Massively unhinged liar Prasch brazenly INVENTS content of 1972 film in order to damn people (UPDATES: Prasch doubles down in his lies and calls me a “Sodomite” and a “real sicko” Cosplay artiste!)

So sometime yesterday Jacob Prasch’s hinges truly came off and he went AB-SO-LUTELY NUTS! Prasch decided to load up his ad hominem blunderbuss and shoot at all manner of straw men and shadows, screaming blue murder for NINETY-SIX minutes, basically for the length of a football match, fittingly on the day England’s national football team got into the Final of the European Championship. As a non-stop screaming unhinged fit, it actually beats his longer but not as funny 3-hour opus of idiocy from this time last year when he attacked a whole list of people who have exposed him as being a railing, screaming, lying unhinged fool. This time there were the same targets as last year, and I was privileged to get a couple of minutes dedicated to me, orrrr rather dedicated to something Prasch connects to me to via his damnation theory of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. This is the highlight which made my day beyond England’s success in the Euros:

“Oh boy, I can’t go into this now, but somebody who promotes as an avatar, he PROMOTES something that the British Film Certification Board—now understand the British Film Certification Board are not conservative Christians, they’re not social conservatives; some of these people on it are- are homosexuals or lesbians themselves, they’re extremely left-wing by and large—they classify a film, THEY did, as ‘X’. The film was called Ciao! Manhattan. It’s a film of a- I’m just reading- read the synopsis on the internet. The film of a bisexual male who is more feminine than masculine, who has a sexual relationship with a woman who has sex with her father. THIS IS HARD-CORRRRE HOMOSEXUAL PORNOGRAPHY! HARDCORE GAY PORN! RATED ‘X’ by the British Film Classification- Certification. ‘X’-Rated hardcore gay porn! But the Menelaws posted material by that guy on their website! He posts material from them on his website! WHY WOULD YOU POST THINGS FROM SOMEONE LIKE THAT?! Notice: be it Fighting For the Filth, the first one, or be it the Catalyst, be it the Ciao! Manhattan, it ALL has a homosexual component to it. This is what Satan is trying to get into the church. Everything they did was in someway related to this, homosexual stuff getting into the church in some way. How can people see this? They can’t deny it happened! That stuff was posted by the Menelaws! They recommended this stuff! What does the Word of God say about it? It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. They’ve been bewitched. They have been bewitched.”

“A bisexual man having a relationship with a woman who has sex with her FATHER! RATED ‘X’! We’re talking about INCEST! BISEXUAL INCEST! RATED ‘X’! HARDCORE GAY PORN! It didn’t matter to the Menelaws, they posted stuff by the Ciao! Manhattan promoter!

-Jacob Prasch 7/7/21

So Prasch takes my avatar from summer 2020 to present day of 1972 film Ciao! Manhattan’s poster (right), and uses it to damn people who reposted my research about the Prasch Cult (incidentally, none of which that Prasch and Co. have managed to refute), damning them with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon via Ciao! Manhattan featuring “HARD-CORRRRE HOMOSEXUAL PORNOGRAPHY! HARDCORE GAY PORN! RATED ‘X’!” a film which features “a bisexual male who is more feminine than masculine, who has a sexual relationship with a woman who has sex with her father,” according to Prasch, who states he is in-the-know as he is “just reading- read the synopsis on the internet.” Well, that’s rather compelling, right, so let’s do what we should do with all claims people make (and especially with all claims notorious proven liars and fabricators like Jacob Prasch make) and FACT-CHECK his overview of the film.

The British Film Certification Board…classify [Ciao! Manhattan] as ‘X'”

-Prasch’s claim no.1

So welcome to the only part Prasch got right, albeit it has been reclassified by the British Board of Film Classification as a ’15’ recently for its BluRay release, but then bear in mind Dracula (1958) got an ‘X’ rating too by the BBFC, and was reclassified to a 12A in 2007.

