The Menelaws Expose Prasch’s War Against God And Truth (frequently updated!)

I used to take Prasch’s claims at face value, until I watched Dr. James White carefully go through Prasch’s claims and utterly humiliate Prasch as a brazen liar and avoider of reality hiding behind ad hominem attacks and a whole list of logical fallacies. So I stopped watching Prasch as he was just a blowhard deceiver. However in Fall 2018 I heard he was attacking David Nathan and a Scottish couple who’d given David Nathan a platform to defend against Prasch’s attacks (Stewart and Deborah Menelaws). I did what Dr. James White did and actually examined Prasch’s claims instead of accepting them, and began to uncover a whole series of fabrications Prasch had perpetrated against Christians (and therefore against God who’d appointed them for His work) with Prasch’s apparent single aim being destroying 2 Christian ministries. Watch Episode 1 of my Jacob Prasch series to see the genesis of my exposing of Prasch.

Prasch stupidly attacked me with lies for exposing him, so he gave me reason to debunk him again, and on it continued with Prasch presenting just an endless series of easily-debunkable lies, so what would have been 2 episodes in my series eventually has reached presently 49 episodes and 140 blog posts as I took deep dives into Prasch’s claims against others and found he routinely spewed total fabrications against the innocent (David Nathan, the Menelaws, Bill Randles, Dr. James White, JD Hall, Chris Rosebrough, Anton Bosch, Jan Markell, Amir Tsarfati, JD Farag, John MacArthur, etc.) and even fabricated stuff about the guilty such as Harold Camping, with Prasch committing outright journalism fraud when inventing connecting elements of true events from Vietnam as a means to damn Camping as being the direct cause of a massacre (watch Episode 16 about it).

I found Prasch even routinely lied about HIMSELF by claiming for decades he was half-Jewish when his birth certificate, biological brother, and Prasch family genealogy all showed he was 100% Irish American. Here is Prasch openly lying about being part Jewish apparently after being presented as fully Jewish by the host:

Prasch has been exposed by many people now as a fake Jew, specifically by Chris Rosebrough (who has been slandered repeatedly by Prasch ever since in retaliation). Because Prasch has lived a life of lies that have produced an income from his ‘Jewish’ ministry Moriel which has so far earned him over half a million dollars (from its USA branch alone), he has doubled down in his lies, then trebled down, then hid in his ivory tower as a means to escape reality and the complete termination his life of sins has caused his fake ministry and income to face. From that ivory tower of insanity, Prasch has set to work trying to back up his lies by fabricating evidence, such as last year’s farce where he presented in HD video various fake documents to present himself as Jewish, which Chris Rosebrough debunked to Prasch’s wrath. Prasch also produced a clearly forged DNA result he claimed said he was Jewish, which I debunked in this video:

Despite the debunking, Prasch has refused to admit to lying, and is so far gone as a Walter Mitty fake Jew fantasist, that he now spends his time making videos spewing out the same debunked lies as if reality has had zero effect on him. Prasch has specifically targeted Deborah Menelaws for the ‘crime’ of giving a platform to David Nathan to defend himself in Fall 2018. Prasch’s demonic venom against Deborah was on full show just a couple of weeks ago when he had this to say about her:

Prasch’s argument is that all those women are “filthy/disgusting” because they usurp male headship in the church, but that claim is despite Deborah NOT doing that, and despite me showing how Pavia Prasch, Prasch’s own wife, actually doing that openly in front of him—right after him saying that she wouldn’t!—in 2018 resulting in him and his wife meeting Prasch’s own stated criteria of being an Ahab and Jezebel respectively. In reaction to Prasch’s sustained attack on the Menelaws family, and their Christian body of work at Studio Scotland, the Menelaws have put together a series of videos pointing out Prasch’s slander and lies against them, debunking his vicious claims, and allowing their colleagues to express how God’s work is being accomplished in their media work which Prasch has relentlessly assaulted for over 2 years:

In the first video Stewart Menelaws stated the following perfectly accurate summary of Prasch:

“Prasch has always been a controversial figure, referred to as a bull in china shop, and in the main has been viewed by the small number of Christian outlets that knew of him, as a divisive person unable to conduct himself in keeping with the office of a Christ-centred Bible teacher.  Now the hope was in time this would change.  But once the internet enabled him to branch out, he separated himself off from those who challenged his behaviour and he surrounded himself with sycophants, [and] yes men.  Over recent years, not surprisingly, that bullish behaviour has grown into something ugly.  He regularly sits in the seat of judgement and condemns all who would challenge him, denying the right of mercy, forgiveness and even salvation to those he has a special place of hate for.

