INSANE Jacob Prasch vs. “The Invertebrates Who Sing Soprano”

How long have I described Jacob Prasch as insane? It’s about 2 years. If you don’t think Jacob Prasch is insane, then you will do when you discover he just filmed himself whilst dressed like Grandpa Munster (again) in an address to his cult members, an address in which he hilariously attempted to reinterpret his present situation of being widely exposed as a godless idiot farcically into a more favourable light for himself, and in doing so revealed himself to be 11 short of a dozen mentally:

The Situation Prasch Finds Himself In:

Stewart Menelaws the Christian film producer and former colleague of Prasch, has grown tired of Prasch attacking his wife Deborah, so he exposed Prasch’s lies in a public video, and then had film company staff give their views on it all in a second video:

Prasch’s Insane Reinterpretation of the Situation:

In his outlandish efforts to escape the exposing of his overt godlessness, Prasch has taken his Bible, held it up to his Midrash prism that enables him to see comparisons in everything when no comparisons exist, and has inserted himself into the Bible, proclaiming:

  1. Deborah Menelaws is a Queen Jezebel
  2. Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, has introduced heresy
  3. Stewart Menelaws is a King Ahab
  4. Stewart wears a skirt, Deborah wears trousers
  5. Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, has gone on a “rampage”
  6. Chris Rosebrough is an actual prophet of Ba’al
  7. Prasch is essentially the prophet Elijah and has the spirit of Elijah
  8. Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, despises the “strong male” Prasch because “she can’t control him”
  9. Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, gets her husband ‘Ahab’ to defend against Prasch
  10. Stewart, as a King Ahab, is a “weak man” for standing up for his wife
  11. Deborah’s “courtiers,” as Queen Jezebel, cannot debate the Metatron
  12. The film production staff and those who speak up for the Menelaws are “invertebrates who sing soprano”
  13. Chris Rosebrough and Deborah’s supporters will be “killed with the sword”, making Deborah very angry
  14. Prasch’s children are the equivalent of the 7,000 who didn’t bow the knee to Ba’al
  15. John Haller is like Elisha the prophet

Here are all Prasch’s insane claims (from this video) in chronological order:

I have been warning about the dangers of Prasch’s obvious insanity mixed with his idiotic inserting himself into the Bible through his Midrash beliefs specifically since episode 26 which documented how Prasch, when with Devil’s advocate John Haller at Prasch’s 2019 Moriel Canada Conference, claimed the exact same madness that he has the spirit of Elijah and is the John the Baptist for the Second Coming of Christ, AND that he has the God-given right to “decapitate” his rivals as David decapitated Goliath:

With Prasch’s additional claims about himself and others now made publicly by him, let’s look at those claims not through his idiot Midrash-tinted glasses which farcically allow him and his cult members to see himself as this great Christian he thinks he is, but let’s look at his claims through the lens of documented reality, and assess just how insane Jacob Prasch is in reality:

Prasch Claim #1: Deborah Menelaws is a Queen Jezebel

Prasch has been trying to push the belief that Deborah Menelaws is a type of Queen Jezebel by repeatedly publicly lying about her and slandering her, largely through his oft-explained system of 1) claiming Deborah usurped male headship in the church via teaching/expounding doctrine to men in mixed congregations, and 2) not being under the headship of her husband who should forbid it. However, not only does Deborah NOT do this to start with, but I’ve shown how Prasch’s OWN WIFE Pavia DID do this in Spring 2018 at the Moriel Northern Conference when she expounded on the doctrine of intercessory prayer, ironically after Prasch repeatedly insisted she wouldn’t teach doctrine! She totally disregarded him and seized the stage, humiliating Prasch to such an extent that he had to quickly delete the livestream evidence (which you can watch here). Prasch’s inability to stop his ‘Jezebel’ wife controlling things meant Prasch, by his own system of identifying weakness in males, is an Ahab.

