Faux Dutchman Prasch Boasts About the Unearned Benefits his Subscription-Based CMFI Card & ‘Reverend’ Title Gets Him in Christendom

On May 11th 2021 I wrote an article about how Jacob Prasch uses his cheap, crappy laminated CMFI ‘Reverend’ card—which he pays a yearly subscription fee for—as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card due to the way he takes the unearned and wholly undeserved position it gives him inside Christendom, and uses it as a qualifier for attacking innocent Christians. Well not even a month later, on 6th June 2021, Prasch openly boasted it was indeed that very thing, laughing,

“Not only does it get me into the jail…but with a guy like me sometimes it gets me outta one!  Hahaha!

-Jacob Prasch (video)

In the full video with what appears to be the head of the Dutch branch of his Moriel Ministries group, Prasch, frequently using a quite ridiculous Dutch accent whilst speaking the whole time in English, talks about all the benefits of his CMFI card, a card that has arguably contributed more than anything else to the enablement of spiritual damage he has caused as a person granted the title of ‘Reverend’ by CMFI. Look here at the various acts of spiritual abuse Prasch has committed as CMFI’s ‘Reverend’, and that’s not even taking into account the 200+ sins I’ve recorded ‘Reverend’ Prasch committing in my 49-episode video series and blog. I’ve talked about how way back in 1998 the respected theologian David Pawson, when acting as arbiter between Prasch and the Elim denomination (whom Prasch had publicly slandered in a dangerous act of idiocy which endangered many lives in Northern Ireland during The Troubles there) had requested Prasch have around him people who’d hold him accountable for his actions, as recorded in Pawson’s long and most excellent Arbitration Report. The idea was Prasch had to have some type of accountability from people around him who’d stop him from lashing out indiscriminately against those he disagreed with. His squad who attended the arbitration in Summer 1998 agreed they’d hold him accountable, and this accountability promise failed within a year as Prasch engaged in all the same acts and worse from December 1998 when Prasch attacked and slandered his own Moriel USA volunteer Annie Rogers and expanded the attack to his Moriel Australia volunteer Henry Sheppard in 1999. Don Gawthorne who has known Prasch for many years stated in 2021 Prasch has become like the Apostle John’s attacker Diotrephes:

“But his ministry has morphed into John’s third Epistle where Diotrephes has tried to isolate himself and a band of devotees by lashing out at good ministries.”

-Don Gawthorne (video)

The closest thing Prasch has had to people who’d hold him accountable for his actions is CMFI, the band of utterly incompetent fools who hand out their laminated cards trumpeting ‘Reverend’ titles and the like to such liars and buffoons as Marco Quintana (a liar and cult member), and Amos Farrell (‘Ultra’ Prasch cult member and producer of a fake Police Report, who also lied and claimed he was a successful drummer) with both of those stupid men being part of the “band of devotees” who surround Prasch and protect him from criticism. Farrell, Quintana and the leaders of CMFI are all part of a squad of weak-minded men who enable Prasch to commit his spiritual abuse, and the funny thing is, in his recent Dutch video, Prasch even belittles the CMFI card that gives him license, saying it is an object that “means nothing” to him. Here is the 4 minute card segment from the film. I’ve written out a transcript below it and I’ll pick it apart…

“Well, I have this [CMFI card] that I carry in my wallet.  It’s a ministerial credential issued by a, a, uhh, organisa- Christian organisation that is chartered to issue credentials to, to, to people in full-time ministry- or in ministry, and it is registered with the British government as such.”

If CMFI are registered with the British Government to hand out their credentials then what are the Government going to make of CMFI when those who have been abused by the CMFI ‘Reverend’ Prasch get in touch with them as I encourage them to do?

“This means nothing.  Any authority I have to expound the word of God does not come from this [card], it comes from this [The Bible].”

Prasch claims his card doesn’t grant him authority in God’s eyes to expound the word of God, instead the Bible does, but the reality the Bible makes very clear is that a man like Prasch is disqualified from ministry according to 1 Timothy 3 which warns

“Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full respect. (If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?) He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil. He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.” (1 Timothy 3:2-7)

Prasch is not “above reproach” as he has a LONG history of sins dating back to 1998; he is by his own admission not “temperate”, indeed he is known for screaming non stop; in so doing he proves time and again he is not “self-controlled” in any way; he is therefore not “respectable” and would better be described as the opposite; he teaches a false Gospel of the Metatron from Kabbalah and everything he teaches is corrupted by Midrash, thus is not “able to teach”; he is “given to drunkenness” with Jack Daniels being his tipple and the causation of at least 2 of his volunteers quitting Moriel; he acts “violent” and never “gentle”, threatening the disabled Justin Peters, and Deborah Menelaws, and others who’d disagree with him; and his entire ministry is built around being “quarrelsome”, with his own former volunteer Henry Sheppard stating “Jacob doesn’t want the truth, he just wants the fight”; he is apparently given over to “the love of money”, with Prasch repeatedly brazenly lying about how much he makes from Moriel, obfuscating, and making an 8,900.00% profit percentage on his USB drives which he farcically claims he sells for “as cheap as we can”; he is unable to “manage his own family” with his wife undermining him on church stage; he doesn’t have a son “who obey[s] him” since his son Eli is a lunatic who has been in trouble with the Police; Prasch does not qualify as a “recent convert” because he is not a convert at all due to his decades of heresy and false prophecies and zero Fruits of the Spirit whilst exhibiting copious amounts of the Deeds of the Flesh; and Prasch certainly hasn’t got a “good reputation with outsiders” but is a “disgrace” who is widely known as an unbalanced railer and slob due to multiple people exposing his behaviour over decades.

Because of The Bible which Prasch claims qualifies him, he is actually disqualified a thousand times over. He has no biblical basis to call himself a Christian let alone a theologian or a Bible expositor or a ‘Reverend’.

“Now why do I have this [card]?  If it means nothing to me spiritually or theologically why do I have this [card]?  Because if I’m asked to visit the sick person in hospital and it’s not visiting hours, I can get in with this [card].  Or if a, a Christian has an unbelieving relative or something like this who gets arrested and they want somebody who can go into- into the jail, I can get into the jail with this [card].  Not only does it get me into the jail…but with a guy like me sometimes it gets me outta one!  Hahaha!”

Prasch is joking about jail, yet it is only funny because there is an element of truth about it. Prasch is bigging up his reputation as a lowlife thug in saying it. Prasch has a history of intimidation the kind a smalltime hoodlum would amass. And by him saying the card gets him into hospital to visit the sick, one must consider how his intimidation tactics have contributed to Christians being admitted to hospital. Additionally I’ve reasoned Prasch engages in such out there forms of thinking especially in regards to the way he views himself (as a John the Baptist for the Second Coming of Christ) that he runs the risk of being admitted to hospital himself, only a mental hospital via being sectioned under The Mental Health Act in the UK.

“If I’m doing the Lord’s work there are certain things around hospitals, I’m allowed to park certain places.  I can perform a wedding and act as a registrar under British law.  I can pronounce somebody man and wife, not only by a vow to God, but it will have a civil and legal contract, contractural basis in law because I have this [card].  I can say “What God has joined together” and it’s theologically and spiritually authoritative, but I can have the happy young couple sign the marriage register in my presence and say “You are legally married in the eyes of the laws of Great Britain.” If a Christian dies and the family asks me to take the funeral I can sign a burial certificate.  I can legally verify that this corpse is in this grave, or when you press the button and cook them.”

His last comment there about ‘cooking’ a body at a cremation gives some insight to his mode of thinking, his callousness, his view of humanity. It adds to my view that Prasch is a psychopath.

“I can give a baptismal certificate for newborn…for… I don’t baptise babies, but I can issue a certificate.  We do a baby dedication, and a family can take this and they can go to the registry office and it legally establishes the baby’s name.”

The irony with Prasch being qualified to establish a baby’s name legally at a registry office is he has been unable to establish HIS OWN NAME AS A BABY since part of his career of deception against Christians has been to claim he’s half Jewish and born ‘Jacob’ (a Jewish name) when his OWN FAMILY say otherwise and his own BIRTH CERTIFICATE proves otherwise! Watch the video about it! How absurd it is that such a man who maintains his ridiculous provable lie about his own name has been qualified and remains qualified by the CMFI board to legally establish other people’s birth names! It is a farce!