“The film of a bisexual male who is more feminine than masculine, who has a sexual relationship with a woman…”

-Prasch’s claim no.2

Prasch had said that after claiming to have just then read the synopsis on the internet, which I don’t believe he did. I reckon he just fabricated it or whoever fed him the information fabricated it knowing that none of the Prasch Cult will actually fact-check and see. There are 2 characters in the film who are at different points in a relationship with Edith (Edie) Sedgwick the female lead, one is Paul America (who plays himself) whose a rather manly individual, and the other character is Butch (Wesley Hayes) a Keanu Reeves type drifter/biker:

Neither of them qualify as “more feminine than masculine” (save for long hair which was a staple of the 1970s), and none are presented as “bisexual”. Where Prasch is being dishonest is he’s likely taking the fact that Paul America as a person was bisexual, but he’s not that in the film. Bloody imbecile. Or he’s totally conflating one of those characters with Andy Warhol or something, and then conflating one of them erroneously with the notion Edie acted like a female version of Warhol during her Factory days in the mid 1960s and coming up with the total drivel he came out with. Additionally Prasch expanded on their love interest:

“The film of a bisexual male who is more feminine than masculine, who has a sexual relationship with a woman who has sex with her father.”


-Prasch claim no.3

The film contains no “incest”, but as it is semi-autobiographical based on the star Edie Sedgwick’s life story (such as referring to siblings who committed suicide, which sadly happened), she makes reference to her father wanting to have sex with her when she was “nine”, but then says her father is now dead, and he never appears in the film. Her real-life father was Francis “Fuzzy” Sedgwick who was abusive to her as you can hear about in this podcast, and was indeed dead by the time the film was made. So Prasch takes again from real life rather than from the film and dishonestly inserts it into the film, moreover by the way he presents the “incest” he does it in a way to make it sound like Edie wanted to engage in it, but if he actually researched rather than guessed/imagined/fabricated then he’d have found the mention in the film references a harrowing life story from Edie, when her father’s abuse began not at “nine” as mentioned in the film, but at “seven”: “Edie would tell people that she was seven when he made his first (deflected) pass” (Vanity Fair), so Prasch’s ignorance/lie about this is rendered more despicable in light of the reality, unless Prasch is trying to claim 7 year-old girls are able to consent to incest.


-Prasch claim no.4

There is no hardcore gay porn in the film, just some rather pointless nudity, but Prasch had to try to sell his fabrication by laying it on thick, with his bloated red face screaming multiple times that it contained what it did not contain to ensure firstly his disciples would 1) never watch it, and 2) would therefore have no option but to believe him.

Prasch’s insane screaming and dishonest rant in which he deliberately falsified the contents of a film is in itself a perfect illustration of Prasch’s method of attacking people, especially the others he went after in his 96-minute scream, since it reveals he 1) doesn’t do research (as Henry Sheppard pointed out in 1999), 2) he exaggerates and engages in imbecilic guilt by association rhetoric (which David Pawson stated was a “prominent feature of his invective, however tenuous the connection may have been” in 1998’s Arbitration Report), 3) he expects his stupid disciples/cult-members to believe whatever crap he presents without fact-checking (as David Pawson noted they did in 1998 too), 4) and he absolutely refuses to ever apologise for any of his proven misrepresentations, and indeed just doubles down in what has been widely refuted (as I’ve recorded him doing for 2.5 years). If Prasch is as massively dishonest with other topics as he was with this (which he provably IS) how can he be trusted with any information he presents? Well, he can’t be trusted, but he appeals to like-minded idiots who enjoy him attacking targets as it satiates their blood-lust. And note the way Prasch’s central target in his attack is actually homosexuals, considering he tries to link all his critics to homosexuality, which in itself proves he knows what unites his band of simpletons beyond their blood-lust and that is their deep homophobia (as seen in the ‘tracts’ they have produced).