”Stewart Menelaws on Prasch, 30th April 2021

As I pointed out in my updated Warning to the Church About Jacob Prasch article from 2019, Stewart’s overview of Prasch was perfectly in line with what the great Bible teacher David Pawson warned Prasch would become back in 1998 when Pawson arbitrated between Prasch and Prasch’s target for slander, the Elim denomination. Pawson was attacked by Prasch for coming out against him, as can be seen in The Jacob Prasch Files. Anybody who accurately describes Prasch is liable to be attacked by him various ways (I’ve listed 13 ways Prasch attacked one of his former colleagues in this recent article). As Stewart Menelaws pointed out, access to the internet has enabled Prasch to both separate himself from actual Christians, and then stage attacks on them (the internet has, incidentally, also been Prasch’s downfall since 99% of the material I’ve presented against him has come from the internet, the only external things I’ve used that I can think of are 2 of his useless wannabe-authoritative books that have zero citations). And to prove Stewart’s point, within a day of the Menelaws’ first video being released, Prasch had recorded a screaming attack video published on the internet against Stewart Menelaws, in which Prasch appears totally unhinged, after having first stated categorically that he, Prasch, believes Jesus is the Kabbalah figure of Metatron whom has been said by academics is a demon. In it Prasch presents the same lies that were debunked 2.5 years ago, not even altering them to sound more believable, not trying to rework them or re-spin what failed before, he just unleashes volley after volley or utter crap which I debunked in season 1, which Graham Baldwin also debunked in his series, which David Nathan also debunked in 2018, and which the Menelaws are also now debunking.

Prasch’s leading enablers in his evil are CMFI

It is of note that Prasch’s campaign against the Menelaws (and David Nathan, and Chris Rosebrough, and many others) has been done so under the banner of CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International), a group of ministers who give their mates credentials like ‘Reverend’ by accepting a yearly subscription and printing and laminating a worthless piece of crap like the one Prasch held up ironically DURING a video where he was engaged in slander, defamation, and DNA result forgery!

Due to CMFI being a worthless band of scum individuals who have worked to maintain Prasch’s position in the church instead of holding him accountable for his actions, their leaders are largely to blame for all the Christian ministries and God’s children who have been attacked by their subscription-paying Jack Daniels-bloated Prasch. The shameful 3 heads of CMFI are John Angliss, Ian Huxham, and Paul Sherbird.

You can read my exposé on CMFI here. David Nathan and Graham Baldwin have also spoken of the dereliction of duty the CMFI squad have engaged in in their efforts to protect their church-destroying fake Jewish Golem Prasch, with David proving CMFI believed Prasch’s lies and with crooked scales only looked at twisted ‘evidence’ Prasch submitted to them, and in Graham’s experience when he asked them to account for themselves, they responded with total silence.


I’ll add the Menelaws’ additional videos below as they post them in their excellent defence of God’s work, and their exposing of the Devil’s work in Prasch’s ‘ministry’.

Bill Randles who first stood up to Prasch in defence of the Menelaws in Fall 2018, then got lynched half a dozen times by the Prasch cult in one calendar year for daring to disagree with Prasch, well he posted a supportive message of the Menelaws’ first film ‘Prasch – The Shameless Liar’ on its YouTube comments section:

Don Gawthorne made this killer quote towards the end of the video describing Prasch’s godless behaviour:

“Jacob’s ministry started out in the manner of John’s second Epistle, warning people not even to greet someone if they have a different Gospel; to have nothing to do with them, and that was correct.  But his ministry has morphed into John’s third Epistle where Diotrephes has tried to isolate himself and a band of devotees by lashing out at good ministries.”

So the major point of that episode is noting how Prasch repeatedly presented a fake narrative about David Nathan’s video-taped Q&A session at Bill Randles’ church as a means to damn innocent people. So how much do you want to bet Prasch’s reaction to it will be to…….present a fake narrative about Bill Randles? I say it’s 100% likely. Watch this space.

