Bulldust Brothers Jacob Prasch & David Lister Get Caught in a Whopping Lie

Jacob Prasch is a notorious liar who lies about everybody, including himself by claiming for decades he’s a half-Jew born ‘Jacob’ when the truth is he’s 0% Jewish and was born ‘James’ according to his birth certificate and family. Prasch routinely lies about everybody, especially people who expose him as the cult leader that he is. Often the people Prasch attacks the most are the ones who know him the best and are therefore in the best position to expose him as a cult leader and charlatan (as similar charlatan ‘evangelist’ Tony Anthony—the fake half-Chinese and fake 3 times Kung Fu World Champion—was exposed in large part through one of his colleagues named Mike Hancock), and so Prasch has a large list of former colleagues (admins, missionaries, etc.) and former friends who he has turned Beast Mode on in an effort to quell their sharing of information on him that threatens to derail his Moriel money train. One target of Prasch’s lies has been his former colleague Tim Wirth who was for many years his Moriel TV social media man who recorded several hundred videos for Prasch up to 2018. Tim took a “temporary hiatus” from Moriel on August 1st 2018 to care for his wife Donna who had the onset of Alzheimers, and stepping in during that hiatus was Joshua Chavez (who’d go on to fake a marriage within 6 months and commit severe and ongoing spiritual abuse against his wife Joelle).

Within a few weeks of Tim beginning that hiatus, Prasch began attacking another Moriel colleague, this time David Nathan who was his Moriel South Africa administrator, due to, it seems, David Nathan requesting to leave Moriel. In retaliation Prasch invented information about David, got in league with a fake theologian who turned out to be a criminal, and surrounded himself with low IQ individuals who acted as Yes Men in the witch-hunt. Tim Wirth was one of several colleagues/friends of Prasch who defended the innocent David Nathan (they included Bill Randles, Stewart and Deborah Menelaws, Dave Borlase, and several Moriel volunteers in Scotland and North America). Due to Tim’s close proximity to Prasch, when he became aware Prasch was attacking innocents but also was a bona fide cult leader, Tim spoke out against Prasch and the Moriel organisation. This led to Prasch turning his attention to Tim (and all the others listed) and engaging in the exact same strategy he was then using against David Nathan which was presenting his remaining cult members with fake information on him and damning him so as to quell his evidence against Prasch.

Prasch went so far as to make various videos (with Amos The Idiot Farrell) attacking all the named people, and Tim, presenting a list of reasons he had terminated Tim’s involvement with Moriel months prior. Prasch’s claims against Tim included the spurious hint Tim had faked his wife’s degenerative illness, had stolen from Moriel, had moral issues, and had done an inept job as Moriel TV’s social media man. Prasch made these claims in a poorly made video by Joshua Chavez’s replacement Amos The Idiot Farrell, which made the last claim rather accidentally hilarious in its obvious stupidity (consider the dazzling ineptitude Moriel TV reached under Amos’s production ‘skills’ weeks later in episode 36). Here is Prasch and Amos The Idiot Farrell attacking Tim in December 2019:

You can see part of that clip in my recent Episode 49 video exposé on Prasch and Joshua Chavez. In addition to this attack on Tim, Prasch also in mid-2020 wrote one of his bungled press releases he publishes on his cult website Moriel.org, which, oddly enough, had additional claims revolving around Tim playing drums with former Hillsong bandmate Darlene Zschech, which then, through Prasch’s patented (and patently imbecilic) Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon Damnation Theory linked Tim directly to….Pope John Paul II who engaged in the protection of paedophiles. Yes, that’s an insane link, but Prasch, in his lunatic drive to silence his critic Tim Wirth, made it nonetheless, and the evidence of his deranged stupidity is still online (and in an archived state).

What’s interesting about Prasch’s claims against Tim (which Tim has debunked in various videos) is not just the insanity on offer from Prasch, the illogicality, or even the fact that his brainless cult members believe it and parrot it (as Amos The Idiot Farrell often does), but it’s the fact that the account Prasch gives against Tim is contradicted by 2 people. The first one of those 2 people is actually Tim Wirth prior to leaving Moriel, back when he was Prasch’s videographer, back when he wrote on behalf of Moriel on the Moriel Facebook feed. Tim’s “hiatus”, remember, was only “temporary” since he left Moriel only for a time with the intention to come back once his wife was in a more stable situation regarding care-giving, back when Tim was one of the members of what he’d only later find to be a cult. That means the Tim Wirth from that era is a different person to the one who is now attacked by the cult for leaving and speaking against it, and the Moriel-accepted Tim from that era wrote about his “temporary hiatus from Moriel” on the Moriel Facebook feed on 1st August 2018, a post that is still, amazingly in hindsight, still online as of 22 June 2021. This is the post:

The second person who discredits Prasch’s package of lies he’d later present against Tim Wirth is none other than Prasch’s second in command at Moriel, David Lister. Now David Lister is, like Prasch, a liar who farcically claimed he had killed Elvis Presley in Graceland by getting him the drugs that he overdosed on (a claim Prasch repeated for narcissistic supply at a church youth gathering in Australia a few years ago, a claim which resulted in that church then deleting the evidence of the claim AND deleting evidence of their association with Prasch within days of me reporting on it, as you can read all about here), but on the scale of it out of Prasch’s lies and Lister’s lies, it is the former man’s lies which have catapulted that liar to infamy, and it is the lesser of the liars who had this to say to Tim Wirth when Tim was on the verge of taking the “temporary hiatus from Moriel”:

