The Menelaws Expose Prasch’s War Against God And Truth (updated!)

I used to take Prasch’s claims at face value, until I watched Dr. James White carefully go through Prasch’s claims and utterly humiliate Prasch as a brazen liar and avoider of reality hiding behind ad hominem attacks and a whole list of logical fallacies. So I stopped watching Prasch as he was just a blowhard deceiver. However in Fall 2018 I heard he was attacking David Nathan and a Scottish couple who’d given David Nathan a platform to defend against Prasch’s attacks (Stewart and Deborah Menelaws). I did what Dr. James White did and actually examined Prasch’s claims instead of accepting them, and began to uncover a whole series of fabrications Prasch had perpetrated against Christians (and therefore against God who’d appointed them for His work) with Prasch’s apparent single aim being destroying 2 Christian ministries. Watch Episode 1 of my Jacob Prasch series to see the genesis of my exposing of Prasch.

Prasch stupidly attacked me with lies for exposing him, so he gave me reason to debunk him again, and on it continued with Prasch presenting just an endless series of easily-debunkable lies, so what would have been 2 episodes in my series eventually has reached presently 49 episodes and 140 blog posts as I took deep dives into Prasch’s claims against others and found he routinely spewed total fabrications against the innocent (David Nathan, the Menelaws, Bill Randles, Dr. James White, JD Hall, Chris Rosebrough, Anton Bosch, Jan Markell, Amir Tsarfati, JD Farag, John MacArthur, etc.) and even fabricated stuff about the guilty such as Harold Camping, with Prasch committing outright journalism fraud when inventing connecting elements of true events from Vietnam as a means to damn Camping as being the direct cause of a massacre (watch Episode 16 about it).

I found Prasch even routinely lied about HIMSELF by claiming for decades he was half-Jewish when his birth certificate, biological brother, and Prasch family genealogy all showed he was 100% Irish American. Here is Prasch openly lying about being part Jewish apparently after being presented as fully Jewish by the host:

Prasch has been exposed by many people now as a fake Jew, specifically by Chris Rosebrough (who has been slandered repeatedly by Prasch ever since in retaliation). Because Prasch has lived a life of lies that have produced an income from his ‘Jewish’ ministry Moriel which has so far earned him over half a million dollars (from its USA branch alone), he has doubled down in his lies, then trebled down, then hid in his ivory tower as a means to escape reality and the complete termination his life of sins has caused his fake ministry and income to face. From that ivory tower of insanity, Prasch has set to work trying to back up his lies by fabricating evidence, such as last year’s farce where he presented in HD video various fake documents to present himself as Jewish, which Chris Rosebrough debunked to Prasch’s wrath. Prasch also produced a clearly forged DNA result he claimed said he was Jewish, which I debunked in this video:

Despite the debunking, Prasch has refused to admit to lying, and is so far gone as a Walter Mitty fake Jew fantasist, that he now spends his time making videos spewing out the same debunked lies as if reality has had zero effect on him. Prasch has specifically targeted Deborah Menelaws for the ‘crime’ of giving a platform to David Nathan to defend himself in Fall 2018. Prasch’s demonic venom against Deborah was on full show just a couple of weeks ago when he had this to say about her:

Prasch’s argument is that all those women are “filthy/disgusting” because they usurp male headship in the church, but that claim is despite Deborah NOT doing that, and despite me showing how Pavia Prasch, Prasch’s own wife, actually doing that openly in front of him—right after him saying that she wouldn’t!—in 2018 resulting in him and his wife meeting Prasch’s own stated criteria of being an Ahab and Jezebel respectively. In reaction to Prasch’s sustained attack on the Menelaws family, and their Christian body of work at Studio Scotland, the Menelaws have put together a series of videos pointing out Prasch’s slander and lies against them, debunking his vicious claims, and allowing their colleagues to express how God’s work is being accomplished in their media work which Prasch has relentlessly assaulted for over 2 years:

The Menelaws’ Video #1

The Menelaws’ Video #2

In the first video Stewart Menelaws stated the following perfectly accurate summary of Prasch:

“Prasch has always been a controversial figure, referred to as a bull in china shop, and in the main has been viewed by the small number of Christian outlets that knew of him, as a divisive person unable to conduct himself in keeping with the office of a Christ-centred Bible teacher.  Now the hope was in time this would change.  But once the internet enabled him to branch out, he separated himself off from those who challenged his behaviour and he surrounded himself with sycophants, [and] yes men.  Over recent years, not surprisingly, that bullish behaviour has grown into something ugly.  He regularly sits in the seat of judgement and condemns all who would challenge him, denying the right of mercy, forgiveness and even salvation to those he has a special place of hate for.

”Stewart Menelaws on Prasch, 30th April 2021

As I pointed out in my updated Warning to the Church About Jacob Prasch article from 2019, Stewart’s overview of Prasch was perfectly in line with what the great Bible teacher David Pawson warned Prasch would become back in 1998 when Pawson arbitrated between Prasch and Prasch’s target for slander, the Elim denomination. Pawson was attacked by Prasch for coming out against him, as can be seen in The Jacob Prasch Files. Anybody who accurately describes Prasch is liable to be attacked by him various ways (I’ve listed 13 ways Prasch attacked one of his former colleagues in this recent article). As Stewart Menelaws pointed out, access to the internet has enabled Prasch to both separate himself from actual Christians, and then stage attacks on them (the internet has, incidentally, also been Prasch’s downfall since 99% of the material I’ve presented against him has come from the internet, the only external things I’ve used that I can think of are 2 of his useless wannabe-authoritative books that have zero citations). And to prove Stewart’s point, within a day of the Menelaws’ first video being released, Prasch had recorded a screaming attack video published on the internet against Stewart Menelaws, in which Prasch appears totally unhinged, after having first stated categorically that he, Prasch, believes Jesus is the Kabbalah figure of Metatron whom has been said by academics is a demon. In it Prasch presents the same lies that were debunked 2.5 years ago, not even altering them to sound more believable, not trying to rework them or re-spin what failed before, he just unleashes volley after volley or utter crap which I debunked in season 1, which Graham Baldwin also debunked in his series, which David Nathan also debunked in 2018, and which the Menelaws are also now debunking.

Prasch’s leading enablers in his evil are CMFI

It is of note that Prasch’s campaign against the Menelaws (and David Nathan, and Chris Rosebrough, and many others) has been done so under the banner of CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International), a group of ministers who give their mates credentials like ‘Reverend’ by accepting a yearly subscription and printing and laminating a worthless piece of crap like the one Prasch held up ironically DURING a video where he was engaged in slander, defamation, and DNA result forgery!

Due to CMFI being a worthless band of scum individuals who have worked to maintain Prasch’s position in the church instead of holding him accountable for his actions, their leaders are largely to blame for all the Christian ministries and God’s children who have been attacked by their subscription-paying Jack Daniels-bloated Prasch. The shameful 3 heads of CMFI are John Angliss, Ian Huxham, and Paul Sherbird.

You can read my exposé on CMFI here. David Nathan and Graham Baldwin have also spoken of the dereliction of duty the CMFI squad have engaged in in their efforts to protect their church-destroying fake Jewish Golem Prasch, with David proving CMFI believed Prasch’s lies and with crooked scales only looked at twisted ‘evidence’ Prasch submitted to them, and in Graham’s experience when he asked them to account for themselves, they responded with total silence.


I’ll add the Menelaws’ additional videos below as they post them in their excellent defence of God’s work, and their exposing of the Devil’s work in Prasch’s ‘ministry’.

Bill Randles who first stood up to Prasch in defence of the Menelaws in Fall 2018, then got lynched half a dozen times by the Prasch cult in one calendar year for daring to disagree with Prasch, well he posted a supportive message of the Menelaws’ first film ‘Prasch – The Shameless Liar’ on its YouTube comments section:

Menelaws’ Video #3: Prasch The Liar Pt.2

Don Gawthorne made this killer quote towards the end of the video describing Prasch’s godless behaviour:

“Jacob’s ministry started out in the manner of John’s second Epistle, warning people not even to greet someone if they have a different Gospel; to have nothing to do with them, and that was correct.  But his ministry has morphed into John’s third Epistle where Diotrephes has tried to isolate himself and a band of devotees by lashing out at good ministries.”