CS Lewis book to George and had the book thrown at him. The story and book changed so much I just stopped listening. The guys a habitual liar. Come on Amos show us the pictures. lol. Sounds a little like they both have a touch of delusion

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