Prasch Claim #2: Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, has introduced heresy

Prasch operates a system of Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon in order to damn people, even damning his own Moriel volunteers as I showed happened as far back as December 1998, and in most cases Prasch will brazenly fabricate evidence against his targets whom he then links via The Kevin Bacon Game to his other targets. Prasch fabricated evidence of heresy against David Nathan in Summer 2018 (which I and many others exposed) and then tried to link Deborah to his own fabrications, and he has been widely exposed as a serial liar dating back to David Pawson’s famed Arbitration Report in 1998 when Prasch was called out on his failure to provide legitimate information in his lunatic witch-hunts. And the irony with Prasch trying to link someone to heresy is in the process of him doing so in this very video he refers to his own heresy of believing the mystic Kabbalah figure the Metatron is Jesus the Messiah, despite the understanding that either Metatron doesn’t even exist beyond being a Jewish fable (as Dr Eitan Bar stated [see the article’s footnote]), or is a demon, as Doreen Virtue found in this video.

Prasch Claim #3: Stewart Menelaws is a King Ahab

Prasch states Deborah Menelaws’ husband is an Ahab character for allowing Deborah to teach men in mixed congregations and to attack Prasch, but the first claim is invalid (and Prasch is a hypocrite since his own wife Pavia did that thing—see claim #1), and Deborah hasn’t attacked Prasch, she has merely defended herself for over 2 years.

Prasch Claim #4: Stewart wears a skirt, Deborah wears trousers

Not only is this point similarly invalidated alongside what’s pointed out in #3, it also raises the hilarious spectre of Prasch wearing a skirt and his Jezebel wife (by Prasch’s own stated standard) wearing the slacks!

Prasch Claim #5: Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, has gone on a “rampage”

This claim by Prasch is as humorous as it is hypocritical considering Deborah Menelaws’ defence of herself has been the polar opposite to a “rampage” considering it has amounted to one oft-updated document that outlines Prasch’s lies and misrepresentations and then debunks them with evidence and links to the evidence in an orderly manner. To label this careful presentation of information as “a rampage” logically means Prasch would have to class the work of Police, the Courts, and Newspapers as “rampages” too since their work is performed in a similarly orderly and methodical way. What has been a “rampage” by extreme contrast has been Prasch the hypocrite’s lunatic repeated assaults on all and sundry who expose him with the presentation of documentable reality. Look at the growing list of Prasch’s sins (presently standing at 185) and see multiple “rampage” moments from him in his quest to protect his fake Jew legacy by launching crusades against everybody, or hear the first 100 of them in this presentation from 2020:

Prasch Claim #6: Chris Rosebrough is an actual prophet of Ba’al

Prasch rather idiotically tries to claim his frequent and highly accurate critic Chris Rosebrough (who comprehensively exposed Prasch as a career-long fake Jew charlatan last Summer and published his birth certificate to prove he even lied about his own birth name that Prasch claims to be Jacob—it’s actually James Aloysius) is an actual prophet of Canaanite god Ba’al, due to him wearing reverent clothing when conducting church services, and having in his church a statue of Jesus without holes in his hands, which Prasch wildly assumes “was never crucified” meaning it’s, to Prasch, a denial of the crucifixion, when Christ, believe it or not!, actually went about the earth for several years of ministry, giving the teachings we now all follow prior to being crucified (which you find out in a book called…..The Bible), meaning any representation of Christ from those years of ministry has—to the insane Prasch—also to be a denial of the crucifixion! And again, the hypocrisy is Prasch himself outlined as recently as May 2nd this year how he himself believes Jesus is the Kabbalah figure of Metatron, which, ironically enough, means via Prasch’s own system of damning Chris, Prasch is himself self-damned as a minister of Ba’al!

