The Jacob Prasch Cult (Season 2)


In Summer 2019 the fringe Bible teacher, fake Jew, and all-round lunatic Jacob Prasch, having not repented of any of the sins seen in season one ( waxed worse and worse with his attempted takedown of far more successful, far more Jewish, and far more Christian Bible teacher Amir Tsarfati. He followed up his failed coup with an attempt to cajole Bill Randles into committing suicide. And all the while his most hardcore disciples Amos Farrell and Servus Christi (aka ‘Lydia’) lit the incense and genuflected to their fake Jew messiah Prasch. So I take a look at his continued descent into madness, as well as looking at some of his bogus claims about Todd Bentley and Harold Camping (the latter Prasch falsely blamed for a massacre), and then I list the 50 sins he is yet to answer for or repent of. It’s all a bit like observing a person in a padded cell.


Season 2

Episode 13. Attacking Amir Tsarfati

In early June 2019, Jacob Prasch made an attack video aimed at destroying the credibility of Amir Tsarfati, the Jewish IDF soldier and Bible prophecy teacher, over one single error Amir made (which Amir immediately recanted). Prasch and his Moriel TV social media “woman” ‘Lydia’ Chavez used the recanted error as a springboard for assassinating Amir’s character, with Prasch going so far as to lump Amir in with cult leader David Koresh’s Branch Davidian sect by utilising a baffling form of idiocy. So I take a quick look at it all, and share some of my research on Prasch from the past 6 months to try to grasp why Prasch selects people like Amir to attack. I hope you find this critique helpful.

Episode 14. Prasch Beast Mode

So the Jewish Bible prophecy expert Amir Tsarfati responded to fake Jew Jacob Prasch’s character assassination click-bait hit-piece trash attack video he released on Moriel TV, and Amir “indirectly” called Prasch and his social media ‘woman’ Lydia Chavez “slanderers”. This enraged Prasch so he and the woman released another attempted assassination video, this time using elephant guns(!!). So I have a look at the couple of Satanic clowns Prasch and Chavez rolling around in their Christian camouflage trying to excuse their assassinations by scapegoating Amir via typically made up information, hypocrisy, and phoney argumentation.

Episode 15. Important Grey Matter is Missing

In March 2019 Jacob Prasch took to the stage of John Haller’s church in Ohio, red-faced and struck with the giggles, and promptly attacked Dr James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries. So here I take a quick look at Prasch’s claims that Dr James White has fake doctorates and that they in conjunction with his Greek teaching have the capacity to “kill people spiritually”.

Episode 16. Prasch: Gone Hunting (and Camping)

As I have largely only looked at Jacob Prasch’s claims made against the children of God (the sheep) to find those claims are largely phoney, in this video I turn my attention to Prasch’s claims made against the goats (the likes of Todd Bentley, Mark Biltz, and Harold Camping), to find some rather interesting things regarding finances, ethnicity, and Prasch’s viral 2011 story about the Hmong people in Vietnam.

Episode 17. Jacob Prasch: The Rolling Stones are Stupid

In March I stumbled onto an interesting story Prasch recounted about him meeting the British band The Rolling Stones when he was at Mick Jagger’s birthday party in New York and a riot broke out outside the venue. I made this video about the Catch-22 logic Prasch forces onto the Stones in his account. The vinyl record is seen in the Prasch Pandora’s Box in ‘Anatomy of a Railer’ which is part 10 of the Jacob Prasch series.

Episode 18. Prasch: Lynching Bill Randles

On 29th June 2019, cult leader Jacob Prasch released an attack video titled ‘The Kiss of Judas’ in which he points the finger at Bill Randles as being a Judas who gave Prasch the “Judas kiss”. Prasch foams at the mouth explaining that Bill Randles WILL hang himself.

Then Bill Randles responds by saying when he heard Prasch’s video he had visions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ with Prasch in the place of Christ, and Randles himself being in the place of Judas.(!!!!)

These people are all chuffing insane! In season one episode 1 I had carefully gone through Scripture and the historicity of a document to refute Prasch, and now, 8 months later, it’s more like critiquing lunatics running around an asylum.

Episode 19. To Hell (via Jonestown, bypassing Dissonance) [The 50 Sins of Jacob Prasch]

After 18 videos and 2 seasons of chronicling the godless and Satanic behaviour of Jacob Prasch and his idiot goon squad, I’ve put together a long list in a short video of the main charges against him which he hasn’t answered in any way other than his typical ad hominem drivel diversion tactics he has throughout his career implemented as a cheap alternative to research, debate and defence.

Episode 20. Marco Quintana & The Women Who Fondle Wolves

Marco Quintana, Jacob Prasch’s associate in Moriel Ministries, released a video on 10th July 2019 dissing those who deceive others, apparently forgetting his own headlong plunge into the bog of deception he took at the cajoling of Prasch earlier in the year, where Quintana stated some truly monumental lies to cover up for Prasch’s Satanic behaviour.

Besides speaking with a beam of wood sticking out his eye, Quintana also goes on a tangent, lambasting a very peculiar category of women…the women who fondle wolves.

Episode 21. Prasch: One flew East, one flew West, and one flew at those not in the Cuckoo’s Nest

In August 2019 Jacob Prasch used the falling away from the faith of author Joshua Harris as a platform to attack others (Carl Lentz, J.D. Greear, and Tony Campolo) for “giving place to things [homosexuality] in the church that the Word of God says are morally abominable”, so i take a look at OTHER things God’s Word says are abominable, finding that Prasch is SEVEN times more guilty of bringing what is morally abominable into the church than any homosexual or anybody else he attacked.

I also look at the mental process Prasch and his followers must go through to be able to see Prasch as a Christian, which means bypassing reality, and living in a state of wild fantasy in Cloud Cuckoo Land that verges on mental illness.

Episode 22. “But for the cowardly…” [Jacob Prasch’s “Fall” World Tour]

Over the past 10 months Jacob Prasch has been found to be a fake Jew, is being investigated for spiritual abuse and bullying of Christians, has been caught in innumerable lies, and has been exposed endlessly as a godless railer who attacks sound Christian ministries with fake information, utilising phoney argumentation, with the desire to humiliate and destroy the children of God. Nonetheless Prasch refuses to acknowledge blame, refuses to repent, refuses to stand down, and forces himself into various churches around the world as a means of maintaining his platform to attack people.

On 16th August 2019 he is embarking on a Fall tour with 40 dates in churches, hotels and town halls around the world, from New Zealand to Great Britain. If Prasch is coming to your church this Fall then this video is a warning about the person your minister has chosen to allow to roam among the sheep under his protection.

Episode 23. Epilogue 1: Moriel ‘Boss Level’ Strategy

Having researched fake Jew, Witchfinder General, and liar-supreme Jacob Prasch for about 10 months, I’ve found that he and his Moriel Muppets (and sock puppets) have a rather basic two-pronged attack of lies and ad hominem that can be beaten again and again with a rather simple strategy…sharing TRUTH, since truth is always victorious over lies. Here the truth strategy is simplified in video game form. I hope you find it helpful and encouraging.

The 3 ‘bosses’ are Amos Farrell the bovine conspiracy theorist, Servus Christi the man who pretends to be a woman on YouTube, and then their thinker and protector Jacob Prasch, the head of the Ministry of Deception and Witch-Burning at Moriel HQ in England (or America if you want to believe Prasch’s lie that he’s not in England).

Episode 24. Jacob Prasch: The End

Roll up, roll up, for the final act of the Jacob Prasch freakshow!

In this 24th and final episode, I review the “highlights” of the past 10 months of chronicling Prasch’s monumental spiritual and moral collapse and his headlong dive into the Bog of Eternal Stench alongside his blockhead Disciples of Infamy Amos Farrell and Servus Christi aka “Lydia”. Then I take a look at the haunting of Prasch by the Ghost of Witch-Hunts Past, Bill Randles, who has finally (9 months too late) manned-up in a muscular chicken suit to confront Prasch, but who unfortunately also immediately squeezed his head in the vicelike grip of Praschesque idiocy by exhuming the strawman corpse of David Nathan from Prasch’s unsuccessful 2018 witch-hunt campaign. And then I look into why Prasch, thoroughly out of his dominant Witchfinder General character, didn’t bother making an attack video in response to Randles, but instead foolishly climbed back into his Dracula coffin and nailed it shut from the inside by making the monumentally foolish move of likening an enemy to none other than “Eli” the Priest, a name which raises a spectre out of Pandora’s box, which causes a police alert to go out for a fugitive on the run with handfuls of stolen valour-by-proxy, possibly using the alias ‘Walter Mitty’.

Rather astonishingly, in the face of all the documented evidence against him, Prasch brazenly continued on like an indestructible cockroach, so a third season was made to expose his arrogance and the arrogance of his new apologist John Haller, and the hilarious cultic fervour of his village idiot lackey/disciple Amos Farrell who accidentally and repeatedly undermines his thinker/protector Prasch at every single move in trying to silence critics and promote Prasch as a guru.

Watch season 3 here:

Despite all this documentation of Prasch’s grievous and outrageously Satanic behaviour, he waxes worse, resulting in a 12-episode third season to be released, and now a FOURTH. View them by hitting the links below.

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