My Review of Ciao! Manhattan

Since I watched the film today to fact-check Prasch and expose him again as a fabricator, having only known about Ciao! Manhattan previously through the Muses Podcast, I found it was very 1970s and experimental, and it lapsed too often into inner thought monologue to advance/explain the story. Much of it didn’t make any sense anyway even with the monologues, especially everything involving the motivation of Verdecchio (the peculiar millionaire with the flat voice) and the associated drug plot and pool opening, basically every scene from New York wasn’t much good. The parts set in California were better, and could have made a half-interesting short film, but the relationship between Edie’s mother, servant and doctor in California weren’t really fleshed out. There were a few memorable moments in the madness (like Butch wanting to build a UFO). Here are my 2 favourite parts:

Baby Jane Holzer calls the Vitamin doctor’s clinic
Acapulco, then cut to House of Pies

The servant in the 2nd clip had these 2 other great lines:

“That old broad jumpin’ on my chest every day, crazy old fool anyhow.  All she wants to know about is pies.”

“They got her under some sort of special treatment, supposed to be the last stop before lobotomy valley.”


Overall the film seems like a 15 minute film-school project that the student tried to make into a feature-length movie to release in the art house circuit by splicing in scenes from 2 other unrelated films (and a wedding reel) starring half the same ‘actors’ in a random order until it reached feature-length. My score: 2.5/10.

So from the film I have picked up 2 things: a poster, and the phrase “the last stop before lobotomy valley”, the latter thing which is where Prasch the deranged loon is at!

Lastly, it is rather insulting to one’s intelligence when Prasch latches onto my hardly-used Ciao! Manhattan poster and ignores the other X-rated film I’ve used in almost every episode of my 49-episode Prasch Exposed video series, that being Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 Masterpiece The Shining. It is literally everywhere in this website too, all because Prasch acts like Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson’s axe-murderer character). The Shining is the motif of my entire exposé on Prasch, and that gets ignored, probably since although it was also X-rated, he couldn’t shoehorn his bitter hatred of homosexuals into it. Other X-rated films featuring in the series are Witchfinder General (#5), and A Clockwork Orange (#48), and Death Race 2000 (#48), and I think El Topo was an ‘X’ too (#48).

Here is an episode (#31) that heavily incorporates Prasch’s association to The Shining and my repetition in using it to trigger him:

Update 10th July 2021: Prasch Doubles Down in his Fabrication AND calls me a “sodomite”!

Prasch made another video for his disciples on the topic of Ciao! Manhattan, apparently because someone sent him a link to my reaction to his lies above, and this time, instead of admitting he lied, he DOUBLED DOWN with his fake content, specifically proving what I’d said earlier about him merely incorporating actors/actress real life issues into the film in order to damn people. He also drew extra info on Ciao! Manhattan from The Ciao! Manhattan second attack on me segment of his film starts here at 7:22 [as of the 12th of July Prasch has deleted the video at least from YouTube, it having been online for only 2 days, so here is my recording of the segment:]

Here is the the transcript minus some waffle in which Prasch attempts to associate himself to more famous people as I showed he frequently does in my article James Jacob Gump & The Man Who Killed Elvis):

"But someone, uh, sent us an email, uh, drawing our attention to something, uh, about what's been going on in Moriel TV and on ahh, RTN, and on some other platforms, concerning, our teaching on 'Bewtiched'-witchcraft.  And they asked about the film that we referred to entitled Ciao! Manhattan.  Uhh, I'll explain uhh, if one person asks a question there's a possibility other people are also curious about it, I don't know how important it is, but it might be important for some people because we make some pretty serious uhh, statements concerning this film and the way its been used and being used and the links to the person promoting it.  Uhh, so it's serious enough to warrant a comment, but we're not going to focus on it tonight..."

"Well anyway two of the people who were in this [Warhol] scene were the actress Edie Sedgwick and this other guy from New Jersey originally called Paul America, Paul America, uhh, and they made a film that was an autobiographical docu-fiction if that makes sense, called Ciao! Manhattan.  Ciao! Manhattan, about leaving this underground film scene in New York and heading out West to California, and it detailed all of what was going on with them in their lifestyle and things like this.  Uh, I had nothing to do with any of this film or watched it, but the film came out and it was 'X' rated.  The original title of the film however was called Stripped & Strapped, Stripped & Strapped, very sexually connotated.  And uhh, the name was changed, I suppose maybe for commercial purposes to Ciao! Manhattan, Ciao! Manhattan, but the actual original name of the film that was filmed was called Stripped & Strapped, and again it was autobiographical of these people who were in the Warhol scene.  I did not know them, I knew other people in that scene, but I did not myself know any of these people.  I've never seen the film, but I'll just read a- some of what is is in Wikipedia and so forth."

"Anyway, Ciao! Manhattan.  The film was re-released in 2002, 2002, umm.  There is this sodomite, he identifies himself as a gay butch in this photograph of his boyfriend holding hands, uhh- that's his business, uhh- who uses, who promotes this film as an avatar.  And somehow he's made inroads with the Menelaws and people who say they're Christian, I don't quite understand it, but here are some of the images of of this film.  Uhh, let me just read a bit before we move the captions.  Originally conceived as Stripped and Strapped written by Warhol luminary Chuck Wein and Genevieve Charbin, uhh, it was intended to capture this whole counter-culture scene and so forth in 1960s Manhattan. Although the script was never finished some of the original material by Wein and Charbin was shot and ultimately cut from Ciao! Manhattan.  So in the original film 'Stripped & Strapped' that was changed to Ciao! Manhattan, a lot of these scenes were not originally in it, they were re-inserted or re-edited back into it when it was re-released in 2002. Uh- it goes on, these scenes are now featured on the DVD anniversary addition as The Lost Reels of Stripped & Strapped, cum Ciao Manhattan: Missing Subplot: In Stripped & Strapped Susan, played by Edie Sedgwick this actress, had a friend played by Nena Thurman who was involved in an incestuous relationship with her brother, scenes of them together are...are in a show in the kitchen, well this is what you see here, it was a whole thing, the incest and the women and the men and sex.”

…and that was Prasch’s evidence for everything I quoted earlier in this article, all the “HARDCORE GAY PORN” and the “BISEXUAL INCEST”, things which Prasch himself admitted in the above clip were “some pretty serious uhh, statements concerning this film”. Prasch’s evidence was a still image of the film which he claims is from a once-cut but post-2002 restored kitchen scene featuring Edie Sedgwick and Nena Thurman thats wider scene involved “an incestuous relationship with her brother” [Thurmans’ brother]. Prasch was reading from the page on Ciao! Manhattan’s alternative/extra scenes:

…where you can see Prasch deliberately fudged the bullet-point to make it sound like the uncut film featured incest in the kitchen basically. He then claimed this image was from that scene:

…yet the image of Edie and a woman there isn’t Nena Thurman as Prasch claims, but instead it’s Pat Hartley, AND HE CROPPED IT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE NUDITY! Here is the actual picture from Pat Hartley’s own website:

See how Prasch’s picture is cut one PIXEL above the clothing line to make the people look naked! That’s the level Prasch and his cohorts are at. Are you beginning to get an idea as to how dishonest Jacob Prasch is, how he lies about everything? Also note the way Prasch trebled down in his incest claim around the 19 minute mark, stating,

"Again I don't want to show you all the images, but they're not nice.  Uhh, I can't show you the thing with the lesbians in the kitchen and whatever it is, uhh, look, it's depraved."

Here is a clip from the actual kitchen incest scene he speaks of with Edie Sedgwick and Nena Thurman (AND Pat Hartley):

Yeah so the kitchen scene is actually just a bunch of women sitting talking in a kitchen! But to Prasch that is hardcore homosexual gay porn and incest. If talking about incest IS incest, then logically since Prasch talked a lot about incest in the previous video, that video of Prasch logically IS incest then. You see how insane Prasch’s modes of thinking are when applied back to himself?

Also Prasch in the 2 attacks has repeatedly called me a “promoter” of the film Ciao! Manhattan when the reality is up until this post the entire connection between me and the film is I used the poster as my WordPress avatar (after having used a smiling cloud previously). He is the one who has introduced everybody to the film, given its background, showed pictures of it, etc. Bloody hypocritical imbecile the oaf is.

In his ‘evidence’ he also referred to another picture, this time one of me with what Prasch calls my “boyfriend”, and then Prasch called me a sodomite who identifies as “gay butch”. Note the way he didn’t show any picture, but according to Prasch’s attack website against me it’s merely a picture of me, posted by a friend in 2008, wherein we are stood together making faux-tough faces at the camera, and my comment (on the right) is clearly a joke about the frame width and the situation leading to any wild interpretation for a potential observer:

“We’re like a…”

…but that’s the kind of thing Prasch uses as his evidence to call me a “sodomite”. He’s such a egregious liar and slanderer. I’m not gay and never have been. The guy in the picture is my classmate at school. Prasch’s slander does however prove what I said earlier in the article that Prasch is a homophobe and he’s appealing to the homophobia that marks out his cult members. I’ll be posting a much longer article soon about what Prasch’s ad hominem and slanderous attack on me means in light of the fact he has been entirely unable to defend himself against any of the claims I have made against his evil self or his evil ‘ministry’ [now posted here].

Also CMFI are the ‘Christian’ organisation [read: timid imbeciles] who gave Prasch the fake and massively damaging title of ‘Reverend’. CMFI’s heads John Angliss, Ian Huxham, and Paul Shebird are the three men who enable Prasch to continue on his rampage, so one must ask them whether it is OK for their ‘Reverend’ Prasch [read: ‘Golem’ Prasch] to lie and slander Christians across the internet? Do they approve of labelling someone a “sodomite” when they aren’t? Well it seems they approve of everything Prasch does and says since they can’t stop the Golem and are too terrified of him turning on them to intervene. Shame on them. You can read about that clown ‘ministry’ CMFI and the abuse they allow in my series of exposés on them here.

Update 13 July: Moriel Obfuscation

As mentioned in this article, Prasch’s 2nd attack video (the “Sodomite” one with the doubling down in faked info on Ciao! Manhattan) was taken down on the 12th by Prasch 2 days after it was posted on YouTube after I exposed it here as being loaded with farcical lies and slander. So Prasch’s Facebook man (likely Sandy Simpson) has today tried to claim there was a “technical problem” with it causing it to be taken down (yet that “technical problem” suspiciously doesn’t stop it remaining on RTN’s server):

The reality is the “technical problem” the video suffers from is that it is technically full of lies and slander as I have proven.

Update 14th July: My Point is Proven

So in spite of their claims yesterday, Moriel re-uploaded to YouTube their technical problem-laden video with all its frame-skip lagging, only with the part about me disappointingly removed, which does however prove my point that it was loaded with proven slander and complete fabrications by Prasch and he clearly got deserved stick for his wild inventions that again proved he is a revolting slanderer and a complete asshat who is facing eternity in Hell for his unrepentant lies not only against me but against scores of others.

Update 15th July: Prasch Documents His Slander

In a rather imbecilic move Prasch the brazen liar, slanderer and obfuscator apparently tried to respond to my documenting in this article here of his fail after fail by making a new video explaining why he deleted the stupid lie-filled Ciao! Manhattan segment from his aforementioned 2nd attack video, that explanation being to cover the bad frame-skip lagging the video has. His explanation is his cult member Dean Gibson (who reposts a lot of Prasch’s videos on YouTube and gets called a “sister ministry” to Moriel by Prasch) fixed the issue by…putting in some pointless background image, and synchronised the sound, “bailing us out of a technical problem”, an explanation which hilariously exposes RTN TV as incompetents since sound synchronisation is an absolute basic in filmmaking skills, skills which RTN TV’s stooges obviously don’t have! Regardless of Prasch’s frankly stupid explanation, he does helpfully prove that he’s proud of his slander, for he says the following:

“For some reason we had a technical problem [with the video] where the voice and the video were out of sync, like 10 minutes into the Bible study we were still out of sync, and then there was a bit at the beginning also about the pervert with the X-rated movie, but that was not the teaching. The teaching itself it went for about 10, 12, maybe even 15 minutes with not be- being synchronised, the voice and the uh, video. Well essentially the original one is still on RTN. RTN produced it and the original one in totality is still on RTN exactly as it originally was. But several thousand people, close to 6,000 people watched it before we yanked it.”

-Prasch (video)

Yeah, so rather than admitting he brazenly fabricated a lot of stuff and committed slander, instead of repenting, Prasch foolishly boasted about the number of people who had listened to his slander (6,000) and how it was still hidden away on his cult’s TV channel (something Prasch alludes to having done when similarly slandering Joshua Rosebrough on YouTube and then quickly editing out the severe slander and hiding the full slander on RTN), and when you listen to the video, there is literally zero other reason for him to have engaged in his waffle than to boast about that, which is actually pretty helpful that he’d say that as it proves the sort of individual that he is. He is just like what Proverbs 6 calls “the worthless person”:

“A worthless person, a wicked man, goes about with crooked speech, winks with his eyes, signals with his feet, points with his finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord; therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly; in a moment he will be broken beyond healing.”

(Proverbs 6:12-15 ESV)

Update 18th July: Prasch’s Madness Deepens with Insane “Asian Fetishism Cult” Claim

Jacob Prasch is totally insane, totally mentally gone. He reads my reactions here (and my Golem article pointing out his homophobia) and instead of apologising for being caught red handed fabricating information about the film Ciao! Manhattan and for slandering me, he instead just ups the ante (and the temperature of the eternal furnace his is heading toward at breakneck speed) by lying even more and digging himself deeper. On 18th July he recorded a third attack video where he fabricated even more insane drivel. This is his insanity about me:

“This same sex pervert whose avatar is the X-rated movie, and who promotes this movie with his avatar—X-rated—and is gay butch and the whole thing, this guy has called me a homophobe because of my objections to these things: “we’re coming for your children”. You’re a homophobe, and Moriel is homophobic! It’s a cult! Moriel is a homophobic cult!…”

“What are the Menelaws doing publishing material linking, promoting, somebody who says that I am a homophobe and that I am a misogynist because I’m standing on biblical convictions…”

“The guy—I don’t want to go into it—he’s a sexual deviant; he’s in this Asian fetishism cult, a homosexual fetishism that’s translated into English ‘cutie’, and it’s got men, homosexual men with beards and things dressed up like little girls like Alice in Wonderland with patent leather shoes and little dresses and hair ribbons and stuff and and they’re homosexual men, and this is often combined with violent images of stabbing and things, it’s really sick, it’s demonic, but he’s in this, he promotes this, he identifies with this. Uhh, the guy’s a real sicko, of course none of that matters to Studio Scotland but that’s what he is, they promote him. And now they say Moriel is a homophobic cult because we’re opposed to this stuff, or that I, you know, I am a misogynist because I’m opposed to the persecution of a Christian for being pro-life.”

-Prasch (video)

Look how brazen he is with his lies, stating “this guy has called me a homophobe because of my objections to these things: “we’re coming for your children”,” in reference to people singing that line in the San Franciscan Gay Choir. Hardly. I didn’t even mention any gay choir, and wasn’t aware he’d even talked about it until I heard him say it in this video. In actuality I called him homophobic because he attempted to use his false claim that I’m a homosexual as a means of damning me and a bunch of other people who have exposed him, and relied on his cult’s homophobia to achieve it. You can read that in this article. So in other words Prasch engaged in strawmanning.

Strawman: an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. 