Prasch Claim #7: Prasch is essentially the prophet Elijah and has the spirit of Elijah

Prasch, since his frankly ridiculous Moriel Canada Conference 2019 peddled the absurdity that he has the spirit of Elijah, a belief apparently sourced from his stand against people he in his insanity sees as enemies of God via fool wild assumptions and fabrications like the sort he has presented against Chris Rosebrough (see claim #6). The trouble with Prasch’s belief about himself is it only makes sense when it is uncoupled from reality, documented evidence, and Galatians chapter 5, considering Prasch has never exhibited any outward signs of the Holy Spirit’s work in his life via the exhibiting of Fruits of the Spirit, the identifying marks of the Holy Spirit indwelling a person (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control), yet his ministry revolves around engaging in a few of the contrary identifiers of pagans, the Deeds of the Flesh, with his ministry of division and faction-causing, and additionally his frequent exhibitions of drunkenness, anger and jealousy. So in light of those 2 opposing sorts of identifiers, when you look at Prasch’s belief in his Elijah-like stand against false teachers, you realise he’s actually only involved in fighting with people for the sake of gaining followers for his financially-enriching personality cult. Moreover as his ministry, if understood just from his presentation here, is based upon the presentation of outright fabrications against actual Christians (which it largely is), with lying and attacking Christians being clear markers of Satanic involvement, then it is hard to conclude anything other than that Prasch has a lying spirit rather than the spirit of Elijah.

Prasch Claim #8: Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, despises the “strong male” Prasch because “she can’t control him”

This is one of the funniest claims Prasch makes in the video, because in it he’s describing himself as a “strong male”, apparently alluding in his mind to the noble characteristics of strength as opposed to the negative associations to strength such as being a “bull in a china shop”, and the strength of the wild ass which refuses to be tamed or receive correction, the things that describe Prasch.

“He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing.”

Proverbs 29:1 ESV

Prasch clearly believes himself to be and presents himself as some sort of Alpha Male, but in reality he’s an Alpha Idiot; a tom amongst fools who publicly records his own insanity and then fights against the repercussions by making things ten times worse. If there is an inability to control Prasch exhibited in any way it is actually Prasch’s inability to control himself, allowing his temper to flare up incessantly like the fool from Proverbs. Inability to control one’s self is also a sign that the Holy Spirit isn’t operating inside that person.

Prasch Claim #9: Deborah, as Queen Jezebel, gets her husband ‘Ahab’ to defend against Prasch

In Prasch’s twisted and upside-down world which sees good people as bad, and bad people like himself as the pinnacle of godly greatness to be endowed with the spirit of Elijah, it’s therefore typical Prasch would attribute Stewart Menelaws’ defence of his own wife Deborah as having the causation of a tyrannical, demanding Queen Jezebel rather than the quite obvious reality of the nature of a concerned husband, one who has actually gone about his exposing of Prasch’s lies in a very godly manner of actually waiting for Prasch to be in some way restored and holding back a defence for over 2 years until it has appeared Prasch would not recant his slander against Deborah. If Deborah Menelaws was a demanding Jezebel as Prasch claims, why was there no immediate response from Stewart? The length of time Stewart allowed Prasch to repent only embarrassingly debunks Prasch’s Jezebel claim now.

Prasch claim #10: Stewart, as a King Ahab, is a “weak man” for standing up for his wife

Prasch’s insane claim is an outright contradiction in terms, and only a cultic mindset that has surrendered thought to a thinker/protector cult leader would not be able to spot the blatantly obvious flaw in his asinine argument.

Prasch claim #11: Deborah’s “courtiers”, as Queen Jezebel, cannot debate the Metatron

When Prasch was making that assertion he was observably repeatedly lost for words as the cogs in his own cult-fogged brain began to jam at the absurdity of his claim, considering he’s well aware he lumped Chris Rosebrough in as one of Deborah’s supporters and therefore “courtiers” and ironically enough Chris is the man who has most heavily exposed and debunked Prasch’s fool claims about the Metatron, going so far as proving from the Greek that Prasch openly and wilfully lied about the word ‘Metatron’ being in the Bible in order to hoodwink his followers, and therefore fell foul of Christ’s warning at the end of Revelation about those who add things to the Bible facing the end result of having the plagues added to them. Here is Chris’ excellent exposé on Prasch’s Metatron lies:

Additionally the claim by Prasch that such “courtiers” can’t “debate” on the Metatron is rendered ridiculous when you consider the way Prasch has flailed about trying to explain his Metatron heresy from his own position in the first place.

