New Film: ‘It’s Servus Christi EXPOSED!’

He’s a sock puppet master, a Maharishi of the Kevin Bacon Game, a moron, a girl named “Lydia”, a spouse abuser, and much worse!  Watch the 2-segment 44-minute exposing of Joshua Chavez the man (and woman!) behind Servus Christi Ministries, an exposing that also captures his intensely evil associate and fake Jew cult leader Jacob Prasch in his lies and deception to coverup the career-terminating sins both men threw themselves into in their demonised crusade against Christ and Christ’s people. Best viewed in HD.

JD Hall’s exposés on Servus Christi can be found on Protestia and on Pulpit & Pen, and his Polemics Report podcasts on the topic are on Biblethumpingwingnut.

Chris Rosebrough’s exposés on Servus Christi and Jacob Prasch are here on YouTube.

Justin Peter’s exposés on Servus Christi can be found here also on YouTube.

Tim Wirth’s exposés on the Prasch Cult are also on YouTube here.

Search the blog for all the articles about Servus Christi, or read my overview about his idiocy, Bullets, Betrayal & Beelzebub, that covers much of what’s in the above film.

The video wherein Chavez was caught being ‘Lydia’ referenced in the above film is Episode 8 of the Jacob Prasch Cult series, in the final 4 minutes.

This exposé on Servus Christi is technically episode 49 in the Jacob Prasch Cult Film Series, and likely the last unless Prasch reaches Cult Zenith that was considered at the end of episode 48, Les Imbeciles & Their Ascent To Peak Stupid.

-for Matt and Joelle.