While waiting for Prasch to inevitably attack Bill Randles, take a look at these comments found on a post of Prasch’s video attacking various people on the Prasch Cult’s Facebook group RTN Fellowship:

I find it hilarious that his cult members are so altered in their thinking by listening to Prasch lie to them all the time that they conclude, sans evidence and in the face of obvious reality, that Prasch is being “attacked” [by the Menelaws, Bill Randles, Chris Rosebrough, etc.] due to his “teaching the word” and “being faithful to his calling”. What?? Is “the Word” directing people to worship the Metatron from Kabbalah as a false Messiah as Prasch does? And is “his calling” to publicly LIE about people repeatedly and create a cult??!! Those comments illustrate the astonishing wall of ignorance you encounter when observing Prasch’s cult. Is there any way for such ignorance to be defeated, or is it an unconquerable ignorance that afflicts the cult members? My fear is it is totally unconquerable.

Prasch’s Persistent forays into bogs of hypocrisy when attacking the Menelaws (26/May)

When observing Prasch’s various attacks on the Menelaws, one from the 8th of May this year is highly ironic. In the video Prasch attacks Deborah Menelaws due to the secular branch of her film business work that took her to the Cannes Film Festival one year. Prasch then attempts to present Deborah’s time there as absolute evidence she is in “love with the world” and therefore not a Christian:

“Now does this sound like a film industry wannabe trying to impress people? Small time person in the film industry trying to impress people, that they’re rubbing shoulders with DiCaprio or Emma Watson or what Spielberg whatever?”

Prasch 8/5/21

So if Prasch damns Deborah Menelaws for listing the people she met once at the Cannes Film Festival as evidence she “loves the world”, then what exactly do you make of this 2017 video from Zion Chapel in Brisbane, Australia where Prasch is speaking to the youth of the church:

Riiiight. So Prasch bigs himself up as having all these friends in the rock music business, and farcically boasted his colleague David Lister killed Elvis, minus any shred of evidence! I’ve a whole list of people Prasch has said he’s met during his many name-dropping sessions, many of which are conveniently dead so they can’t verify or deny connection to Prasch. Moreover, Prasch also claimed he’d bedded one of the wives of The Rolling Stones, and claimed such a ghastly thing to a church audience. So whilst Deborah listed people she’d met at a film festival, Prasch claimed to have had sex with one, been to Mick Jagger’s birthday party, and had a stage pass from Phil Collins and Blondie (which he conveniently turned down). So, as usual, Prasch, by his OWN STATED STANDARD “loves the world” and therefore the love of the Father is not in him! He’s such an idiot that he’s always ending up damning himself with his words as he is frankly the most egregious hypocrite in the world. But it gets more absurd because in the video Prasch kept talking

So Prasch, in his same attack on Deborah Menelaws, attempted to present more ‘evidence’ that Deborah “loved the world”, and suffered from “pride, lust [of] the eyes” and that was to show a printout of a screenshot from her Facebook page. Of it Prasch says,

“It’s not what she looks like, she used a film of herself from when she was younger. Deborah Menelaws! Studio Scotland! That’s what she sends out!”

Prasch 8/5/21

Firstly it’s a Facebook page, and secondly if having a younger picture of yourself on it is evidence that you “love the world” and suffer from “pride, lust [of] the eyes”, then whaaaaaat exactly do you make of Jacob Prasch, as of today (25th May 2021) having this picture of himself on his ‘about Prasch’ page of his website

Prasch doesn’t look like that now, does he, since that image is from his 2012 attack video on Tearfund’s Steven Tollestrup. This is Prasch now:

So Prasch, once again, commits an act of outrageous hypocrisy, damning a woman for using a picture from a few years ago, saying it is evidence she “loves the world” and suffers from “pride, lust [of] the eyes”, when he does the EXACT SAME THING with a decade old image, meaning again, by Prasch’s OWN STATED STANDARD, Prasch is condemned! And there’s even more to his tomfoolery considering in the first video Prasch accidentally leaked who his source of information on Deborah Menelaws’s Facebook page was, by publishing her name along with the picture at the top of the screen:

