Jacob Prasch the Lunatic Golem Vs. tbckawaii’s Immovable Mountain of Damning Evidence

How in Jacob Prasch’s alcohol-saturated Midrash-fogged brain does he launch a defence against my 4 seasons and 49 episodes of videos exposing him, and 150+ articles eviscerating him and the leading stooges in his personality cult? How does he combat my careful chronicling of him being a committer of journalism fraud, or defend himself against the evidence he openly attempted to coerce Bill Randles into committing suicide for disagreeing with him publicly, or claiming his no.2 David Lister had “killed Elvis”? Well, in the 2.5 years I’ve been exposing him and his outrageously demonised behaviour he hasn’t managed anything beyond making things worse, such as accidentally revealing he has engaged in 21 years of million dollar cybersquatting activity against the South African Government whilst fabricating evidence he had a successful secular business that had somehow paid for his children’s private education rather than sponging the moneys off his charity.

Well after 2.5 years Prasch apparently conceded he couldn’t defend against anything, so has resorted to using his schtick of damning me via Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon (‘guilt by association’, the thing David Pawson said 23 YEARS ago was “a prominent feature of [Prasch’s] invective, however tenuous the connection may have been”) by associating me to the content of a film whose poster I have as an avatar, applying all the issues its stars had in real life…to…me! [yeah, roll eyes]. Besides his use of guilt by association he decided to engage in slander and ad hominem, by declaring I am a “sodomite” and claiming I am “a butch gay” (the origin of the latter claim being an obvious joke from 13 years ago amongst classmates, and the former claim being Prasch’s deliberate fabrication that stemmed from him purposefully and maliciously not getting the joke). Due to Prasch slanderously calling me a “sodomite” and then attacking me on camera, Prasch was engaging in quite severe homophobia throughout the attack.

Here is Prasch tightening his own head in the vice of idiocy about me (from 7:19 onwards):[as of the 12th of July 2021 Prasch has deleted the video at least on YouTube, it having been online for only a couple of days, so here is my recording of the segment:]

Consider the way everything I write or present about the Prasch Cult has links to their material so that people can fact-check me, whereas by quite extreme contrast Prasch’s cult’s references to me for 2.5 years have been to deliberately spell my website wrong, my name wrong, show an avatar with no additional info by which to direct people to my material to fact-check it (as in his latest video), and present stuff sans any links, which is all a deliberate running away which Prasch unbelievably BOASTS about in the video!

“I have never, or Moriel has never either, identified him either by name or by the name of his website…”

-Prasch (video 17:09)

Prasch actually seems proud of running away and treats the act of running away as a virtue! It’s almost as if Prasch doesn’t want his followers to fact-check. Actually it’s not almost if Prasch doesn’t want his followers to fact-check, he DOES NOT want them to fact-check, because if they do they’ll find him to be a notorious fabricator and slanderer, and Prasch was utterly humiliated in 2016 when Dr. James White fact-checked him and found him to be massively incompetent, a humiliation that caused Prasch to apparently get drunk and scream in 2019 at FBC in an feeble retaliation (see episode 15).

I’m at a loss as to how Prasch’s conclusions about me were reached, as the “sodomite” claim requires that an obvious joke from me in 2008 to a classmate was not a clear joke but a statement of fact (which is stupid, a bit like taking my badge from my Witness Lee Cult page that says ‘I’m a Friend of Modalism Jesus via Witness Lee!‘ and deliberately not getting the joke and concluding I’m a Modalist), and the Ciao! Manhattan claim requires that use of a picture from a movie poster not only associates a person to the film’s contents, but also to the personal story of child abuse and drug use of the main character’s actress (which is insanely and wildly idiotic). Well, I’m being facetious because I DO know how Prasch’s conclusions were reached, the conclusions being reached via Prasch’s unhinged madness combined with his inability to defend himself combined with his lack of mentally fit advisors and his hilarious total reliance on Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon, resulting in his vile slurs.

In a nutshell Prasch’s defence against all my claims against him are stupid and illogical ad hominem fabrications that come from his insane and warped mind, and by making his fool claims, Prasch has helpfully conceded to every single allegation I’ve ever raised against him, showing that he cannot answer them and has to rely on the failed strategy of ad hominem slurs, which is exactly the thing Chris Rosebrough proved the Prasch Cult as a whole did in Summer 2020 when Prasch’s social media baboon Amos Farrell tried using the same rhetoric (from 15:30):

But that’s not all, because in Prasch conceding in such a toe-curling manner in his descent into extreme madness, he and his cult have basically outed themselves as extreme homophobes for when you think about the content of Prasch’s “sodomite” presentation and the conclusions he makes, much of it requires an innate homophobia in his cult members to have the result he wants, that desired result being all my evidence against him magically vanishing from his cult’s echo chamber through my guilt by association to homosexuality:

The Prasch Cult of Homophobia

So try to grasp Prasch’s presentation in light of documented reality to see the asinine conclusion the cult hopes to reach:

  • There is a veritable mountain of evidence against Prasch
  • the evidence exists in reality and is heavily documented
  • Prasch cannot answer to any of the evidence as he’s guilty-as-sin on all counts
  • Prasch Cult members are idiots who look for ways to escape evidence against Prasch (Cognitive Dissonance)
  • Prasch Cult members have a track record of believing any fabrication Prasch creates, even back to David Pawson pointing that out in his 1998 Arbitration Report
  • The Prasch Cult members hate gay people, as seen in their infamous tracts which conflated gays with NAZIS
  • Prasch can falsely portray me as gay to provide a way for his idiots to escape the profound psychological pain of Cognitive Dissonance my reporting has created for them
  • As the Prasch Cult members are idiots who are looking for an escape from Cognitive Dissonance, they’ll accept an obvious series of fabrications by Prasch to aid that escape and maintain their belief that Prasch is godly and not a Golem

That type of forced, ridiculous and extreme conclusion-making seen in the Praschtards is not only a sign that someone is an incorrigible imbecile, but also that they have a target (gays), and a personal hatred of them that unites them, alongside an understanding that all in their group are also gay-haters in order to be in the group. This means that Prasch’s group Moriel is now not only a Cult (as the Australians have been aware of since the early 2000s) but also now an obvious Hate Group which doesn’t merely disagree with gays (which would be fine since disagreement is the prerequisite for debate) but actively stokes the members’ innate hatred of such people so as to produce a social media kangaroo court and witch-hunt as a means to escape their psychological pain of cognitive dissonance.

The funniest thing then about Prasch’s series of fabrications is not just that I’m not gay in the first place and never have been, but is the fact that since his fabrications in the face of the mountain of evidence I’ve provided against him are in essence a complete collapse and inability from him to respond, as everything I’ve presented against him is true, it is all rendered 1000% hysterical that he’s had to publicly concede to a person he ‘thinks’ is gay! Like how embarrassing is that for Prasch and his homophobic cult that he’s literally on the run from a reporter he describes as a “sodomite” and a “Japanese cutie“!! Here is an artist’s impression of the scene:

I don’t even get why Prasch pushes the “sodomite” false narrative considering I’ve a history of embracing the hilarious lies he has presented about me, from describing me as an “apologist for apostasy” (via his typical wild assumptions and half-baked theories he added to my Vimeo comment about John MacArthur you can see in Episode 3), calling me the “Japanese cutie” (via the same wild assumptions and half-baked theories back at Christmas 2019 leading to Episode 32 ‘Dracula Prasch’), and Amos Farrell calling me essentially androgynous in that video (which then led to Episode 34). The Praschian efforts to associate me with Edie Sedgwick since Autumn 2020 entirely through the quite meaningless avatar (a poster which simply looks good to me) has only resulted in Edie Sedgwick ironically appearing in 80% of the last film I made:

And my oft-updated list of Prasch’s sins (now 220+) has had Prasch’s spurious claims about me incorporated for a while in the cartoon at the end of the list:

…and the blog is littered with in-joke references to Prasch’s lame efforts to attack me like this one:

And the tangentially funniest thing about Prasch the screaming drunk retard’s blithering incompetence in his presentation is associated with that hyper-strained version of his Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon Damnation Theorem wherein he attempts to link me to the personal life of Andy Warhol ‘Superstar’ Edie Sedgwick the star of Ciao! Manhattan, since she is, ironically enough, connected to the actual Kevin Bacon via Kevin being married to Edie Sedgwick’s relative Kyra Sedgwick!

You, Prasch, claim I “hate” you. Hardly! In fact I find you to be the funniest individual who I have ever encountered. Seeing you flail around with obviously forged documents in high-def video last summer, and now falling over yourself trying to prop up a gay facade you spent over two years making out of toilet rolls, has been the pinnacle of comedy for me. You’re like Walter Matthau’s past-it comedian Willy Clark in The Sunshine Boys, creating comedy accidentally by being severely deluded. Delusion is thinking labelling a person as gay means the mountain of evidence they’ve presented against you magically ceases to exist. You’re nothing but a delusional low-level idiot punk.

PS. Here’s a poster of Ciao! Manhattan for your wall:

You can put it alongside your Scandinavian Carole Lombard poster from her film Älska Och Aga (Love Before Breakfast) which is a film where the male lead punches the lady in the face giving her the black eye seen in the poster behind you there:

Seems such a poster is popular in your cult since money man David Lister has it prominently on display in his new house…

…as well as adding it to his Pinterest photos in a gallery titled My Movie Posters

The Lombard film is a good choice for the Prasch family since your son Eli reportedly assaulted his lady friend too leading to nearly a year in and out of criminal court which resulted in his SECOND divorce last month ironically the month after you declared him to be part of the righteous 7,000. And then there was his “rampage” in Iowa alluded to twice now in Episodes 24 and 49.

Oh, and remember how Henry Sheppard your former book editor in Australia stated the following about you in that article you raged about called Jacob Prasch – Pastor or Predator?:

“Many of the women who had actively supported Mr Prasch in the USA stated that they were, upon meeting his wife for the first time, shocked by her apparent fear of her husband. A number of them stated that they thought her behaviour and mannerisms to be consistent with that of a battered wife.”

And when it comes to former book editors, seems one of the last things Danny Isom your editor for Harpazo and Shadows of the Beast did before reaching the end of his life this summer was publish an article stating he’d had to “separate” from you due to your behaviour, stating he believed the evidence against you, writing “…I wholly agree with the documented cases of his ill-behavior, and have had to separate from him personally because of this issue…”. Seems the people who know you the best know you are the worst.

Article written by tbckawaii whilst wearing a brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat.