The Prasch Files No.12: Annie Rogers Exposes Prasch to the USA!

In 2019 I discovered a cache of tremendously hilarious files documenting Jacob Prasch’s multi-continental lunacy in the late 1990s when he began witch-hunting his OWN volunteers in the USA and Australia, and his being exposed by David Pawson as a potential personality cult leader in the making, and then being labelled as an actual cult leader in 2003 by a cult watchdog in Brisbane. As these files have been released, Prasch has gone nuts, since they had been totally lost in the mists of time, apparently disappearing from the internet around 2004, and therefore hidden from his gullible disciples who, contrary to the reality the files document, think Prasch is a man of God. In reaction to the release of the first few, Prasch, not wanting to direct people to the source of the information (me on here) decided to act like a thoroughbred imbecile and blamed Dave Borlase of Intercessors For Britain instead and attacked him and his family at Christmas 2019 with Prasch’s newly appointed social media man Amos Farrell assisting the idiocy, resulting in the Dracula Prasch video in my series.

This 12th and final Prasch file ties multiple threads from many of the other files together and helps explain just why Prasch launched such a heavy-handed witch-hunt campaign on his former Moriel USA staffer Annie Rogers, with him publicly lying about her across America and abroad deliberately to lump her in with Jehovah’s Witnesses (see file 4), and looks at how that effort demonstrates Prasch’s methods of attacking people which we see all too clearly repeated in present day.

The Background & Prasch’s Dec.1998 “Smokescreen”

Before ever encountering Prasch, Annie Rogers was involved in Peter Michas’ organisation Messengers of Messiah for “many years”. Once meeting Prasch, Annie Rogers worked for free as a volunteer for his Moriel Ministries and was his USA representative from mid-1997, a year after Henry Sheppard had joined Moriel in Australia and worked as Prasch’s book editor. Annie was Prasch’s first representative in the USA and layed the foundation for Prasch’s first taste of US success. Once she joined Moriel she helped arrange Prasch’s itinerary for his USA tours. However:

“Mr Prasch consistently disregarded the advice of his supporters concerning the timing and frequency of his visits to their countries. In December 1998 he made an unsuccessful visit to the USA. He was repeatedly urged not to undertake a tour at that time and it was dogged by blizzards, cancellations and poor attendance at most venues. At one point Mr Prasch especially embarrassed himself by speaking and acting rudely at a meeting with a group of supporters in Pittsburgh. One of the outcomes of the event was an escalation of rudeness and hostility by Mr Prasch toward Annie Rogers, who had been his representative in the USA since mid-1997.”

-Henry Sheppard (Prasch File 6)

Henry gave more insight into what happened, writing

“The facts of the matter are that Jacob embarrassed himself by his behaviour in Pittsburgh last December and, on being challenged about it, has kept shouting ever more loudly and frantically whipping up a “heresy hunt” as a smoke screen, rather than humbly admit his errors and apologise for his behaviour. His attacks on everyone who has called him to account over his behaviour last December have become intolerable, particularly for Annie, and she has resigned from Moriel.”

-Henry Sheppard (Prasch File 3)

So Prasch was vile to a woman, as has been seen in his more recent vile attacks against other female former colleagues/supporters Sally Richardson and Deborah Menelaws (as spiritual abuse counsellor Graham Baldwin presented in his video series), and when Prasch was called to account for his behaviour, he refused to apologise, and to divert attention away from his clearly evil behaviour, he engaged in a “heresy hunt as a smoke screen”, as has been seen in his recent behaviour against David Nathan (see videos 1 to 4) and Bill Randles (see video 18). In an ongoing effort to divert people away from the appearance of Deeds of the Flesh in his life rather than Fruit of the Spirit, Prasch engaged in a campaign against Annie Rogers that culminated in her leaving Moriel USA. Prasch’s system to divert attention from himself was to hunt out a way of damning Annie, and that was through her long association with Peter Michas’ Messengers of Messiah (ironic considering Prasch had Messengers of Messiah on his list of recommended ministries circa 1998). Now bear in mind Prasch had by this point (December 1998-March 1999) already been taken to court by Elim about brazenly lying about them, resulting in David Pawson acting as arbiter between them and publishing his evisceration of Prasch in his 1998 Arbitration Report, and as much of Prasch’s attack on Elim had been found to have utilised 1) imagined/fabricated evidence, 2) guilt by association, and 3) invective, Prasch, like a dog returning to its vomit, threw himself into engaging in the exact same activities, despite being called out on it by Pawson who specifically pointed out how “guilt by association is a prominent feature of his invective, however tenuous the connection may have been”, (file 1). Henry Sheppard noted Prasch’s tendency too, writing

