The 10 Men Who Support Jacob Prasch’s Metatron Heresy via the RTN Tv ‘Pledge’

Only 10 days ago on 27th May 2021 the infamous fake Jew and career charlatan and false prophet Jacob Prasch announced his Pledge to ‘God’ and the followers of his Moriel Ministries offshoot low quality internet TV channel RTN TV. The Pledge—which Prasch claimed all those in Moriel and RTN were in agreement withrevolved around maintaining “pure and right” doctrine, and those who fail to keep what Prasch maintains is “pure and right” doctrine will immediately be ousted (with doubtless fanfare and multiple witch-hunts as many of Prasch’s ex-staffers and ex-colleagues have experienced). Regarding that standard inside Moriel and RTN TV, Prasch said,

“We will seek to keep our doctrine pure and right. This is our Pledge to the Lord and it’s our Pledge to you. In order to gain a wider viewership we’ll never compromise the truth of God’s Word.”

“We will never have such teachers [referring to David Nathan] or such preachers at RTN or Moriel. And if one sneaks under the fence by accident, we’ll terminate their tenure.”

“This is our Pledge. All in Moriel are in agreement with me, all in RTN are in agreement with me! We take our Pledge seriously. Please hold us to it.”

Prasch’s Pledge video

The trouble with making claims about “pure and right” doctrine was in the very same video Prasch presented an 1863 book by a fellow Walter Mitty career charlatan called The Great Mystery:

…and when presenting that book Prasch stated,

“Books we recommend: The Great Mystery, showing that the angel of the Lord who Hasidic Jews call the Metatron is really Jesus, he’s the angel of the Lord. We verify its theological content. All of our books will be scriptural, we will not publish something that isn’t, this is our pledge to the Lord, it’s our pledge to you.”

Prasch’s ‘Pledge’ video

As I pointed out 10 days ago, this statement immediately damned ALL contributors to both Moriel Ministries and RTN TV as heretics who naturally agreed, as Prasch said, with the theological content of his book there and naturally with his own associated heresy wherein he believes the Metatron the book speaks of is Jesus Christ! This is despite academics calling the Metatron at best a figment of Jewish imagination and at worst a DEMON! This means Prasch is at best following a false Jesus of his own imagination, and at worst is actively worshipping a demon in the place of Christ, that being an antichrist, which means he is eternally damned either way. Chris Rosebrough exposed Prasch’s heretical beliefs in Summer 2020, stating Prasch’s outlined belief in the Metatron from a 2009 article [pages 10-15] (which involved Prasch attributing ALL the Names of God to the Metatron) had resulted in Prasch producing the most blasphemous article ever written on Christology. Chris made this video about Prasch’s heresy, in which Chris proved Prasch openly lied and deceived his followers in trying to shoehorn the word ‘Metatron’ into the Bible to back up his heresy when the word doesn’t appear at all:

Several individuals inside the Moriel cult have over the years attempted to support their cult leader Prasch in his heresy, as his second in command David Lister did last year in a very muddled manner, and RTN TV in its 2020 launch year reposted Prasch’s defence of his Metatron heresy on their channel and even posted his 1863 book. I exposed how Prasch’s Pledge on behalf of Moriel and RTN TV contributors unavoidably made them heretics also due to them being under the thumb of their cult leader and his beliefs. Well, one week after I exposed the peril they were facing for not only maintaining association with a heretic but in allowing that cult leader to dictate their views on doctrine, CMFI the squad of pedlars of fake Christian credentials and titles (who’d given Prasch, the most unqualified-for-ministry man on earth, the truly farcical title of ‘Reverendvia a yearly subscription fee) were announced on the RTN TV Facebook feed as having joined RTN TV too!

The insanity of CMFI is not only that they’d sell fake titles in the form of cheaply laminated bits of crap for money, and not just that they then outright shirk their responsibility to hold their own ‘Reverend’ Prasch accountable for the rampages and defamation campaigns he has provably gone on, but what’s most insane is the gang were forewarned about what they’d be getting themselves involved in if they joined RTN TV; that being they’d be expected to prop up Prasch’s Metatron heresy, as his Pledge video stated by him outlining his “pure and right” doctrine in part via believing in the Metatron, yet CMFI, being a bunch of imbeciles led by a man with an outrageous combover, took no heed and willingly joined a heretical group!

Yet, in saying that, I’d noted CMFI’s leadership’s inability to spot cultic material a couple of years ago when I showed (in Episode 13) its head honcho John Angliss recommending a book by Watchman Nee (who taught a sectarian one church-one city extreme belief) that was published by the Witness Lee Cult which believes in Modalism (Oneness), so it’s not hard to see why they’d cast their lot with another cultic group:

Listen to Articles #5 and #9 about LSM’s lack of evidence for new ‘Watchman Nee’ material they hawk, and their adding a suspicious extra chapter to one of his books.

Due to the increased numbers involving themselves directly in propping up Prasch’s heresy, I thought it good to make a list of the ten individuals most involved in it:

The 10 Men who support Prasch’s Metatron Heresy:

Due to Prasch’s statements regarding the Metatron in his Pledge video, with the standards he outlined for maintaining “pure and right” doctrine, the examples he gave in what was correct doctrine including his belief in the Metatron from Kabbalah, and his insisting All in Moriel are in agreement with me, all in RTN are in agreement with me! these following ten men are those who are therefore the ones who must be in agreement* with Prasch via their involvement in RTN TV and should be avoided by all Christians:

  1. Amos Farrell (RTN TV part-owner)
  2. Charles Jardine (RTN TV part-owner)
  3. John Haller (Fellowship Bible Chapel ‘teacher’ and contributor to RTN TV)
  4. Sandy Simpson (Moriel Ministries and RTN TV associate)
  5. Marco Quintana (Moriel board member and RTN TV associate)
  6. David Lister (Moriel money man who claims he killed Elvis)
  7. John Angliss (CMFI leadership)
  8. Ian Huxham (CMFI leadership)
  9. Paul Sherbird (CMFI leadership)
  10. Joshua Chavez (aka Servus Christ, the person specifically named by Prasch as an RTN contributor)

*If some of these men claim to NOT believe Prasch’s heresy, then did they lie to Prasch when they all announced they were in agreement with Prasch, or did Prasch lie about them agreeing with him? And what the hell is Sandy Simpson doing on this list? Hasn’t Sandy spent his life trying to warn Christians against “deception in the church“? What kind of fool warns about deception in the church, and then associates himself with a chuffing cult leader whose teaching salvation through a Kabbalah demon! The fool!