Investigation into Jacob Prasch’s Spiritual Abuse

Graham Baldwin

Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling, a British charity which counsels people who are in or have escaped abusive religious groups/cults, started an investigation into Jacob Prasch and his ‘Christian‘ charity Moriel after a British lady named Sally—who’d been involved with Moriel for years but had recently been on the recieving end of abuse from Prasch—got in touch for help.

Graham’s investigation, which looked into Prasch’s behaviour, found that Prasch had for years operated a cultic group that had spiritually bullied and damaged many people and left a trail of devastation in its wake from South Africa to Great Britain.

Graham also fact-checked Prasch’s claims he’d made against Christians and Christian ministries and found that Prasch (and people close to him) routinely lied about everybody as a means of inflaming his followers into attacking the people Prasch didn’t like or had gone “to war” with.

Because a lot of Prasch’s followers are alarmingly churchless and they seem to use Prasch’s Moriel TV YouTube videos as a failed alternative to being in church, Graham decided to make that online audience aware of Prasch’s spiritual abuse by releasing a series of videos from mid-December 2018 to mid 2019 (scroll down for videos).

As a response to allegations of being a spiritual abuser and bully, Prasch released a series of videos, one where he screamed and foamed at the mouth whilst asking how he could have bullied anyone. He then in early 2019 released a slandering, bullying message to his followers, denigrating Sally, thus proving he was a spiritual bully as was alleged.

Graham’s investigation has so far totaled 3 films running at a couple of hours, in which he also looks into the irregularities of Prasch’s charity’s finances and IRS returns, comparing the information therein with the things Prasch has claimed to his audience. Graham’s research also looks at Prasch’s claims to be half-Jewish (which he’s not), looks at the “troublemakers” associated with Prasch, including Servus Christi (aka Joshua Chavez aka Josh Chav), Amos Farrell of Genesis Christian Radio, Christian Ministerial Fellowship International (CMFI), and David Lister of Moriel, who have all worked hard to excuse Prasch’s “pagan” and “bullying” behaviour that has resulted in Graham concluding Prasch cannot be a Christian due to his total absence of spiritual fruit.

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  1. In addition, 21 years ago, theologian David Pawson was asked to be arbiter between Prasch and the Elim Church denomination in Australia. Pawson wrote a quite staggeringly accurate description of Prasch and his modus operandi. Breathtakingly accurate, hitting the nail on the head again and again and again. If ONLY 21 years ago people took Pawson’s warning about this rancid, raging fool Prasch and dealt with him as his sins deserved, then spiritual abuse charity head Graham Baldwin would have had no need to have researched and exposed Prasch in 2018/2019.
    You can read Pawson’s epic understanding of Prasch here:

  2. As evidence Jacob Prasch’s cult disciples cannot think rationally and cannot handle evidence, look no further than a Mr. C. (who is a former police officer no less so is trained to handle evidence) who, 13 months AFTER Prasch was widely exposed for taking a $91k salary from Moriel with irrefutable IRS documents that Moriel submitted THEMSELVES to the US government, had this stupid thing to say last week:

    What is it with police officers and Moriel? They seem to swarm it like flies to a cowpat. There is Mr. C. here who is a veritable Mr. Magoo, then there are the 3 corrupt Moriel police officers Amos Farrell, Mike Benade, and Michael Keaney. Is it all of them were tired out by actual research during their careers that when they retired they thought they’d draft in a thinker/protector on their behalf to give them a rest? It’s pathetic.

  3. And now added into Moriel TV ex Randles groupie and so so video guy Sergio Marinara Sauce mediocre musician and ex-cop. SMH

    1. The Moriel Police Squad:
      1) Mike Benade
      2) Michael Keaney
      3) Amos the Intellectual Midget
      4) Colin Higgs
      5) Sergio Mariani
      The group could film ‘Police Academy 8’.

      1. And when the dog steals Jacob Prasch’s 2 Arbys double meat sandwiches and a large shake. These guys will really come in handy.

      2. That film is pure magic! The part when they scale the building, and at the top when one officer falls off, and that bit when the last officer into the bedroom falls and sticks his head into the cabinet! Priceless! I laughed more at that short film than during every Rob Schneider film combined.

      3. Yes, I had remembered that film from my high school years in my elective class “Aesthetics of the Film”. We used to study films like Fritz Langs “Metropolis: etc.. and when the teacher was not prepared he just slapped in some 3 Stooges films or some Harold Lloyd films. Classic and portrays Prasche’s Stooge Keystone Cops effectively.

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