The Complete Farce That Jacob Prasch Cannot Be Challenged on Doctrine

“[Jacob,] during this last year, people have used every mechanism they can to discredit Moriel, and thereby you. They’ve challenged the teaching, even though the Bible is very clear, and nobody of any renown has challenged what you’ve said, it’s all been people who have been either faceless cowards, like tbckawaii…”

-Amos Farrell (cult member)

Throughout my interactions with members of the Jacob Prasch Doomsday Cult, one thing I have seen or heard repeatedly when the cult members are responding to exposés on their “lord Jacob”, is evidence of their ability to seemingly ignore the damning content of exposés by playing repeatedly the cult’s supposed trump card: the belief that Prasch cannot be faulted on his Bible doctrine.  This card is played as a means of aiding the Prasch Cult member in escaping some other aspect of Prasch’s life that in reality flings Prasch out the church, such as his faking being a Jew, being a professional cybersquatter, a professional witch-hunter, or his multiple types of charity fraud.

Ultra cult member, and Moriel social media baboon, Amos Farrell, is perhaps the most obvious proponent of Prasch’s alleged flawless doctrine, stating this wild claim in a December 2019 video: “They’ve challenged the teaching, even though the Bible is very clear, and nobody of any renown has challenged what you’ve said.”

Amos is enabled in his continued brainless worshipping and exalting of his “lord Jacob” largely by his playing his magic Moriel trump card again and again publicly, or, one would assume privately too, when encountering cognitive dissonance.  Each play of the Moriel trump card eases the psychological pain that reality causes Amos with its constant looming threat that he worships a man who is taking him in a hand-basket to Hell, and each play of the card aids in silencing debate or exiting himself from arguments associated with that dreaded reality.  Prasch’s flawless doctrine trump card is a pretty powerful tool for the cultists to aid their continued escape from reality and a powerful tool for Prasch in his draining the bank accounts of those idiots who worship him, so I thought I’d look at the cult’s trump card and analyse whether it holds real power by looking at areas of that allegedly flawless doctrine it speaks of. And the result is four particularly nefarious beliefs Prasch has either twisted, or flat out invented to enrich himself. Here they are:

Midrash’s Cyclical Timeline

“Moriel was born out of not wanting to be part of the apostate church.”

-Jacob Prasch (cult leader)

One of Prasch’s central teachings is Midrash, one of the Jewish systems of Bible interpretation. Whenever Prasch needs to invent anything new (like Jonathan Cahn, or Mark Biltz do) and thus be ‘different’ from other Bible teachers and make money out of his ideas (without having to go on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! idiot TV show to flog his wares) Prasch can rely on his Midrash interpretation. Prasch’s Midrash teaching is heavily focussed on the repetition of events; foreshadows of coming events, etc., which are themselves tied to his belief that the Jewish understanding of time isn’t linear like the West commonly accepts, but is cyclical, hence the same events happen again and again. For instance Prasch will say

“You may have heard me say, ‘We will never understand the second coming of Christ until we understand his first coming’.  What happens in his first coming is replayed—recapitulated—when he comes again.”

Jacob Prasch (The Nativity and Christmas Story)

There may be some truth in the recapitulation of events, but Prasch takes the belief to various extremes and applies it to everything, and note how an extrapolated understanding of it is central to Jonathan Cahn’s imbecile yet money-spinning belief presented in his fool book The Harbinger, and various spinoff TV appearances. Cahn presented the same cyclical/repeating view of how to understand the Bible and present/future events in his tying together of the devastation caused by the enemy of the Jews in Isaiah 9:10, and the devastation caused by the enemy of…modern Americans at 9/11. Mark Biltz (who Jacob Prasch outed as a fake Jew before Prasch himself was outed as a fake Jew) also presented the cyclical/repeating view in his imbecile book Blood Moons, and various spinoff TV appearances, with his explaining how the appearance of blood red moons are cyclical and are themselves tied to judgement upon ancient Jews and…modern Americans. Likewise, Prasch links God’s focus in Bible times on Jews with…modern Americans by focusing his prophetic microscope largely on them as much as the Middle East.

