Jacob Prasch Was Handed Over to Satan, Not Locally But NATIONALLY by 600 Ministers

“…a harmful spirit rushed upon Saul, and he raved within his house while David was playing the lyre, as he did day by day. Saul had a spear in his hand…”

1 Samuel 18:10 (ESV)

Over the past 2 years Jacob Prasch has been exposed as a spiritual abuser, a serial liar, a fraudster, a bully, a DNA report forger, a fake Jew, a false prophet, a lunatic, a drunkard, and a worshipper of a demon known as ‘Metatron’. I have also stated numerous times I believe Prasch himself to be demonised, and his religiosity is merely a religious mania triggered by a confused, demon-tormented mind that’s also enflamed with Jack Daniels, much of whose anger seems caused by his quite obvious extreme jealousy of successful people such as John MacArthur.  In considering Prasch’s state, consider this description of King Saul’s state:

And Saul was very angry, and this saying displeased him.  He said, “They have ascribed to David ten thousands, and to me they have ascribed thousands, and what more can he have but the kingdom?”  And Saul eyed David from that day on.

The next day a harmful spirit from God rushed upon Saul, and he raved within his house while David was playing the lyre, as he did day by day.  Saul had his spear in his hand.  And Saul hurled the spear, for he thought, “I will pin David to the wall.”  But David evaded him twice. Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul. (1 Samuel 18:8-12 ESV)

So the Lord had departed Saul and a different spirit “rushed” him, resulting in Saul “raving” in his house.  The word refers to the actions associated with prophesying only with entirely negative connotations due to the cause of the effect being a “harmful spirit” who was “from” God but not of God.  You see people engaging in this negative form of prophesying in my Bethel videos, who outwardly look to be engaging in a religiosity, are speaking of God, and are surrounded by Christian music as Saul was hearing David’s music, yet the origin of their ‘prophesying’ is not God, and the evidence is they engage in actions in that prophesying which reveal things not associated with the Holy Spirit: they lie, they puff people up, the mangle Scripture, and they commonly present it in a state of church ‘disorder’ rather than the order that marks God’s interactions in the church as outlined by the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 14.  The ESV helpfully uses the descriptor of this false form of ‘prophesying’ as “raving”.

With Prasch, in his videos he posts on YouTube, like the Bethelites, he claims to be outlining Biblical truth, claims to be applying Scripture to the situations he finds himself in or the events he is describing.  His teaching can last up to 3 static hours of him engaging in unfolding of Bible application, yet the whole while revealing multiple evidences that God is not involved with him, with Prasch lying, slandering, and bearing false witness by twisting facts or inventing them entirely as a means to damage people (see my 48 video series on these topics), and vast swathes of his ‘prophesying’ is done by screaming, his face contorted, with something being clearly wrong with his eyes, to reference Rosemary’s Baby.  His activity is devoid of the signs of the Holy Spirit’s involvement, and so he, like the Bethelites, and like King Saul, engages in ‘raving’.

The Bethelite teachers Abi Stumvoll and Heidi Baker shout out at the sensing of fluctuations of the apparently benevolent yet harmful spirit that is engaging with them on the stage, leading them in their expressing of falsehood that contorts the listener’s perception of both biblical truth and reality.  The straight up uncloaked malevolent harmful spirit that interacts with Prasch causes him not to shout out like Abi and Heidi, but to scream and yell and froth at the mouth, often at key points of teaching that, if accepted, buckle and warp his listener’s comprehension of biblical truth and reality.

Whilst the Bethelite’s harmful spirit-influenced ‘raving’ results in the same buckled and skewed reality in the minds of listeners as Prasch’s raving, Prasch reaches the next level of demonic involvement as Saul experienced, for like Saul, Prasch attacks.  Much of what Prasch teaches in his raving is geared towards conjuring hurt upon others and emotional pain, motivated by his underlying bitter jealousy of others, enflamed by his malignant narcissism which makes him wish to remove all who would occupy his space or take the attention he feels he deserves.  King Saul had a severe jealousy of David as David was better at things than Saul and more popular, so when engaged in harmful spirit-influenced ‘raving’, Saul was triggered in that state to try to kill David.  Prasch, in his severe jealousy of far more successful and popular people (Amir Tsarfati, John MacArthur, Jan Markell, JD Farag) is triggered to attack them by engaging in lies and slander against them, lies and slander which only is accepted by people whose minds have been similarly warped and buckled by his demonised teaching, hence you find his supporters with their contorted reality engage in similar attacks whilst sober-minded observers see it as mentally-unhinged raving.

Prasch’s demonised teaching exhibited in his gushing out of lies and venom and evil and screaming to his fellow mind-altered disciples results in his grasp of the Bible being so fractured and poisoned that he openly invites those disciples to gain what he has, that being a relationship with “Jesus”, only his “Jesus” he clearly outlines as ‘The Metatron’ from Kabbalah who is a demon.  That Prasch believes he is influenced by that ‘Jesus’ and that ‘Jesus’ enables him to scream and lie endlessly reveals he has indeed a relationship with that ‘harmful spirit’ of Metatron.  That his disciples who see his “raving in his house” and hear the lies he spews, still clamour after the advice and understanding that spirit gives via its mouthpiece Prasch reveals they themselves have severe and potentially fatal spiritual issues that leave them chasing a demonic spirit in the belief that spirit is Christ, despite it revealing it cannot be Christ through its obvious and constant malicious and malevolent behaviour and its hatred of stable Christians.