The screen-capture came from a Suzanne Baruch, a person I have in the past theorised is potentially a fake Jew like Prasch because her YouTube channel has the rather Scottish-sounding surname Dingus:, and a real Jew is not particularly likely to stick with a man who has been outed as a notorious fake Jew Walter Mitty as Prasch has. But what’s funny about Prasch being fed information by Suzanne ‘Baruch’ is Suzanne in 2015 proclaimed of Prasch’s longterm object of attack and utter condemnation, Dr. Michael Brown, that she trusts his discernment! No joke! Look:

So how do you process this bombshell? Well you remember back in Winter 2018 when I commented on Vimeo beneath one of my first 2 videos in reply to a comment about John MacArthur, and Prasch immediately jumped on that comment, then used his Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon damnation theory on it, called me “an apologist for apostasy” in his attack video, and then tried to damn Deborah Menelaws via 2 degrees of separation from John MacArthur via me due to her…replying to a different comment of mine? I recorded it all here:

So if I got damned through Prasch’s Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon guilt by association rhetoric via a mere comment about an innocent individual in John MacArthur, will Suzanne Dingus Baruch get the same treatment (or worse!) for declaring directly to Dr Michael Brown that she trusts his discernment, considering Prasch declares Brown to be a false teacher and “a proven false prophet“, or will this be another case of Prasch using a different standard for his chummy mates versus the people he wants to attack because they’ve exposed him as the charlatan and liar he is? Or will Suzanne Dingus have to go on one of those apology tours you see Praschites engaging in on the Prasch Cult’s RTN TV Fellowship group on Facebook where people are horrified to learn they accidentally damned John MacArthur to people who already damn John MacArthur after thinking that they don’t damn John MacArthur and should be warned of the Sayyytaanniccc perillllll of not damning John MacArthur! This is unbelievable:

It’s like one of the central acts of demonstrated obedience in the Prasch Cult is to publicly damn John MacArthur! Where on earth do these people come from? How do they function in the real world?

Update: The Day After the update before… (27/May)

So the day after I posted the above comment (26th May 2021) from the RTN TV Fellowship Group of Moriel cult members, it magically turned into a “Private” group so that their anti MacArthur rhetoric can be foamed up in secret! So far so Scientology.

The latest video exposes how Prasch’s squad of yes men such as David Lister (who farcically lied and claimed he’d killed Elvis Presley), Sergio Mariani Martinez (one of Prasch’s Moriel Police) and Marco Quintana (who brazenly lied in 2019 claiming Prasch was innocent, despite Marco being a pastor, albeit one with plastic credentials from pay-for-titles outfit CMFI), had engaged in the passing around of a fabricated and quite frankly idiotically preposterous email claiming to be an eye-witness account from someone who’d encountered scenes of flying witches (yes, you read that right!) at a Deborah Menelaws conference in 2018. Here is a screencap of the evil email shown in the film:

The video response by Stewart Menelaws quite comprehensively debunks the outrageous fabricated drivel from Moriel by interviewing actual attendees:

After exposing the Moriel yes man squad as a bunch of disgusting and filthy liars, Stewart Menelaws concludes by asking this pertinent question to the Prasch Cult members,

“I’m going to ask you a direct question: Are you honestly that I’ll-advised to think that these kind of people responsible for that disgraceful email, lying about Deborah and all the other deceitful things they do and say, that they are ‘decent’ human beings, let alone people who would claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

Stewart Menelaws, video #5

From my time researching the Prasch Cult I’m actually trying to think of just one person inside it who tells the truth! That’s the astonishing thing about the Cult, although it claims to be Christian (a truly farcical claim) its members all engage in the proliferation of lies as casually as if it were their native tongue, despite such deeds being an “abomination” to the God they claim to serve but do not know:

“There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”

Proverbs 6:16-19 ESV

The Moriel Cult’s faked email incorporates 1) the lying tongue, 2) the heart that devises wicked plans, 3) the feet that make haste to run to evil, 4) the false witness who breathes out lies, and 5) sowers of discord among brothers. So the Prasch Cult’s squad of yes men freely engaged in five abominations all in order to aid their cult leader Prasch. Such idiotic fools they are! Don’t they see that there is one central problem to their lives and that is a pattern of abominable sin in the character of Satan the Father of Lies, and all those lies stem from protecting one man: Prasch. Imagine being consigned to eternal Hell (as all liars will be) and facing eternal punishment for protecting and elevating a colossal bloated idiot like Prasch?! What madness! But that demonstrates the power of the cultic mindset, where this group of rank simpletons have cast in their lot with him and have pledged allegiance to a Walter Mitty screaming imbecile.