From: David Lister <morieldavid@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 4:13:31 AM
To: Tim Wirth; eternalsoul***04@***.com
Subject: Re: Temporary Hiatus & Joshua
Dear Tim:
Jacob has asked Joshua to come along side to help out while you are on your hiatus to oversee the care of our wife. As you said she is your main ministry and you are correct it prioritizing her care.
If you could, when you have a few minutes, how about sending Joshua whatever passwords he needs to tape and post the next TWIP (not the one you are currently working on).
Jacob is headed to South Africa and wanted to make sure we can keep everything going at Moriel and we will not be a burden to you. From your emails these past couple of weeks it is easy to see you are stressed and the emotions are overflowing as can be expected.
If you need anything you know you just have to email me or if you want I have evolved to Whats App at my cell
412 721 [****] I am in Thailand so I am about 12 hours ahead of EST. Call if you just need to talk, we have somethings in common as your wife and my mom are experiencing much of the same trial.
From what I hear about Joshua  (talking with Marco), he is a good man as well as talented.
In Peace,

This email not only validates the Moriel TV Facebook feed post Tim made a few hours after the email was sent, it also therefore proves David Lister verified Tim’s views at the time regarding Tim’s “hiatus from Moriel”, and Donna having Alzheimers. And today, nearly 2 years after Tim has been attacked and pilloried by the cult, it proves all the more Tim’s accuracy since Tim’s oft-repeated accounts of what happened at the end of his time with Moriel have never changed, yet by extreme contrast the Moriel Cult’s account has changed dramatically and been added to and embellished along the way by a notorious and proven liar who has even lied about his own birth name and ancestry. This email not only therefore proves Tim’s account, but it also puts Prasch’s second in command at Moriel at odds with Prasch, with David Lister exposing Prasch as liar who has fabricated claims against Tim Wirth and against Tim Wirth’s invalid wife (claims which Prasch’s severely evil cult members have run with). Additionally the timeframe proves Tim was turned on and the nefarious claims invented against him and his wife after Tim exposed the truth about Moriel, and the cult’s attack on the Wirths was engaged in entirely as a means to discredit Tim and cease the flow of dissonant information spreading inside the financially lucrative cult.

In light of this shock, my questions to David Lister are:

  1. Why on earth do you cover for a proven serial liar?
  2. Did Prasch lie about you when he said you told him you killed Elvis?
  3. If he didn’t lie about you killing Elvis, why have you not handed yourself into the Memphis Police for your admitted involvement in the death of The King?
  4. Have you sought forgiveness from God for killing Elvis Presley?
  5. If you didn’t kill Elvis, have you sought forgiveness from God for lying about killing him, or have you told Prasch to seek forgiveness from God for him lying about you killing someone?
  6. Why is lying such a common trait for Moriel cult members?
  7. Why does your cult never admit to their lies?
  8. Are you going to admit Prasch lied about Tim, or are you terrified of Prasch attacking you as he has done to so many other former Moriel people?
  9. As Prasch has lied about Tim—as proven by your own words—does God’s promise that all liars will end up in the Lake of Fire mean Prasch will go there?
  10. If Prasch’s lies don’t result in Hellfire in your opinion then why doesn’t God’s Word apply to Prasch?

Update: Additional evidence Moriel’s people lie routinely

Tim Wirth posted an example of the changing narratives inside the leadership of the Prasch Cult with this example from when he was handing over control of Moriel’s social media accounts to Joshua Chavez (Servus Christi) when taking the aforementioned “temporary hiatus”:

People keep asking if I was fired from Moriel or not. Please for the last time I took a temporary hiatus to take care of Donna because she was on some new Alzheimers medication.
Here is a PM from Facebook from Josh Chavez

"Hey, Tim. Jacob mentioned that you guys would likely need some assistance with uploading videos and things in the upcoming weeks. I will continue to pray for you and Donna. He said to speak with you about obtaining the usernames and passwords to help out in this endeavor. If you'd like to call and talk we can do that too, my friend."

I sent Josh all the passwords and we had a slight fuss because Josh claimed I sent him the wrong information on a log in. Josh put in nogoofyzone@gmail.com instead of nogoofyzone@hotmail.com. No problem but then Josh got huffy and thats ok it was a simple mistake.

From: nogoofyzone@hotmail.com
Sent: August 1, 2018 4:22 PM
To: eternalso*******@aol.com
Cc: nogoofyzone@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Moriel YouTube channel
Josh: I will send you password's tomorrow for Vimeo, YouTube and Roku.
I have a lot to do yet tonight with my wife and have not slept in a couple days
I have not quit Moriel TV so I'm not sure what David Listers email was about
I'm just taking some time off to take care of things with and for my wife.
I will introduce you on Moriel TV Facebook and you can monitor it from there

We sorted it out and I even got a thank you from Prasch:

Jacob Prasch <morieljacob@*****.com>
Thu 8/2/2018 10:13 PM
Thanks for this Tim.

Notice the date.
Now Jacob still wanting me to do a video. Again notice the date:

Jacob Prasch <morieljacob@*****.com>
Thu 8/2/2018 10:12 PM
Blessings from South Africa.
Is there a way to get the last TWIP posted
if it has not been?
In Jesus,

Folks I am really just tired of trying to convince people that Prasch and Moriel associates are liars.
If people cannot figure that out for themselves there really is little hope for them as far as the truth goes.