Joshua Chavez: For the Love of Bacon!

So yesterday I took a look at Joshua Chavez’s hilariously idiotic effort to remain on the run from consequences and ministerial disqualification that loom large all around him due to his aborted marriage that he ended in a cloud of spiritual abuse and thuggery just weeks after making his vows before God to remain with his wife Joelle “till death do us part”. Chavez’s effort in remaining on the run from consequence and ministry implosion was basically to stick his head in a Praschian vice and scream “KEVIN BACON!” a hundred times fast.

Fittingly the simple game ‘6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon’ is Chavez’s ministry template, and he uses it to farcically associate his targets of hate (usually godly ministers) with either ungodly ministers, or with godly ministers whom he has falsely attributed false beliefs to, as a means to damn them and enrich himself via fame and donations from stupid people who are too idiotic or blinded by hatred of the church to understand they have been played.

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ is Chavez’s method of attack, and now in the midst of his marriage/split scandal it’s also his method of defence, and just as it is hilariously ridiculous as his attack, it has become even more hilarious as his defence.

The methodology of Chavez’s ‘6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ when used in defence plays out like this:

  • A person calls Chavez sinful and has evidence to back up the claim
  • Chavez ignores the evidence
  • Chavez points the finger at somebody else and says “SINNNNNNN!”
  • Chavez ignores the evidence that somebody else’s “sin” isn’t sin
  • Chavez invokes Kevin Bacon by connecting the “sinning” other person to the person who had called Chavez sinful
  • Chavez states he doesn’t have to respond to evidence against himself
  • Chavez states his opponents, however, must respond to his fake evidence
  • Chavez grandstands in a field of crickets
The idiotic distorted lens through which Chavez sees the world

The epic-tragicomedy of Ben-Hur length (2.5 HOURS) that Chavez produced in presenting his Kevin Bacon Defence is merely his angry, godless self, repeating the farcical central belief of his brainless polemics system again and again with varying degrees of stress exhibited across his pained small beetle-brow as he desperately holds onto the Christian facade he has propped in front of his grotto of iniquity in Albuquerque.

In the days after Chavez posted his Kevin Bacon Defence Epic, one of his targets, Chris Rosebrough, posted on Chavez’s Facebook feed the things Chavez was avoiding, such as evidence and reality, and in reaction Chavez stuck his head back in the vice and trebled down in the Kevin Bacon Game and repeated the same imbecility:

Observing Chavez in text and video form attempt to dodge reality in his patented aggressively retarded way, is like observing a lunatic scratch his face against a bloodied stone wall expecting eventually the stone wall will be worn away through effort. The saddest part of the spectacle is that Chavez’s mindless behaviour has remained consistent in the shackles of Kevin Baconised thinking over the past several years, and if anything there has been a doubling down into it rather than a breakdown of the belief a non-crippled mind would eventually experience, meaning it is likely should Chavez be revisited in a dozen or more years, he’ll be found groping in the darkness of mindlessness still playing the same Kevin Bacon game, having never reached the light switch of realisation in his grotto of idiocy.