A person who is engaged in severe unrepentant sin is called by the Holy Spirit to be thrown out the church and “handed over” to Satan so that the poison can be both cut off from leaking into the fabric of the church, and so that the demonically-influenced faux believer can be overcome by the poison of their sin to their eternal destruction or in the midst of the terminal illness of that sin, be granted understanding of their fatal malady and cry out for rescue.  With Prasch, several years ago, he was handed over to Satan not by a small body of believers in a local church, but by SIX HUNDRED CHURCH MINISTERS representing an entire country of Great Britain where he has lived for 30+ years.  Far from Prasch recognising his severe malady, he has revelled in it, boasting about being handed over to Satan, thrilled by the numbers:

Prasch claims those 600 ministers handed him over to Satan because he went against the laughing and drunken revivals associated with the Toronto Blessing, suggesting therefore those 600 were all in agreement with those false revivals, yet Prasch has used that exact same reason to explain to his disciples why the Elim denomination took him to Court in 1998, which was then a brazen lie which I documented in my Dracula Prasch episode where I brought out documents from the time of the action against Prasch by Elim, wherein respected theologian David Pawson, acting as arbiter between the two stated,

“Nor was the whole dispute [between Prasch and Elim] under consideration, only one of the allegations [made by Prasch].  An injunction was being sought against any repetition of this particular statement [of Prasch’s], which had put Elim ministers and members in serious danger to their lives, according to the public authorities in Northern Ireland.”

David Pawson, Arbitration Report: ‘Elim’ and ‘Moriel‘ (1998)

Elim took Prasch to Court not because he rejected the drunken and laughing revivals as he later publicly claimed, but solely because the loose cannon and demonised Prasch had slandered and lied about Elim leaders in Northern Ireland, claiming during The Troubles there that those Elim leaders had encouraged their members to join an armed group and “KILL FOR CHRIST“. Northern Ireland’s public authorities stated Prasch’s slander had indeed endangered the lives of innocents. So now, when Prasch attempts to play his trump card of saying people said something against him because he was against a false revival, you can know for certain Prasch is on the one hand lying to cover up his demonised behaviour which was the actual cause of the upset, and secondly Prasch is manipulating his audience to believe the lie that he’s some bastion for truth that people speak against because of that truth.  Yet ‘truth’ is something that can be verified through research, and Prasch, under the influence of the harmful spirit since at least 1998 when his demonised behaviour was first recorded, is found through fact-checking to be an habitual and extreme liar who exhibits signs in his raving to be presently compelled and empowered by a demonic entity whose goal is to continue to damage Christians as was Prasch’s joint goal in the mid 1990s when he attempted to conjure the attack and possible murder of Elim ministers in Northern Ireland with his lies, lies that could only be accepted by those with a similar buckled and warped reality who chase the same spirit that wishes to spill Christian blood in the name of “Christ”, the pseudo-Christ whom Prasch names the Metatron.

So warped are the disciples of the raving Prasch, so inverted is their understanding through having their minds altered by exposure to Prasch’s demon, that they will commonly point the finger at me and say I’m the one who is influenced by demonic spirits, yet whilst I can present the biblical reasons for viewing Prasch as demonised (no fruit, many deeds of the flesh, handed over to Satan nationally, visibly rushed by spirits on camera resulting in raving, uttering slander and lies), Prasch’s disciples’ only reason for me being demonically influenced is…….because I fact-check Prasch.  In other words I touched their sacred cow.


I had stated a couple of months ago I was stopping chronicling the Prasch Cult unless they reached ‘cult zenith‘, however in the intervening weeks I ended up posting several new articles, partly caused by taking a final scan through the evidence (uncovering more stuff about Prasch from Australia), and having 2 things I felt troubled about knowing about but not passing on prior, them being Prasch’s association with the serial killer David Berkowitz, and Prasch’s boast about having been handed over to Satan as documented above, so now it is all presented.

With all that work done I think now I can finally go off on other adventures! Please continue to click the share buttons below to help expose the cult.

4 thoughts on “Jacob Prasch Was Handed Over to Satan, Not Locally But NATIONALLY by 600 Ministers

  1. Good article. I think that Prasch’s health will continue to decline as his numbers dwindle and his donations decline. His heart has gotten harder as his lies have been exposed. Is he beyond repentance; only the Lord knows, but it doesn’t look good.

  2. When it comes to Prasch being demonised, consider former TearFund New Zealand CEO Steve Tollestrup’s experience with Prasch back in 2013 which he outlined as a means of dissuading others (in particular Andrew Jones of tallskinnykiwi.com) from debating Prasch:


    Interesting how Tollestrup labels Prasch as an “almost demonic in character”, a “sad attention-seeker”, and also “unhinged”, the latter term being how Phil Johnson and Jan Markel have described him. (See https://tbckawaii.com/the-jacob-prasch-cult-season-4/#episode39)
    Also interesting is how Tollestrup raises questions about Prasch’s supposed education!

    Another person who Prasch attacked (Stephen Sizer) did a video with Tollestrup clearly referring to Prasch without naming him:

    Tollestrup outlines how Prasch’s doomsday theology reduces the Jews and Palestinians into pawns for those doomsday merchants to bring about the end of the world.

    The full list of people Prasch has demanded debate him (including the 3 mentioned above) can be viewed here:

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