“It allows me to perform rites of passage.  I can make a marriage legal.  I can declare that someone who died is buried.  I can declare that this is the baby’s name.  I can get into military bases, to prisons, to hospitals.”

Prasch’s plastic CMFI card allows him access to “military bases” and interestingly his Walter Mitty life has also allowed him to do the same by proxy in the past with him historically repeatedly claiming his son Eli was then actively serving 2 tours with the Israeli Defence Force in “a tank combat brigade”, claims he repeatedly made in churches (as you can see in this episode) when it was all a lie since his son was never in such a position but had instead a desk job in the IDF (unless the IDF installed a desk inside a tank for him). Prasch has exaggerated the connection to the IDF as a means of narcissistic supply from his disciples who are highly Jew-centric to the point they verge on religious mania, and is likely a major component in Prasch’s hatred of actual IDF veteran Amir Tsarfati who gave actual updates from the front line, and unlike Prasch is an actual Jew. Prasch has never answered why he claimed for so many years his son was in a tank combat brigade, likely because he cannot, it being one of his myriad farcical lies which he just sweeps under the rug.

“This thing allows me open certain doors to allow me to do the things God calls people like me to do.”

So the CMFI card has opened certain doors for Prasch, allowing him to engage in certain things, most of which has been to negatively impact the Body of Christ in churches from the UK to Australia. That Prasch believes in the midst of the multi-year Golem-esque rampage he is on that God has ‘called’ him to the things he has engaged in demonstrates how lost he is mentally. But all the more does it demonstrate how idiotic the CMFI board are (as well as Moriel Ministries’ and RTN TV’s boards are) for seeing with their own eyes Prasch’s behaviour sans his mental incapacitation and yet still think he qualifies for ‘Reverend’ status! It is astonishing, like a perfect storm of idiocy.

“As long as it doesn’t cause me to act contrary to the word of God I get one, as long as I don’t have to compromise my faith or my beliefs or the moral teachings of Scripture that I subscribe to, I’ll get it.”

Good grief, that has to be in the top 10 of Prasch’s most ridiculous claims of his ‘career’, suggesting he’d turn down his ‘Reverend’ card if it meant otherwise compromising his faith/belief or the moral teachings of Scripture! Any fool can observe that Prasch is an evil, lying, narcissistic dangerous lunatic who daily compromises the moral teachings of Scriputre to do what he does, that being attack innocent people, lie about them, slander them, and launch endless witch-hunt campaigns on them, encouraging them to commit suicide (as he did to Bill Randles in 2019), yet fools named John Angliss, Ian Huxham, and Paul Sherbird (the heads of CMFI) saw that, were warned of it, and yet still never held their ‘Reverend’ Prasch to account, shamefully never bothered to look at the information against him, and so were utterly derelict in their duty as supposed ‘Christians’ who all call themselves ‘Pastor‘. The only thing they have done is greenlight and support an obvious WOLF.

“It’s simply a practical thing.  But it has absolutely nooooo doctrinal, theological or spiritual meaning, none.  What Christendom does, is takes the authority from this [Bible] and puts it on this [card].  It turns a minister of the Lord into a minister of the church or denomination.  But this [card] has absolutely no basis in what the early church believed.”

Well Prasch is at least half right about something, that being the CMFI card having “no doctrinal, theological, or spiritual meaning,” albeit he meant that about all such title-giving groups. The CMFI card however has as much Christian worth as those fake doctorates so many pseudo-Christians of Prasch’s ilk amass for themselves or send off for through the post (likely for a similar fee that Prasch paid for his ‘Reverend’ status). A fake doctor can cause great damage, and due to CMFI’s gross negligence and absolute refusal to strike Prasch off their books (likely due to their intense fear of him), they have enabled great harm to be done with their CMFI-crowned ‘Reverend’ Prasch who is more accurately titled a Fake Jewish Golem or a Modern-Day Witchfinder General.