JD Hall Set to Nuke Moriel on Dec. 9th for Covering Up Servus Christi’s Life of Sin! (Updates!)

Christian news reporter from Protestia (formerly of Pulpit & Pen), JD Hall, who massively exposed and effectively terminated the ministry and career of Joshua Chavez aka Servus Christi back in August 2020 by exposing his life of sexual sin and trafficking, has sensationally announced today he will be taking out Chavez’s continued collaborator Jacob Prasch—and his “ministry” Moriel the screaming loon had hired Chavez to work at between 2018 and 2019—for the appalling sin of enabling Chavez in his sexual sin and his trafficking of a young blonde South African as a “wife”, and then ghosting her once he’d dined upon her, and committing quite disgusting spiritual abuse against her since their January 2019 wedding.

After JD Hall released his much anticipated exposé on Chavez on August 24th 2020, I recorded how Chavez went on the run from the allegations, and Prasch—who was implicated for giving Chavez’s wedding his blessing via an internet call on the big day on 15th January 2019—was criminally silent despite JD calling him to account publicly for what he allowed under his watch, with the wedding occuring right in the middle of Chavez’s time working for Prasch at Moriel Ministries as the social media person and junior witch-hunter to the railing Prasch.

Initially in the days after the exposé hit, Chavez made claims to his fangirls that he’d reply quickly and would silence JD who he accused of lying. However Chavez’s defence never materialised and a follow up report by JD Hall explained why: Chavez had merely hired a lawyer to threaten JD into silence, but JD called their bluff by refusing to step back from the fray, and Chavez’s challenge immediately fell at the first hurdle. It is now approaching 100 days of silence from Chavez about the exposing of his life of sin, with the only work presented being his frequent use of the TippEx to rid his YouTube and Facebook feeds of any rogue comments asking for answers.

One of the biggest hindrances to Chavez launching any effective defence against the claim that he was married and has now split from his wife and has been committing spiritual abuse against her (all which terminates his fool self-appointed position in ministry as ‘Servus Christi’), was the fact that a wedding picture appeared from 15th January 2019 with the bride, Joelle, in her wedding dress, and Chavez in his wedding suit:

Prasch had also remained silent, other than an apparently preemptive message about his common topic of “Jezebels in the church” he reposted around the time of the exposé, with my conclusion being Prasch would attempt to attack Chavez’s wife by labelling her a Jezebel as he is prone to do, with him labeling various female targets that over the past 2 years as you can see in my video series about his godless behaviour, all as a means to extricate his mate Chavez from a Catch-22 situation and keep him in the ministry.

As Prasch has a long history of launching ridiculous lies to cover up similarly ministry-terminating issues with his own ministry Moriel, it was no suprise that over the past few days Prasch broke his silence on the wedding by claiming…IT NEVER HAPPENED. No joke! Despite the wedding picture appearing about 3 months ago on 5th September, Prasch LIED—as is demonically common for him; his native tongue—and claimed it didn’t exist. I’ve highlighted Prasch’s 4 comments about it he’d posted in the comments section of this video (click here to see it full size):

Here are the two comments Prasch made about the marriage:

Joelle heard about this claim that she hadn’t even been married and was aghast, posting the following comments on her Facebook (which has her wedding picture and lists her as married):

It has been merely 4 days after Prasch’s lies and Joelle’s reaction that JD Hall has stood up to defend the innocent and call the spiritual abusers to account with this Facebook post:

Good for him. What a chieftain!

I’ll update this page with everything leading up to the exposing of the incredibly evil career charlatan and financial fraudster and fake Jew Prasch, and the events after it, so keep checking back and share this article, and more importantly share JD’s December 9th date with everybody so that they can hear for themselves what type of demonized wickedness Moriel Ministries is, so they can see Prasch receive his comeuppance as Chavez did at JD’s hands in August:

4th Dec: Speculation on How will prasch respond to JD

It’s 6 days before JD’s trashing of Prasch, and I was thinking about how Prasch may respond to it. What’s interesting is JD’s exposing of Servus Christi (Joshua Chavez) on 24th August 2020 and his follow-up article had large segments directed at Prasch and Moriel, and now, 102 days after the former, Prasch has remained in hiding from JD; even his response to the Rosebroughs above didn’t mention JD. Indeed during the 102 days Prasch has only attacked Chris Rosebrough repeatedly with his idiotic widely debunked and spurious material, issuing the package of lies in video, article, post and comment form on various platforms; the whole while JD has been ignored. It’s not immediately obvious why Prasch has fled from engaging with JD, because Prasch has attacked JD in the past, in June 2018, in this idiot video where Prasch threatened JD, Tim Challies, and Todd Friel, with the Moriel patented Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon system of damnation, which Prasch and his idiot puppet Joshua Chavez peddle despite the system being ridiculed widely as farcical and imbecilic. JD had a good laugh at being attacked by Prasch back then:

But this time around, 102 days pass by, and Prasch daren’t shoot any of his fiery arrows from his Moriel ivory tower out at JD. You have to ask yourself why. Immediately attacking people is, after all, Prasch’s knee-jerk reaction to every type of criticism levelled against him since as far back as 1998. And it’s not like JD hasn’t triggered Prasch by not pushing any of his buttons, because JD has called him a “ranting lunatic“, a “destitute, sad old man”, and a fake Jew who has built a personality cult:

“Moriel’s camera work may give the appearance of him being a destitute, sad old man holed away in a non-descript trailer park somewhere…”

JD Hall on Prasch

“Painting themselves as discernment ministers, Moriel Ministries builds a level of credibility by critiquing the low-hanging fruit of notoriously false teachers, many of whom desperately need to be exposed…. But instead of pointing to Christ Jesus, Moriel Ministries and its henchmen have built a worldwide cult of personalities for Jacob Prasch, the ranting lunatic who has been proven to have lied about his (non) Jewish ancestry and holds to uniquely bizarre doctrinal beliefs (like Jesus is the Metatron or that John MacArthur is a tool of the antichrist).”

JD Hall on Prasch

After such true and public slams of Prasch and everything he has created, one would naturally have expected him to be dragged out by his ardent cult members into addressing the painful cognitive dissonance which the truth—that Prasch had long sheltered them from—was suddenly causing now they’d encountered it, but a reaction to JD’s multiple ministry-terminating allegations levelled against both Prasch’s Moriel Ministries and Chavez’s Servus Christi Ministries apparently didn’t even earn so much as a sentence in Prasch’s two recent editions of his ranting magazine made for indoctrinating his cult members, Moriel Quarterly.

Artist’s impression of Prasch’s magazine

And it wasn’t as if Prasch hadn’t invented various answers (read: LIES) to defend himself and Chavez against JD’s allegations, for Prasch outlined his farcical and warped perspective last week to Chris and Joshua Rosebrough, as recorded earlier above, so what has made JD Hall the personal Bogeyman for Prasch that he hides out from him? Whatever the cause of the silence from Prasch is, I’m pretty certain JD’s December 9th takedown of Prasch will be powerful enough to cause him to have to react somehow since his complicity in Chavez’s “Life of Sin“, spiritual abuse and sexual immorality will be undeniably presented, causing his cult members to expect a response from their Pope-like leader to ease their pain of cognitive dissonance. Whether that response will be like Prasch’s several hour responses to Chris Rosebrough earlier this year and require hearty levels of liquor is yet to be known, but if JD is Prasch’s Bogeyman then it’s probable he’ll need additional Dutch courage to launch his attack.

Wednesday 9th!

Today is the day! Fittingly I found today, the day JD has chosen to expose Jacob Prasch’s sin, it happens to be International Anti-Corruption Day, which is the most ideal day of the year to expose a corrupt individual and his corrupt organisation:

You can listen to JD Hall’s destruction of the Moriel Golden Calf here [edit: Now released free on Biblethumpingwignut’s Podcast library] where JD outlines Jacob Prasch (and Joshua Chavez) as “discernment ministers of the Devil”. I’ve made a list of JD’s points below.

Bullet points That Gun Down Moriel

  • 3 min: Jacob Prasch and Joshua Chavez are “discernment ministers of the Devil.”
  • 25 min: Prasch “is faking who he is” as a pretend Jew.
  • 25 min: “Moriel: it is a plague on the church of Jesus“.
  • 26 min: Moriel’s primary purpose is to bring people out the church, into an “internet relationship” with Prasch, to support Jacob Prasch financially.
  • 26 min: Prasch poses as a real minister when he’s not one.
  • 26 min: Prasch is like Ergun Caner, a fake.
  • 27 min: Why Prasch fakes being a Jew.
  • 31 min: “Prasch’s goals and ambitions in discernment are different from God.”
  • 31 min: Prasch was on WhatsApp at the Chavez wedding.
  • 33 min: Chavez wanted his ‘wife’ to financially support him.
  • 33 min: Chavez was “incensed” on the honeymoon to find his ‘wife’ wasn’t loaded and couldn’t be his sugar-momma.

  • 34 min: Evidence of Chavez gaslighting his ‘wife’.
  • 35 min: Chavez attempted to have his ‘wife’ put in a mental hospital.
  • 36 min: Chavez’s silence post August exposé.
  • 36 min: Chavez launched a feeble legal challenge against JD Hall.
  • 37 min: Chavez “is a scumbag”.
  • 38 min: Chavez commits fornication and is disqualified from ministry as he’s not above reproach.
  • 41 min: Jacob Prasch is to share blame for Chavez’s sexual sin.
  • 42 min: Prasch lied about the Chavez wedding even occurring.
  • 43 min: Prasch lied about Chavez’s ‘wife’, falsely claiming she bailed on Chavez prior to the marriage.
  • 44 min: Prasch “acts like an attorney in a civil suit” trying to find a “loophole” that excuses Chavez’s sin.
  • 46 min: JD Hall will “sue the crap out of” Chavez if Chavez says JD is lying.
  • 46 min: Chavez is a “scumbag heretic”.
  • 48 min: People like Prasch abuse and victimise women.
  • 48 min: Chavez’s predatory behaviour must be exposed by all Christians.
  • 49 min: Prasch should be in the same category of false teacher as Todd Bentley and Bill Johnson.
  • 49 min: Chavez cannot make a public response to the marriage allegations because he knows he’s guilty.
  • 50 min: Prasch’s lies are “grade A scumbag behaviour.”
  • 50 min: “If you support Prasch…or Chavez…I don’t know how to consider you as a Christian.”