“Another constant problem was Mr Prasch’s tendency to publish or broadcast the most extreme attacks on individuals, many of them people he has never met. He doesn’t bother to correspond with his victims before launching an attack based on his own half-baked assessment of their ideas.”

-Henry Sheppard (Prasch File 6)

Prasch’s idiotic “heresy hunt” led him to brazenly fabricate evidence against Peter Michas who was associated with Annie Rogers. His fabrication was to claim Peter Michas had a false view of the Trinity and was therefore engaged in heresy (as he has later done to David Nathan), meaning through guilt by association Annie Rogers was damned too. Amazingly Prasch also kept his so-called ‘evidence‘ hidden behind a form of paywall by asking people to send him a stamped and addressed envelope to Moriel to actually see and fact-check that ‘evidence’:




-Jacob Prasch (Prasch File 3)

Clearly Prasch had to control the flow of ‘evidence‘ because if it was made clear and readily available, everybody would ascertain quickly that Prasch was lying as he had done just months prior when slandering Elim leaders causing the 1998 court case and Arbitration Report. This control of the flow of information has been seen in recent years with Prasch editing a video from Bill Randles’ church regarding a Q&A with David Nathan to put him in a better light after the full video clearly showed Prasch agreed with David’s views which years later Prasch would stupidly attempt to damn him for! Both David Pawson and Henry Sheppard had noted Prasch’s idiocy in publicly damning people with merely a half-baked assessment of their ideas,” so when Prasch attacked Peter Michas as a means of damning Annie Rogers to divert attention away from his own godless antics, Henry Sheppard called Prasch out on his noted refusal to correspond in private first with those he publicly damned, and Prasch made a typical caps-locked screaming response:


-Jacob Prasch (Prasch File 3)

Henry Sheppard debunked Prasch’s idiot claim, responding with the following funny put-down:

Yeah, sure, Jacob!
The truth is that Jacob Prasch slandered Peter Michas publicly all over Australia during his visit here in July/August 1999.
He boasted to Greg Sowerby on 5 August 1999 that he had slandered Peter Michas everywhere he had spoken in Australia, and that he had particularly targeted a Christian magazine that published articles by Peter Michas.
And yet he has never attempted to clarify with Peter Michas any doubts that he might have concerning Peter’s doctrine. He certainly has never “gone to him first,” as he vainly boasted in March 1999.
Almost certainly because Jacob Prasch knows that Peter Michas is completely innocent of all the charges that Jacob continues to lay against him; a certain knowledge of the truth would unnecessarily complicate Jacob’s game plan.
During the three years we worked for Jacob Prasch, he launched very similar attacks on other people: on not one occasion did he “go to” his victim first. The best he has ever done is offer a lame apology afterwards. Jacob doesn’t want the truth, he just wants the fight.

-Henry Sheppard (Moriel Australia Inc. website)

Henry also clearly showed how Prasch’s godlessness and disregard of God’s standards in accusing someone would result in the Deed of the Flesh of causing factions (which is so part of Prasch’s career) as Henry outlined how Prasch (who was in the wrong from the start) gave Annie Rogers the faction-creating choice of either publicly agreeing to damn an innocent person with zero evidence against him other than Prasch’s half-baked assumptions created to divert discussion from his own rank godless behaviour and misogyny, or be damned along with the innocent person publicly via guilt by association:

“Annie Rogers is not a “heretic.” She supported Jacob Prasch at her own expense and created the foundation of his success in the USA. When she failed to accept Jacob’s demand that she believe his accusations against a fellow-Christian, despite a complete lack of evidence, he turned on her and slandered her name around the world.”

-Henry Sheppard (Prasch File 3)

Moreover, remember how Prasch deliberately hid his ‘evidence’ showing Peter Michas’ alleged Trinity “heresy” behind his paywall of sending Moriel a stamped, addressed envelope? Well Henry Sheppard made a free and immediately accessible copy of Peter Michas’ teaching on the Trinity titled Unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit available to prove Peter had a correct view on the Trinity! Additionally, as I’ve found Prasch NEVER EVER links to my material on this website, but simply disparages it, and has his cult misspell my website name and cloak it all so that nobody can easily fact-check what he says about me despite me linking directly to all his material, so Henry noted Prasch did the same when alluding to Peter Michas’ “heresy” by not naming his organisation Messengers of Messiah but cloaking it all in vagueness:

“Moriel and Jacob Prasch denounce the Jehovah’s Witness style beliefs about the triunity of the God head propagated by an organization Annie Rogers now subscribes to as an apostate pnuematology and a heretical Christology.”

-Jacob Prasch (Prasch File 3)

What is it with Prasch and his decades-long efforts to hide the ‘evidence’ he yells so loudly and vociferously about? Why does he do everything possible to stop people fact-checking unless he doesn’t want them to fact-check?! Henry Sheppard called Prasch out on it, writing

“1.   Jacob won’t tell you this, but the organisation in question is called “Messengers of Messiah,” and their web site can be located at:<>.       

2.   Their Statements of Belief can be located at:<>.       

3.   Annie Rogers was involved with “Messengers of Messiah” for many years before Jacob Prasch appeared on the scene. It was not a case of Annie suddenly leaving Moriel, as Jacob insinuates, but of her continuing a relationship which has existed for a very long time.”

-Henry Sheppard (Moriel Australia Inc. website)

Additionally Prasch tried to give hilariously lame reasons to explain why he circumvented Scripture’s teaching of going privately to a ‘brother’ if he believed Peter to be in error, writing in a CAPS-LOCKED scream


-Jacob Prasch (Prasch File 3)

So Henry eviscerated the screaming godless fool, writing,

Marvellous, isn’t it?
No names. No dates. No places. But Peter Michas is now “guilty” of physical violence against well-meaning Christians.
This defamatory attack by Jacob Prasch on an innocent man is breath-taking in its audacity. He has violated every right of an individual (not to mention an elder in the Body of Christ), to a fair trial.
He admits to having made zero effort to clarify his own understanding of Peter Michas’ teachings, but he passes judgment, finding an innocent man guilty of heresy and physical violence.
And he expects us to accept his judgments — on the basis of Jacob Prasch’s say-so, nothing else. Unbelievable!

-Henry Sheppard (Moriel Australia Inc. website)

In that pithy retort, Henry explains Prasch’s cultic mentality that outright expects people to believe him on the basis of Prasch saying it, despite presenting zero evidence, despite his half-baked assessment of someone whom he didn’t speak to’s beliefs, and despite the clear fact Prasch was engaging in “a heresy hunt as a smoke screen” to divert attention from his obvious pathetic misogyny from the outset.