Prasch Claim #12: The film production staff and those who speak up for the Menelaws are “invertebrates who sing soprano”

Prasch repeated his purple way of saying “spineless” about 4 times, but the claim the production staff who’ve worked with the Menelaws are spineless is absurd since spineless people don’t speak out against a bully, and the simple observable fact is those production staff have spoken out against bullyboy Prasch’s lies, to his obvious embarrassment resulting in his fresh bullying attacks. A “spineless” person believes a bully, so Prasch’s disciples who believe him are the “invertebrates who sing soprano“, like Amos Farrell the Intellectual Midget.

Prasch Claim #13: Chris Rosebrough and Deborah’s supporters will be “killed with the sword” making Deborah very angry

This claim by Prasch stems from his much-touted belief the Bible in his hands is Goliath’s sword in the hands of King David, and is to be used to “decapitate” rivals. No joke! This insane rhetoric from Prasch made it into one of the tracts made by his disciple Kevin Bickle’s ‘Christian’ tract-publishing group actually known as Goliath’s Sword which produce deliberately hate-filled tracts with beliefs sourced directly from Prasch, tracts which have landed Bickle in court in Australia for publishing “hate” material, as I examined in this article. Prasch’s “decapitation” rhetoric led to him declaring his disabled critic Justin Peters would be decapitated and hung to a wall for the crime of…disagreeing with Prasch and exposing him.

The ironic thing about Prasch’s belief about the power of the Bible in his hands against his rivals is the fact that he doesn’t actually use the Bible’s truths against people…Prasch uses the Devil’s strategy of LYING ABOUT THEM and SLANDERING THEM, and BEARING FALSE WITNESS as I’ve shown for over 2 years on this blog and in the film series. Prasch’s weapons are Satan’s weapons.

Prasch Claim #14: Prasch’s Children Are the Equivalent of the 7,000 who didn’t bow the knee to Ba’al

This is perhaps the most insane of his claims, because one of Prasch’s 2 children is Eli Prasch, and quite from having never bowed the knee to Ba’al and been devoted to God, Eli is a man-child with drug issues who has caused huge upset at Bill Randles’ church for engaging in various extremely godless behaviours against several members, as documented in Episode 49. Prasch has lied about Eli numerous times, with Prasch faking his son’s credentials as an IDF tank combat brigade veteran when Eli—in that dreaded reality—had a desk job; and with Prasch never mentioning his son’s divorce, or multiple arrests in Iowa since 2018, or his record in the news regarding domestic assault. Here is my exposé on Prasch’s son that only came about because Prasch stupidly attacked Chris Rosebrough’s son, opening up Prasch for a hypocrisy check:

Prasch Claim #15: John Haller is like Elisha the prophet

This is perhaps Prasch’s most astonishing claim, that his obese mate John Flubber Haller is the equivalent of Elijah’s assistant Elisha, but the claim puts into context the way Prasch elevates his henchmen the way the mafioso do when pleasing the family head. Haller has repeatedly granted Prasch a wide audience inside the Christian world by giving the oaf the stage multiple times at his Fellowship Bible Chapel in Ohio, even when Prasch has been observably heavily intoxicated and used the opportunity to brazenly lie about his critics like Dr. James White. Haller even went so far as acting as Devil’s advocate for Prasch in 2019 by faking one of his “prophecy” updates so as to excuse his morbidly obese mate Prasch’s godless behaviour.