Well that pretty much sums up and blows away Prasch’s entire farcical career of enrichment by bewitchment, with JD outlining how Prasch is a “discernment minister of the Devil” in the league of Bill Johnson and Todd Bentley (and keep in mind how Prasch sponges more money from his demonic ministry than Todd does). So much for Prasch’s stated desire 20+ years ago to be like highly respected theologian Francis Schaeffer, with him left duking it out with those heretic barrel-scrapers for the title of most demonic minister. And just consider the genius of God of pairing Prasch with Servus Christi in bringing about their mutual exposing! They are now as tied together as Ahab and Jezebel.

15th December: Prasch Responds and Reaches a New Low

It took the cult leader Jacob Prasch nearly a week to respond to JD Hall’s exposé, and when I say ‘respond’, a more accurate word would be ‘avoid’, considering Prasch’s reaction to all the damning info JD presented was to throw a smoke bomb and run away, because Prasch, in typical form, couldn’t deal with the information presented, so merely fled from dealing with it. But the smoke bomb Prasch threw was a new low in his conduct, considering he pulled a Clayton Jennings and used Clayton’s attempted escape route from his own 2019 exposing at JD’s hands, by throwing out the fallacy of the single cause by attempting to correlate JD’s 26 minute interaction with Prasch-like charlatan Ergun Caner’s teenage son Braxton’s tragic suicide in 2014 [I’ve blurred the faces from Prasch’s attack post as he did not]:

For an overview of JD’s brief conversation with Braxton and Braxton’s death a month after, and people’s attempts to present a correlation/causation, read this article on the BibleThumpingWingNut.

The rancid thing about Prasch’s Clayton Jennings-sourced efforts to re-spark a witch-hunt on JD is that although JD admitted his interaction with Braxton wasn’t pastoral and was focussed on outing his charlatan fake-former-terrorist father Ergun for his various lies, nobody could conclude JD was out to coerce Braxton into suicide, yet Prasch himself, rather famously in Summer 2019, DID openly attempt to coerce Bill Randles into committing suicide, as recorded here and in this video:

And the quite horrific nature of why Prasch rehashed the Clayton Jennings defence is very visible in Prasch’s introduction to his attack against JD:

So Prasch is using the tragic death of a teen in 2014 as his method of attacking someone else and then grandstanding, with his heartless “in memory of” statement immediately followed in Praschian CAPSLOCKED declaration for JD to have a “merry Christmas” in reaction to it. And consider Prasch’s reiteration of the hopes of the effect of his attack seen at his signing off at the end of the article:

This rhetoric sums up Prasch’s and his cult’s mentality, that people should be, in essence, killed for the crime of disagreeing with Prasch (as Bill Randles experienced last year), or for the additional crime of exposing his sins. Consider how Prasch also wished decapitation upon the disabled Justin Peters earlier this year when Justin disagreed with Prasch and his Igor (Joshua Chavez), as detailed here. Prasch’s reaction to JD Hall’s exposé revealed once again that Prasch cannot answer any of JD’s statements made against him, and wishes violent death upon his opponents, and will use the untimely death of a teen to serve his purpose of avoiding at all costs answering for his life of sin.

76 thoughts on “JD Hall Set to Nuke Moriel on Dec. 9th for Covering Up Servus Christi’s Life of Sin! (Updates!)

  1. Prasch and Chavez are spitting images of Trump. Both Chavez and (his Pope) Prasch’s — automatic defense about their clearly lawless behavior is to lie, attack and slander, and muddy the waters to cause doubt. I guess when you lie so much that your conscience gets so sceared that it doesn’t even matter anymore to the point of believing your own lies, thus causing one to live in a fictional reality clothed in narcissism. 🤔. Its crazy how much alike Prasch and Chavez are! I wonder how the Prassh/Chavez cult members will respond to Jd Hall’s expose? Hopefully some of them wake up and flee these wolves.

    1. Beavis Christi is a lot like Mario “The Vigilant Christian”. He was a fool YouTuber with 100,000+ followers, who made many short snappy videos about Christianity and conspiracy theories (in contrast to Beavis’ 2 hours to strain out 10 minutes of information). Mario clearly loved himself and made another idiot channel called “The Godly Bros” which was geared around showing how real Christian men should act with females. Then Mario was exposed as a lewd pick-up artist, a sex addict, and a drug addict. Gary 828 exposed him (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTdCfdoc2FuSFpfRVW52gaA). Mario vanished for a while, lost his channel, but keeps trying to relaunch his career (as Gary 828 documents).
      I suspect that type of lame future is ahead for Beavis, and if his idiot world totally collapses he’ll run back to the apparently bulletproof Moriel compound and live out his days there as a gurning retard alongside Amos Farrell and David Lister.

