“Prasch is a Stage 4 Alcoholic, Suffering From Severe Alcoholism” -JD Hall

I’ve been presenting evidence that Jacob Prasch is a bloated drunkard since Spring 2019 when he appeared visibly blotto on the stage of John Flubber Haller’s Church of End Times News Junkies Fellowship Bible Chapel. I’ve subsequently looked at other performances and seen Prasch’s beetroot face, variable emotive state, slow, slurred speech and various other pointers highlighted by The Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication checklist and found Prasch regularly scores highly on it for being likely drunk whilst perpetually scoring zero on Galatians chapter 5’s list of Fruits of the Spirit. Heck, my view of Prasch being a drunk is so frequently outlined in this blog and in my video series exposing Prasch that Prasch is rarely seen in my artwork without his bottles of Jack Daniels in reach, and the blog’s banner is a bloated Prasch reaching for a full bottle:

Well last week JD Hall the polemicist, reporter and minister reached the same conclusion when observing the wheezing and bloated Jabba the Prasch during JD’s Polemics Report, concluding this about Prasch:

The full Polemics Report episode can be found on Rumble.com

“Friends of mine were contacted by the former videographer for Jacob Prasch. There was a video with Prasch in which a black square was over a screen by his shoulder—or over the screen—it was covering up something over his shoulder, which was, it turns out, a 5th of Jack Daniels. If you look at Prasch you see his bulbous nose, his veins pouring out, it’s clearly what appears to be broken capillaries under his skin. I think, I think that Prasch is a Stage 4 Alcoholic—he’s suffering from some form of severe alcoholism. None of this matters to ‘Servetus Diablos’ [Servus Christi].”

JD Hall, Polemics Report, 22nd March 2021 video

JD states Prasch is a Stage 4 Alcoholic. Here are the stages of alcoholism:

In JD’s opinion Prasch is in the final stage of alcoholism, Stage 4, and suffers from “severe alcoholism”. While most of my studies on the topic over the past 2 years have focussed on Prasch’s behaviour that highlights visible intoxication (using the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s 50 Signs of Visible Intoxication checklist), JD also looks at Prasch’s deteriorated physical condition to reach his conclusion. The additional signs in Prasch’s appearance JD points out that are likely explained by being a Stage 4 alcoholic are to do with his face and would be the things drawn by cartoonists to illustrate a drunk: his bulbous nose, protruding veins, and broken capillaries.

Over the past 2 years Prasch’s disciples have attempted to explain Prasch’s drunken appearance and drunken behaviour away as the effect of “medication” since Prasch claims to be highly medicated for Lymphoedema (retention of lymph fluid in body tissue) and various other maladies, however he is factually known via former Moriel staff to have a “weakness for Jack Daniels whiskey and [has] a problem with single malt Scotch whiskey,” leading to large bills for liquor being run up in hotels when on ‘ministry’ work/travel, causing his Moriel staff to have to actively hide the bills from charity account auditors and church members as I looked at in my overview of Moriel’s sketchy finances here. Someone who mixes alcohol with medication is likely to find one of 2 results: either the medication’s potency is merely counteracted by the intake of alcohol leading to increased effect of the malady the medication was treating, or more likely the alcohol will interact with the medication and cause severe negative effects. Even when considering the outcome of Prasch’s drinking alcohol without factoring in the medication, the alcohol intake is directly linked to increased lymph fluid retention:

“Drinking alcohol is a personal choice. Having lymphoedema means your body tissues are already strained with excess lymphatic fluid. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, stimulating the kidneys to pass more fluid. An already compromised lymphatic system struggles to cope with the extra pressure alcohol creates. Alcohol also works as a vasodilator, causing blood vessels to relax and expand. This doesn’t increase the flow rate of lymph, it increases the fluid leaking out of the vessels into the tissue spaces and the amount of fluid in your body tissues. This may result in increased swelling or feeling of heaviness in the area affected by lymphoedema.” (LymphConnect.co.uk)

Prasch denies ever being drunk since 1972

Despite the obvious physical and behavioural pointers and documentary evidence from former staff that outline Prasch as a highly probable alcoholic, Prasch rather laughably/sadly denies being drunk since his clearly false conversion outside Bob Dylan’s house in 1972. Prasch stated this in the comments section for a Biblethumpingwingnut video on YouTube in reaction against Joshua Rosebrough. Here is the interaction:

If Prasch hasn’t been drunk since 1972 according to his claim in Winter 2020, his alleged 48 year memory seems to be corrupted even at the 6 month stage let alone the 48 year stage as just months prior to his sobriety claim he appeared clearly drunk (slow, slurring, gurgling and belching like a cartoon character) in his farcical and illogical attack on the Rosebrough family. Here is the ‘highlight’ reel from his grotesque and shameful performance:

If Prasch willingly chooses to appear in his attack videos like that one when in what appears to be a heavily intoxicated state to spark his Monty Pythonesque witch-hunts in his camp of idiotic disciples, then one has to assume Prasch needs the liquor to function (one of the signs of being a Stage 4 alcoholic). And there are several other times Prasch has appeared apparently drunk, not only on webcam but brazenly on stage at churches, as I recorded in my oft-updated investigation into Prasch’s drinking problems, which you can read here and see the additional video evidence.

The issue JD Hall raises is the way Servetus Diablos (Servus Christi aka Joshua Chavez) has apparently no problem with being joined at the hip to such an obvious drunkard as Prasch despite drunkenness being forbidden by the Christ whom ‘Servus Christi’ claims in his idiotic moniker to serve. His association with Prasch (the Most Evil “Christian” Minister of the 21st Century) in all his manifold sins only demonstrates how far outside of Christianity Chavez is, and Prasch’s behaviour over decades similarly shows how firmly camped he is in the army of Satan.