They all try to connect things to Americans because Americans are the ones most likely to buy their produce, since they are the biggest market for Christian books.  Whilst Cahn and Biltz have been wildly successful in the imbecilic chumpery they have produced, Prasch has largely failed, and that’s because he hasn’t managed to focus his Midrash tinted-glasses on a segment of the Bible that has captured the attention/imagination of a wide enough swathe of Americans the way the others have, but it hasn’t been without him trying.

What Prasch has achieved, however, is the creating of an indestructible cultic mindset in a much smaller audience through his Midrash cyclical/repeating view, which outlines how things that happened at Jesus’ first coming will be repeated at His second coming.  Prasch’s teaching presents how Jesus will find only a few disciples upon His return since there were few at his first coming, and those few disciples at his second coming will have departed the denominations since the disciples at his first coming strayed from Jerusalem’s Temple and journeyed into the wilderness to listen to a wild man, John the Baptist. 

The mainstream religious establishment, what was called Judaism at that time, was not ready for the first coming of the Messiah.  There were people who were, but they were outside the system.  I often think of the character called…John the Baptist—actually it’s ‘Baptiser’ in Hebrew—son of a high priest.  Could have been part of the religious establishment from the tribe of Levi etc., and at that time there was a religious aristocracy, yet John the Baptist chose to go out into the wilderness.  He didn’t want to be part of it, he knew it was corrupt, he turned his back on it.” (Prasch, Church For the Churchless, Session 2, October 2019)

Naturally the overflow of accepting this two-pronged teaching by Prasch’s disciples is they…

  1. will depart the denominations
  2. will think they are chosen/special
  3. will view the denominations negatively
  4. will have a negative, pessimistic worldview
  5. and will consider Jacob Prasch to be a John the Baptist type

The fifth point may seem like a stretch, but Prasch has himself stated on camera minutes after the quote above, that he is the John the Baptist for the Second Coming of Christ, at the 2019 Moriel Canada Conference, which I ridiculed in video Episode 26, Peering Out of Cloud Cuckoo Land in Midrash-Tinted Glasses.

You can already see how one false belief can derail a person so much that they’d believe such wild things about themselves and others, and so hate the denominations, but that belief, when accepted, causes a hundred other associated false beliefs to spring from it and pollute the believer’s mind a thousand times over, such as what happens when a person from a dreaded and loathed denomination looks back at the believer in Prasch’s cultic system…

The Recategorisation of Fruit

A telltale sign you are encountering a Jacob Prasch cult member is their farcical inability to see grotesque sin before their eyes inside their camp, all the while hypocritically pointing out specks in the eyes of others, specifically specks in the dreaded denominations.  I have presented Prasch’s sins for 2+ years in video and document format, and so have many others, and yet the Prasch cult are either blinded and cannot see Prasch’s sin, or have recategorised Galatians 5’s ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ as a means to include their cult leader (as outlined in this video) since he does not exhibit any Fruit—or signs of the Holy Spirit’s work—without that recategorisation.  Recategorisation happens in tandem with the two-prong teaching that Prasch has presented that results in the 5 points above, specifically that Prasch is John the Baptist Mk.2., for if someone has accepted that idiocy, how then do they view the widely documented outrageous behaviour of their teacher who is apparently heralding, single-handedly, the return of Jesus Christ?  Well they engage in non-Aristotelean thinking and describe one of his sinful actions not as evil but as a virtue.  For instance they will focus on his screaming/ranting/slandering, and then falsely recategorise this behaviour as the positive trait of ‘zealousness’ for God.  By engaging in this type of thinking (which is a sign of mental illness), a Prasch cult member can go through the list of Prasch’s sins and recategorise them all as virtues, until they reach one which is hard to recategorise, such as ‘lying’, to which they merely ignore the evidence of his lies and repeat, ad nauseam, that the fact-checker rather than Prasch is lying, and then they run away to avoid engaging anymore.

Prasch’s “Oh, you’re not loving!” schtick

This recategorisation of fruit is a natural overflow of Prasch’s false teaching, and is directly taught by Prasch himself via his frequently making light of the Fruit of the Spirit by putting on a ridiculous, sappy voice and repeating a godly virtue about love or peace in an enacting of protest from Christians who have spoken against his behaviour, and then switching back to his own voice to claim he did do that loving/peaceable thing, all in the middle of describing/justifying his own actions of violently attacking someone.

99% Right = 100% Wrong / Parasoxousin

One of Prasch’s bread and butter teachings is about the Greek word parasoxousin:

“We have explained this multiple times already – for instance on our recorded teachings of ‘parasoxousin’ (Greek text) in 2 Peter chapt. 2 and elsewhere. The Torah/ Law of Moses is the Old Testament shadow of the substance found in Christ revealed in The New Testament.  Parasoxousin mean to put truth next to error to camouflage the error; all cults, false teachers, false prophets, and false religions have elements of truth they sow next to error. God hates mixture.” (Prasch, Understanding The Mixture)

Much of Prasch’s teaching is focussed on attacking other Bible teachers by highlighting one thing he disagrees with them on and then expanding on it, basically damning the person for them allegedly putting that one “error” alongside truth and therefore causing the ‘mixture’ or ‘leaven’ that “God hates”.  For instance Prasch has been on a campaign against excellent and respected Bible teacher John MacArthur for YEARS, with his focus being almost entirely MacArthur stating once in the 1980s that a person could take the Mark of the Beast and then repent—a belief that is supported by Scripture considering there is but one unforgivable sin according to Jesus, and taking the Mark isn’t it, as Phil Johnson explained

As nobody on earth shares all the exact same beliefs as any one other person, everybody can—and will—be damned by a motivated Prasch via his finding that difference and then making a mountain out of its molehill.  There are loads of people I know of who Prasch has damned via this system, and his cult members know them too, and those peoples’ entire ministry can be ignored/erased by the cultists merely reciting the reason Prasch damned them in the first place, that reason being them failing to agree with Prasch on something usually trivial, with the cultists aware that if a person is off just minutely, they have, according to Prasch, mixed truth with error, or added a small amount of poison which will kill people.

The irony of Prasch’s system is if he is similarly off in one area, technically he has mixed truth with error, and since “God hates the mixture” according to Prasch, he is therefore damned by his own system, but this logical result is curtailed by the aforementioned Recategorisation of Fruit, which explains any such discrepancy/hypocrisy away, and maintains Prasch and the cult’s belief that he’s right about everything.

‘God Is My Teacher’ / ‘Moriel’

Central to Prasch’s cult is the Hebrew name of his movement, ‘Moriel‘, or rather its widely-known meaning, that being the rather grand claim that ‘God is My Teacher’. Knowing Prasch’s drive to sponge out of his movement as much money as possible, a more fitting name would have been the Aramaic word ‘Māmōn’, or, because of the movement’s mindlessness, the Greek word ‘Mōron‘ would have been more accurate than ‘Moriel‘. But with the name ‘God is My Teacher’, Prasch, from the genesis of his cult, was attempting to protect himself and his teaching from criticism by claiming all he trumpets as sound doctrine originate from none other than God. Respected theologian David Pawson spotted the danger of the name Prasch had created for his movement in his epic 1998 Arbitration Report that had enraged Prasch at its release and again in 2019 when I uncovered and re-released it.

