A Cult Noël

On the 12th day of Christmas in the Prasch Cult there was found to be:

Twelve Jack Daniels barrels,

Eleven Ultra cult members,

Ten logical fallacies,

Nine rolls of tinfoil,

Eight conspiracy theories,

Seven attempts to witchhunt,

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon,

Five Magnum Farce Police Officers,

Four decades since Moriel’s David Lister “killed Elvis“,

Three cybersquatting websites,

Two years in prison for Eli,

and a blatantly forged DNA report to erroneously claim half Jewish descent!

31 thoughts on “A Cult Noël

  1. 🎼 On the first day of Christmas Chavez said to me——she’s lying – she didn’t maarry me!🎶

    1. I am really glad that Joelle has used her proper name “Joelle Chavez” on her Facebook profile. We need to keep this brave young lady in prayer as she seeks to restore her marriage.

      1. Agree. This pain will be with her a long time. One day, hopefully, she’ll suddenly see that she’s better off without this man, and away from the cult.

      2. Or that Josh turns from his ways, restores their marriage, gets a job and they live happily ever after

  2. And for the record James Prasch has stated for years I owe Moriel money. Lets set the record straight right here and now.
    Moriel, James Prasch or David Lister has never and I mean never sent me a bill on what they allege I owe them.
    Never-no email snail mail etc..
    I sent David Lister a bill for over 8500.00 for setting up the various platforms and work I did.
    I sent it by Quick Books which shows that David Lister saw the bill and choose to not dispute it or pay it just ignore it.
    Quick Book will show when the recipient sees the bill.
    All the gear I received from Moriel was to be part of my pay as well.
    That was according to David Lister who handles the money for Moriel
    They demanded it all back which I sent to David in Pittsburg at my own expense.
    David Lister also demanded back all the items he gave me from his own personal use back.
    When David Lister first sent me the stuff he asked for an estimate of all the gear so they (Moriel or David) could get a tax break on that.
    I sent that gear back as demanded.
    I do not sue other Christians and they really need to shut their mouths.

    1. Are they at it again? They should be ashamed. Are they forgetting they paid you $500/month for your videos? That’s less than I made as a part-time church janitor!

      1. And I can tell you they reminded me of that big 500 per month they paid me. Lister was the most abusive about it. He beat me up with scripture all the time. And Prasch used to remind me about how poor a businessman I was. Well we were and are living under 2000 a month so I would say I am pretty good with money.
        I still pray for these guys who live inside a world they created apart from God.
        That sand is shifting

  3. What’s also funny is there “Catching up with Jacob series.
    Always change the name to seem relevant.
    Marco is really clueless and the switching and talking over each other is funny.
    I’, glad I downloaded the Catching up with Jacob where Prasch said Christianity was a mutation of the Jewish faith.
    He really doesn’t get it does he?
    They did change and edit the tape.
    No apology or retraction though.
    That’s why I published the quote.

  4. Christianity is a mutation of the Jewish faith?! You’re right, he doesn’t get it. That’s very telling.

  5. Hi Tim, I am still waiting for the proof or an apology for accusing me of “bearing false witness” against you. Something you place within a Chris Roseborough article as a comment. I would expect you to have responded by now. A correction from you would be great, otherwise I can only assume you follow “the father of lies”. Colin Higgs

    1. Well, you know what happens when you assume Colin.
      Praying you have left the cult of false teacher fake jew James a Prasch and pulled Rosie out as well.
      I have no idea what you are talking about so could you please show the source of your thought.
      I have no context to even address this with you.
      Please provide the exact quote and context of my comment
      And I don’t follow satan I am a born again, Christian
      I have both you and Rosie blocked on Facebook so I do not know what you are referring to.
      If proof or an apology is needed for sure I will give it once you site the source of the infraction.
      Merry Christmas to both you and Rosie

      1. You can’t help but cringe when you watch Prasch in that “Days of Elijah” clip. What mess, hair ungroomed, slouching in a recliner, hunks of fat lobbing over his massive belt as he’s almost vertical and “teaching”. All the while, feigning a fake Yiddish accent as if he was some Jew🙄🙄🙄
        What a reproach he is to the name of Christ! How could the world not mock and scoff at this? They are right to dismiss these fools. And Yacov as a type of Elijah😂😂🤣🤣yeah, sure he is. Elijah wasn’t a tub of lard pretending to be something he wasn’t. Elijah wasn’t a pathological liar as can be factually proven that Jacob Prasch was and is to this day.