As all of Prasch’s bad behaviour escalated, he was faced with a brick wall of reality coming from Henry Sheppard in Australia, with Henry using the Moriel Australia website he’d set up in 1996 to publicly present the documentation which exposed Prasch as a liar, slanderer, and a complete fool, with his posting David Pawson’s Arbitration Report, Prasch’s forced apology to the Elim denomination that it resulted in, evidence that cleared Prasch’s witch-hunt target Peter Michas, evidence that supported Annie Rogers, and Henry’s overview of Prasch’s behaviour in Henry’s article known as Jacob Prasch: Pastor or Predator? that presented evidence of Prasch’s clear misogyny as well as recording various American women’s conclusion that Prasch was in their opinion likely a wife beater due to his wife’s apparent “fear” of Prasch:

“For their part, many of the volunteers became disturbed by Mr Prasch’s apparent hatred of women. He often refers to both his wife and his mother in a belittling manner, and disparages the efforts of women on his behalf. Many of the women who had actively supported Mr Prasch in the USA stated that they were, upon meeting his wife for the first time, shocked by her apparent fear of her husband. A number of them stated that they thought her behaviour and mannerisms to be consistent with that of a battered wife.”

-Henry Sheppard (Prasch File 6)

You can imagine how venomous Prasch was at the time since these documents were being released on Moriel’s own teaching outlet website in Australia, but the question remains why Prasch went so hard after Annie Rogers in the middle of the storm, to the extent that he created an attack website with lots of invented ‘evidence’ and typical half-baked assumptions to damn her alongside Henry Sheppard, when it was Henry who was posting all the documentation about Prasch on the Moriel Australia website, especially if his attack on Annie stemmed entirely from a smokescreen to divert attention from his godless behaviour towards her back in a low-turnout December 1998 stop of his blizzard-dogged USA tour? Well the answer is because after Annie left Moriel in Spring 1999, she took her Moriel USA website which she’d created to herald Prasch (a website that can be seen linked to via the Moriel Australia website in 1998), and, like Henry in Australia, she too began posting the same evidence to prove Prasch’s madness and lies to Prasch’s entire USA disciple base, so whilst it had up to January 1999 been basically a mirror of all the Moriel national websites, it throughout 1999 and 2000 hosted the Arbitration Report, the Moriel Australia compilation, the Prasch: Pastor or Predator? article, and Prasch’s embarrassing Apology to Elim, so basically all the evidence that has made Prasch go nuts when they were rediscovered and posted on here. Good for Annie! Legend! I’m glad she escaped the lunatic and made moves to warn others about him.

Imagine Prasch’s fury as his two major audiences in both Australia and the USA were confronted with documented reality about Prasch’s insane godlessness. That alone is surely the reason Prasch quickly in April 1999 registered to amalgamate all his branches and keep his burgeoning cult’s members from the threat of encountering actual truth about their cult leader! The new Moriel site, when launched, carried the angry disclaimer “This International website is now the ONLY site for Moriel Ministries, incorporating ALL the former national websites“, which was created around the same time Prasch created an ‘alert’ website attacking both Annie Rogers and Henry Sheppard, as seen in the Prasch File No.11!

Prasch the Stubborn, unchanging Ass

The unfolding of this 1998-1999 event perfectly illustrates Prasch’s godless behaviour, and the methodology of his attacks which, as alluded to throughout this article, have been repeated for the past few years that I’ve been documenting the screaming imbecile. Most keenly however does the event highlight how Prasch absolutely refused to modify his demonised behaviour, for when David Pawson on 29th June, 1998, published his Arbitration Report which listed Prasch’s fool behaviour, and in a godly manner unfolded how Prasch could change, and how advisors could stop him attacking people with faked information and stop him unleashing his “barrage of abuse” and “invective” and his clownish use of guilt by association to attack people, Prasch disregarded it all, attacked David Pawson, and then the stubborn ass brazenly persisted in his deranged and unhinged lunacy. Prasch is an unchanged man, untouched by the Holy Spirit other than having likely been given over by God to Satan as 600 UK ministers prayed to happen, an action the demonised Prasch has worn village-idiot-style as a badge of honour ever since. Incidentally it is of note that the most obvious trait that Prasch shares with the Devil is his hatred of truth and persistent efforts to divert people away from the truth:

“..a certain knowledge of the truth would unnecessarily complicate Jacob’s game plan.”

-Henry Sheppard (Moriel Australia Inc. website)

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