Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ IMMEDIATELY Damns RTN TV as Heretics

In 1998 the theologian David Pawson, when acting as arbiter in a dispute between Jacob Prasch and Elim after Prasch fabricated dangerous and stupid claims about an Elim minister in Northern Ireland that endangered many lives, Pawson read Prasch the riot act in a long and beautifully accurate Arbitration Report. One of the most central issues Pawson raised was Prasch needed accountability to stop him from launching his idiot attacks on innocent people. Pawson wrote,

Jacob Prasch needs to be accountable to a peer group who will tone down his polemics and curb his apparent compulsion to lash out at those he disagrees with in such an indiscriminate wayHis associates at the hearing were clearly aware of this need and gave assurance that this would be in place for the future. This was welcome news. Time will tell whether this will succeed where his present panel of “Advisors” have failed.

David Pawson, 1998 Arbitration Report

As I and many others have documented, Prasch has avoided the hinderance of any mere mortals who’d stop him from doing what he wants to do, that being attack innocent people, so the ‘best’ he has done to meet Pawson’s arbitration ruling is to pay for a fake Reverend title from a squad of pay-for-titles clowns called CMFI, who then pathetically shirk their pretend responsibility to hold their demonised member Prasch accountable for his actions whilst under their authority, as Graham Baldwin and David Nathan found in 2018/2019. Perhaps the greatest summary of where Prasch has reached in his journey of total avoidance of accountability is Don Gawthorne’s view from earlier this month when he stated,

“Jacob’s ministry started out in the manner of John’s second Epistle, warning people not even to greet someone if they have a different Gospel; to have nothing to do with them, and that was correct.  But his ministry has morphed into John’s third Epistle where Diotrephes has tried to isolate himself and a band of devotees by lashing out at good ministries.”

Don Gawthorne, ‘Prasch The Liar Pt.2’ video

And one of the people whose known Prasch for many years, Stewart Menelaws, recently stated this of Prasch,

“Prasch has always been a controversial figure, referred to as a bull in china shop, and in the main has been viewed by the small number of Christian outlets that knew of him, as a divisive person unable to conduct himself in keeping with the office of a Christ-centred Bible teacher.  Now the hope was in time this would change.  But once the internet enabled him to branch out, he separated himself off from those who challenged his behaviour and he surrounded himself with sycophants, [and] yes men.  Over recent years, not surprisingly, that bullish behaviour has grown into something ugly.  He regularly sits in the seat of judgement and condemns all who would challenge him, denying the right of mercy, forgiveness and even salvation to those he has a special place of hate for.”

Stewart Menelaws, ‘Prasch – The Shameless Liar’ video

Prasch the modern day Diotrephes has indeed surrounded himself with a band of devotees, and that band (who all who seem to have their plastic credentials from CMFI as well) is his group of contributors to his network RTN TV which is a poorly made video website that came into being when one of Prasch’s devotees, Amos Farrell, had his attack video channel Genesis Christian Radio deleted from YouTube for various violations last Summer before reappearing recently. These devotees are some of the most hardened cult members I’ve ever witnessed, for they cannot be reached with truth or reality about how evil a liar their thinker/protector Prasch is, so much so that one of them even went so far as to create a fake Police report in 2019 to try (and failed) to aid Prasch to escape a spiritual abuse investigation by a High Court cult expert. These people are Ultra members of the Prasch Cult, who would surrender their dignity in a second for their ‘lord’ Prasch to be seen as a champion.

But the problem with adopting for yourself a champion or thinker/protector or ‘lord‘ as the Prasch cult members have done with Prasch, is with him duly installed in a position of Pope in the cult, whatever farcical junk he spouts they have to agree with it, and that’s where we get to today, for Prasch has outlined, in HD video as usual, the beliefs and standards RTN TV will maintain in the form of a “Pledge” to viewers/disciples. It comes across as a statement of faith you get in a church, only these aren’t theological points that are expressed by Prasch in his Pledge, they are a statement of faith….in Prasch, and are essentially his demands to stick to whatever he says, demands which stray deep into the territory of threats due to Prasch then cuing up examples of those who have not persisted in agreeing with him (David Nathan, and Stewart & Deborah Menelaws), since all the Prasch Cult knows how they’ve been attacked for 2.5 years straight by Prasch, and defamed and witch-hunted continuously. Here is Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ and his entwined threats:

“We will seek to keep our doctrine pure and right. This is our Pledge to the Lord and it’s our Pledge to you. In order to gain a wider viewership we’ll never compromise the truth of God’s Word.”

“We will never have such teachers [referring to David Nathan] or such preachers at RTN or Moriel. And if one sneaks under the fence by accident, we’ll terminate their tenure.”

“This is our Pledge. All in Moriel are in agreement with me, all in RTN are in agreement with me! We take our Pledge seriously. Please hold us to it.”

Prasch’s Pledge video

Prasch states his stance on doctrinal purity is paramount and all at Moriel and RTN are “in agreement” with him, which means all RTN people are now tied to Prasch’s own standard of what doctrine is “pure and right” in his estimation, with Prasch talking about David Nathan and Stewart and Deborah Menelaws of GV247 as examples of those who in his opinion have not kept his standard (via his exaggerations, lies and false summaries of their beliefs and actions as I’ve chronicled over the years), with them all having been witch-hunted multiple times, including in the Pledge video itself. However the foundation of doctrinal purity as espoused by Pope Prasch is undermined entirely by Prasch famously believing in and promoting heresy for decades, that being his false Christology in believing the Messiah is the mystic Kabbalah figure of The Metatron, who according to scholars, is at best a figment of Jewish imagination, and at worst is a demon, which means Prasch is, at best, worshipping a false Jesus, and at worst is worshipping a demon! Prasch even in the Pledge video presented the book he got the heresy from, farcically as one of the books he and RTN “recommend”!

So once more Prasch, in presenting The Great Mystery book from 1863 he got his Metatron heresy from, fails, of course, to mention its dubious origin being that of a Walter Mitty like himself:

“…the author seems to have changed his identity even more often than Prasch himself. Calling himself ‘Rabbi’ Tzvi Nassi – it turns out he wasn’t a rabbi. He also used the German name Heinrich Prinz – but he wasn’t German. Then in England, he changed his name to Rev. Christian William Henry Pauli but he wasn’t English. Then, on moving to Holland, he called himself Rev. Christiaan Wilhelm Hirsch Pauli but he wasn’t… you get the idea . It turns out he was Polish and his real name was Zebi Nasi Hirsch Prinz… enough already.”

-The Menelaws YouTube comment

Ridiculously Prasch had cued up the presentation of this book and his own drivel Shadows of the Beast (a book which famously has zero citations and multiple spelling mistakes as Anton Bosch discovered, which Prasch then witch-hunted him for exposing) in reaction against books he claims are “saturated with false doctrine” like The Shack. The irony is Prasch’s other citation-free book Harpazo contains multiple references to his Metatron heresy, as I found:

Yet this is the type of utter farcical crap Prasch and RTN end up promoting! And since, as Prasch claims, “all in RTN are in agreement with me!” those at RTN and Moriel must prop up Prasch’s heresy and claim it be “pure and right” doctrine, lest they experience the witch-hunts those who haven’t agreed with him have experienced down through the years! You couldn’t make up the absurdity of the situation, claiming doctrinal purity whilst supporting a brazen heretic!

The Origins of Prasch’s ‘Pledge’

It doesn’t take much knowledge of Prasch to know where his farcical ‘Pledge’ has come from. Over a decade ago Prasch was on Revelation TV, which was an actual TV channel with an actual studio rather than a bunch of clowns on RTN loaded with CMFI fake plastic cards filming themselves on Skype from unflattering angles in 2 hour videos about how The End is Nigh! to keep easily-pleased cult members hooked. Prasch’s association with Revelation TV came to a sudden end in 2011 when they began showing videos of prosperity teacher Jesse Duplantis, which Prasch denounced in various witch-hunts on Revelation TV’s Howard and Leslie Conder, with Prasch presenting evidence via a video link of Jesse Duplantis’s heresy:

Here is that linked video evidence of Duplantis’s heresy:

And here is the evidence of Prasch’s heresy of not only believing in a false Messiah in the Metatron, but also Prasch breaking Jesus’ command in Revelation 22 not to ADD anything to the Bible, when Prasch ADDED the word (and therefore the heresy) ‘Metatron’ into God’s Word when it is NOT there:

Prasch commonly engages in guilt by association as a means to damn his ‘enemies’, as David Pawson noted in the aforementioned Arbitration Report in 1998, with Prasch commonly exaggerating or faking links between people, as his former book editor Henry Sheppard recorded from 1999, yet in this case of Prasch linking himself to all those at RTN and Moriel via his claim they are “in agreement” with him on his “Pledge” to “keep our doctrine pure and right”, Prasch has directly linked all his colleagues as supporters of his damnable heresy, meaning, once again, Prasch is self-damned via HIS OWN SYSTEM. You couldn’t make up this level of idiocy his cult has reached!

The Farce Deepens

But it gets worse since Prasch also outlines in ‘The Pledge’ additional standards for everyone who appears in material which RTN hosts on their website:

“Everyone on [RTN] is held to a doctrinal standard of accountability in accordance with Scripture. … The guests we bring in and feature their material [such as] Joshua Chavez, the content will be scriptural.”

Prasch, ‘Pledge’ video

So Joshua Chavez (Servus Christi) of all people is going to be held to a “doctrinal standard of accountability in accordance with Scripture” is he? If that standard was actually scriptural then Chavez wouldn’t even be accepted as a teacher due to his “life of sin“, “faked marriage” and ongoing spiritual abuse of his bride! If a scriptural standard was applied to Prasch he’d never have been given access to a church let alone be given the fake title of ‘Reverend‘ by CMFI. But, as always, Prasch and his mates get a pass, since there is actually zero accountability inside the cult beyond the central mode of entry to the cult of 1) agreeing with Prasch, and 2) propping up his heresy. Now, due to RTN TV’s “Pledge” (or ‘statement of faith in Prasch‘), it can only be viewed as an entirely cultic channel that propagates the Metatron false Christology and heresy.

Joelle, the abandoned wife of Chavez made this brilliant comment about her husband’s involvement with Prasch and RTN’s heresy:

Additionally Tim Wirth (Moriel’s former social media man who the Prasch Cult routinely LIES about (as I prove in the opening few minutes of Episode 49), had this pithy critique of Prasch’s idiotic request for people to hold him and his crew of idiots to their Pledge,

Update 4th June 2021: CMFI join the heretical farce at RTN

Over a week after Prasch made his idiotic public Pledge (which immediately damned all RTN contributors as heretics in agreement with Prasch’s Metatron=Jesus heresy), the squad of rogues called CMFI who market fake Christian titles for money (they gave Prasch the truly farcical title ‘Reverend’ and then in a ministry-terminating dereliction of duty refused to hold him accountable for his heavily-documented godless deeds and witch-hunts against Christians, likely terrified of him) have thrown in their lot with the heretics at RTN by signing up for their low quality material to be added to all the other low quality material put on RTN TV:

The absurdity in RTN’s announcement is it laughably trumpets how CMFI gives “support and accreditation of those in ministry” when the only discernible things they actually do is give fake plastic accreditation to their mates who pay for them a “subscription fee” for it! And now their desire to stay in tight with Prasch means they have signed up for promoting Prasch’s heresy too. Such idiots, but it serves them right.