  2. Unfortunately, Prasch will love any press he gets negative or positive. This will flush Josh out to make a statement since his spiritual daddy J.A. Prasch had to speak for the poor boy. These guys disgust me with Prasch even taking another shot at me using my wife Donna’s dying of Alzheimer’s to show I always have a sob story. Who does that kind of crap? Prasch’s continued stories like David Lister and Elvis ae coming back to haunt him. I will also wait and see if his acolytes like John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel and Marco Quintana of Devore Church in California will continue to cover up and promote Prasch. I used to think Haller was smart but he really has no common sense even though he claims to be in the loop with Moriel. Moriel (that’s means David Lister and James Prasch) only lets people know what they want them to know. Those 2 guys only know the truth about anything that is going on. A real shame that Prasch continues to take shots at Chris Rosebrough’s son Joshua when his own son Eli is no gem. Plus Prasch would never allow what happened to Joelle to happen to his own daughter Beth so why the double standard?

    1. No, his lawyer Adam Pollack has asked for more time for case management and ‘discovery’, but supposing the next meeting is the last on 25 January 2021, the trial could be scheduled for around March.

      The more time means potentially the more money Pappa Prasch is shifting to Eli.

    1. Here is another interesting thing. (and I hope Linda is watching this). I found out I was already signed up to Patreon and had an account there. Goodness, gracious. I never signed up for this it must have magically happened and the picture used was when someone faked me on YouTube putting a positive spin on Moriels post on Amos Farrells nutty and lying videos. There were a couple fake accounts and I never use fake accounts. Well, that shows you the lack of fruit at a certain church. “Fredo I know it was you . You broke my heart”. They are now locked out of the account and cannot attempt collecting money using my name. SMH. And they call me a fraud and dishonest person. It shows the depths Moriel or it’s cult members will go to to make money from a guy who is a full-time caregiver to his wife who has Alzheimer’s. If Prasch is reading this “Hey Jimmy lets have us a nice face to face if you ever make it back to the states as is required claiming dual citizenship. Bring friend’s you punk.

      1. Tim-looking back you had to have seen the signs of the hypocrisy and the rotten fruit of Prasch and the Prashites while working there? You don’t have to answer me but I’m prying here– did you ever notice Prasch drinking or buzzed or smelling of alcohol- lol?🙋‍♂️

      2. I tried to help Prasch and me trying to hold him and Lister accountable and that lead to eventually what happened. For a time I was caught up in the cult just like everyone else. I did do a film after his birthday where I had to later block out the JD he got for his birthday. I will have to find that. I told Prasch I made a mistake and that we should do the clip over. He told me to just block it out. I will have to look if it still there.

      3. You are really demented, Tim.
        Now threatening Jacob if he comes to the states. The name calling. And for him to bring his friends to have a face off with you? Fake accounts and trying to make money off you??? Do you realize how paranoid you sound? You are sick. Your heart is hardened from holding onto anger and allowing it to control you.
        You talk as if Jacob reads this nonsense. He does not.
        I’m the only one who does read it. And that is sparingly.
        Say what you will..but threatening Jacob is wrong.

      4. Yes, a face to face meeting is how you deal with bullies and liars like Prasch, Lister and Haller. Yes,
        I do want to have a face to face with my accusers and set the record straight with them. Not a psychical threat.
        But I want them to look me in the eye so I can straighten out the lying tongues with facts.
        I deal with all 3 face to face

  3. Regarding Servus Christi – the tragedy is that people are still thoughtlessly linking to his videos. I initially got caught up in this because friends were posting links to SC videos on Facebook and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even watch them. They were posted based on the salacious titles.

    1. The thing that has really gotten under my skin is that Prasch refers to me as a conman and using a sob story. For goodness sake, Donna is and has been dying from Alzheimer’s. Prasch knows that and even beyond that, he changed shirts in front of my wife when we were getting ready to tape at Prophecy Update in his hotel room when he was doing a conference at Haller’s church. Who does that and drops trousers to tuck in his shirt? Why not just go into the bathroom. Why? Because Prasch can and no one holds him accountable. My radio station pays for itself and breaks even but I do not take a salary from that it pays monthly for my servers. Plus we just got the bill from the hospital which after my insurance coverage it’s still in the thousands of dollars. People have been kind but I can no longer work the part-time job I had in between radio shows as a janitor because the daycare Donna went to was closed and will remain closed due to COVID. Please don’t take this as complaining. People here have been great out giving and spreading the word and praying. And I know times are tough so please take care of your families first. God has always taken care of us. Moriel claims I owe them money (which I do not) and have never once produced a bill. Never! On the other hand, they stiffed me on a bill for setting up their platforms and that was over 8500 dollars. And I bill through QuickBooks and know Lister saw the bill and then ignored it. SMH. If you so choose please share my Go Fund Me link gf.me/u/ydf6vb The reason I’m so angry is someone has tried to collect money under a fake ID. Who does that? Sorry about the rant brothers and sisters. They can no longer use the Patreon account but who knows what else is out there? Sorry again for losing my temper. Blessings in Jesus-Tim (the real deal)

      1. What “fake accounts?”
        No one knows what you are blathering about.
        No one is tied to a Patreon account that I know of. Please show proof. You are just rambling with no facts.

      2. The latest Prasch rant outake “Moriel cannot be a cult because it simply has no members. Its team all attend other churches and affiliated churches are autonomous. Our statement of faith reflects 100% Conservative Evangelical orthodoxy.”

        The criteria for a cult is
        A cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.
        A cult is often a small, newly started religious movement.
        Nuff said

      3. It contains approximately 5 lies per paragraph in the first 2 paragraphs, so with 15 paragraphs it contains potentially/approximately 75 lies in total.

    2. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Scriptures will have alarm bells going off listening to him. Yes he deliberately has attention grapping titles. The more people that watch his videos then the more money for him i guess. Its ridiculous because he comes across well studied and proper but he is boring and has no depth of scripture. He interprets scripture like a Prasch narcissistic mentality of them against the whole body of Christ. Cult- they are the only ones left that have not compromised and they only have the truth and whoever disagrees is a demonized apostate, etc….. Servus doesn’t even believe in eternal security- mind boggling. Eternal security is a foundational Christian doctrine. It complicates the scriptures and elevates man (narcissism) thus down-grading that the gospel is all about Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross!!! Personally I think Servus hates true Christians, is a wolf, and a false convert. He has alot of hatred in him.. Only the Lord knows but his fruit is really really rotten

      1. I still think that Josh will never respond to this and JD actually threatened him with a lawsuit if he stated JD lied. Prasch is going to have to respond but who knows. JD did just stick with the facts. The entire podcast includes other things and the Prasch segment is mainly from 25:25 and ends at 54:30. Nothing else about Prasch to the end of the podcast

  4. Here is the link again. And please take care of your families first.I know it’s really tough out there God will provide. Prayers are always coveted. Donna’s cognitive abilities continue to decrease and it’s like a slow death and really hard to watch. I would not wish this on anyone including Prasch and his cult https://www.gofundme.com/5fg38-help-a-caregiver

  5. did you ever notice Prasch drinking or buzzed or smelling of alcohol- Here is the film it’s still up lol. I have downloaded it as well. This is hiding a huge gift box of Jack Daniels filmed near Prasch’s birthday where he took an expensive cruise down the Thames with family. Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvvGm6iNAo&t=232s

    1. Man I have a hard time even listening to him. Prasch is so off putting to me. He just comes across bombastic, arrogant, and prideful!! I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if he ends up in more scandals , like cheating on his taxes. It seems he would have no problem lie-ing about his donations or true income, and mixing his church money with his business money, etc…. Prasch has always accused people of being a lover of money , all the while he himself is a lover of money and a fraud. So sad!. I dont want anyone to go to hell so I pray that he truly gets saved if he really isn’t. Odds are definitely against him as of now🤷‍♂️

  6. Moriel is on the run and I do not think that Prasch will respond. Maybe I’m wrong. I understand that Lister has been caring for an ailing parent but to not answer the phone anymore is suspect. And why Haller, Sandy, Marco and all the others stick with Moriel seeing a ton of evidence makes we wonder. In one of my last conversations with Sandy he just really did not want to know the facts about Prasch and Moriel that were already there. Did he forget it will be Jesus saying (or not saying) “Well done good and faithful servant”, not Prasch. Are they mixed up about who they get their reward from?

      1. Yes, I am. We had been friends longer than I knew Prasch. It’s my opinion that Moriel put pressure on Sandy to break fellowship. Not sure but Sandy refused to look at the facts even though he would say “That’s not good” me “Sandy did you watch the video” Sandy “No” me “Why not” “Sandy silence. In parting fellowship with me, part of the reason was given here. Sandy “But I cannot agree with the course of action you have taken against many people on Facebook, etc. as I already detailed, and I don’t see any indication that you are going to stray from that course. I have enjoyed being in ministry with you over the years and our friendship but with these new developments, I am finding it hard to trust you at present. ” end quote. It was hard to trust me because I came out against Moriel thats what Sandt meant. Very sad.