One of Prasch’s former colleagues, Jackie Alnor, was shocked at the “slanderous” emails fabricated by the Prasch Cult, posting this comment about the video on YouTube:

Additionally Kristin Randles, wife of Pastor Bill Randles, replied to Jackie with this excellent comment,

In this instalment, Stewart Menelaws speaks to more eyewitnesses who fully debunk and laugh at another farcical email circulated around the Prasch Cult by Prasch.

Stewart shows the email in question in the video, and points out the absurdity of its conclusion wherein Prasch states he “cannot verify” various claims about Deborah Menelaws but nonetheless chooses to believe it:

That stated desire by Prasch to willingly believe what he knows is total drivel pretty much sums up the spirit of Prasch.

Prasch’s Screaming Response to Video #6 (9/June)

Prasch took 2 days to respond to Stewart Menelaws’ 6th video that exposed Prasch as a serial liar, and that reaction was hilarious as he was clearly unable to deal with anything Stewart revealed about him. Unable to respond Prasch did his 22+ year schtick of playing Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon by attempting to link both the Menelaws, Chris Rosebrough and even me(!!) to a “false gospel”. The false gospel Prasch attempts to present in his 1-hour screamathon is David Nathan’s teaching about the Millennium, which is odd considering Prasch agreed with it at Bill Randles’ church a few years ago (watch this 4 minute clip of Prasch validating David Nathan’s theory), and afterwards declared David Nathan’s teaching was in line with Moriel’s doctrinal statement as David Nathan showed in his Chronology of Events in 2018:

So by Prasch’s own admission prior to his idiotic witch-hunt on David Nathan in Summer 2018, Prasch confirmed David’s teaching was fine, and then he had to delete the second half of that email when he started his attack since it undermined him, which David showed in its entirety not just in the above-linked file but also to his church in South Africa. It’s a bit hard to call someone a heretic when you said that person “subscribe[s] to the Moriel statement of faith.” Anyway, here is a clip of Prasch playing the Kevin Bacon Game:

And the irony of it all is Prasch has been outed since Fall 2019 (after David Nathan left Moriel) as having been involved in the worship of a false Jesus known as the Metatron from Kabbalah, a belief he only spoke of a few times, until it was highlighted first by Bill Randles in 2019 and then by Chris Rosebrough in 2020. Due to Prasch doubling down in the heresy rather than admit he was wrong, he has made belief in the Metatron a tenet of belief inside his part-owned venture RTN TV which requires all the low-grade teachers who appear on it believe the same Kabbalah gibberish as him. He’s such a gargantuan imbecile whose narratives only hold together when they aren’t investigated, which is likely why he tries his darnedest to not show any evidence and keeps reiterating his false narratives and spurious lies again and again ad nauseam in all his recent videos in the hope by repetition his lies will be accepted as truth. For me it is side-splitting, but also it is tragic comedy since those who believe him about the Metatron false Christ are being led by him to Hell.

Prasch the heretic responds again with hypocrisy (13/June)

I’ve lost count of the number of times Prasch has engaged in flagrant hypocrisy, and that’s just whilst looking through the evidence presented in this one article here! Well on the 13th of June he added to it by attacking the Menelaws again. Here is his attack video which should start at the 1hr 3:41 point:

Prasch in his hypocrisy states the following:

“A little leaven leavens the entire lump of dough.  Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.  Now we’re not talking about peripheral or secondary doctrinal issues, we’re talking about major heresies, major heresies.  I know, uhh, just last week we talked about a case responding to people in Scotland who were defending people who had another Gospel.  We can prove with the videos that they were teaching a false way of salvation, that you know, uhh, concerning that the blood of Christ will not always be efficacious.”

Prasch (video)

It’s severely hypocritical for someone to rail against people engaging/presenting in “major heresies” and “another Gospel” revolving around the “blood of Christ” and a “false way of salvation”—all of which Prasch alleges he can “prove with the videos”—when you consider Prasch worshipping a false Christ called The Metatron from Kabbalah which he has roped 10 clowns on RTN TV into defending him on via his recent “Pledge“, especially when his mystical/corrupted views incorporates calling Jesus “the Goat” and advocating singing songs about “the blood of the goat” as Prasch the heretic has done numerous times, taking the symbol of a scapegoat off a proverbial cliff:

An Illustration of Prasch’s Evil Intent from 2020

I happened to stumble upon the Facebook posting of a reply Prasch had made to Deborah Menelaws’ document Jacob The Deceiver she first posted in 2020. I had seen the strawman-heavy origin article by Prasch on the website, but not until today seen his Moriel Be Alert! post on Facebook trying to direct people towards it. It is interesting since the Facebook post contains something the website article does not, and that’s a picture, about which Prasch states “The engraving is by Gustave Dore, depicting the end of Jezebel at 2 Kings Chapter 9.” Here it is: snapshot here

Consider the violence of the illustration, remembering Prasch is there attempting to draw a comparison between Deborah Menelaws and Queen Jezebel (as he has a history of doing), since the Doré artwork depicts her being violently cast out of a high building to her death. Consider also the way Prasch deliberately used similar violent imagery when threatening the disabled Justin Peters this time last year (see the video Justin revealed it in here):

The irony of Prasch’s Facebook post imagery was the article it linked to claimed Moriel staff weren’t involved in the death threat that had been posted in the comments of this website directed at Deborah, sooooo try to fathom this: in defending against a death threat being made against Deborah, the idiot Prasch...posted an image of Jezebel (the person he claims Deborah is) being…killed.

Jacob Prasch is a supremely grotesque individual, isn’t he? You wonder how disturbed and contorted his private mind is when the mind he reveals to the public is clearly so extreme and demented.

Additionally one of the Prasch Cult members who commented on the Facebook post by Prasch was none other than his Russian translator Petia. Her comment perfectly sums up the cultic mindset that hinders the cult members from exiting the echo chamber since she flat out refused to even look at the evidence Deborah presented against Prasch:

Talk about closed-minded! The God of the Bible tells Christians to “come reason together”, but that ideal is immediately thrown out the window when reasoning endangers a cult member of encountering powerful waves of cognitive dissonance, hence the cult remains in hiding from anything that undermines their ‘lord’ Jacob. It’s all fantastically ridiculous and stupid, but that’s what makes cults so fascinating. The Prasch Cult members seem to believe they are world-class discerners when the reality of their actions (and in this case inaction and running away from information) means they are anti-discerners, they are, to put it frankly, idiots. Yet in the most recent video by Prasch (at 1hr 05:46) Prasch the leader of the idiots has this to say about the women who DID research the allegations and came out on the side of the Menelaws and appeared in their #6 video:

“…and so they made videos of all these rather naive and undiscerning women, I must say.”

-Prasch (video)

So to the cult leader Prasch, naïvety is any discernment which leads a person to conclude Prasch is a liar—despite any basic research quickly finding that Prasch is a liar and a deceiver—yet cult members who run and hide from the evidence against him and refuse to even look, as Petia boasted about doing, they, in the cult’s estimations, are the discerners! Ha! What a bunch of imbeciles! The more the cult members engage in that type of activity the more clearly it proves they have adopted for themselves a thinker/protector in Prasch, and they view him as some type of champion, when he’s the single most absurd and godless individual operating inside Christendom this century. Here are a few more of the absurd comments posted publicly by the Praschites which elevate Prasch to Jeremiah status, attribute demonism to Deborah via “High Level demons that have Very Strategic Assignments”, and attribute to Prasch the chuffing mental descriptor of “man of God”!

Prasch’s Ultra cult member Petia has a bit of a history of attacking anybody who dares questions the brilliance of ‘lord’ Jacob, with her claiming Bill Randles was “loyal to Satan” for exposing Prasch, and she engaged in obfuscation to maintain that Prasch was Jewish when he isn’t, and even refused to refer to Prasch as ‘James’ (his birth name) since she believes fully Prasch’s false narratives that he was given the Jewish name Jacob when he wasn’t according to his own birth certificate. Read her cultic comments from 2020 here. Petia’s comments reveal the extremes of thinking that occur in the Prasch Cult, wherein Prasch the provably godless liar—who shares many attributes of the Father of Lies Beelzebub—is seen paradoxically as not utter scum that he is but as some Apostle Paul-like character, and all those who expose him for what he observably and provably is are paradoxically seen not as sharers of truths and exposers of darkness that they are but as minions of Lucifer.

In this latest video Stewart Menelaws reveals how Prasch lied (or was uninformed) about his website material being available “for free” on the website…

“Why should we charge people anything at all when we can give it away for free?”

“Everything is free now.”

“Yeah if you wanted we can send you a thumb drive or a cassette, we can do that, and we’ll keep it cheap as we can, but you can get it for free.”

-Prasch, (video June 5th 2021)

…when everything is actually available for prices ranging between $4 and $450, which doesn’t qualify as ‘free’ according to the dictionary. In reaction to this I filmed myself trying to get the “free” version of the infamous Moriel “Whole Enchilada USB compilation which is “free now” and found that the total came to $450 and the only thing that was “free” was the postage:

I did, however, notice the web store only had 9,967 of The Whole Enchilada USB sticks available, and assuming the website store when updated a couple of years ago would have had the ‘stock’ level for such things at 9,999, it would appear Prasch has sold 32 of The Whole Enchilada USB sticks, which, at $450 a pop would equal $14,400, which isn’t a bad profit on 32 USB sticks which cost about $5 each ($160 for 32), a profit percentage of 8,900.00%. Is a 8,900.00% profit percentage keeping it “cheap as we can” as Prasch farcically claims?

The stock levels on all the other USB sticks (each costing $50) reveal 43 have been sold for $2,150 (sold for 10 times the $215 cost to buy wholesale from SanDisk).

Stewart also revealed Prasch had attempted to intimidate various people who’d contributed to Stewart’s video series, the intimidation coming via Prasch recording himself on video issuing veiled threats, and then emailing the video to Don Gawthorne and several others.

Stewart pointed out an email of Prasch’s which had claimed he and Deborah had been responsible for various Moriel volunteers jumping ship, but Stewart interviewed them and found the departures were entirely down to Prasch’s behaviour towards David Nathan in 2018 (incidentally the thing that led to my 49 episode exposé video series on Prasch). Some of Prasch’s former Moriel Scotland events organisers, Marilyn and Shonah, explained their views on Prasch’s attack on David Nathan,

“I would never have believed the depth to which [Prasch] could have gone…It has staggered me. It is actually very painful and very upsetting to see someone descend to such levels of wickedness.”

-Marilyn (video)

“In the past I had concerns about some of the ways that Jacob has spoken, but like many others I defended him on the basis that he stood up for the truth, and it was a righteous anger, and therefore that made it okay. But I felt differently about this [attack on David Nathan]. The longer that process of vitriol and putting things out there continued, the more uneasy I became.”

-Shonah (video)

And Stewart outlined the central problem Prasch the habitual and unrepentant liar has found himself with,

“The unrepentant liar eventually comes to a place where they actually believes that they believe themselves to be telling the truth. And without the Holy Spirit to correct the problem in their lives, they continue to live a delusion despite all the accounts showing them to be false. The Lord gives people over to delusion, 2 These. 2:11, when they turn away from truth and continue to reject the need to repent and most certainly repent of false testimony.”

-Stewart Menelaws (video)

In light of Stewart’s words there, this recent glut of major sins committed by Prasch which he has not repented of has swelled his number of recorded sins proven through this website and video series to 211. See the full list of those sins here. The 209th sin is what Stewart references in his above video, that being the fact that 2 different Moriel volunteers left Moriel in recent years “because of Prasch’s drinking habits“. JD Hall recently described Prasch as a “stage 4 alcoholic” based on his appearance, which you can read about here.

8th July: Prasch’s Witches & Warlocks Defence

Prasch found himself totally unable to defend himself against any of the Menelaws’ claims, so decided to attack various people involved in their series, and those the Menelaws have quoted, in order to intimidate them into silence, which is a cult’s tactic, as Chris Rosebrough explained the Prasch Cult routinely did in Summer 2020. Prasch, in a stupid attack video titled Witchcraft in the Church, he hilariously claimed Deborah and Stewart Menelaws were a “witch” and a “warlock” and claimed everybody who exposed him for his evil behaviour were “bewitched” by them! It was perhaps the funniest attack from Prasch because it was so insane, and in trying to evidence how the Menelaws were “bewitching” people, he ended up describing what he himself has done to his own disciples. Moreover it is a tad hypocritical trying to damn people for fabricated claims of involvement in witchcraft when Prasch’s enabler and Moriel Facebook admin Sandy Simpson has a daughter who calls herself Cassie the Tarot Witch. You can see her in action in her YouTube channel here.

Sandy Simpson’s daughter Cassie the Witch with some magic cards

It’s a bit farcical to maintain belief in Prasch’s Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon Damnation Theorem that tries to connect people to witches when you are 1 degree of separation from a self-identifying “tarot witch” as Sandy Simpson, one of Prasch’s Moriel staff, is.

And speaking of Kevin Bacon, Prasch tried to discredit the Menelaws via attacking me, by utilising perhaps his most extreme form of that Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon Damnation Theorem of his by trying to associate me with the personal lives of the people…who starred in a film…whose poster I use as an avatar on WordPress. As it was all ridiculous and illogical from the outset, Prasch went off the deep end in trying to make it all work by loading his ‘evidence’ with totally fabricated information, such a claiming the film (Ciao! Manhattan) contained “hardcore homosexual porn” and “incest”, none of which it actually contained, so I called him out on his lies in this article.

10th July: Prasch Doubles Down in his Fabrications

Someone alerted Prasch to my reaction to his fabrications about the film Ciao! Manhattan, and Prasch launched a second tirade against me, amazingly doubling down in his fabrications about the film by brazenly fabricating MORE information, including using photo of 2 of the film’s actresses to present them as both nude and in an incest scene, when the full image found them to be clothed and in a doctor’s clinic, with the “incest” scene Prasch talked about being merely a group of female friends sitting in a kitchen talking about their pasts. I updated the article about his fabrications with his additional fabrications here.

But Prasch wasn’t done yet, in his second video (which you can see in my aforementioned reaction article) Prasch made the fool mistake of declaring multiple times I was a “Sodomite” and a “butch gay” with a “boyfriend”, when none of it was true. Prasch didn’t present his evidence in his video, because he couldn’t, since his evidence was rather obviously a joke between classmates posted on Facebook in 2008 (see the full article for it, and my follow-up article about what Prasch’s attack meant).

12th July: Another Prasch Book Editor (Danny Isom) Disowns Prasch Publicly

Danny Isom who edited Prasch’s books Harpazo and Shadows of the Beast (and several others) joined Prasch’s 1990s book editor Henry Sheppard in having to “separate” from Prasch earlier this year, admitting he believed the mass of evidence exposing Prasch, writing in April 2021 “I wholly agree with the documented cases of his ill-behavior”. Sadly Danny was described by family this week as brain dead, causing Prasch to eulogise him in a video, despite Danny having had the guts to join the long list of people exposing Prasch.

18th July: Prasch Trebles Down in his Fabrications

Having found his efforts to falsely label me a “Sodomite” and a “butch gay” (as a means to damn people who repost my research on Prasch) have fallen flat outside his cult, Prasch tried a third time to attack me, this time by totally fabricating my association with…an Asian fetishism cult. (!!!). No, I’m not making that up, see the video clip and read my reactions in this article. Prasch also announced I was “a real sicko” and essentially a transvestite who dressed in not only women’s clothing but in the clothing of “little girls like Alice in Wonderland”. As insane/insanely funny the claims made in video form were, it only added more evidence to my claim that the Prasch Cult is homophobic and Prasch relies on stoking his cult-members’ deep homophobia to succeed in silencing the heavy source of cognitive dissonance this website is to them. Read about my claim that he’s a homophobe in this article, and read his stupid lie-filled and strawman-torching reaction to my claims in this article.

Also, in Prasch’s attack video there is a strange jump-cut as he introduces himself at the start here. It’s almost like something was edited out. I wonder what that was. Well it turns in the original livestream recording, Prasch made a pretty stupid Freudian Slip

Freudian slip
In psychoanalysis, a Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought.

Shame nobody recorded it. Oh wait a minute, I did: