CMFI’s Dereliction of Duty in Defence of Jacob Prasch

During 2018 and 2019 spiritual abuse counsellor Graham Baldwin exposed how Jacob Prasch had engaged in a brutal defamation campaign against his former supporter Sally Richardson, slandering her across his social media accounts to his huge audience compared to her audience of a handful. I talked about Prasch’s wicked attack on her in video episode 32. In Graham’s second video exposing the despicable abusive behaviour of Jacob Prasch, he said he’d conversed with a newspaper journalist who’d asked who, if anybody, Prasch was accountable to regarding his appalling behaviour, and Graham replied he could only find one group whom Prasch was accountable to, that being CMFI:

“…all I could say was that there is one group, just one group, a confederation of ministers that [Prasch is] part of, and yet, so far, all I’ve heard from them is ab-so-lute silence.”

-Graham Baldwin, video 2

CMFI (Christian Ministerial Fellowship International) is the only group Prasch is accountable to and subject to discipline from, yet the group, at that time, remained silent as Prasch publicly slandered Sally Richardson, and David Nathan, and then Deborah Menelaws for having stood up to bullyboy Prasch on behalf of both of them. It was a complete dereliction of duty from the one lone group who had the capacity to step in and discipline Prasch and halt him from such evil behaviour. In fact, making himself accountable to someone was part of Prasch’s agreement to his arbiter David Pawson in 1998 when Prasch was reprimanded by Pawson for attacking the Elim denomination with similar false accusations and slander, with Prasch in Spring 1998 totally fabricating an account of how an Elim minister in Northern Ireland had told his followers to “join an armed gang” and “KILL FOR CHRIST” during The Troubles there. Pawson, acting as arbiter between Elim and Prasch, noted in 1998

“Jacob Prasch needs to be accountable to a peer group who will tone down his polemics and curb his apparent compulsion to lash out at those he disagrees with in such an indiscriminate way. His associates at the hearing were clearly aware of this need and gave assurance that this would be in place for the future. This was welcome news. Time will tell whether this will succeed where his present panel of “Advisors” have failed.”

-David Pawson, Arbitration Report, 29th June 1998

It was clear that within half a year Prasch had thrown such advice (and Pawson) under the bus and began attacking his own staff by December that year. Nonetheless Prasch had in intervening years become associated with CMFI, who had, as Graham Baldwin noted in Spring 2019, engaged in omertà initially when asked to do their job and discipline Prasch.

By Graham’s third video a couple of months later, CMFI had feebly responded, yet, in line with their initial dereliction of duty, they tried to skirt around defending Prasch’s targets for abuse and tried to say it was the fault of the people who’d defended the innocent, and then CMFI pathetically defended Prasch, farcically presenting Prasch as some sort of hero and claiming Prasch hadn’t retaliated:

“In regard to the internet and social media aspect of this dispute, CMFI is aware that certain of it’s members, actively involved in Moriel Ministries, have previously offered to remove all inflammatory content from those sites for which it is responsible. In return, request was made for the other protagonists in the dispute to do likewise. This would have afforded some protection against further damage being done not only to the individuals concerned, but perhaps of greater importance to the wider church also. CMFI is given to understand that this offer was declined by those who continue to pursue certain CMFI members, not all of whom represent Moriel Ministries. CMFI is thankful that Moriel have desisted from retaliating against certain claims made against it, via the internet and social media, though it respects it’s right to respond according to Biblical protocol.”

CMFI Statement, point 4

At no point in CMFI’s full statement did Prasch receive any shade when it was apparent he was the lone guilty person, making it clear CMFI were terrified of Prasch and weren’t prepared to offer even the mildest rebuke, and no wonder since Prasch has a reputation for assaulting every colleague/ministry he once partnered with, attempting to raze them to the ground,

Do you see a pattern here?!! Indeed Prasch’s oft-exhibited behaviour of trying to destroy all who’d disagree with him even slightly on the most trifling issues has resulted in Prasch launching defamation campaigns in which he has utilised deliberately skewed facts or has brazenly fabricated evidence against his “enemies” as Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins did during his reign of terror in England in the 1640s, with Prasch commonly making the same claims against his targets as Hopkins did, that they are witches, a claim, if it had been made in Hopkins’ day would have led to their execution.

In light of Prasch’s behaviour you have to ask 3 questions of CMFI:

  1. If Prasch has such a track record of witch-hunting innocent people and acting deranged over at least 2 decades, why did you grant him the title of ‘Reverend’ in the first place?
  2. If you are too scared of him turning on you and witch-hunting you like he eventually does to every other colleague, why did you ever take him on?
  3. If you were aware of his background and track record, how on earth did you ever classify him as a Christian let alone a ‘Reverend‘?

It appears, however, the answer is CMFI were to start with largely in cultic love with Prasch, likely thinking that he wouldn’t assault them, and CMFI wanted a ‘name’ on their books to look impressive as a ministerial body [that hasn’t really worked out now has it!]. So when the opportunity came for them to stand up for those he’d engaged in lies and defamation against (2 deeds which are characteristics of SATAN rather than a ‘Reverend’), CMFI surrendered and came out in support of the bully, likely terrified their plastic ‘ministry’ would be witch-hunted if they didn’t agree with the bullyboy Prasch. Graham Baldwin also noted that second dereliction in duty when the cowardly CMFI board (John Angliss, Ian Huxham, and Paul Sherbird) didn’t even contact Prasch’s targets prior to releasing their statement where they were farcically supportive of Prasch and blamed everybody else:

Additionally David Nathan pointed out the level of ineptitude and godlessness at the heart of CMFI for when their ‘Reverend’ Prasch witch-hunted David, David went to them to discipline Prasch for his spurious lies about his beliefs which Prasch had declared “heretical” (despite evidence showing Prasch hypocritically agreed(!!) with David’s beliefs the years prior), and CMFI responded by LYING to David Nathan by claiming they’d looked at “all the evidence” but according to their own response had only looked at Prasch’s edited evidence. They signed off by saying they’d “prayerfully” considered their one-sided judgement, and then immediately ran around all the churches David had been associated with and declared him a heretic like their ‘Reverend’ Prasch had been doing:

See the full video here

Now we are 2 years further on from Graham releasing those videos and Prasch is STILL a member of CMFI (via paying the laughable subscription fee) despite Prasch brazenly continuing his campaigns of defamation against Christians, and that’s despite him being ever more exposed as a provable liar and fabricator of evidence against others and even against himself when he was exposed in Summer 2020 presenting various fake documents to support his career-long lie that he’s half Jewish, with his deception reaching the level of presenting a provably forged DNA report claiming he’s Jewish when he’s nothing of the sort as even his fully Irish-American biological brother Bob affirms. In the midst of ‘Reverend’ Prasch’s presentation of his faked and forged documents, he also showed his qualification as a ‘Reverend’ (a word which, ironically in the case of Prasch, comes from the Latin word reverendus which means ‘person to be revered’):

Prasch pays a subscription fee to ‘qualify’ as a Reverend, and the qualifiers of said title are a group of useless individuals who engage in dereliction of duty as soon as they have to enforce Biblical standards on one of their own members. That’s outright farce. And Graham Baldwin noted in his second video (see earlier clip at the very end), this qualification given to Prasch by CMFI, and their pathetic dereliction of ministry duty and dereliction of Christian duty, means they are complicit in Prasch’s ‘achievements‘:

CMFI’s elders’ Ministry ‘ACHIEVEMENTS’ 2018-21

As CMFI gave Prasch the title of ‘Reverend’ and haven’t taken it from him despite the much-documented evidence of his engaging in sustained, severe spiritual abuse, they (John Angliss, Ian Huxham and Paul Sherbird), in their nearly 3 years of sustained dereliction of duty, personally enabled the following events to occur:

  • Sally Richardson has been repeatedly slandered in the public domain by not only Prasch but by Amos Farrell too, another owner of the laminated piece of crap CMFI membership card.
  • Deborah Menelaws has been “pursued” by Prasch for nearly 3 years, defamed and lied about repeatedly in the public domain.
  • David Nathan has had his Christian ministry almost ruined by Prasch’s lies and CMFI’s coverup.
  • Bill Randles has faced public and filmed coercion from Prasch to commit suicide by hanging.
  • Dave Borlase and his ministry Intercessors For Britain have been repeatedly lied about and attacked publicly by Prasch.
  • The heresy of teaching a false Christ (the Metatron from Kabbalah) has been taught by the CMFI card-carrying Prasch repeatedly.
  • Chris Rosebrough and his family have been repeatedly slandered and lied about by Prasch.
  • The disabled Justin Peters has been attacked and threatened by Prasch.
  • Doreen Virtue and her Christian ministry has been repeatedly attacked with lies from Prasch.
  • The One For Israel ministry was defamed by Prasch who tried to apply his belief in his Metatron heresy to them, damaging their reputation.
  • Horrific spiritual abuse by Prasch’s colleague Joshua Chavez has been covered up by Prasch.
  • CMFI’s cowards spread a false report of heresy against David Nathan, believing Prasch’s lies.

All of these terrible deeds were enabled by John Angliss, Ian Huxham and Paul Sherbird (who all call themselves ‘Pastor‘) who gave the decades-long spiritual abuser Prasch the title of ‘Reverend’,—which, incidentally, Prasch claimed gave him access to visit the sick in hospital, despite his grievous behaviour perpetrated against some Christian women contributing to them being in hospital—thus these sins of Prasch have been assisted by those 3 pathetic men, and they will have to give an account of their plastic ministry and passing out of titles to their mates who could never in a hundred years biblically qualify for them.

Pastor‘ John Angliss, ‘Pastor‘ Ian Huxham, and ‘Pastor‘ Paul Sherbird, the three of you idiots personally QUALIFIED “Reverend” Jacob Prasch to engage in all his evil, and when you saw evidence against him you covered it up so that you wouldn’t have to deal with him turning on you, and therefore you saw your own safety as paramount to those lowly Christians like Sally whom Prasch would, by your dereliction of duty, continue to attack to this day. That behaviour of protecting yourselves and covering for the demonised to enable the demonised to attack the sheep is the diametrical opposite of what those called to ministry should do. You three have no excuses whatsoever. You three are an utter disgrace and have no right to call yourselves ministers let alone be handing out your laminated pretend titles and qualifications for money, and history will forever know you three to be the men who qualified a Satanic man for ministry.

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