Prasch Damns His Fellow Speakers in Devore Church as “Busy Body Women” Whose Teaching is “Devoid of Any Biblical Mandate”

Jacob Prasch the fake Jew and career charlatan has had his public screaming sessions curtailed by the Coronavirus Pandemic for a year now, but has increased his activity on the internet where he commonly appears in what might be described as ‘a state’ and sometimes that state is a state of drunkenness, as JD Hall has pointed out earlier in the month, describing Prasch as a “stage 4 alcoholic“. However Prasch has recently signed up to appear in a virtual conference to be broadcast at his cult member Marco Quintana’s Devore Community Church in California. Marco is the guy who has been caught on camera lying about Prasch being Jewish when he’s not, and repeatedly lying about Prasch being innocent of all spiritual abuse and drunkenness, with his ‘testimony’ being backed up with zero evidence to counteract all the actual evidence Prasch is all those things 160 times over.

Here is the advertisement put on Prasch and Marco’s social media channels about the virtual conference:

The virtual event is scheduled for the middle of next month, 17th-18th April 2021, and there are 5 speakers listed, 1) Sandy Simpson who is Moriel’s fake missionary to the Pacific Isles and Micronesia according to the Moriel website and donations page, despite being called out on living for years in North Carolina, 2) David Gonzalez, 3) Jacob Prasch himself, and 4+5) Lynn & Sarah Leslie of the blog The Leslies have since 2019 contributed thrice (issues 76, 77 & 82) to Prasch’s Kabbalah and Metatron heresy-promoting periodical Moriel Quarterly, a magazine which Chris Rosebrough showed contained,

“…the most blasphemous article ever written on Christology.”

…in a notorious September 2009 issue where Prasch attributed every name of God to the Kabbalah figure of Metatron:

But that Metatron heresy isn’t the topic of this article, but rather hypocrisy, for Prasch will be sharing the virtual platform with Lynn & Sarah Leslie of in his cult member Marco Quintana’s church after having already shared columns inches with them. Why is this hypocrisy? Well that’s because in June 2014 Jacob Prasch PUBLICLY DAMNED THEM in an article that today only remains on fellow stage-sharer Sandy Simpson’s website! Prasch had this to say about the Leslies (apparently erroneously believing them both to be female due to the unisex name Lynn, or thinking Sarah to be the head, or merely attacking due to Sarah’s involvement as a woman in Herescope) 7 years ago in an article numbered 492 with the misspelt capslocked title ‘A RESPONSE TO TO THE LARRY DE BRUYEN FOLLOW UP ARTICLE TO MARK MULLINS ON HERESCOPE’:

We are moreover disappointed in Herescope for giving avenue to Mr. De Bruyen’s ignorant folly,  but not entirely surprised. It is only ministries to other women that should be headed women; Herescope is therefore fundamentally out of God’s order. There is indeed a needed place for discernment cum watchmen ministries as a function of congregations and churches, but not as an independent entity carried on by busy body women blogging away on websites imagining they are providing a service to The body of Christ when in fact their activity and structure are devoid of any biblical mandate. Discernment is indeed found in scripture, but where is a “Discernment Ministry” found?  Bill Randles Pastors a Church, Moriel has churches, missions,  evangelism and a teaching ministry and takes care of impoverished and sick Third World children and works with the persecuted church. But where does a ministry like Herescope obtain its biblical license?”


-11 June 2014 (link) ( link)

The background is the Mr. [Larry] De Bruyn (whose name Prasch misspells as Bruyen) committed the executable crime in the Prasch Cult of having a different view on Midrash than Pope Jacob Prasch, and the Leslies posted his article on their blog on 5th May 2014 here. Prasch, whose career is based upon the 3 pillars of being a fake Jew, teaching Jewish Midrash, and witch-hunting people who disagree with him, apparently had a knee-jerk reaction to De Bruyn and promptly witch-hunted him in a 1,491-word rant that was brimming with typical Praschian phoney argumentation of the type Dr. James White would rip apart 2 years later, and seen again in Prasch’s foolhardy and wildly idiotic screaming rants at Chris Rosebrough in 2020, with Prasch claiming scholars would automatically reject De Bruyn’s views as “ludicrous,” “devoid of any factual basis,” and “absurd.” And then Prasch welcomes litigation(!!!) from De Bruyn’s colleague Mark Mullins whom Prasch fires his ad hominem blunderbuss at by calling him “a deceiver” engaged in “factual dishonesty,” and De Bruyn gets both barrels too with Prasch declaring,

“Larry De Bruyen however is not a liar,  but a mere charlatan and a pseudo academic fraud.”

-Jacob Prasch

Hmm, the years since have revealed it is Prasch who is the charlatan with him being exposed as a decades-long fake Jew who went so far as to publicly show in HD video his poorly forged ‘Jewish’ DNA report in Summer 2020. But anyway Prasch in his rant wasn’t done, not by a long way, for both his targets Larry De Bruyn and Mark Mullins got an add to the now 77-person list of people Prasch has demanded publicly debate him:

“My offer to debate Mr. Bruyen’s colleague  Mark Mullins publicly stands.”

“I will be in Australia in July and I am prepared to publicly debate Mr. De Bruyen in front of a video camera and in the presence of an independent Greek and Hebrew graduate and further show Mr De Bruyen to be the obvious fraud he has openly displayed himself to be.”

-Jacob Prasch

I’ve written much about Prasch demanding debates with all manner of people over the years (and the suspected hidden reasons as to why he never wants them to happen), with the first record of them being produced in Episode 5 Jacob Prasch is Witchfinder General, a segment from which became an expanding standalone compilation as the number of audio and video-recorded debate demands from Prasch reached 60 (and a further 17 demands made in written form listed here) resulting in this video:

But Prasch’s real ire in his attack on Larry De Bruyn was kept to the conclusion of his article for those evil Leslie women who dared to post something written by somebody else on their blog which Lord Jacob didn’t agree with. Prasch’s misogynistic bile (later seen in his attacks on Jan Markell and Deborah Menelaws) poured forth, stating that because Herescope was headed by such females:

“Herescope is therefore fundamentally out of God’s order…

…[operating an] independent entity carried on by busy body women blogging away on websites imagining they are providing a service to The body of Christ…

…their activity and structure are devoid of any biblical mandate…

…where does a ministry like Herescope obtain its biblical license?”

-Jacob Prasch

Now anybody remotely familiar with Jacob Prasch the screaming lunatic will be aware that his witch-hunts are based on the illogical farce of a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon style damnation theory, meaning he and his quasi surrogate son Joshua Chavez (Servus Christi) will present a person as a heretic to be avoided by presenting someone they believe to be in error who is marginally associated with them however tenuously. So in this ludicrous case of Prasch’s April 17th-18th 2021 virtual conference, Prasch is actively sharing the stage with members of a ministry he himself has declared to be operated by “busy body women” who are “fundamentally out of God’s order,” whose ministry is “devoid of any biblical mandate” which cannot in his opinion “obtain its biblical license” to teach!

So what type of mental and Midrashic gymnastics is Prasch going to have to engage in to get himself out of that tricky and outrageously hypocritical situation in which his own Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon damnation system directly damns himself in one single move of separation?

And how is Prasch, inside his own decreed system of not tolerating women teachers—especially ones who by his own stated reckoning are so deluded that they are merely “imagining they are providing a service to The body of Christ”—going to avoid having to witch-hunt HIMSELF?!!