[Prasch] is a powerful personality with considerable intellectual ability and emotional capacity. He has a unique ministry in Bible teaching, especially in the area of Jewish interpretation and application of scripture. His unusual background, knowledge and experience have attracted many followers though, as with other persuasive communicators, some of his devotees regard his pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue, an attitude he does not appear to discourage. The title of his newsletters (‘Moriel’ means ‘God is my teacher’) has more than a hint of a claim to special revelation, whether this is intended or not.
This confidence in his insights becomes more serious in connection with another aspect of his activities. Not content with teaching the truth, he clearly believes that he is also called to expose and denounce all the errors he can find in others. He is adept and even seems eager to discover these and disseminate public warnings about them.
” (David Pawson, Arbitration Report)

The name ‘Moriel‘ “has more than a hint of a claim to special revelation” according to Pawson, and that was some 22 years ago. If in 1998 the very notion and name ‘Moriel‘ had aided Prasch’s disciples in believing Prasch’s “pronouncements as the last word on a subject or issue”, and Prasch “does not appear to discourage” this belief, as Pawson keenly, and in a concerned manner, observed, how does the movement operate when Prasch utters anything incorrect, such as the items earlier mentioned? Well because the name ‘Moriel’ has the double effect of brainwashing Prasch’s disciples into believing him without research/fact-checking, and protecting Prasch from criticism, Prasch has, to my knowledge, never admitted he has been wrong about anything with regard to Bible doctrine, despite the clear cases in which he has been. The belief that God is My Teacher has effectively caused him to double down in everything he utters, be it nonsense like he’s John the Baptist for the second coming of Christ, or that the denominations are all fallen, somewhat like the Roman Catholic Pope when speaking ex cathedra—or in his infallibility. While Prasch doesn’t directly claim infallibility, he indirectly does through his movement name ‘Moriel‘, and through his refusal to accept being wrong about doctrine, all of which logically causes his false teachings to originate from the one who “teaches” Prasch, that being God, which is blasphemy.

Prasch’s Metatron Car crash doctrine

The greatest irony in Prasch’s career of pointing out specks and fake specks in other people’s eyes, all the while declaring God to be the origin of all that he teaches, is he has effectively spent his decades of ‘ministry’ setting himself up for a fall, for if he can be found to be wrong in anything, he is damned by his own system, for biblically, the judgement you bring upon someone must be the measure the judge must be held to also, for since Prasch has called for witch-hunt, defrocking and excommunication of everybody he thinks is in error, he too must experience what he has demanded for others should he then be found in error.  And error Prasch has indeed been found in, and not error like the ones listed earlier which his cult members or even he himself can farcically explain away, but something central, possibly the most central belief in the Bible, for Prasch has for decades taught a wrong Christology—in other words Prasch has used the name ‘Jesus Christ’, yet directed people to a different person who isn’t Jesus.  In 2019 Iowan minister Bill Randles raised issue about Prasch’s teaching at his cult member Marco Quintana’s church in Devore, California, where Prasch taught “Jesus” was none other than the Kabbalah figure of Metatron:

Prasch’s teaching

Prasch tried to respond to this career-terminating reality by working alongside his then social media man Servus Christi (Joshua Chavez) and releasing a defence of his Metatron teaching wherein Prasch outlined how the word and therefore the person of ‘Metatron’ can be found in the book of Revelation.  However in Summer 2020, Chris Rosebrough carefully explained how in doing so, Prasch openly lied and deceived his disciples.  Weeks later Prasch tried to defend his teaching again by implicating a missionary group in Israel (One For Israel), saying they taught the same as him, but they immediately denied this, and their material stated directly Metatron was not Jesus but was a “substitute” for Jesus, that being a different Jesus, as I showed in this video). Additionally Prasch’s long-standing belief in Metatron was proven by Chris Rosebrough with an old 2009 issue of Prasch’s magazine Moriel Quarterly wherein was found an article by Prasch which Chris described as “the most blasphemous article ever written about Christology”.  And in November 2020, ex-New-Ager, Doreen Virtue, and a Hebrew Professor outlined how this figure of Metatron was certainly a false Christ, and likely was a DEMON.


Prasch worshipping the demon Metatron for his whole career certainly explains why he needs to recategorise Fruit of the Spirit in order to accommodate himself and explain away his severely demonised behaviour since 1998, behaviour that caused him to be “handed over to Satan” by 600 ministers in the UK, and also explains how he has to work out a Midrashic system to explain why he himself (and his disciples) exist firmly outside the Christian denominations of the world, for everything about him, and increasingly everything about them, places them far outside of Christian orthodoxy, with heretics and outright demon-worshipping occultists.

So now, when a Prasch cult member plays their Jacob Prasch Has Flawless Doctrine trump card as a means to fool themselves into believing he’s somehow beyond criticism, you can play the Metatron card in response, and watch their cult’s echo chamber of cards collapse.

3 thoughts on “The Complete Farce That Jacob Prasch Cannot Be Challenged on Doctrine

  1. Moriel and its affiliates are really blind to their own error because of their huge egos. Haller had stated in one of his weekly falsely-titled “Prophecy Updates” that many people even Christian felt suicidal. Haller cannot see that his own updates could cause a person to feel this. Haller gets into a lot of One World Order theories and just shows all the bad things happening. He encourages people to do research on the virus, symbols etc. This is a guy who doesn’t point people toward Jesus in the bulk of his talks but instead leads people away from scripture. Haller does use scripture but the bulk of his messages are just news with his spin on it because he is smarter than the average bear (I guess). Never saw any of the apostles doing “Nero Updates”. No, they focused on the gospel and Jesus. John Haller and his church do not. And when they try to preach the hits are low. As for Prasch, he has just gone off the plot. When Prasch was confronted on ‘Did David Lister kill Elvis?’ he said this: “David Lister worked for the brother of Elvis Presley in Graceland at the time of Elvis death, but was not present the day of the death. He was never even named in the prosecution of ‘Dr Nick’ , the investigation of which by the Memphis police was extensive.”. end quote. Well, Prasch stated on video that Lister used forged prescriptions to get drugs for Elvis. Elvis died in 1977 Dr Nick was not even prosecuted until 1980 Nichopoulos was indicted on 14 counts of overprescribing drugs to Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and twelve other patients. The district attorney ruled out murder charges because of the conflicting medical opinions about the cause of Presley’s death. In the first 8 months of 1977 alone, Nichopoulos had prescribed over 10,000 doses of amphetamines, barbiturates, narcotics, tranquillizers, sleeping pills, laxatives, and hormones for Presley. Nichopoulos claimed he had tried in vain to reduce Elvis’ dependency, even going so far as to manufacture one thousand placebos for Elvis, but to no avail. The jury concluded that he had tried to act in the best interests of his patients. He was acquitted on all counts. Prasch at first on the video claimed Lister worked for Elvis than he back peddles and states Lister worked for Elvis’s brother Ricky who was known for forging prescriptions for himself because Elvis bailed him out in 1975 for using a forged prescription. So where is the truth in all this? And why would you state publically that your partner in ministry killed Elvis? And why would Prasch go public and make an excuse for Josh Chavez about Josh’s marriage when Josh himself has been silent about this. Even though he promised his followers they would be stunned by the evidence (that Josh never bought forward). Prasch himself challenged me about my relationship with Hillsong over a decade ago from a blog that Moriel was part of. Prasch challenged me about TBN as well. I made exposé films with Prasch exposing Hillsongs and TBN. So when you get buried in your own lies its hard to keep up. Isn’t it James?

  2. “The irony of Prasch’s system is if he is similarly off in one area, technically he has mixed truth with error, and since “God hates the mixture” according to Prasch, he is therefore damned by his own system, …”
    Yes! Excellently put. I believe this is known as hypocrisy for which Prasch always gets a pass from his worshippers. The Prasch Pass

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