Conclusion: Religious Mania

Prasch appears to be suffering from some type of mental illness, likely a severe form of delusional religious mania and is therefore so clearly susceptible to experiencing an uncoupling from reality through his Midrash beliefs that as a by-product allow him to be widely exposed as a quite astoundingly obvious demonised reprobate who can engage in the presentation of damnable lies and attacks on the innocent whilst at that same time farcically managing to see himself as the complete opposite to what those actions reveal him to be, seeing himself as someone akin to a battling Elijah versus Ahab and Jezebel, when, quite clearly, he shares more in common with Ahab and Jezebel whilst demonstrating zero legitimate comparisons to Elijah. On the one hand it is sidesplittingly funny, like watching a Monty Python character in real life, but on the other hand it is very sad to see someone so deranged and mentally ill given access to a video camera because he repeatedly makes a complete fool of himself. There appears to be nobody in his life who tries to stop him engaging in his wild lunacy and it is to their shame. It is to the shame of his family; it is to the shame of CMFI the clowns who outrageously gave him the title of Reverend and refuse to hold him accountable for his actions as their Reverend; it is to the shame of his mate John Haller who provides a church platform for an insane man’s attack-oriented unhinged rhetoric; it is to the shame of Sandy Simpson who has run a Prasch-supporting ministry called Deception in the Church for decades yet refuses to see all the deception in his own mate and Moriel colleague Prasch’s life and ‘ministry; and it is mostly to the shame of the people at Moriel Ministries and RTN TV who exploit his lunacy by using his films to try to make their faux Christian ministries popular.

As Prasch farcically and outrageously claims his own similarity to Elijah whilst engaging for DECADES in half the Deeds of the Flesh and basing his ‘ministry’ model upon engaging in two of those fleshly, pagan deeds (namely causing factions and divisions), consider Prasch’s behaviour in light of what one of his targets in the 1990s, Colin Dye of Kensington Temple, wrote in 1997, fittingly enough just when he was being attacked and ridiculed by Prasch along with his denomination, Elim, which just a year later would take Prasch to Court over his outrageous and potentially life-threatening fabrications about them (which resulted in David Pawson’s eviscerating of Prasch in his 1998 Arbitration Report). Although Colin Dye doesn’t name Prasch in the article (or Prasch’s then-tag team member in his Monty Pythonesque witch-hunts, Phillip Powell), it is of note that every single point Colin raises perfectly describes the idiot Prasch both in 1997 and now:

Watchdogs or Bloodhounds?

By Colin Dye, Kensington Temple (Elim)
April 1997

These are days of blessing in the church. Whatever ones views might be on aspects of the so called “Toronto Move” there is no doubt that the Pensacola Revival, thousands coming to Christ through Alpha Programmes and the growing expectancy of many ministries, all show that God is significantly on the move. Apparently galled by every good thing that God is doing today, the devil has his agents who, perhaps unwittingly at times, are running according to an agenda not of the Kingdom of God. It is Satan, the arch slanderer who has a vested interest in seeing brother rise against brother under the guise of a `truth and righteousness’ campaign.

Spiritual Watchdogs or vicious bloodhounds?

There is a growing number of self appointed spiritual watchdogs who are in fact proving to be bloodhounds. Sniffing out some of the finest ministries around today, they are moving in for the easy kill of character assassination. These divisive brethren use all kinds of dubious means: guilt by association, out of context quotes, unsubstantiated reports, third party innuendo and even trial by video!

There is obviously a need for a watchdog function in the church, but let it be one that is carefully considered, duly appointed and rightly motivated. We are all called to renounce underhanded means of communication and to present the truth plainly before the conscience of all (2 Cor 4:2). And yet, with a style that apes the worst of the world, fine minds waste their razor wit on carving up their brethren – and without a cause. In what seems to be a new form of Christian journalism (which is actually worthy of neither name) these modern mind benders seem intent on destroying the reputation of men worthier than themselves. Servants of the Lord today ought to be more occupied with humbling themselves, and crying out to God for His mercy on our nation than to waste time waging a slander war against fellow servants.

It seems that the Biblical injunctions have been forgotten. “Watch your life and doctrine closely”, Paul warns Timothy (1 Tim 4:16). This seems to have been interpreted as a mandate to point the finger at others and tear them to shreds. True shepherds have been called to guard the flock of God but only in the context of first dealing with themselves (Acts 20:28). Nowhere are we given a carte blanche invitation to `have a go’ against those whom we feel do not comply with our standards. Servants stand or fall before their own master, not those who set themselves up to act on His behalf (Romans 14:4). 