      2. I emailed him some of tbckawaii’s articles on Prasch – obviously no response. I dont know him personally but I’m a little bit familiar with his website and that he is partners with Prasch. I believe he is from Hawaii. Look at it this way – he has more to loose by un-friending Prasch then he does you. Sandy I believe was in a cult before he got saved but it looks like the cult mentality remains- which is “turn you head and deny any facts and avoid any facts”. Im baffled that people still partner with Prasch when the evidence is undeniably that he’s a fraud and has been since the beginning!!! It’d be a different story if he was repentant but he isn’t. It seems he doesn’t have an inkling of repentance in him in which I agree with tbckawaii’s article that the Lord has given him over and let him become hardened, if I’m remembering his point of his article. Anyways if he hasn’t repented by now then he never will. These clowns are ignorant; if Chavez and Prasch truly repented then the body of Christ would forgive them and they would have a clear conscience if they admitted their sins and took responsibility. But they haven’t and probably never will and I believe they will end up in mental madness, which Prasch already is. And Josh is in his footsteps. If we say we have no sin then the truth is not in us. And there is a sin leading unto death!

  7. I called Sandy out on how Moriel promotes him. This was taken just not from moriel .org (edit: I’ve added in screenshots, Tim. -tbckawaii)

    Sandy has lived in North Carolina for over 2 years now. So he may minister by email but he literally does not do any of the above. And Moriel is raising money for Sandy this way.
    Wow whats wrong with that picture?
    Sandy also posted this article. Notice his glowing almost worship for Prasch.


    I always thought Sandy was smarter than the cult of personality of James A Prasch.
    Yes Prasch does speak a lot of languages.
    But how many does he speak fluently?
    Spanish and his Hebrew is pretty good even though Pavia would correct Prasch on his pronunciation when we were tapping. This would send Prasch into an instant frenzy
    Sandy needs to repent and leave the Moriel cult

  8. Birds of a feather flock together! Like father like son!! Pope Prasch is these guy’s father without a doubt! Very Sad!!! But if they want the truth then the Lord will reveal it to them. Which He has through Chris Rosebrough, tbckawaii, Jd Hall, etc… So these guys don’t want the truth and I believe its all about money. If they depart from Prasch then they loose their jobs and have no money. Which is a hard choice but at the end of the day: who will you serve!??

    1. There are the cult members who will stick with their Jewish Pope Aloysius even if he was put in prison, such as the mesmerised Amos Farrell, David Lister, and that idiot Marco Quintana, but I wonder how many others quietly wish they could escape the cult but fear they can’t since Prasch has “got stuff” on them.
      Prasch presented farcical fake material against David Nathan, and as much as it was proven to be rank deception, it clearly took a toll on DN. Bill Randles faced it too. Nobody well known can just leave the cult and not look back; they’ll be hunted and slandered for years potentially.
      Prasch claims to not run a cult but his behaviour towards those who leave is the clearest sign of a cult.

      1. Excellent point. Cults are a web of fear and they shame those who don’t agree or dishing out punishment when one doesn’t want to be involved anymore. No love and all control leading people to their internet church.

  9. So Prasch, in reaction to JD Hall, has used a suicide of a teen as a means of wishing violent DEATH upon his exposer JD Hall! Insane! I’ve updated the article above to record it.

    1. I didn’t agree with what JD did back then (Caner’s son). But predictable response from Moriel. Instead of addressing real issues they trade blows.

      I’ve likely lost friends because I comment here from time to time. I care about that. But I care more for getting the word out that Moriel is really a dangerous cult. Jacob Prasch is no minister of God. Wake up, people.

  10. Here is Deborah and Stewart’s response to the recent threats made here.
    TBC can a persons IP address be tracked from within their post?
    I know on Mike and Pat Rogers blog the IP shows up.
    Could be helpful to the authorities.
    These are veiled death threats made and the authorities have been contacted but tracking the IP may help bro.
    You know where I am

    1. Man- the Praschites and the Chavez-ites are some sick people. Prasch has definitely over played his hand and it come back to bite him!!

    2. How much more do these poor people have to endure?! That is absolutely unacceptable!
      Stewart and Deborah Menelaws, please hang in there! Prasch targeting you like this just further exposes him as an unrepentant sinner in danger of hell. I can’t imagine how difficult this is for you. God bless and protect both of you!

  11. Prasch is filled with hate which will probably speed up the tipping of his mind into total insanity or going senile!!

    Tbckawaii do you know if Prasch has lost viewers over the Chavez marriage scandal? Thanks

    1. It’s hard to know if many have tuned out because of that scandal in particular because it has been so recent. The trend however seems to be a continual decline, first seen in Prasch’s ‘Northern Conference’ in Spring 2019 when he went on that 9-minute rant, and excused small numbers. Then there were smaller crowds at the Fall 2019 Hayes Conference, smaller still at the Winter Moriel Scotland 2019 conference where Prasch moaned and excused the tiny numbers, followed by the ‘Bulletproof Cuckoo’ video that December where he pleaded for more donations. Then a month later his 2018 IRS report came out showing an increase in donations ($147,000 salary), yet 2018 was before the rot set in….so from 2019 there has been a continued decline. The 2019 Moriel UK finances report came out in Autumn 2019 and there was a drop of 25% revenue, so I’d expect the same in the US IRS accounts for 2019 set to be released in January 2021.
      Seems 2018 was the high water mark (or high poison mark) for Moriel.