Prasch couldn’t avoid the reality of his homophobia (or the additional evidence I provided of the notorious tracts a Moriel cult member associated directly with Prasch made which compared gays to Nazis which landed the cult member in Australian Court) so Prasch instead lied and said the evidence I gave of his homophobia was something I didn’t even reference! Stupid bloated imbecile. He then strawmanned my argument that he’s a misogynist by again decoupling the claim from the evidence I gave of his frequent attacks against women, specifically Kamala Harris (who he called a “whore-in-waiting” who used her “vaginal member” to get political power via dating Willie Brown) and he brazenly connected my claim he’s a misogynist falsely to his stance against abortion, which again I didn’t even reference! You can clearly see Prasch use the exact same stupid strawman defence on his Facebook profile last year against Lisa who had stated Prasch was “an arrogant man”, a statement of fact that caused Prasch to immediately became unhinged and caused him to attack Lisa by calling her “the apologist for demonic deception” who was “driven by a Jezebel spirit” and into “pseudo Christian feminism”, all based on his half-baked speculation. It’s a typical example of the way Prasch in his lunacy jumps to wild conclusions in knee-jerk efforts to silence anybody who criticises his behaviour. He couldn’t defend against the statement that he’s arrogant so he immediately played Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon, linked Lisa to feminists, Jezebel, and demons (the people/entities the Prasch cult foams at the mouth over in a similar way they do to homosexuals) and he then burned a strawman:

Prasch has a long history of doing such strawmanning to avoid dealing with facts, as Dr James White had showed in 2016 when he totally humiliated Prasch by exposing all such failed argumentation strategies Prasch employs in his neverending flight from unavoidable facts.

Beyond that fool strawmanning, Prasch trebled or quadrupled down (I’ve lost count) in his initial lies that I’m gay, by adding frankly baffling layers of lies to his preexisting package of lies about me, by claiming I’m involved in an “Asian fetishism cult” and am a “sexual deviant” who dresses like “Alice in Wonderland”!! Like what the chuffing hell is he smoking??!! As with his other claims he has spewed out about me, he once again declined to show any supporting evidence, knowing that his mentally incompetent cult members like Amos Farrell would totally believe him even if he said I was Mowgli from The Jungle Book since they are remarkably imbecilic people who have stupidly adopted Prasch The Liar as their thinker. Apparently the claim is sourced from Prasch taking my Vimeo channel name (which is post-2021 the name of this website too) tbckawaii, and saying the kawaii part is the proof, since kawaii means “cutie” in Japanese (actually it means ‘cute’ not ‘cutie’). Apparently Prasch went on a Google search of the word kawaii and in the millions of results found pictures of men who dress up as women in Japan…and applied their actions…to me, which is potentially an even wilder and more desperate use of his imbecilic Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon Damnation Theory than his previous efforts to connect me to the personal life of Edie Sedgwick and Paul America (see earlier in the article and this overview).

As a fun lesson in how to grasp the scale of Prasch’s illogicality you can do the thing he did against me, only apply it to him. Step 1: Consider how he uses the Jewish menorah as his Moriel symbol (avatar):

Step 2: Search Google for ‘menorah’ and some other word you want to associate Prasch to that you know he hates, such as ‘feminism’. Step 3: Out of the thousands of results, search for the most absurd result—such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg bench-pressing a menorah whilst sitting on the Earth in a Feminist greeting card:

Step 4: Play Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon and link them all to Prasch by saying “Since Jacob Prasch uses a Menorah as an avatar, he is therefore directly linked to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Feminism and misuse of Jewish religious objects! It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s mentally retarded! It’s Jacob Prasch’s entire career in a nutshell!

Also Prasch claims farcically I’m involved essentially in cosplay, dressing up like Alice in Wonderland etc. (which I’ve never done but find hilarious as a claim) when it is actually Prasch who has been caught a few times engaging in cosplay himself with him dressing up as a Jew in a kippa in his half-Jewish charade he has been playing for decades:

Sar Shalom video

Here is my exposé of Prasch forging a DNA report to claim he’s Jewish when he’s Irish-American: