Ahab Prasch: Tangled Up in Nooses of His OWN Making!

5 days ago I exposed how Jacob Prasch had in 2014 publicly damned Christian teachers Lynn and Sarah Leslie of Herescope, claiming their ministry was merely that of “busy body women blogging” who were “imagining” they were serving God when they had, in Prasch’s estimation, no biblical mandate to teach. Prasch wrote,

“We are moreover disappointed in Herescope for giving avenue to Mr. De Bruyen’s ignorant folly,  but not entirely surprised. It is only ministries to other women that should be headed women; Herescope is therefore fundamentally out of God’s order. There is indeed a needed place for discernment cum watchmen ministries as a function of congregations and churches, but not as an independent entity carried on by busy body women blogging away on websites imagining they are providing a service to The body of Christ when in fact their activity and structure are devoid of any biblical mandate. Discernment is indeed found in scripture, but where is a “Discernment Ministry” found?  Bill Randles Pastors a Church, Moriel has churches, missions,  evangelism and a teaching ministry and takes care of impoverished and sick Third World children and works with the persecuted church. But where does a ministry like Herescope obtain its biblical license?”

JJ PRASCH. -11 June 2014 (link) (archive.org link)

However Prasch is slated to appear alongside the Leslies at his cult member Marco Quintana’s church in Devore, California mid April 2021, so had to attempt to wriggle out the predicament his loud mouth had gotten him into. In doing so Prasch made no mention of having damned the Leslies in 2014 for leading a baseless ministry of imagined service to God, but merely attempted to OK Sarah Leslie as a valid female teacher. Prasch had attacked them in 2014 for giving platform to Larry De Bruyn who gave his views on Midrash, an action which triggered the Kabbalah-fogged mind of Prasch who attacked Larry on his cult member Sandy Simpson’s website. So what changed since 2014 that caused the Leslies to be regarded no longer as creators of a fake ministry of “imagined” service to God operated by “busy body women“? Well the Leslies certainly didn’t separate from Prasch’s witch-hunt target and “obvious fraud” Larry De Bruyn, as they worked with him until his death, attended his memorial service in 2018, and wrote on Herescope this:

Over the years Pastor Larry DeBruyn contributed in one way or another to well over 300 articles posted on Herescope.”

The Leslies, January 17th, 2018

The only thing that has changed since around 2018 is Prasch has found less and less people will share a platform with him due to his behaviour and appalling reputation, so when he can locate Bible teachers who will share a stage with him (likely because they haven’t researched the monster that he is), Prasch has to hold onto them like grim death in spite of having damned them previously. Hence when I exposed Prasch as having damned the Leslies in 2014, Prasch made a video in which he ignores the unfortunate history, ignores his hypocrisy, and says flowery things about them, albeit right after having publicly damned former friend Deborah Menelaws AGAIN, saying God looks on her ministry “in disgust”. I suggest Prasch look in the mirror with that claim. Anyway, right after damning Deborah Menelaws again, Prasch started his charm offensive on the Leslies, and explained why he thinks Sarah Leslie has a legitimate ministry, and in so doing happens to reference his wife Mrs Pavia Prasch:

In the clip Prasch claims a female Christian teacher can only perform a limited range of things when men are in attendance at the teaching:

“I do conferences with certain women.  Uh, Sarah Leslie is one of them, uh, but I’ve done… done them with others.  These women, or my wife, when I speak with my wife occasionally.  My wife is a math teacher but she has a degree in biblical Hebrew, and her biblical Hebrew and knowledge of Aramaic is quite good.  When she teaches women she teaches women’s Bible studies with my approval with her head covered, but if she speaks at a meeting to men all she’s doing, all she’s doing is a linguistic explanation of the text, she’s not trying to convey doctrine to men, I wouldn’t allow that, she wouldn’t want to do it.  She is dispensing information of a technical nature.  She is essentially a translator and a very good one.  When she teaches women it’s different.  Sarah?  Sarah is a researcher.  A researcher.  Her head is covered by her husband my friend Lynn.  Known them for years.  Sarah does research and she dispenses, she disseminates information about contemporary issues facing the church in the area… …she is simply a researcher, she’s not trying to be a Bible expositor, and her head is covered.  There are no problems with these things, as long as the woman’s head is covered, she’s not teaching doctrine to men or to mixed congregations…

Throughout my research on Prasch I’ve found time and again what Prasch says is not backed up with factual documentable reality. Here is a video of Prasch introducing his wife Pavia to a mixed congregation at his 2019 Moriel Northern Conference (the conference he went on an infamous 9-minute rant directed at…Deborah Menelaws again), and in introducing her, Prasch specifically reiterates that she isn’t going to teach as they are in a mixed congregation, she’s only going to give a testimony…and then Pavia, like the Monty Python team, does something completely different:

Prasch states she’s going to give “a testimony“, and Pavia promptly states she’s NOT giving her testimony but a testimony “from the Word“. Prasch sits uncomfortably on his large padded chair chewing the cud, looking around at his mixed congregation, and has to interrupt and state the “testimony” is now recategorised more broadly as “purely an exhortation and a testimony, it’s NOT women teaching men, [because] we don’t do that.” Pavia then states she’s “not teaching doctrine“. Pavia then goes on to teach on the doctrine of intercessory prayer! Nadia Cohen wrote this insightful review after seeing the farce play out:

“A man who vehemently opposes teaching of ANY kind to mixed congregations that include adults by women was damned instantly at his Northern Conference Part One (UK earlier this month). I saw the first version (clearly unedited) just hours after he had finished preaching. It was on his You Tube channel. Shortly afterwards he edited out his wife “Davia” [sic] who appeared at the lectern to give a “testimony”. Prasch proudly assured us his wife who “rarely” appeared alongside him, would NOT teach as per his policy. That testimony was pure a comment, exhortations and textual examination (albeit muddled and unclear) from the book of Esther. I was waiting for the relevant reference to her testimony. Her punchline as it were! None followed, just quasi railing (in a style not dissimilar from hubby’s) with a reference to Purim and what she had appeared to construe from the story with repeated exhortations for us to understand her points. It was out and out teaching! The video was edited as I returned to it later and her contribution had been cut. It was an interesting gaffe on Prasch’s part, but no doubt embarrassing for him. Clearly his wife doesn’t share his views on a woman’s role! He has totally discredited himself in my view.” -Nadia Cohen, Vimeo comment, March 2019.

“…if she [Pavia] speaks at a meeting to men all she’s doing, all she’s doing is a linguistic explanation of the text, she’s not trying to convey doctrine to men, I wouldn’t allow that, she wouldn’t want to do it.

-Prasch, 4th April, 2021

So not only did Prasch’s wife undermine him rather hilariously, Prasch remained in camera frame throughout the whole undermining, shifting uncomfortably in his chair. That Prasch swiftly deleted the evidence of the livestream fiasco (made by his inept cult member Amos Farrell) within hours of the event, as Nadia Cohen observed, shows the video did indeed discredit Prasch’s claim to deny women from teaching men.

And when it comes to Prasch saying one thing and then totally contradicting himself, look no further than his Summer 2019 screaming rant against JD Farag, where Prasch accused JD of calling him “of the Devil” for teaching a different view on the timing of the Rapture:

Prasch specifically states that he would never call someone who believes in a different timing of the rapture “of the Devil”. Here is his quote:

“There are many godly people who disagree on the timing of the rapture, we’re not talking about those who deny the doctrine of the rapture, those people are in serious error, but godly people disagree on its timing—Pre-Trib, Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath, Intra-Seal—there are different views.  Now I have my view and I’m convinced it’s true, but it’s not something I would divide over, or something that I would call someone a heretic over, or something that I would say someone is of the Devil over, even though I disagree with them and I think they’re mislead.  For JD Farag to make the statements he has about brethren in Christ, about sincere Christians, saying that they’re of the Devil and things like this simply because they do not place the rapture at the same point he does, is an outrage.”

-Jacob Prasch, Summer 2019 (seen in this exposé)

Yet here is Prasch less than 2 years later just a few days ago reneging on his commitment to not say someone is “of the Devil” over their rapture-timing views, by publicly directly saying JD Farag is “of the Devil” multiple times in an attack:

There’s obvious people who Satan has used to make the church unprepared, to get away from what the scripture says.  People who Satan has used to make as many foolish virgins who lack oil in their lamp who will not be able to see in the night as things get dark: Kenneth Copeland and the Word Faith money preachers, “you don’t have to suffer you’re a king’s kid”, this was Satan’s agent.  Rick Warren ‘The Purpose-Driven Lie,’ this is Satan’s agent.  The whole Pre-Trib agenda, especially the new one which is straight from Satan, things like with what JD Farag are teaching, this is from the Devil!  This is from the Devil!  Um, these are the people who make sure the foolish virgins will have no oil in their lamb because they’re teaching a myth, a lie, or they’re just avoiding the issue altogether: “Ah, don’t worry we’ll be out of here!  Don’t worry you don’t have to suffer you’re a king’s kid!  It’s a diversion just ignore it!”  This is the work of the Devil.“

-Jacob Prasch, April 3, 2021

According to Prasch he’d never call someone “of the Devil” for having a different view on the timing of the Rapture, but that’s only until one proponent of a different timing (JD Farag) has far exceeded Prasch in popularity, then Prasch repeatedly says his work is “of the Devil.” According to Prasch the Leslies of Herescope have a “busy body women” and “imagined” service to God who promote an “obvious fraud“, yet when it suits him he appears with them at a virtual conference. According to Prasch, women can’t teach mixed congregations, and he witch-hunts Deborah Menelaws for 2.5 years so far as a “Jezebel” for falsely alleging her to be doing that thing. Moreover Prasch claims a man who allows his wife to teach such mixed congregations is an “Ahab to her Jezebel” in reference to the weak King who was dominated by his evil wife and exploited into doing greater evil. This means since Prasch’s wife brazenly taught such a mixed congregation in front of the silent Prasch on his large padded ‘throne’, Mrs Prasch is by her husband’s own standard, a Jezebel, and he is by that same standard of his, an Ahab.