By their fruits you will recognise them

Having acknowledged that there is a need for discernment and correction in these spiritually turbulent days, how can we begin to tell the real from the spurious? I am referring to the critics themselves who tell us what we should be thinking about others by handing out ready made and unsolicited conclusions that should make us immediately suspicious. How can we begin to sift through the mass of the `tell-it as-it-is’ literature in the form of newsletters, prayer letters and mass information pamphlets? How can we know if God is really speaking through these people and if they are genuinely sent by Him? In this, as in most things spiritual, appearances can deceive. You will only know a bloodhound from a genuine guard dog when you have seen it in action. Jesus’ principle, “By their fruits you will recognise them” holds true here (Matthew 7:15-20). Please understand, I am not saying that all those who are in the grip of a spirit of criticism are false prophets. Though it might be good to remember that one way of telling a wolf from a sheep is by the size, shape and action of the teeth!

The following observations will probably ring true for many people who have received direct mail outs, or have had various publications gleefully pressed on them by over zealous individuals. These people think God needs them to clean up everything but themselves! A certain person I know of (not in Britain) call himself God’s janitor of the church. One sight of him made me wonder why he had not personally availed himself of his own janitorial services!

How to spot a bloodhound

  1. Emotive language Beware of those who use excessively emotive language to get a knee jerk reaction from people. It can be a cover up for a lack of serious argument. Highly charged words aimed to shock and exploit people’s fears are the favourite weapons of slanderers. Alarmist talk raises the emotional stakes considerably. This is a deliberate ploy to get an immediate response that may not be sustainable should an issue be more logically and less sensationally presented. Such material characteristically builds its conclusions into its assumptions. Rarely does the presentation invite careful scrutiny in the interests of balanced and considered opinion. Your mind is made up for you. You are told what you should think and what all honest people (according to them) are thinking.Of course all this would be hotly contested by those who stoop to such tactics. They appear to pack their material with knock out arguments buttressed with copious illustrations and examples of the particular offence they are supposedly exposing. However, once the enticing rhetoric has been removed, a closer examination finds very little substance, massive false assumptions and virtually no hard evidence.
  2. Arrogant Spirit This is particularly noticeable. The whole attitude of these people and the ethos of their writing is one of pervasive and self indulgent arrogance. They appear to be driven by the belief that they are God’s special people and the truth will die with them. Hiding underneath a veneer of super spirituality they are self appointed custodians, not of truth, but of biting criticism. They appear spiritual themselves only by tearing down others and gain their stature through belittling their brethren. We can all learn from our critics, even the harshest ones, but often any serious insight which would be otherwise helpful is left floundering on the twin rocks of arrogance and pride.
  3. Propagandist Style Truth is the first casualty of war we are told. Nowhere is this more accurate than in a slander war. A carefully planned campaign of disinformation always uses the lethal cocktail of truths, part truths and lies. This form of truth twisting is achieved by a highly selective approach to facts, a one sided presentation of issues and a slanting of the truth in a manner that would make any political spin doctor envious. An event or belief can be made to look gruesome or glorious depending on the light in which it is portrayed. Characteristically, propagandists use smear words to influence others. A perfectly neutral statement may be “terse” or “friendly” depending on the point of view of the reporter. A matter of fact such as the size of a church or the numbers of converts at an evangelistic meeting may be subtly undermined by the use of the words “it is claimed”. However, propagandists reserve their dirtiest tricks for the undermining of the character of those they don’t like. A favourite tactic is to slur a person’s reputation by associating their name with something dreadful. These people have no compunction when it comes to personalising their attack. It seems as if they relish the opportunity to name names and to throw mud at them in the hope that some of it sticks. But they are the ones who are left with dirty hands.
  4. In Search of a Following It is often the “little foxes”that spoil the vine. These are tiny people who have no following of their own apart from the notoriety gained through their negativism. It is a cunning tactic. They attack a successful and noteworthy ministry in a highly vocal or public way and then edge themselves on to that platform which is invariably bigger than their own. Many today would be almost entirely unknown if they had not made their name by criticising others greater than themselves.
  5. Negative Spirit There is a world of difference between a real desire to help correct or to bring balance and having a negative or critical spirit. The one attempts to bring constructive criticism which we all constantly need. The other is rooted in bitterness, causes trouble and is defiling (Hebrews 12:15). Akin to this is legalism which is the greater enemy of the anointing. Legalism has always persecuted the anointing and always will. The bloodhounds of our day ride roughshod over the spirit of grace and true biblical correction, which is to be in the attitude of humility, gentleness and restoration (Galations 6:1-5). 
  6. Judgementalism God has provided the principles of true biblical correction. These are almost totally disregarded by those who sit as judge, jury and executioner – all at the same time! The Bible tells us to be in possession of all the facts. We must be willing to change our opinion and reserve final judgement to the Lord. We are to be very careful in examining motives for only the Lord sees the heart. (1 Cor 4:2-5). We must work through the God appointed authority structure in the church and not set up our man made substitute of these. (1 Tim 5:17-21). All this is necessary if we are going to judge with righteous judgement. One very glaring departure from the way of Jesus common to almost all of the judgementalists of today, is the injunction to go first to your brother in private (Matthew 18:15-17). Some try to wriggle out of this by saying that these verses are set in the context of local church life and have more to do with personal relationships than with grievances concerning aspects of public, high profile ministry. Granted, it may be difficult to go to some prominent international figure as an individual believer for a one to one session. You may have to form an opinion on the basis of what you have seen or know about a ministry that appears to be against the Lord or His word.But remember that your opinion must be tentative. You should be ready to revise it when you are in possession of the full picture. You cannot rely on snippets of second hand information which is often presented to you in a highly prejudiced form anyway (Proverbs 18:17). Find out the facts for yourself. If you have no access to the individual themselves, go in a spirit of humility to the relevant body who is in authority over the person or ministry. Don’t go out of your way to condemn. Look for the possible explanations. Find out the true nature and character of the person concerned. Do not judge prematurely.
  7. Lack of accountability Often those who feel they have a mandate to criticise others are not acting under any real spiritual authority. Usually, they are not even in committed church life and are answerable to no-one – except perhaps a self perpetuating board that they have appointed themselves. One well known preacher was severely criticised by a certain Christian newspaper whose owners were not found answerable to any biblically recognisable authority.