  12. People on here may have already pointed out Yacov the fake Jews Dec. 12th video but Jacob Praschs new schtick is “by marriage and living in Israel”. He says his mother was catholic and father “no religion” but he was “incorporated” into his Jewishness via wife, Israel etc. that’s how he figured out Christianity was a “mutated form”of the Jewish religion.
    That man has no conscience, no convictions about anything he has said or done. It is foolish no consider that “lying spirit” a Christian, much less as teacher of the Word of God. He’s simply one of Satans many ministers “deceiving and being deceived”and he has some followers that are deceived, and the others are just goats with itching ears – some of who post here.

    1. Saw that. And Marco looked clueless. Poorly done with Prasch just talking about history and pharmaceuticals. But just like Haller who talks about scripture for about 5-10 min and then regurgitates the news for another hour plus its amazing they still have any following. Both have lost subscribers and their weekly hits are way down over last year. You can see this because its in the public on their YouTube channel. You can see how the numbers have dropped with all the lies Prasch has told for decades

      1. So if his “father was no religion” the “clipping” was secular. And there was no reason for him to have any Jewish schooling etc. The narrative seems to be falling apart.

      2. Hey Alf: Jewish community centres in New York are used by everyone. This was part of Prasch’s con. In New York, Jewish community centres are used for children to have a place to go after school if they have working parents. It has nothing to do with Judaism its just run by Jewish people. It’s more of a fraternal organization and they have nice things to do for kids of various ages etc. From Wiki Their programs and activities vary by location. Particularly noteworthy is the JCC in West Bloomfield, Michigan,[21] which is the largest JCC in North America, and possibly the world. The Holocaust Memorial Center, which attracts many visitors to its programs and exhibits, used to be a part of the JCC of West Bloomfield, but recently opened a building of its own. The West Bloomfield JCC houses two gymnasiums which can be made into three gyms using a movable wall, a workout area, an indoor full size and kiddie pool, an outdoor full size pool, a kosher restaurant, a Michigan Jewish war veterans museum, an in line hockey center, a library, ceramics/art rooms, a large multi-purpose room (Handleman Hall), an art museum, an area dedicated to teaching and learning about tzedakah (charity) called Shalom Street, a performing arts theater in the basement, a preschool, offices for summer camps, the previously mentioned preschool, and other administrative offices and organizations. The top floor is completely dedicated to The Jean and Samuel Frankel Jewish Academy of Metropolitan Detroit,[22] a Jewish High School which opened in 2000. The JCC building is on the Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Jewish Community Campus along with multiple living quarters for the elderly and mentally disabled and an Alzheimer’s treatment building.” end wiki article.
        The sad thing is most of us knew that Prasch was never half Jewish through his mom and dad. But we just let him talk. Im going to do a short video on this.

      3. In the latest lame tape from Prasch and Marco, they edited that part out as well as the “Christianity is a mutation part”. Glad I downloaded the original.

  13. Good info, Tim. He contradicted his earlier narrative that stated the reason for attending these Jewish centers was because of his father. Now he states that he “acculturated into Jewish culture basically through marriage…” etc. So the Jewish-Midrash insights etc were a ministry shtick.

    As far as ancestry tests go, I did one with 23AndMe. Anyone who has had one done knows that they get a breakdown. In my case, I was born in North Italy near Switzerland and I don’t look like a typical Italian. The test revealed that I’m less than half Italian, with the rest being French-German and smaller segments, including some Irish. It was very detailed.

    If Jacob Prasch was legitimately half-Jewish he would have produced the breakdown to prove it. It’s no good excusing yourself by saying it is personal-private data when your integrity has been challenged. If the data had proved his claim, he would have certainly presented it. Jacob Prasch has been caught lying and his followers are in denial.

    1. And to add to that. Here is how Prasch lies and justifies his own lying. It could be he went to the Jewish Center because his father worked not because his father was Jewish.

  14. Whew! I’ve been getting caught up on your posts, and alot has happened. TBCKawaii, are you able to dig into the missions aspect of Moriel to track where the donations are going and to whom? This bit about Sandy Simpson living in NC, yet Moriel still receives donations for him working in the Pacific Islands is really making me sick. I’d like to know what else is a big lie in his mission finances. Is Prasch helping anyone but himself?

    1. The Phillipinoo dump children is a real did and they got them dental work and a couple times Prasch took them out for burgers and fries which was a nice treat.
      The thing with Sandy really bothered me because before I had not read the Pacific fund thing before I left Moriel.
      When Sandy was I was doing a Moriel project setting up Moriel TV at Sandys in Hawaii years ago.
      I know Sandy would go pick up poor people in the area and bring them to his house and Sandys mom Juanita would teach them.
      I was only there a couple weeks so I don’t know if Juanita did that every week or not
      She was a really good bible-teacher and has since gone to be with the Lord.
      Sandy did teach at a local church there a really solid church.
      Mike Oppenheimer would teach there as well.
      As far as Micronesia and all that the fund lists maybe he does that by email
      I don’t know
      The South African Aids kids are all grown up now so I have no idea if they even have an orphanage there still.
      In one of TBCkawaiis exposes he shows where the missions got very little money.
      You can look at the 990’s online and see that.
      Remember all the money Prasch makes is free and clear.
      All travel, hotel, food back when he was on the road was paid for.
      Now that Lister has flew the coop in Pittsburg who knows what’s next for Moriel?
      Lister and Prasch run Moriel and both seem out of comission

    2. It’s hard to ascertain how connected Prasch’s ‘missionaries’ even are to Moriel in the first place, because he recently lied about an association to Israeli mission group One For Israel (see episode 48), and considered his missionary to Japan worthy of witch-hunt a few years ago (Geoff O’Toole, see https://tbckawaii.com/2019/09/23/224/), and refers a lot to AIDS babies in Africa despite his Ebowyn Village for them collapsing years ago and all the children merely went to live with his mate Dave Royale who appears to have a totally separate ministry, and then Prasch lies to this day about Sandy Simpson’s involvement in the Pacific Islands when the guy has lived for years in North Carolina, and Prasch lies about having a Moriel branch in Singapore when the reality is he has an email address claiming to be a branch in Singapore that his late cult member in Australia Marg Godwin appeared to maintain (see sin no.150 here https://tbckawaii.com/2020/08/15/is-this-the-most-evil-christian-minister-of-the-21st-century/).

      1. Plus the ministry in Thailand is self-supported by other means outside of Moriel. The ministry is run by Scott Noble who is a really good guy who I have met before. Not sure how many crumbs they get from the Prasch/Lister table. People really need to realize there is no real Board that holds Prasch or Lister accountable. Moriel is run by those 2 guys.

      2. Well Moriel keeps sending me Quarterly’s (God only knows why). the South African update from Dave and Lyn and they give a direct link to donate to the Ebyown Childrens Village so who knows about that. They have did good work in the past with HIV kids etc..
        Sandys update state that both him and his wife Rose had COVID and are now better. That good. Sandy teaches at his home church in North Carolina on Fridays, teaches Sunday School there and runs the sound and overheads. The church he ends with stating Rose has not been able to work and their support level is down. Nothing on Micronesia or the ministry Moriel advertises for Sandy. SMH Pray for these people. I have been accused of being a con man and using a sob story. At least with the Go Fund Me, I tell the truth

  15. Oh my goodness!! This is fraud! I had no idea his African children’s home ended. I think I remember him begging donations for it in a video a few years back.

      1. Hey, bro and everyone So Africa giving is more of a concept like the Pacific giving. Officer Mike Benade the famous South African policeman from the Moriel Police Squad runs South Africa Moriel branch now. The Aids village was a real thing but I do not believe it exists anymore. The village name was actually changed to Mount of Olives back in 2014 and that was the last report from Dave T Bone Royle.. The Mount of Olives Facebook page is still active and shows Dave is in charge and still lists the Eboymn village but Officer Mike runs the South African branch. Plus they have a new project you can give to Moriel Digital Evagellism which is odd because you can still give to Moriel TV which could be considered digital evangelism. At least that’s the way Prasch referred to Moriel TV in the past. But again the last mission’s report from South Africa is here.https://blog.moriel.org/authors-1/dave-royle/moriel-south-africa-missions-report-december-2014.html
        The only thing that has really grown in Moriel is the size of the donation button. Next years report should be interesting since there have been zero meetings and no travel expenses. Except maybe for Lister.

  16. I see the East Asia and Pacific fund is $81,580. That looks like a proper salary. Does all of that go to Sandy Simpson?

    1. Who knows. I’m pretty sure that Prasch/Lister would not give this all to Sandy and Sandy is not living high on the hog. I know that for a fact. So who really knows?

    2. There are 5 recipients, so there will be their Japan missionaries, Scott in Thailand, maybe the Indian thing Prasch is starting, and Sandy. That leaves an extra recipient. The 5th could be the fake Singaporean office. Shame there isn’t a breakdown of the amounts.
      But 5 recipients means $16,316 per person if divided evenly, which, again, is minuscule compared to how much ‘lord Jacob’ shovels into his Jack Daniels fund.
      The year prior in 2017 Prasch sent only $1,500 to an African recipient, but made an additional payment specifically to the Children’s Village of $12,500, a type of payment that doesn’t appear on the 2018 IRS report.

      1. I’m not sure how much is divided up but from personal conversations with Sandy in the past who knows how much dwindles down. I believe this ministry and their affiliates days are numbered. But who knows Benny Hinn is still around.

  17. Moriel Ministries-They have a secret
    The newest Moriel video with Marco on it has been altered but I downloaded the origical and a snippet is in this video toward the end

  18. “It contains approximately 5 lies per paragraph in the first 2 paragraphs, so with 15 paragraphs it contains potentially/approximately 75 lies in total.”

    Well now your just showing off bro
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

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