        If people want to defend/follow fools like him, then let them. They are going to end up being just as big a fool as Elij, err, Jacob is😳

  6. Your own words on a Chris Roseborough article where you lumped my name in with Jacob and Amos as having “bearing false witness against you. You need to be aware of what you write as one day things will come back to bite you. We are obviously going to be on different sides in this ongoing saga which continues . I am not going to plough through all the comments on Chris Roseborogh’s page, I can’t anyway as I am blocked for some reason, perhaps the truth hurts, or his radio station page, but rest assured your words were just that. I have had no axe to grind with you, and I, unlike some do not hide behind arty names, as I have nothing to hide and will be accountable for what I say to those I say it to and more importantly to God. Colin Higgs

      1. Why do the Moriel Ultra’s always just instantly play the satan card when someone disagrees with me. No substance or discussion. I allowed comment on my video saying I was of satan.
        Really? Prove it
        Because I know Prasch’s teaching about the Metatron is false teaching does that make me of satan?
        That’s ignorant and stupid.
        You disagree with Prasch or his associates and you are automatic of satan
        How immature
        And that’s the reason I wanted a face to face with Prasch and his friends
        Real easy to hide behind a keyboard and vomit all over people.
        Bullies never have the stones to confront people to their face.
        And I see what happens when Prasch gets pressed for an answer at a conference in the UK
        He grabbed someone by the throat.
        My good mate Pete Adams had to grab the guy James had grabbed.
        Not very Christlike when being pressed by someone who disagrees with you

    1. I have 2 YouTube Channels “Tim in the Morning” for my radio station and The Simply Agape project which has a variety of films I have made as well as others approved. I blocked your FB page because arguing with you is fruitless. My Facebook name and only ID I use is my name “Tim Wirth”. I also have nothing to hide. So you come out with a general statement as follows “I am not going to plough through all the comments on Chris Roseborogh’s page, I can’t anyway as I am blocked for some reason, perhaps the truth hurts, or his radio station page, but rest assured your words were just that.” end your own words. So there is some kind of offence out there but your not sure where it is at. So you throw out a baseless comment accusing me of something that you are not specific about. The ironic thing is that you say I am bearing false witness against you but yet you come here wanting an explanation on who knows what. A baseless allegation is bearing false witness against me but I ask the Lord to not hold it against you and I forgive you for coming here and stating an unconfirmed baseless allegation against me which you provide k=no links or proof.
      I really hope you and Rosie have a Merry Christmas it was nice to meet you both at Hayes in the UK.

  7. Did Cara ever answer the question about ” where have you seen Jacob drunk when he is teaching, or at any other time” Quite honestly an answer would have cleared the matter.

  8. PS with the medication James Prasch takes for his various affirmations he should drink zero alcohol. And I have seen him do just that.
    A bad and dangerous combination for a guy already in poor health taking a lot of medication
    Prasch is not a well man spiritually or psychically.
    I have seen his doctor reports that he sent out to the inner circle or the Big M’s as David Lister called it.

  9. It’s funny Colin likes to call people liars and tell them their father is the father of lies while all the time defending a godless man who’s ministry is build on lies (pretending to be Jewish)
    Colin it’s really about time you learn to think for yourself, and imitate Jesus not James Prasch

    1. True and Colin needs to realize you just cant throw accusations out there without providing any facts.
      That’s bearing false witness

  10. Wow, Colin, I told you that FBC endorsed conservative Lutheranism, even encouraged me to attend a local church, which I did, years PRIOR to Prasch’s drama with Pastor Rosebrough. Now all Lutherans are hell-bound false teachers because they’re exposing your lord Prasch for the absolute fraud and theological joke that he is. When is his debate scheduled with Pastor Rosebrough? Oh that’s right, it’s not scheduled because Prasch tucked his tail between his legs and ran for the hills. He’s an embarrassment and a festering boil on the backside of the Church. Drain it and move on.

    1. Fellowship Bible Chapel has the Prasch Pass Plus.
      FBC has endorsed TBN and played a Paul Crouch video (before Crouch died) at their so-called Prophecy conference.
      Haller also associates and does conferences with people even Prasch had problems with.
      Prasch Pass.
      And that’s because Haller has done pro bono work for Moriel and that’s a fact.
      Every great cult needs a wealthy attorney in their back pocket.
      Notice that Moriel has no attorney fees on their 990?

    2. Some of the things I have posted like Sandy’s missionary status and promotion on Moriel’s website I did not know about because I had never looked at the breakdown and what was promoted. Very sad that this myth plays on

    3. Yes John Haller gets a Prasch Pass because he is the Moriel Cult’s consigliere to Don Aloysius Prasch.

  11. As for Colin, I forgive you for bearing false witness toward me with accusations that were not backed up with any actual quotes, links etc…
    All based on hearsay.
    Pretty much poor police work.
    You were a cop correct?
    Merry Christmas though to Colin and Rosie Higgs

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