Our response

In the light of the increasingly frenetic activity of present day bloodhounds, what are we to do? How are we to respond to those who insist on pursuing this course of action? In the first instance our reaction must be to retain our own peace and equilibrium. These people are out to unsettle us and to sow confusion among the body of Christ. Don’t let that happen. Don’t be troubled by rumour or false report. Understand that these things are inevitable whenever God is on the move. It is a mark of genuine anointing to be attacked, vilified and deliberately misunderstood.

It is very important not to let yourself be distracted by the time wasters who have nothing better to do than to spend hours and hours in time consuming nonsense. It is the devil’s tactic to draw us away from important duties in the Kingdom of God in order to fight needless battles. Don’t let the devil pilfer your time. Jesus said of the religious argumentalists of His day, “Leave them alone – they are blind leaders of the blind” (Matthew 15:12-14). During the time of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah had his detractors whose only goal was to see the work come to an end. Sanballat and Tobiah hatched a plot and sent word for Nehemiah to come and meet with them. His reply was wise:

So I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you”. (Nehemiah 6:3).

Like Nehemiah, we must be careful not to be drawn out by those who want to pick a quarrel. The Bible word to us is to beware of those who sow discord among the brethren and avoid them (See Romans 16:17, Jude 19; Titus 3:10,11; Proverbs 6:16,19).

Finally, if the Lord calls us to love our enemies, how much more should we love our brethren no matter how misguided their hostility. Jesus said “Pray for those who spitefully use you” (Luke 6:27, 28). Only the true gentle spirit of Jesus will calm the storms of controversy. We must be careful not to add fuel to the flames with our own brand of counter indignation. Let the Lord deal with them. One day, they will see how foolish they have been. In the meantime, we stick to God’s work cry for the lost and preach the unsearchable riches of Christ.