The Marriage of Joshua Chavez (& his subsequent idiot cover-up)

Joshua Chavez aka Servus Christi (aka Lydia the Christian woman), has spent a few years attempting to be a minister of God, and his efforts have been, like Jacob Prasch the screaming lunatic and father figure of his, to attack various actual ministers of God by slandering them and using the most forehead-slappingly moronic damnation system of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (that being, in essence, that John MacArthur is damned because he once was in the same building as Rick Warren). The fictional character and Chavez-like idiot Dark Helmet from Mel Brooks’ Star Wars spoof Spaceballs (1986) presented such idiocy when attempting to connect himself to the Luke Skywalker type character Lone Star to damn/discourage him by stating “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate!”

In addition to that system, Chavez also attempts to use a person’s sin (misrepresented, exaggerated or made up) and apply it via that Kevin Bacon Game system to any target he has, which is ironic considering he is joined at the hip to notorious lunatic fake Jew railer Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries (whom he worked for between 2018 and 2019, and now ‘partners’ with) since Prasch has an exceedingly large list of quite astounding sins on his rap sheet, which means, if Chavez is consistent in his argument, those sins that damn Prasch also damn Chavez via his own imbecile Kevin Bacon system! Thus Chavez’s multi-hour borefest videos he produces in his grotto in Albuquerque strain and warp reality as he works hard at forging non-legitimate links between his targets of attack as a means to make himself famous and perhaps wealthy off the back of those attacks (as Prasch has successfully done for about 25 years).

However the arch-damner Chavez had terrifying reality come knocking on his door in August 2020 when Christian reporter JD Hall revealed how Chavez the ‘minister’ had in early 2019 gotten married to a South African Christian in a wedding complete with hand-written vows and an alleged internet appearance from Jacob Prasch the screaming fool, and had weeks after consummating his marriage unceremoniously dumped his bride, ghosted her, and had subsequently attempted to have her locked up in a lunatic asylum apparently in order to keep her quiet when her story began to emerge, hitting her with various waves of spiritual abuse. This horrific, demonised behaviour, immediately and biblically, destroyed any thread of legitimacy to Chavez’s ‘ministry’ (which had no real legitimacy in the first place since Chavez is clearly not a Christian since like Prasch he exhibits zero fruits of the Spirit but multiple deeds of the flesh as listed in Galatians 5).

On this blog I heavily documented the lead up to the exposing of Chavez, and the aftermath, an aftermath which included Chavez attempting to silence his exposer JD Hall via having a lawyer send JD legal threats speaking of immediate action against him (which JD scoffed at, and exposed rightly as pathetic and impotent), and Chavez engaging in widespread censoring of all mention of JD’s exposé through all his social media platforms, especially the complaints from a friend of his wife who revealed Mrs Joelle Chavez had been “broken” by Chavez.

I noted how initially Chavez promised to respond to the allegations made by JD Hall ‘soon’, but ‘soon’ turned into days, and days into weeks, and weeks into months, and months into half a year, and ‘soon’ rather obviously became an indefinite period of time in which Chavez clearly hoped the furore would die down and he could return to his Kevin Bacon Game-peddling idiocy without ever having to defend himself against spiritual abuse and marriage/divorce claims that would terminate his ‘career’.

However, behind the scenes Justin Peters (who exposes false teachers and false beliefs) enquired of Chavez about the marriage rumours, apparently with a thought of exposing Chavez’s unrepentant sin on a wider platform of Justin’s nearly 100k subbed YouTube channel.

Chavez does a turd

This threat caused Chavez to release a toe-curlingly crap endless rant of idiocy and Kevin Bacon Game muppetry last week (see screenshot). As Chavez’s poor communications skills have been noted and derided, the claim being he’s so poor as a communicator that it takes him one hour to express 5 minutes of information, it means his 2 and a half hour turd video from last week resulted in approximately 12.5 minutes of information repeated again and again and again. In the 12.5 minutes of base information the clown presented, in his setting out of his Kevin Bacon Game stall repeatedly like a failed magician, he stated the following hilarious passive-aggressive threat:

Chavez’s veiled threat from this idiot video heard at 2:28:20-2:30:15:

I will say this: Justin Peters also said in a recent email that if he wanted he could—he sent this to somebody else not to me, it was sent to me—“if I wanted to I could make a video about Josh and his marriage and it’d probably get a couple hundred thousand views. I’m sitting on a lot of stuff,” he said. Let me submit to Justin Peters he would be well advised to rethink that. Now he did say even in the email, “I’m not, I don’t want to do this,” or “I’m not going to do this because I don’t want to keep this going.” Keep it going? You gave credence to allegations that I was using women for sex and money and trafficking in humans? Nothing short of a public, a massively public apology, will ever right that wrong, Justin. But if you think you’re sitting on stuff and you have any inclination that you want to make some video that’ll get a couple hundred thousand views you’d be well advised to rethink that. And I will say publicly here to Justin: check your inbox, check your emails for an email from me marked ‘confidential’. Follow the instructions very carefully and let’s see if you’re the man of God you claim to be, because you have no clue what you’re talking about, or what you’re dealing with. Has nothing to do with me. So here I am publicly urging Justin Peters to check his email inbox for an email from me, if he’s even remotely inclined to retaliate for things which there is actual evidence of. And before you ask further questions about me maybe just maybe you should clean up your own backyard and start addressing your friends Jordan Hall and Chris Rosebrough.

-Chavez the Idiot.

The 2 minutes of retarded glory

The gall of Chavez to share details publicly from a private email from Justin that wasn’t even sent to Chavez by Justin in the first place, and then in the same breath to instruct Justin to read an email from Chavez which Chavez has declared to be “confidential”, with the apparent threat being that if he were to do what Chavez has just done (share the contents of private communication) then Justin will cease from being a “man of God”. The absurdity and sheer hypocrisy of those 2 minutes in the Chavez video is off the charts, summed up in a non-ironical reading of the idiom Do as I say, not as I do, the idiom that both Chavez and Prasch seem to base their ministries of hypocrisy on.

Apparently Chavez has sent Justin Peters this “confidential” email which will doubtless be his side of the marriage story, with Chavez likely giving a baloney slanted version of events that finds him innocent of everything (which if that was the case and he was innocent then why’d he want it hidden?) a slanted view which Chavez has attempted to gag Justin from sharing. It is likely that even after 6 months have elapsed since his marriage and spiritual abuse was exposed, Chavez has been unable to adequately put together a tissue of lies that rational people will believe so is essentially repeating his play against JD Hall last year which is to use some claimed authority and law to silence his exposers, this time it being God’s standard whilst before it was a crap lawyer. Chavez is only likely to find that as the law wasn’t on his side first time around, God certainly isn’t on his side this time around. And the simple fact that remains is there is witness and photographic evidence of his wedding, including his hand-written wedding vows:

Released on here.

Chavez in his 2.5hr turd video tried his hilarious best to try to utilise ‘framing’ to turn attention from the evidence presented against him and reframe the issue oddly enough not about his marriage split but other people who have gotten divorced for entirely different reasons. Watching Chavez flail about in such madness was actually quite embarrassing, like watching a failed politician blame everybody else or shoot as many rivals down in flames as possible, and be totally incapable of taking ownership of the obvious self-inflicted wounds he’s in the spotlight for in the first place.

Justin Peters and JD Hall investigate

Because of the level of evidence presented against Chavez, and his half year run from reality and idiot attempts to quash all inquiry via last year’s failed lawyer and last week’s passive-aggressive threats, it’s clear that in this situation Chavez is 100% over a barrel and has zero way out, as I’d suggested when the JD Hall exposé of Chavez first came out.

Update: 10th March 2021

JD Hall talked about Chavez’s marriage and Chavez’s idiotic 2.5hr video, and JD revealed Chavez has been sending various messages to people to claim that his discarded wife Joelle is likely to become another “Braxton Caner” if HE is exposed widely. As some background Braxton Caner committed suicide several years ago, as I talked about in this article last year. This claim by Chavez only highlights the pressure of spiritual abuse HE HIMSELF is applying to his ditched bride by persisting in ghosting her and apparently gaslighting her as JD explains in this video, with the main part being from 27:00:

“What he [Chavez] is doing is he’s messaging people saying ‘The woman [Chavez’s wife] is going to be another Braxton Caner. She’s going to kill herself, if you expose me.’”

-JD Hall paraphrasing Joshua Chavez’s recent threats.

UPDATE: 22nd March 2021

JD Hall’s next Polemics Report video-cast this week went into more details about Chavez’s ‘secret’ wedding, and talked about how Chavez’s wife Joelle has been publicly posting rebukes on her Facebook page and on Prasch’s Moriel TV Facebook feed, doubtless to the horror of Prasch the whiskey-straining sponge. JD shows Joelle’s posts in which she outlines Prasch’s followers as those in a Metatron cult, as Chris Rosebrough proved last year. The Joshua Chavez exposé segment by JD Hall begins in the 53rd minute of this video:

JD looks at Joshua Chavez from the 53rd minute to the end

Update 24th April 2021

I converted all the accumulated info on Chavez from Protestia, Chris Rosebrough, Justin Peters and here into a film which you can watch here. It’s technically episode 49 in the Prasch series. Here is the poster: